Chapter 1553: Attacking Tianxia City

“I will keep your Monument Tear,” A devilish voice rang next to Qin Guang’s ears.

Qin Guang was startled. That Half Devil was clearly in front of him, why did the voice came from behind?

Gradually, the devilish figure in front scattered like smoke. There was nothing in front, but the chill behind him was getting closer and closer.

Qin Guang immediately ordered his soul pet to dodge.

The Light Beast he rode on transformed into a light beam and dashed a long distance away. Qin Guang turned around and was slightly relieved to see that Half Devil was not giving chase.

Qin Guang was definitely no match for high class Immortal rank, so he would not risk his life. His priority was to leave here first.

Chu Mu stood on the spot. He slowly retracted his burning hand claw, his palm holding a bloody item.

Chu Mu looked at the escaping Qin Guang from afar and revealed an evil smile, “Did you forget something?”

Saying so, Chu Mu slowly opened his palm. It was a bleeding heart!

This heart was still beating, it looked so fresh!

Qin Guang was taken aback and hurriedly used his hand to feel his chest......

Blood seeped out from his clothes. The speed increased over time and eventually spurted out like a fountain.


Chu Mu clenched his fist and Qin Guang’s heart was crushed. Fresh blood scattered from the crushed heart.

Qin Guang stiffened there. Blood flowed out profusely from his mouth and could not be stopped.

With the heart getting crushed, there was no way for Qin Guang to survive.

His painfully twisted face carried disbelief and confusion even after death.

Such a bloody scene was witnessed by the other Divine Sect Master Officials. A deadly chill instantly spread throughout their bodies!

Qin Guang was the strongest person amongst them. Even he had his heart dug out, how could the rest of them resist?

It seemed that escaping was meaningless. What awaited them was only to let this devil reap their lives one by one.

Before a high class Immortal, pseudo Immortal and low class Immortal were nothing. This sensation of controlling the life and death of others caused Chu Mu’s bloodthirstiness to grow.

The three Divine Sect Master Officials were not spared. All of them were burned to cinder by Chu Mu.

When the remaining New Moon Land members witnessed such a scene, they could not describe their astonishment.

After Chu Mu killed the last Immortal rank Master Official, they saw Chu Mu flying towards them. They sensed the rampaging and devilish feeling from Chu Mu’s heart. Even their souls could not help but tremble, as if they would be burned by that Devil Fire any moment.

“He can rest in peace,” Chu Mu landed in front of Ye Wansheng and watched Cloud Gate Elder.

Ye Wansheng recovered from his astonishment. Seeing the lifeless old man on the ground, he was heartbroken.

He and Ye Qingzi were orphans, they were brought up by Ying Rong. Ying Rong was their teacher, as well as their father, strict and kind.

Ying Rong passed away early. This already caused Ye Wansheng to be downcast.

When Cloud Gate Elder took him in as a disciple, Ye Wansheng was unwilling at first. However, after so many years of interaction, Ye Wansheng similarly respected this old man who had been taking care of him. Though he always showed an attitude as if he did not care about this old man......

Cloud Gate Elder had many disciples. Ye Wansheng could not understand why this old man would give that item which seemed to be very important to him. He was so lazy, disrespectful, and did not cherish the precious cultivation resources.

Chu Mu tapped Ye Wansheng’s shoulder and did not say anything further.

With Ye Wansheng’s strength, if the stronghold was breached, he could have chosen to escape and retreat. Defending until the last breath was meaningless. He already did his best.

If the territory was lost, they could recover it. If the person died, nothing would be left.

Cloud Gate Elder chose to die fighting perhaps due to this old man who had a warrior’s heart would not allow himself to die of old age.

He had guarded New Moon Land’s Cloud Gate for several hundreds of years, but there were not many people in New Moon Land who knew him. Chu Mu did not know the reason he chose to guard Cloud Gate, but there must be something in New Moon Land and this Cloud Gate for him to protect. This was not something Chu Mu should comprehend, it would be Ye Wansheng who had to.

“How’s Eastern Wild Forest Stronghold?” Ye Wansheng reigned in his sadness. It was not the time for sentiments now.

“Subjugation alliance retreated, can be considered a victory,” said Chu Mu.

After wiping out almost half of the enemy, the Eastern Wild Forest battlefield was basically stabilized.

“That’s good. You’re more reliable than me as expected,” Ye Wansheng smiled in self depreciation.

“How many people are still alive?” asked Chu Mu.

Ye Wansheng took a glance at the wounded generals behind him and plainly spoke, “This should be all of us.”

