Chapter 1550: Avenge Them!

When Ye Qingzi entered the side hall, she saw Mu Qingyi dyed in blood. Her armor was already tattered, her flesh was meshed up and even her bones were exposed.

Seeing such a scene, Ye Qingzi could not help but draw a sharp breath, then immediately let Bell Noise Concubine heal Mu Qingyi.

Mu Qingyi was still in a half unconscious state, she could vaguely sense someone healing her.

In fact, she was already in this half unconscious state when Chu Mu carried her and broke through Mu Tuan clan’s army.

Mu Qingyi’s mind felt hazy, she felt she was still in that battlefield. There were still many enemies in the surroundings, roars of beasts still echoed in her ears. Chu Mu who should have saved her disappeared. She was really scared and weakly called out Chu Mu’s name.

Ye Qingzi approached her to listen to what she wanted to say. When she leaned closer, Mu Qingyi suddenly hugged her like a child without any sense of security. Mu Qingyi tightly hugged her and would not let go.

Ye Qingzi’s clothes were immediately stained by Mu Qingyi’s blood. She did not struggle and quietly allowed Mu Qingyi to hug her. Mu Qingyi’s mumble entered her ears, she could only understand half of the mumbles.

After a long time, Mu Qingyi finally fell asleep from fatigue. Ye Qingzi put her hands back neatly and quietly healed her wounds.


“How is she?” asked Chao Lengchuan beyond the windscreen.

“Her wounds are treated, but her three souls were damaged and require a long rest. Her White Tiger and Crown Phoenix King are severely injured, they can’t fight within a month,” said Ye Qingzi.

“Three souls...... three of her soul pets died??” Chao Lengchuan was startled.


Chao Lengchuan became speechless.

Getting the soul wounded was a heavy blow. Chao Lengchuan experienced it during his cultivation. Mu Qingyi had three souls wounded. How would she face such pain after waking up?

“Where’s Chu Mu?” asked Ye Qingzi.

“He’s heading to Cloud Gate, Cloud Gate was breached,” answered Chao Lengchuan.

“His injuries...... did he go alone?”

“A few of his stronger Nightmare subordinates followed him.”

After Chu Mu returned from the ocean region, Ye Qingzi did not get to be alone with him. He had been rushing around without stop over the past few months, it was even more so after the war broke out.

“Take good care of Qingyi, our injuries are fine,” Chao Lengchuan left after finishing his sentence.

Ye Qingzi nodded.

As she turned around, Mu Qingyi whimpered and blood spilled out from the corner of her lips, dying her pale lips red.

“Are you awake?” Ye Qingzi smiled and brought a cup of tea to let Mu Qingyi rinse her mouth.

“Why am I here??” Mu Qingyi was a little confused, because she thought she was still in the battlefield.

“The subjugation alliance retreated,” said Ye Qingzi.

“Just now, I......” Mu Qingyi looked at Ye Qingzi a little dazed.

She recalled that right before she lost consciousness, she thought she was about to die and spoke a few things to Chu Mu while hugging him......

However, she felt something wrong after waking up, because the person she hugged was soft and slim. It did not feel like Chu Mu’s shoulders and bosom.

Don’t tell me......

Mu Qingyi wanted to verify something from Ye Qingzi’s expression, but she could not tell anything. Ye Qingzi was too calm.

“Qingzi, did I say something that shouldn’t be spoken?” Mu Qingyi lowered her head and did not dare to look at Ye Qingzi’s eyes.

“Do you want me to convey it or find the correct person and repeat it?” said Ye Qingzi.

“I won’t be able to say it again, please don’t convey it either,” said Mu Qingyi in a serious tone.

“Recover your injury first.”



Heavenly Mountain, ice covered the earth and cold wind billowed. The white silence looked like a huge canvas laid over the ground. Everything was still, there was no sound.

In the sky of the connected mountain range, black and silver Devil Fire was dancing in the raging wind. Chu Mu flew at the front most, hurrying towards Cloud Gate.

Behiihim were ten Silver Nightmares. Chu Mu left Nightmare Ruler behind to defend Eastern Wild Forest. Once war broke out in Eastern Wild Forest, Bai Yu would command that Nightmare army in place of Chu Mu.

The ten Silver Nightmares he brought were all leader rank in the Nightmare army. They were outstanding and fast enough to follow Chu Mu as reinforcement.

Cloud Gate was breached, that meant one side of New Moon Land was broken through.

The subjugation alliance’s main fighting strength were Emperors and Dominators. However, there were way too many greedy factions in the entire Zhengming Continent. In this warring period, many smaller factions would linger around the battlefield like vultures, finding a chance to reap profit.

