Chapter 1554: The Surfacing Ocean Species Army


After a long time, Su Bu issued the order with a darkened expression.

Their First Ship Legion already stepped into the city. Furthermore, this was an empty city without any proper defense. Even though they could have taken it over immediately, why would they have to retreat?

All the navy members and officers could not comprehend Ocean Lord Commander Su Bu’s decision.

“Did you not hear my order? I said retreat!” said Su Bu with a louder volume.

Although everyone was confused, they did not dare to disobey Su Bu’s order.

The blue army travelled along the main street and retreated from the city.

On the main street, the scarce guards looked at this navy legion in confusion.

Why did they suddenly retreat after reaching their king’s statue?

An army with their strength could easily take over Tianxia City. There was no reason for them to retreat.

Soon, the blue army retreated out of Tianxia City. They stood outside and looked at this old city. Those Wupan Navy officers were still unable to comprehend their commander’s decision.

“Commander, if we don’t accomplish our mission, vice chief will be very angry,” said a general while watching the empty Tianxia City.

“Let him blow his fuse,” said Su Bu.

Wupan Navy was also divided into different factions, not all members followed the direct orders and commands of Navy Chief and vice chief.

“This...... We at least need a reasonable explanation, commander?” The generals did not know what to say.

“Reasonable explanation? When we passed through Exile Ocean, Seven Headed Hydra King appeared in front of us. If not for this New Moon Land’s King especially luring its attacks away, how many of us do you think can survive from that Ninth Ocean’s Supreme Ruler??” snorted Su Bu.

Everyone was dumbfounded. They remembered the scene back in Exile Ocean. They even saw Seven Headed Hydra King getting severely damaged. They never expected the individual who wounded Seven Headed Hydra King was New Moon Land’s King!

That just proved that the king of this private territory was already on the same level as their Navy Chief and vice chief!

Why did such an astonishingly powerful individual appear in this tiny New Moon Land?

“Is there any other question?” said Su Bu.

“But we should follow orders and not put our personal feelings......” said the military advisor.

Su Bu took a glance at the military advisor. He did not like meaningless war, and did not like to use the benevolence of others as a chip to invade their territory even more.

If not for that individual purposely luring Seven Headed Hydra King away, they might not even be able to land on New Moon Land, let alone invading the city.

“We are Wupan Navy. If we still invade the territory of our benefactor after he saved us, how are we any different from those pirates wandering around the coastline!?”

“We are navies, not pirates!” said Su Bu with a stern tone.

Su Bu’s words made the navy members who were getting influence by their invasive mindset clear up a little.

Invading a territory without a proper reason already went against the morality of their Wupan Navy.

Furthermore, invading the territory of the life savior could only be done by the inhumane pirates!”

They joined Wupan Navy because they hated pirates, and some even had their families killed by pirates......

They often travelled in ocean regions and clearly knew New Moon Land was a clean land. There was no reason to be attacked. The only reason would be someone after New Moon Land’s wealth.

The army slowly retreated along the original path.

The city guards of Tianxia City stood on the city walls and watched this somewhat funny scene and felt even more confused.

“Go, inform Wanxiang City of this situation,” said Tianxia City’s City Guard General Shang Heng.




Wanxiang City still looked a little strict and solemn. The usual prosperity was nowhere to be seen.

There were not many city guards, but every team was especially cautious, not making any mistake.

Chu Mu flew to Wanxiang City from the sky and landed in New Moon Palace.

Within the palace, the letter from Tianxia City coincidentally just arrived. It described the situation at Tianxia City.

There was a spatial formation set up between Tianxia City and Wanxiang City. Some information could be transmitted between the two cities.

“What’s wrong?” asked Chu Mu as he looked at Liu Binglan after entering the palace.

“A navy army suddenly appeared at Tianxia City,” said Liu Binglan with a frown.

“How did they appear at Tianxia City?” asked Chu Mu.

“Probably from the northern ocean, and they must have acted long ago,” said Liu Binglan.

“How’s the situation now?” asked Chu Mu.

Tianxia City was the foundation of the entire New Moon Land. Once occupied, it would bring a huge loss to New Moon Land. It seemed that he had to take a trip to Tianxia City.

“They retreated,” said Liu Binglan.