Divine Sect Discipline Palace members had exceeded their estimation. They were completely on the passive side from the start.

Now, other than this batch of Discipline Palace members Qin Guang led, there were around half of the Dominator rank army already invading New Moon Land.

“Return to Wanxiang City first,” said Chu Mu as he looked at this group of people.

Ye Wansheng shook his head, “We still have fighting strength. They are the ones who sacrificed.”

Chu Mu took a glance at those generals behind Ye Wansheng. Although they were defeated, their eyes still burned with a fighting spirit.

Frustration. They were unwilling to leave the battlefield as injured personnels like this!

“Many factions entered the north of our New Moon Land. All of you return to Wanxiang City first. Send some people to defend the important cities in the northern region,” said Chu Mu.

“Yes, we were already breached once. There won’t be a second time!” said Teng Lang.

“My Nightmare subordinates will follow you.”

Cloud Gate was completely lost. Chu Mu could not stay in this wreckage and defend against waves after waves of factions swarming into New Moon Land all by himself. What he could do now was to defend the various cities in the northern region of New Moon Land.

However, most of the fighting force in New Moon Land were deployed to the various strongholds. The cities near Heavenly Mountain would definitely be severely damaged.


Chu Mu did not stay in Heavenly Mountain Stronghold for too long. Heavenly Mountain was the most rural place in New Moon Land after all. Once anything happened to other parts of the territory, Chu Mu had to travel a long distance to reinforce.

Chu Mu did not return to Eastern Wild Forest Stronghold. He left Zhan Ye, Night and Little Hidden Dragon in Eastern Wild Forest Stronghold. With their strength, taking on those wounded Gate Master level people should not be a big problem.

He flew straight back to Wanxiang City. Wanxiang City was the true foundation of New Moon Land. The defense of this city did not get compromised at all because of this war. Chu Mu was actually worried about some people taking a detour from those strongholds and directly attacking New Moon Land’s Main City Wanxiang City.

After returning to Wanxiang City, he could tell Wanxiang City was much more empty than before. There would always be soul pet trainers walking around the streets and a platoon of Immortal Ming Bird would always be patrolling the sky like the cloud protecting the sky.

Now, the defenders were deployed to various strongholds. The entire Wanxiang City was in a solemn and anxious state.


The sun hung high up in the sky. Afternoon sunshine showered onto the plains, shining onto those insignificant wild flowers.

At the end of the plain, an army in dark blue armor lined up into a long row and rapidly advanced towards Tianxia City.

All the fighting forces of Tianxia City were sent to White Nightmare City, Eastern Wild Forest Stronghold and Windy Rain City. Other than normal citizens, there were hardly any soul pet trainers or city guards in the entire city.

Tianxia City was not the key location of this war. Furthermore, as it was located near the center of New Moon Land, it was almost impossible to be attacked. Hence, the defensive strength of the entire city was much weaker than before.

Such a weak defense caused this dark blue army to be elated. It seemed that their vice chief was talented in war tactics. He expected New Moon Land’s inner cities would be weakened, so he purposely let their First Ship Legion land at New Moon Land’s northern ocean which was almost impossible to be guarded. Then, they secretly entered the region of this Tianxia City directly along the Forbidden Region.

“Su Bu, Tianxia City’s defense is almost insignificant. Do we take over the city directly or observe for a while?” reported the female navy officer.

“Take over directly,” ordered Su Bu.

The blue army charged straight in. Following the wide road leading to Tianxia City, they advanced to Tianxia City’s city gate directly.

All of the defense installments on Tianxia City were the oldest Realm City Defense. Such defense was like paper towards Dominators and Emperors.

Wupan Navy’s First Ship Legion easily broke through the city gate. They dashed down the main street of Tianxia City and would be directly taking over the City Lord Mansion in Tianxia City.


Suddenly, Su Bu raised his hand and ordered the navy to stop.

“Commander, why are we stopping? These city guards are nothing,” asked the military advisor confusedly.

Su Bu did not answer. He raised his head and focused on the grand golden statue erected on the main street.

“Su Bu, what’s wrong?” asked the female navy officer.

“This is their king?” asked Su Bu as he pointed at that statue.

The female navy officer raised her head and vaguely felt she had seen the person this statue modeled after somewhere before......

Suddenly, the female navy officer remembered. Wasn’t that the person who fought the Seven Headed Hydra King alone at Exile Ocean back then??

“It’s...... It’s him!” exclaimed the female navy officer.

Su Bu’s expression turned stern. He looked at this statue and recalled the scene of this man fighting that Seven Headed Hydra King. He suddenly lost the courage to continue invading Tianxia City.

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