Once Cloud Gate was breached, other than Divine Sect Discipline Palace invading into New Moon Land, those factions would also swarm in.

They would not dare to attack well-defended cities like Wanxiang City or Xiang Rong City, but would deal devastating damage to those smaller cities!

Most of Wanxiang Realm’s fighting strength were gathered at the various battlefields. Those cities did not have much defensive strength, completely helpless against invaders.


Heavenly Moungain Cloud Gate was getting closer and closer. The thing Chu Mu worried about the most still happened.

On the mountain range, he could vaguely see small groups of factions advancing towards New Moon Land along Heavenly Mountain. Those small groups were not really strong, Chu Mu could easily crush them.

However, he did not have the time to care about them now. Cloud Gate was breached. Cloud Gate Elder, Ye Wansheng, Teng Lang and the others were trapped at the peak of Heavenly Mountain. Chu Mu had to rescue them first. If they died, New Moon Land would suffer a heavier blow.

After crossing through that long glacier valley, a building that looked like an ice stronghold erected at the end.

Currently, that ice stronghold was already half destroyed. Chu Mu could see a group of New Moon army in silver armor trapped at the edge of the stronghold.

Corpses strewn all over the ice stronghold. Most of them were New Moon Land members. Fresh blood dyed onto their silver armor, New Moon Land’s flag fell in pools of blood. The frustrated expressions of those who died......

They achieved victory at Eastern Wild Forest, but due to deploying too much fighting force in Eastern Wild Forest, Cloud Gate Stronghold suffered a devastating blow. This caused Chu Mu’s heart to turn cold.


“Kill them all. Damn, insolent trash!” ordered Divine Sect Master Official Xie Lian.

The New Moon Land army still defending the stronghold only numbered a few hundred. After exterminating these resistances and capturing a few commanders who guarded this stronghold, this battle would be over without any suspense just like the usual battles Divine Sect fought.

Discipline Palace members were known for being merciless in Divine Sect. They were not influenced by the absolute righteousness doctrine of Divine Sect, but turned into merciless slaughterers instead. There were countless examples of Divine Sect Discipline Palace slaughtering non-believers. This was probably due to their leader.

Discipline Palace’s leader was Vice Sect Master Du Xian, a person whose heart gradually twisted from righteousness to madness. The Discipline Palace he led also gradually changed over the years. They became bloodthirsty and savage, they only obeyed orders and lost their benevolence.

The entire stronghold had more corpses from New Moon Land army. They stepped over those corpses and kept creating more corpses. Even the final bit of defenders were not spared.

Furthermore, Discipline Palace ignored the entrance of those small factions which were clearly acting like bandits. This meant Discipline Palace allowed those small factions to enter New Moon Land to reap profit!


The order was issued. Techniques poured down towards a corner of the stronghold.

The over three hundred New Moon Land army and volunteer army stood there and helplessly waited for their death.


Energy exploded amongst the three hundred New Moon Land members. Everyone instantly splattered into pieces!

Blood and flesh splashed. Bones and limbs were blown into the air and flew far away.

Over three hundred people instantly turned into a pile of corpses!


Black and silver Devil Fire crossed. A devilish figure abruptly stood amongst the scattering corpses......

Watching these defenders of New Moon Land falling in pieces around him, watching their blood pouring down like rain. Chu Mu felt his heart getting violently stabbed for arriving too late. It was so painful his flame-covered cheeks even twisted.

Just a little, it was just a little more. He would be able to arrive before these three hundred defenders before Discipline Palace’s attack. He would be able to block this attack. He would be able to save their lives......

However, it was just a little bit late. Blood and flesh splattered and the corpses were blasted into pieces.

Splat splat splat~!

Minced flesh and blood fell onto Chu Mu’s body.

Chu Mu instantly turned into a bloody man. His hair, face, arms and body were dyed in red. A segment of a certain soldier’s arm hung on his shoulder, as if an old friend was tagging him.

Chu Mu did not dodge and allowed these splattered corpses to fall onto his body.

“There’s one still alive, continue attacking!” shouted Divine Sect Master Official Xie Lian.

The moment Xie Lian issued that order, the figure standing within the blood rain slowly raised his head. The pair of black and white pupils glared at these Divine Sect Discipline Palace members creepily and horrifyingly.


Death was the source of all evil. There were countless frustrated souls wailing in this stronghold!

At that moment, as if those frustrated souls received a summoning. They began circling around a devilish figure, willingly turning into his strength, all for the sake of avenging them!

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