Chapter 1547: Splitting Battlefield, Flower Demon Army

Under the Devil Fire, all creatures perish.

Let alone Dominator or Emperor rank creatures in the subjugation alliance, even Immortal rank creatures might not be able to endure such high temperature Devil Fire.

The entire army was backing off. Those who did not would definitely be burned to cinder.

Chu Mu retracted his black and silver Devil Fire and turned them into serpent shape, coiling around himself.

He dashed through the army. The army was churned into a mess. Bodies and souls were vaporized by the black and silver streaks of flames.

He was unstoppable.

Chu Mu brought Mu Qingyi and charged straight through the army, rapidly regrouping with the Nightmare army.

The so-called regrouping was by stepping over the corpses of the subjugation alliance. The person acting as the spearhead in front of the Nightmare army was none other than Bai Yu.

His level of savage would not be much inferior to Chu Mu. In addition, there were various Immortal Nightmares around him to open the path together. The places they swept through would not leave a single survivor behind. It was meaningless even if there were Immortals blocking their way.

The Nightmare army cut in from the flank. The entire subjugation alliance immediately became chaotic.

“Middle area army must defend them, don’t let them split our battlefield!” shouted Divine Sect Gate Master Han Yan who commanded over the entire war.

The intention of those Nightmares coming from some unknown place was very obvious. They wanted to cut in from the flank of the entire subjugation alliance and forcefully split the frontal armies of the subjugation alliance from the rear. Then, they would annihilate this one third of the subjugation alliance as soon as possible.

If they succeeded in their plan, not only would the subjugation alliance suffer a heavy loss, Eastern Wild Forest Stronghold might even initiate a counterattack!

The Ghost Sect and Snake Dragon Sect taking the vanguard of the subjugation alliance had already been annihilated. This was a heavy loss to the subjugation already. The sudden appearance of the Nightmare army further boosted the fighting strength of Eastern Wild Forest Stronghold. Once their splitting tactic succeeded, the subjugation alliance would fundamentally lose this war!

Gate Master Han did not know why the war situation would suddenly turn so bleak. This should have been a risk free war......

“Gate Master Han, they can’t gather!” reported the commanding general.

The Nightmare army acted very quickly in splitting the battlefield. The generals were not really slow to react. All the armies had their own commanders. With the mobility of Emperors and Dominators, they should be able to gather in a short time and form a solid defense formation.

However, for some reason, those scattered armies could not gather no matter how they tried. It was not because they were panicking and ignoring the commands, but......

“What’s wrong? They can’t even perform such a simple grouping command!” scolded Han Yan.

“Gate Master Han, all of our armies are closing in towards here. But somehow...... our people seemed to be trapped by something......” said the commanding general.

Han Ya frowned. Just as he was having doubts, a crack slowly opened up in the soil next to him.

A green flower vine was slowly stretching out within the crack. The soft flower vine quietly wrapped onto the leg of the commanding general next to Gate Master Han Yan.

That commanding general did not notice this and continued reporting to Han Yan. His soul pet similarly did not notice it......


Suddenly, this commanding general screamed.

Han Yan turned around, only to notice this commanding general collapsed onto the ground. His leg was getting pulled by a flower vine into that crack!

Han Yan was shocked. When he snapped back, blood seeped out from that crack and looked extremely creepy.

“There’s something under the soil!” roared Han Yan furiously!

The generals around him hurriedly jumped onto the back of their soul pets. By now, more and more cracks appeared on the ground. Flower vines filled with dangerous presence began twining around all creatures.

This situation not only happened here. It could be said such a creepy and horrifying phenomenon manifested in the entire army.

There would be flower vines appearing from the soil all of a sudden. They looked like tentacles of hungry witches, pulling the creatures into the soil.

Once dragged into the soil, not many could crawl back out alive.

These creepy Devil Flower Man-eating Vines were not the true culprits to hinder army movements. At the center of the entire alliance, Flower Demons as tall as trees rapidly broke out from the soil.

There were toxic stings growing on the bodies of these Flower Demons. Their flower vines connected to one another and formed into a Flower Demon Forest filled with toxin!

The sudden appearance of this forest forcefully split the entire subjugation alliance from the middle, not allowing them to gather.

The size of the isolated subjugation alliance amounted to roughly one third. They were currently facing the rampage from the Nightmare army.

Their retreating path was sealed by the dense Flower Demon Forest. Creepy Devil Flower Man-eating Vines constantly crept out from under their feet. What was more despairing was the Eastern Wild Forest Stronghold’s army was also approaching them!

