Chapter 1549: Cloud Gate Breached

The attacker and defender were separated on two sides, with the charred land created by Elemental Clan Fire Sect at the center, lingering fire continued burning.

Within the fire, some Flower Demons were still twisting their bodies. Those Flower Demons had higher rank and possessed strong water property. They were not afraid of Fire Sect’s flames. They continued to twist themselves within the burning flame and appeared to be showing off.

The flames gradually subsided. Once the fire was completely extinguished, it would be the moment New Moon Land army counterattacked.

They finished off one third of the subjugation alliance in one go. This almost tilted the scale of the war. Riding on this momentum and charging towards the enemy would definitely net them a complete victory.

However, the subjugation alliance did not give them the chance.

The remaining subjugation alliance forces began retreating under the orders of various commanders while the flame still acted as a natural barrier.

The subjugation alliance swarmed in like a flood, and now retreated like a flood. They were very fast, even faster than their entrance.

Separated by a long strip of flame, New Moon Land side watched the retreating tide and could not believe their eyes.

“They...... They are retreating??” Military advisor Luo Yi was astonished by the scene.

This subjugation alliance formed by various major factions, which could be considered the largest scale in recent years, which should be undefeatable......

They were really defeated by such a tiny private territory’s defense??

Looking at the corpse-strewn land and the retreating army, not only Luo Yi, many New Moon Land army commanders could not believe such a scene.

At the start of the war, they witnessed New Moon Land’s king facing the entire army alone.

They saw Dead Dream use its near high class Immortal rank level to annihilate two armies. They saw their king facing five Gate Master level people by himself......

All of those encouraged him and spurred them on to oppose the enemies and kill the invaders......

When they actually dove into the battle, it would be difficult to think about some things. Many people would go numb in battles and lose their ego. Their heads would only be left with the faith of protecting their land and killing the enemies.

When everything was over and they were still alive, they would suddenly realize they actually gained an advantage.

After going through another bloody clash, the enemies actually escaped!

They won this war??

Everyone had this question which they themselves could hardly accept.

However, the truth told them that they really won! They successfully defeated the enemy. That was the largest and strongest army of the subjugation alliance from the eight major factions. They actually chased those people away!

“Chu Mu, do we pursue?” asked Chao Lengchuan excitedly.

Honestly speaking, this New Moon Land war was actually commanded by Chao Lengchuan. He was even prepared for sacrifices. However, he never expected the situation to actually turn around in such an astonishing way. The Nightmare army and Flower Demon army far surpassed his expectations.

The most important part was the Nightmares splitting the battlefield, while the Flower Demons blocked the path of retreat and employed traps. The final three-sided encirclement tactic was perfectly carried out. They used the least sacrifice to annihilate one third of the enemy army. What else could make one cry in joy than such a victory??

“King Chu, Commander, we cannot pursue. Flower Demon army is unsuitable for pursuit. It’s the same as losing a powerful army. Furthermore, they are very smart. They divided out two wings and took a triangle relative to our position when retreating. Once we chase after them, the two wings will charge in and breach into New Moon Land. By then, their main force will be used to stall us instead, Wanxiang City may get occupied by them,” said Military Advisor Luo Li.

Chu Mu nodded. The subjugation alliance suffered a heavy loss this time, but they still had two third of their army. Chasing after them recklessly would carry a certain level of danger.

After experiencing this war, Chu Mu’s soul pets were tired. They might be in danger if they continue fighting.

It was already a defeat for the enemy when they were able to successfully defend New Moon Land.


Eventually, the last of the enemies disappeared in the horizon of Eastern Wild Forest. Only a devastated battlefield was left.

The belated cheers from the New Moon Land army echoed throughout the sky and forest after the enemies completely retreated. One could only experience the joy of victory after going through this uncertain and bloody war.

They successfully protected their families! They protected their land!

Surrendering without a fight would always be failure. Only after truly resisting and fighting back could one realize the seemingly powerful enemy was not undefeatable.


“The war isn’t over yet,” said Uncle Yu worriedly as he looked towards the direction the subjugation alliance retreated to.

There were still a majority of the enemies left. They could prepare a second attack.

Now that New Moon Land’s Nightmare army and Flower Demon army were exposed, the enemies would not be so unprepared when they return for a second round.

Despite New Moon Land’s fighting force actually surpassing the enemy now, this Eastern Wild Forest battlefield only had five factions. The other three battlefields might not be so optimistic.

