Chapter 1551: Evil Vessel

From the entire city, the evil aura from those lost lives began surging along with Chu Mu’s rage.

An invisible army hovered above Chu Mu’s head and formed into a huge black specter, adhering to Chu Mu.

Black Devil Fire began burning along this huge spectral body. Spectral fire filled the entire stronghold, causing the Divine Sect Discipline Palace members still remaining here sensing a terrifying chill.

Hollow whimpers echoed next to their ears, ghostly voices ranged from whispers to menacing roars filled their surroundings.

Immediately after that, the chilling Devil Fire soaked their bodies, making their souls suffer unbearable pain.

Insecurity, frustration, anxiety, within the chilling Devil Fire, Discipline Palace members saw the faces of ghosts. The ghosts bit towards them grudgingly!


The evil aura was gathering towards this place. Chu Mu appeared like a ruler of death at the center, constantly swallowing all the grudge.

The black and silver Devil Fires on his body burned even more brightly!

“What’s that monster?”

“Such a strong evil aura!”

Those six hundred plus Discipline Palace members looked at Chu Mu in fear. In their eyes, this devil crawled out from underworld hell and should not exist in this world. Whoever made eye contact with those creepy pupils would feel stinging numbness!

The evil aura was getting denser and denser. The terrifying specter adhering to Chu Mu above his head was also getting bigger and bigger!

Suddenly, Chu Mu’s two pupils burned, flame almost shot out from his eye sockets!

He pressed down his palms. The horrifying Devil Fire Specter immediately opened up its sky-shrouding mantle and descended from the sky. Its menacing and creepy laughter was telling everyone that it would squash any soul it saw!

After the specter mantle pressed down, all the Discipline Palace members were swallowed into darkness. The sharp screeches from specters turned into countless soul snatching grudge flame ghosts and squeezed into the ears of every person and soul pet, directly entering their souls!

Bite, scratch, swallow, pierce, those specters carrying black Devil Fire began torturing the souls of the enemies. Their attacking methods were only out of instinct after their rage, pain and grudge reached the extremity. However, due to them being able to infiltrate into the enemy's soul directly, such instinctual attacks were sufficient to deal a fatal blow to all Discipline Palace members!

Despairing screams rang out. Such throat-tearing screams sounded extremely creepy. It was easy to imagine just how much pain these people suffered from the soul attacks!

The biggest specter remained shrouding above the enemies. This was also the manifestation of Chu Mu’s Resentment Gathering.

Nightmare race’s Resentment Gathering could absorb its own grudge to improve its strength. Meanwhile, the Black Nightmare bloodline could absorb evil aura and convert it to their own strength, as well as unleashing it to become fatal weapons!

Not leaving a single one out!

Chu Mu’s eyes looked down at these Discipline Palace members and let their screams echo next to his ears.

They inflicted pain to those New Moon Palace members. Then, Chu Mu would make their souls pay ten times the price, let them experience the torture of death ten times!

Such tearing and biting were hundreds of times more painful than getting devoured. Spirit Emperor and Spirit Dominator level souls could not endure such torture.

When the fifth time those specters squeezed into their ears to devastate them, some of them already lost their minds and rammed into the claws of their comrades’ soul pets.

They could not endure the sixth attack. They would rather suicide!

In an instant, over a hundred Discipline Palace members held their painful bodies and madly crashed into the sharp claws to end their lives.

Next, even more Discipline Palace members fell due to their minds breaking. Blood flowed out from their orifices and their eyes turned hollow as if their souls were eaten.

Not a single one out of the six hundred Divine Palace members escaped Chu Mu’s Resentment Gathering specters. They and their soul pets fell to the ground one after another. Even though their physical bodies were unscathed, they lost even the qualification to become a ghost. Their souls were forcefully vanquished.

They fell to the ground like dried corpses. There was no injury, no blood, only pairs of hollowed pupils which looked even more horrifying than getting butchered.

The last one alive was that Divine Sect Master Official Xie Lian.

Spirit Immortal rank’s soul allowed this Divine Sect Master Official Xie Lian to become the only person who endured ten times of spectral attacks.

However, when he saw over six hundred Dominator rank Discipline Palace members instantly became soulless corpses, he was terrified.

He rode on his soul pet and watched the approaching Chu Mu in fear.

