Book 2 Chapter 155 - The Scare of The Ninth Phase Monarch

Chapter 155: The Scare of The Ninth Phase Monarch

Eight Winged Heavenly Devil Insect: Beast World - Bug type - Heavenly Devil Insect species - Eight Winged Heavenly Devil Insect subspecies - monarch rank

The Eight Winged Heavenly Devil Insect had incredible power, like a Summit Beast, with its swift eight winged flying ability, as well as its most powerful, almost undefeatable bug type battling strength. Its life force was incredibly resilient, it had swift recovery speed, dangerous poison, and a high attack speed!

The Heavenly Devil Insect was a massive species among bug type soul pets. It was listed as one of the most proliferated, biggest, and cruelest soul pet species. It was the last place of the top five calamity level bug types!

The so-called calamity level bug types were those with unchecked reproductive ability that could create a large scale attack phenomenon similar to the “Hibernating Desolation”. Once such a calamity appeared, it was possible for an entire city’s denizens to be decimated. In fact, in history, there had even been records of entire regions being left without a shred of life, becoming a deathly wilderness.

Two Winged Heavenly Devil Insects were at the servant rank, while Four Winged Heavenly Devil Insects were at the warrior rank, and the Six Winged Heavenly Devil Insect were at the commander rank. Heavenly Devil Insects had a completely organized system, and could even be said to be “disciplined”.

It was usually very hard to find a singled out Heavenly Devil Insect, and the Heavenly Devil Insect, compared to many other similar ranked soul pets, had some disadvantages, so it wasn’t mainstream. Very rarely would soul pet trainers catch a Heavenly Devil Insect as their bug type soul pet or wing type soul pet.

Of course, if one could capture a commander or monarch rank Heavenly Devil Insect, its fighting strength would similarly be very frightening. Unfortunately, such a level soul pet usually had a large group of other Heavenly Devil Insects, so they were much harder to capture than many arrogant and alone monarchs.

The Eight Winged Heavenly Devil Insect that Chu Mu had to fight now was an extremely strong ninth phase monarch. Such a mature monarch rank completely didn’t need others of its species to follow it, choosing to move around by itself ostentatiously, even brashly falling right in the middle of a human settlement, completely displaying an attitude of belittling everything!

Real powerful organisms’ aura was something that Chu Mu had experienced before. It was like a feeling of insignificance from standing alone in the middle of an abyss, except the abyss was the gaping maw of the powerful soul pet.

Just like the mysterious soul pet at Prison Island, the unmatched power of the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon, the Blue Galactic Demon Emperor’s unpredictable movement and mental powers, or Liu Binglan’s starlight soul pet’s ancient and spiritual nature.

It could be said that, the ninth phase monarch in front of Chu Mu was still a few tiers lower than the powerful soul pets Chu Mu had met before, and its aura wasn’t as boundless as the skies like the other soul pets, but Chu Mu didn’t have to truly face any of the powerful soul pets before either.

This time, Chu Mu had to use his own power to collide with a ninth phase monarch rank, so to say his heart wasn’t palpitating abnormally was a lie.

Mo Xie’s speed was almost uncapturable by many young generation members, but in front of this powerful monarch, Mo Xie’s speed was clearly not fast enough. Chu Mu could distinctly feel the thing’s gaze constantly following him and Mo Xie. In fact, he could even see some torturous playfulness within the powerful organism’s eyes, as if he had become its prey already, and it simply wanted its prey to jump about for a tiny longer.

With a body of royal flames and her four paws running, everywhere she went, Mo Xie left flaming paw prints. Mo Xie quickly passed by a hundred meters away from this ninth phase Eight Winged Heavenly Devil Insect. Her nine glamorous tails suddenly swept out, sweeping nine fans of blistering hot flames towards the ninth phase Eight Winged Heavenly Devil Insect!

The ninth phase monarch still laid on the pavilion roof, and its four pairs of meaty wings were still slowly flapping, as if waiting for the flames to reach it!

Finally, the Eight Winged Heavenly Devil Insect moved. Its eight meaty wings suddenly flapped with a burst of energy, and its body flew out parallel to the ground. It actually was like a massive black arrow. Bringing a cloud of black bug aura, it passed straight through the flames that Mo Xie swept out, and it lunged towards Mo Xie and Chu Mu!


The Royal Flames were blown back. The flame fan Mo Xie swept outwards didn’t affect the thing in the slightest. With a wave of fiendish wind, a massive black tide spurt forwards and completely devoured the entire region of structures!!

Dazzling royal flames burned within the pitch black night. Mo Xie, bursting out with all of her speed, ran under the shocking black tide like a lone boat caught within a tsunami. Once drawn in, she would get devoured by the black death’s stomach!


Feeling the terrifying majesty of the aura behind her, Mo Xie let out a cry, and she abruptly raised her speed. She was like a ray of light that flitted through the complex Chu Mountain houses!!

“Honglong Honglong~~~~~”

Hearing a torrential current coming, Chu Mu turned around and frighteningly found that the black current wasn’t some condensation of energy. Instead, it was completely composed of thousands upon ten thousands of black-colored flying insects. Each small flying insect was like a hungry small devil, and everywhere they passed through, not even a roof tile was left!!