“Yes, they stopped their advancement before the king’s statue, then suddenly retreated.”

“Which navy legion?” asked Chu Mu.

“Wupan Navy’s First Ship Legion.”

Chu Mu had long forgotten about helping Wupan Navy’s First Ship Legion. For safety’s sake, Chu Mu still told Liu Binglan to deploy some Tianxia Realm’s experts to scout the movement of this navy army which barged into New Moon Land’s center.

“There’s news from Windy Rain City. Wupan Navy’s main force is advancing,” said Liu Binglan.

“Alright, I will take a look,” Chu Mu was a little worried.

He turned into a dark light and immediately disappeared from the hall and from the city.

Watching Chu Mu running around all over the place, Liu Binglan felt bad. He had never asked for anything from New Moon Land, but New Moon Land always required his protection. He shouldered too much all by himself.



On the ink-colored ocean, fleets of navy ships cruised along the ocean surface.

The masts captured the wind and the ocean waves were cut open. There was also a group of military seagulls travelling along with the fleets. They neatly moved in formation and advanced towards New Moon Land’s Windy Rain City.

An enormous ship travelled in front of all ships. Dark brown Ocean Lord level armor covered the entire ship. The front half was like an ocean monster opening its mouth filled with sharp teeth, trying to swallow everything in front.

If this ship cruised straight into the port, it might flatten a small city.

On the deck of this enormous ship, a middle-aged man wearing a windcoat faced the approaching wind and held a letter delivered by the military seagull.

“Eastern Wild Forest battlefield...... they actually retreated??” Navy vice chief Tie Jun sneered, “A bunch of trash.”

Eastern Wild Forest battlefield had a total of five factions. Their fighting force was at least double the size of New Moon Land, and their average strength should be above New Moon Land’s armies. Yet they actually failed after suffering a heavy loss. He was not sure whether to feel sad or funny about it.

“Vice chief, First Ship Legion is currently retreating from New Moon Land’s territory,” said an officer with a greeting.

Vice chief Tie Jun’s gaze turned cold, “What happened? They encountered hindrance?”

“No, Su Bu ordered the retreat.”

“He dares!” Tie Jun’s rage swelled up.

“Vice chief, something strange happened in the ocean region ahead,” Another military seagull landed and reported to vice chief Tie Jun.

“Don’t come and ask me for every tiny detail. Don’t you know how to eliminate the strangeness yourself?” said Tie Jun a little irritatedly.

“We can’t eliminate......” the military seagull lowered its head.

“Trash,” scolded Tie Jun again.

The fleets continued advancing. The ocean region in front suddenly became very calm.

At the same time, this calm ocean region gave off a chilling feeling. The waves splashing up was bone-chilling.

This coldness was getting more and more intense. Wupan Navy noticed that the ocean region in front no longer showed any ripples, it was completely still. A thick layer of ice covered the ocean surface!

Ocean freezing was not really a rare phenomenon. In the ocean region further south from Wupan Continent, there was a large ice ocean.

However, this was Dark Sky Ocean, an ocean region with violent ocean currents. It should not freeze even in winter.

“Could it be New Moon Land’s trick?” Vice chief Tie Jun mumbled to himself.

The frozen layer was very thick. If the fleets wanted to pass through it, their bow had to break this solid ice layer. However, this process would undoubtedly damage their ships. After all, not all ships were as solid as this enormous ship vice chief was taking.

“Summon soul pets and destroy this ice layer!” ordered vice chief Tie Jun.


“Vice chief, creatures are swimming under the ice layer.”


“Vice chief, the broken ice layer is immediately frozen again!”

“Vice chief, Third Ship Legion’s No. 3 Navy army is attacked by underwater creatures.”

“From the flank, over a hundred huge tornadoes are sweeping towards our Fourth Ship Legion and Second Ship Legion.”

The originally calm ocean suddenly rampaged. Waves after waves of terrifying ocean storms swept across, catching Wupan Navy off guard!

However, everything arrived quickly and disappeared quickly.

The fleets swayed and the ocean surface was littered with shipwrecks after calming down......

The neat formation was messed up. There was no heavy loss, but this sudden attack they received caused all Wupan Navy members to be confused about what just happened.

Then, everything returned to a creepy calmness.

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