What could be more terrifying than this devil who tortured the souls of people?

Xie Lian stuttered his words, “What...... What kind of monster are you!?”

While Xie Lian spoke, Chu Mu already arrived before him. His silver Devil Fire-covered right hand clamped onto Xie Lian’s neck and rose him up into mid-air. Meanwhile, the Divine Sect’s horned beast beneath his feet was ignored. He stood on its back and it did not even dare to move.

Silver Devil Fire burned along Chu Mu’s arm and quickly covered Xie Lian’s body.

Silver Devil Fire was extremely torturing. It would not directly burn the enemy’s soul, but slowly grill the soul, gradually reducing the soul and body into ash. This process was slow and cruel, but using it on the similarly cruel enemy was the most suitable.

A thick stench of charred corpse spread out. Unknowingly, Xie Lian already turned into a black corpse charcoal, not even leaving a human shape.

Not far away, those small factions rushing into New Moon Land’s territory stood there dumbfoundedly. They did not even dare to breathe heavily.

They witnessed the death of these six hundred Discipline Palace Dominators and Xie Lian. To them, Discipline Palace was already an insurmountable force of Divine Sect. Even those people were tortured to death by that devil, it would be a piece of cake for that devil to annihilate them.

Chu Mu threw Xie Lian’s corpse to one side. The evil aura exuding from him was so thick it made people feel this place was a graveyard hell.

“Regardless of which faction you are from, what you did to my New Moon Land, I will pay back several times more to you, your territories and your families!” Chu Mu used mental voice to transmit his voice to everyone.

Chu Mu was not a well-mannered person. He had his temper and bloodthirst flowing through his bones. He was already doing his best to suppress himself from staining his hands with blood from slaughtering. However, when facing those who deserved to die, Chu Mu just had to unleash this temper from his heart!

This mental voice covered the entire Heavenly Mountain, just like a devil which just descended into the world warning the mortals.

Many tiny factions trying to reap profit through this chance stopped their advancement.

Perhaps, they might be able to obtain some benefit from New Mon Land. However, on a certain day in future, when this terrifying devil descended into their territory and began a slaughter, could they really fend it off??

Some factions began to give up, some hesitated, some greedily continued to pass through the destroyed Cloud Gate Stronghold to enter New Moon Land.

Chu Mu hovered high in the sky and focused on those small factions which scurried into New Moon Land in countless groups.

Actually, Chu Mu was unable to stop them now. He could even imagine the violence those people would inflict on many cities.

Chu Mu was only one person. He could not protect everyone and could not stop these overly dispersed bandits.

Just like the moment Mu Qingyi went mad in killing, Chu Mu could not save these cities and prevent this cruelty from befalling New Moon Land. He could only offer sacrifices for those who would soon die, using the blood of these enemies and the blood of their territories!

Their badges, their flags, their households, factions and territories, Chu Mu would remember all of them!


“Young master, you seem to have advanced,” Old Li’s voice called out.

Chu Mu had stalled on the current rank for a long time. In the Ocean Species battlefield, he was already constantly devouring the evil aura. Furthermore, he also obtained plenty of the vast amount of evil aura Yu Suo obtained from the destruction of Imprint Valley. His strength was lingering around the threshold between middle class Immortal rank and high class Immortal rank.

When the grudge and evil aura of this entire Cloud Gate Stronghold swarmed into Chu Mu’s body, his devil soul became even more powerful!

Chu Mu clenched his fists tightly. The evil black flame burned on his fist.

Perhaps, he was born to soak in endless slaughtering. Otherwise, why would he obtain greater power everytime he experienced cruel, heartbreaking deaths of others??

Nightmare’s Resentment Gathering could only absorb the grudge generated by himself to improve its strength.

The reason those grudge souls would madly gather towards him was not because Chu Mu had a soul devouring ability like Little Hidden Dragon, but because Chu Mu’s body was a huge evil vessel.

Just like White Three in the past, these people held onto an obsession before their deaths. They could not let it go even after their deaths.

What they could do was to offer their souls and leave everything to Chu Mu who was the terminal of evil!

Chu Mu did not rob their souls, he also did not possess such ability.

What he had was just the same rage and grudge these souls had. When he unleashed his emotion, all those souls who held the same obsession would be willing to turn into evil aura and become the weapon and power Chu Mu could use to kill the enemies!

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