“Mo Xie, Flame Tail!” Chu Mu glanced at the drifting long tails behind Mo Xie, and he instantly found that there were already numerous black colored flying insects stuck to her tail and were beginning to corrode it with venom.

“Wuwuwu!!!!!” Mo Xie immediately lit an even more glorious royal flame which moved from her body to her tail, rapidly transforming into the nine fluffy tails into royal flames!

The black flying bugs practically didn’t have any defence, and when burned with fire, they immediately transformed into nothingness.

“Mo Xie, Nine Tail Confuse!” suddenly, Chu Mu gave an extremely urgent order.

Mo Xie didn’t dare to hesitate at all, and her nine flame tails began to whirl around. They were like nine long clouds drifting about, causing others to be dazzled.

Ostensibly, as the Nine Tail Confuse flew up, a black colored body that was like steel flew out of the large crowd of black insects. Its eight arms shockingly transformed into terrifying knives that ripped apart the air, striking towards Mo Xie’s location!!

Eight sharp blades that could pretty much rip apart any eighth stage defense. The sixth level armor Mo Xie was wearing was only at the mid seventh stage!!


The eight blades condensed into one sound as they ruthless swept across Mo Xie’s nine tails. Suddenly, fur burning in flames chaotically floated into the air...

The illusion of the nine tails slowly disappeared from the amidst the eight sharp blade lights, and Mo Xie appeared twenty meters away from the attacking location with mystery. She continued to run and exhibit her fastest speed!

“Chu Mu, hurry and come back. They’re already safe!”

Just at this moment, Chu Mu heard Ye Qingzi’s yell from the stone hall.

Chu Mu swept his gaze over the stone hall’s entrance and saw that Chu Xian and the others were already standing there. They were looking at him with worried and alarmed gazes.

“Chu Mu, be careful!!” suddenly, Ye Qingzi’s sharp cry resounded in his mind!

“Gezhi gezhi gezhi~~~~~”

A terrifying sound resembling bones being broken and crushed rang out. Chu Mu abruptly turned around, and his scalp went numb because this terrifying ninth phase monarch had appeared at some unknown time not even ten meters away from him.

Ten meters to a ninth rank monarch was like a human step. Under such a distance, Chu Mu could see a bit of nauseous bug flesh squirming in the stomach of the Eight Winged Heavenly Devil Insect!

“Mo Xie, Illusion!!”

Mo Xie also felt the envelopment of the ninth rank monarch’s aura, and her sprinting body quickly transformed into an illusion, splitting into three!!

A demonic red flash of blood light shot out of the Eight Winged Heavenly Devil Insect’s red eyes, shooting at Mo Xie!!

This was completely different from the Death Ray’s power. When this red light fell on Mo Xie’s illusions, there was no energy wave, and when it hit the ground, a large portion of the ground and the adjacent wall were fully covered by this red radiance before beginning to melt!

A short few seconds later, any object within ten meters had been melted, causing a black space at least ten meters to appear!

At the stone hall, everyone sucked in a breath of air. This attack was so fast that it didn’t require any preparation, but its might was so terrifying that it could instakill any commander under the eighth phase!

“Quickly come in, we’re closing the stone hall’s entrance!” Chu He stood on the steps of the stone hall as he spoke to the several people outside.

“Senior brother, wait, Chu Mu is still outside.” immediately said Chu Xian.

Chu He promptly creased his brows and after he walked down the stairs, he looked afar and astonishingly found Chu Mu riding on his Royal Flamed Nine Tail Inferno Fox as they tangled with the ninth phase monarch!

“He… is he courting death!?” immediately cursed Chu Dian who was with Chu He.

“In order to save us, he went to attract that Eight Winged Heavenly Devil Insect’s attention. Senior brother Chu He, wait a bit. Wait for Chu Mu to come back before we close the stone door.” said Chu Xian.

“How can we do that? The Heavenly Devil Insect corps is about to appear. If we don’t close the door now, everyone inside the stone hall will be killed.” said Chu He.

The moment Chu He’s voice faded, a lightning-like sound slowly arrived from the air - it was noisy and ear piercing.

Everyone immediately lifted their heads and abruptly discovered that a black and oppressive cloud of Heavenly Devil Insects had already appeared above the stone hall. A dense bug species aura of death was omnipresent. It was like the advent of a violent black storm that changed the weather and transformed the world into darkness!

“All disciples listen to my order. Immediately close the stone door. Do not open it for three days!” a firm voice slightly suppressed the noise and it rang through the entire Chu Mountain.

The speaker happened to be the Great Chu Family’s family head Chu Lieming. Evidently, this family head had already noticed that the Heavenly Devil Insect corpse was about to fly above Chu Mountain!

“Immediately close the stone door!” Chu Dian’s expression changed as he used a sharp voice to yell.

Ye Qingzi and Chu Xian’s faces both went pale. They stared at Chu Mu who was still being chased by the ninth phase monarch four hundred meters away from the stone hall as their lips were about to be broken from biting too hard...


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