“No matter what, if we are able to defend this Eastern Wild Forest battlefield, we have won half of the war,” said Chao Lengchuan.

“Yes,” Chu Mu nodded.

Certainly, Eastern Wild Forest was the most important battlefield. The other places should not be a problem if they could defend here.

At the two ocean battlefields, Wupan Navy never showed any movement until now. However, the ocean region was almost completely in Lan Qie’s control, so there should not be a big problem.

Chu Mu was more worried about Cloud Gate Stronghold’s battlefield.

There were really not many people deployed to defend Cloud Gate Stronghold. The true experts were only Cloud Gate Elder, Ye Wansheng Cloud Gate Elder’s disciples.

However, they had to face the Divine Sect Discipline Palace’s members which had the strongest fighting strength.

Divine Sect Disciple Palace members were all elites of Divine Sect. This army would be far more difficult to handle than the other armies. Chu Mu was really worried about the Cloud Gate battlefield.

“Xia Zhixian, control those Flower Demons to stay inside and outside of Stone City. Maintain a guarding stance,” Chao Lengchuan told Xia Zhixian.

Xia Zhixian nodded and began controlling the Flower Demons to set up the defense towards Eastern Wild Forest.

Next, Chao Lengchuan made New Moon Land forces take shifts to defend and rest.

The enemies left quickly, but they could come quickly as well. Nobody could guarantee the subjugation alliance would not execute a sudden attack when New Moon Land let down its guard.

New Moon Land army, Holy Guard army and volunteer army began to take up the important spots in Eastern Wild Forest under the command of Chao Lengchuan. This was to ensure they could react immediately when the war broke out again.

The logistic regiment began saving the injured. This was a major project. After all, there were too many injured, some even died as they could not be saved in time.

Ye Qingzi stood under the stronghold wall. All of her healing soul pets were summoned.

She and her soul pets continued to chant incantations and all the injured would receive a shower of life force and a shower of healing when passing through the stronghold gate. This could extend their life force and ease their injuries.

Continuously using wide area healing techniques was mentally exhausting. When the rescued injured people and soul pets passed around one third, Ye Qingzi’s face was already pale.

“It’s alright, conserve your strength. There are many important people requiring your treatment,” Xia Zhixian stopped Ye Qingzi from overexerting herself.

“It’s fine, I can endure for a while longer,” Ye Qingzi knew how to concoct soul power recovery potion.

These injured people fought for New Moon Land. They were already fortunate to be able to survive this war. She would not let them die because they could not be treated in time.

“Go help Chu Mu, Mu Qingyi and Chao Lengchuan. They and their soul pets are also heavily injured, they can’t fall. Leave these injured to me. I will get a group of healing Flower Demons to here and ensure all of them can receive treatment,” said Xia Zhixian.

Xia Zhixian was a support soul pet trainer. She also possessed a certain level of healing ability. Furthermore, those holy blue-colored Flower Demons all possessed healing ability.

Regardless of any army, support soul pet trainers were always in demand.

Probably only New Moon Land had so many flower type soul pets and could heal the injured individually. This greatly reduced the post war casualty, and could let the army recover its fighting strength with the fastest speed.

Ye Qingzi did not remain stubborn. Those leaders certainly had to recover their fighting strength. Especially Chu Mu, he could stop an army of ten thousand all by himself. If he recovered his fighting strength, the entire Eastern Wild Forest would gain the greatest security.

Ye Qingzi went to the resting place of the few commanders. She saw those commanders carefully tending their soul pets. The entire hall was filled with their soul pets. Some female support soul pet trainers were also attentively helping them to heal their soul pets.

“You’re here,” Chu Mu smiled and looked at the slightly fatigued Ye Qingzi.

“Yes, are you alright?” Ye Qingzi began checking on Chu Mu’s injury first.

“Take a look at Qingyi first, she’s heavily injured,” Chu Mu pointed to the side hall and indicated that Mu Qingyi was inside.

“Alright, be careful yourself. Don’t worsen your wounds,” reminded Ye Qingzi gently before bringing her Bell Noise Concubine into the place Mu Qingyi rested.

The moment Ye Qingzi entered the side hall, Military Advisor Luo Yi barged into the hall in a hurry with a poor expression.

Chao Lengchuan took a glance at him and asked, “What’s the matter?”

“Cloud Gate...... Cloud Gate is breached.”

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