One third of the subjugation alliance could not oppose the entire Eastern Wild Forest Stronghold army. Furthermore, the Nightmare army and Flower Demon army were not any inferior in slaughtering.

As such, the nearly hundred thousand-men army instantly became a group of trapped beasts caged inside the New Moon Land army!

“Fire Sect, Madam Huo, order your army to burn these Flower Demons!” shouted Gate Master Han towards Madam Huo.

Madam Huo also saw the abrupt change in the war situation. She hurriedly gave up her battle and flew towards her Fire Sect army.

Once Madam Huo left, it meant Mu Tuan had to face Little Hidden Dragon all by himself.

Little Hidden Dragon watched Madam Huo leaving and crackled, revealing its dragon fangs. It showed a savage smile towards Mu Tuan and his armored beast.

Mu Tuan was not dumb. He and Madam Huo joined forces and could not gain any advantage over this Little Hidden Dragon. Would it not be suicidal to take on Little Hidden Dragon alone?

Mu Tuan had been wanting to return to his army, because Chu Mu and Mu Qingyi fell into his army. He wanted to use this chance and capture Chu Mu and Mu Qingyi. Yet Little Hidden Dragon kept pestering him and would not let him go, making him feel extremely frustrated.

Once Madam Huo left, Mu Tuan’s mood was no longer frustration, but fear. His low class Immortal rank soul pets were all severely injured. Just his Flame Armored Beast could not oppose this Spectral Hidden Dragon.

“Madam Huo, hurry up, I can’t hold for long!” Mu Tuan used mental voice to remind Madam Huo.

Madam Huo did not respond. She led her Fire Sect members and began advancing towards the densely packed Flower Demon army.

With an order, all the fire type creatures began chanting!

Crimson flame rained down from the sky and showered onto this Flower Demon army.

The flames churned and scattered. Heatwaves splashed onto all the Flower Demons.

The Flower Demons could not endure such a large scale attack, many Flower Demons were burnt to ash by the intense flames.

The flames burned and spread. Plant type creatures were afraid of fire the most. The damage caused by fire elemental energy unleashed by tens of thousands of Fire Sect members was terrifying.

The flames continued to burn for a long time.

Madam Huo stared hard at the sea of flame sweeping high into the air. She could see some Flower Demons still twisting their bodies within the sea of flame.

“What’s going on?” asked Gate Master Han with a frown.

“These Flower Demons possess water property. They have some resistance against fire. My people cannot kill them in one attack,” grumbled Madam Huo.

“How long do you need to exterminate them?” asked Gate Master Han.

“I don’t know. Some Flower Demons have very high resistance. Fire may not kill them,” said Madam Huo.

“Damn! If we don’t break this Flower Demon wall, our frontal armies will be annihilated!” said Gate Master Han furiously.

Madam Huo looked at Gate Master Han mockingly, “Do you think my people aren’t putting in effort? I want to ask you instead, just where did that Nightmare army come from? Where did this Flower Demon army come from? Didn’t you investigate all the situations before taking command over all of us?”

“I...... How can I know that!” Gate Master Han was enraged.

The momentum of the Nightmare army was like a sharp burning sword charging through the battlefield. It not only crushed many armies, it also cut apart the entire subjugation alliance.

Meanwhile, the ambush from the Flower Demon army caught all the commanders off guard. There were many casualties, as well as the wounded and poisoned. More importantly, this ambush completely messed up the formation of the entire subjugation alliance.

Looking through the burning Flower Demon Forest, Gate Master Han and Madam Huo saw a scene of bloody splattering and powdered corpses scattering in the air.

Death throes rang out ceaselessly. In a short while, just how much of that one third alliance force was lost after getting surrounded by three sides?

They could not tell, and did not have the courage to fly into the encirclement by Flower Demon army, Nightmare army and New Moon Land army to rescue them.

“How can this be......” Zeng Long rode on his Golden Snake Dragon and looked at this chaotic battlefield in disbelief.

Golden Snake Dragon was already dyed in blood. The reason Zeng Long retreated from the middle class Immortal rank battlefield was not because he wanted to reinforce the subjugation alliance, but because all of his other snake dragons were killed by that terrifying Battle Beast Mo Ye. Even his Golden Snake Dragon was riddled with wounds.

Zhan Ye did not intend to let Zeng Long go. It actually chased after Zeng Long even after he hid into the army. That savage aura made Zeng Long’s face turn pale in fear!

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