Chapter 1552: High Class Immortal Rank’s Power

Whenever Nightmare obtained power, it always carried some pain. If Chu Mu could easily accept it, it meant he would become an emotionless devil again.

Evil aura was evil intention, such avenging grudge was already planted in Chu Mu’s heart.

These factions trampled New Moon Land today. In future, Chu Mu would bring these grudge souls to visit their territories!

Chu Mu clenched the Devil Fire in his hand tightly and focused on the higher place in Heavenly Mountain.

Ye Wansheng and the others were still trapped on Heavenly Mountain. Chu Mu could see them getting surrounded by many Discipline Palace members and an army formed by various small factions.

Chu Mu turned to look at those Silver Nightmares which were slower to arrive and calmly asked them, “Do you know what to do?”

White Nightmare Emperors nodded. They could already feel the rage in their King’s heart.

“Don’t let me see too many survivors,” said Chu Mu.

After that, he turned into a black and silver meteor and flew towards the sky above Heavenly Mountain.

After Chu Mu left, all the Silver Nightmares scattered into this stronghold. Whenever they saw non-New Moon Land members, their mouth would crack open into a cruel smile......


Flying up Heavenly Mountain, Chu Mu saw a number of people standing on a mountain peak under the darkened sky.

There were only over thirty soul pets around the group of people. All of them were heavily injured and did not seem to be able to hold out for long.

Meanwhile, around them, there were over 10,000 Emperor rank enemies, including hundreds of Dominators and a few Immortals.

Chu Mu took a quick glance and immediately locked on to Qin Guang, the leader of this army.

Chu Mu encountered Qin Guang before in Imprint Valley. He was an underling of Divine Sect’s Vice Sect Master Du Xian. Currently, that guy was confidently looking down on the New Moon Land members trapped on the mountain peak, as if trying to obtain something from them.

“Don’t take me as a fool. The thing on this Heavenly Mountain must have taken away by you. Do you think I will believe that old man will really keep his promise with Tang Ang and only guard this gate?? If you hand it over quickly, I may spare your life,” threatened Qin Guang using mental voice.

“Take it if you can!” Ye Wansheng’s voice came from the mountain peak. One could sense the rage from his tone.

Chu Mu saw Ye Wansheng from far away. He used Displacement Specter and passed through Qin Guang’s tight encirclement, appearing at the mountain peak.

The moment Ye Wansheng ended his words, Chu Mu already stood before him.

Ye Wansheng was dumbfounded for a moment and could not react.

Chu Mu was also looking at him. His eyes were bloodshot and appeared to almost explode. It was a terrifying sight.

Ye Wansheng did not suffer many injuries. His main soul pets were all next to him. However, an old man laid quietly next to Ye Wansheng.

The old man was covered by some snow. His white hair was disheveled. That lifeless face was hidden by the messy hair, making him look extremely depressed......

The old man had lost all signs of life. There were no fatal wounds on his body, but his soul was in tatters. At his age, a tattered soul meant death.

There was a trace of potion at the corner of this old man’s lips. Chu Mu was very familiar with the scent of this potion. It was the soul recovery potion Ye Qingzi concocted. The old man seemed to have taken in a large dose, potion even overflowed from his mouth......

Usually, only the dead could not swallow anymore.

Seeing the raging Ye Wansheng with bloodshot eyes, Chu Mu could imagine him desperately trying to pour soul recovery potion into Cloud Gate Elder’s mouth the moment he stopped breathing. However, it was futile.

Chu Mu did not interact much with Cloud Gate Elder. He only remembered this person was a strict and stern old man, but would always leave a chance for others.

After New Moon Land became independent, Ye Wansheng became his disciple. Other than accompanying him to Wupan Continent and Zhengming Main City, Ye Wansheng would receive Cloud Gate Elder’s guidance most of the time. They were truly master and disciple.

“What is the item they want?” asked Chu Mu as he looked at Ye Wansheng.

Ye Wansheng’s rage calmed down a little after seeing Chu Mu. He lowered his head and took a glance at the stiffening body of the old man and spoke, “I don’t know. This geezer threw a spatial ring to me and just left like this!”

Ye Wansheng turned silent for a moment, then lowered his head again after taking a look at Chu Mu, “Sorry, I couldn’t defend it.”

Ye Wansheng knew very well the Eastern Wild Forest battlefield Chu Mu was in charge of had to face several times the number of enemies at Heavenly Mountain battlefield. Chu Mu had crossed over such a long distance to reinforce Heavenly Mountain. If anything happened at Eastern Wild Forest Stronghold because of this, then he would really become the sinner of New Moon Land.

“Hahaha, so there’s really effortless profit. Little Chu Mu, still remember me?” Qin Guang’s voice rang out. It was obvious that he saw Chu Mu falling into the encirclement.

Qin Guang was also a fake Monument Tear Individual, he could sense the Monument Tears on Chu Mu!

Qin Guang could not activate the Monument Tear’s power himself, but Vice Sect Master Du knew how to use it. If he tributed these Monument Tears to Vice Sect Master Du, he would surely receive great benefits.

“Treat your injuries first, I will finish them off first,” said Chu Mu.

Saying so, Chu Mu was wrapped in Devil Fire.

The black and silver Devil Fire carried a terrifying evil aura and swept across with this mountain peak as center!

Two types of Devil Fires showed a clear separation, forming a huge Devil Fire Eight Trigram on this Heavenly Mountain!

Devil Fire Eight Trigram kept expanding, intimidatingly shrouded over countless mountains within Heavenly Mountain Range, covering the sky above those 10,000 subjugation alliance members.

Evil aura, grudge and rage transformed into a stampede storm and blew down from Devil Fire Eight Trigram, accompanied by two types of Devil Fire!


Just like the burning sun hanging above everyone’s head, intense fire spit rampaged within the turbulent air currents.

Soon, the densely packed soul pets and soul pet trainers flying in the sky were swallowed by the flames spewing out from Devil Fire Eight Trigram!

The remaining ten or so New Moon Land members were astonished after witnessing such a scene. They had never seen such a powerful technique before. It was so powerful it could envelop over 10,000 enemies and burn them to crisp......

This army destroyed over half of the stronghold and forced all the New Moon Land members into a dire situation. This army was powerful and terrifying, but hated by them as the enemies killed almost all their comrades.

Right now, such a powerful enemy suddenly became insignificant ants. The enemies had no chance to struggle under the sweeping Devil Fire.

Devil Fire spread from this Abyss Beast to that Light Winged Bird, then to the next soul pet and soul pet trainer. Each time the flame swallowed and spread, they could hear despairing screams. That pain was carved deep into the soul, burning away the body and soul together!

Two different-colored lights reflected on Ye Wansheng’s face. Ye Wansheng watched Chu Mu above the Devil Fire Eight Trigram who appeared like an devil king from another world in disbelief.

It had been a long time since Ye Wansheng last saw Chu Mu. His memory of Chu Mu’s Half Devil Transformation still remained at Silver Half Devil state.

Even though he heard from others that Chu Mu was already a Dual Evil Half Devil, when he personally witnessed that absolute power which belittled all life, that astonishment wiped his head blank. His eyes only reflected such a powerful figure.

If he could also possess this power which could look down on an army of 10,000, this stronghold city would not be breached, Cloud Gate Elder would not die pitifully like this.

Even though they both walked out from the western border of New Moon Land and similarly pursued the path of a soul pet trainer, right now, Ye Wansheng felt the distance between him and that devil figure was getting longer and longer. The enemies which seemed undefeatable to him were annihilated like a joke in Chu Mu’s hands...... This was probably the power of high class Immortal rank only human leaders possessed. However, he was still far away from high class Immortal rank......


This was Chu Mu’s second time using high class Immortal rank’s power. He received this power a little abruptly and a little heavily. Perhaps, he should have understood when he accepted the soul offering from White Nightmare Emperor. Black Nightmare’s bloodline would only make him approach the peak of Nightmare. This process would definitely be accompanied by the evil grudge pouring into his mind from the deaths of other lives.

At the same time, this power was immense. This allowed Chu Mu to understand why those people would desire to reach high class Immortal rank so much.

Such a vast army was nothing before a high class Immortal. This was the absolute power that controlled all life forms. To live or to die was just a single thought from him.

After Devil Fire Eight Trigram swept past, the entire Heavenly Mountain became dead silent. There were no more death throes.The lingering flames waved in the air, reflecting in Qin Guang’s eyes.

Qin Guang’s expression was stiff and his pupils turned hollow. A moment ago, he led an army of 10,000. He was in high spirits and greatly confident. Now, there were only charred corpses and a few Divine Sect Master Officials who were in a similar state as him.

This was the power of high class Immortal rank! Why did he possess such power!?

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