Chapter 1546: Nightmare, Stage For Slaughtering

To the north of the subjugation alliance, the army in this place attempted to approach Eastern Wild Forest Stronghold from the flank.

The person commanding the battle here was Xuan Gate Immortal School’s Lü Fengnan.

Xuan Gate Immortal School’s top disciple Lü Fengnan should be the first person with the intention of beating down New Moon Land. However, he gradually realized someone with an even bigger ambition than him. He also never expected this person could actually rile up eight major factions to cooperate and subjugate New Moon Land together.

Lü Fengnan actually had a hard time recently. As New Moon Land kept developing, it meant he received more and more pressure from New Moon Land. There were many times he almost lost his position to those people in Xuan Gate Immortal School who mixed with New Moon Land.

Everything turned out well now. The entire New Moon Land was in danger of destruction. Lü Fengnan was in a great mood after suffering years of oppression, he could not wait to flatten New Moon Land.

“Go from underground!” ordered Lü Fengnan.

He led Xuan Gate Immortal School’s Toxic Grass Sect. These Toxic Grass Sect members could make use of their knowledge of earth to infiltrate into Eastern Wild Forest Stronghold.

The toxicity of the toxic grass affected a very wide area. As long as his Toxic Grass Sect members entered Eastern Wild Forest Stronghold, New Moon Land army’s rear would collapse.

After the order was issued, all the grass type creatures dug into the ground. The entire area originally had a large group of plant soul pets, but became barren immediately. Those grass type soul pets did not even leave behind any signs of earth being dug.


A loud explosion rang out in the sky. Black flame shrouded over from the distance, sweeping up a chilling evil aura.

Lü Fengnan raised his head and looked towards the armies further away. He could see a bewitching black flame lotus blooming at the center of the armies. From his position, he could see many soul pet trainers turning into black powder due to the black flame!

“What’s that?” asked a general while pointing towards that direction in shock.

“Ignore that, we will head there,” snorted Lü Fengnan.

Lü Fengnan saw Chu Mu flying straight to the center of the army formations. That act was no different from suicide, so Chu Mu would be dead for sure. What he had to do was to take down Eastern Wild Forest Stronghold and completely collapse New Moon Land. Then, he would use their resources to strengthen himself.

“Leader, I meant over there,” said the general as he pointed to the side of Toxic Grass Sect army.

Lü Fengnan turned to the direction and realized a silver crack appeared not far away.

This silver crack tore open the space and slowly opened like a dimension gate connecting to another world. He could vaguely see clusters of flame auras seeping out from this unique spatial crack.

The flame aura was getting denser and denser, the spatial crack also opened wider and wider.

Suddenly, a silver devilish figure suddenly flew out!

He hovered at the edge of the spatial crack. His devil claw burning in silver flame grabbed the spatial crack and crudely widened the crack!

Rip~ Rip~ Rip~ Rip~

The crack enlarged even more and turned into a gigantic dimension gate. Fire spewed out from the other side of the gate, appearing to be surging out any moment.

Lü Fengnan and those generals were dumbfounded.

Someone actually used his hands to tear open the space! Just what level did he have to reach to be able to tear open a spatial passage in a normal space???

Silver flame, white flame, blue flame. Amongst those intertwining Devil Fires, devilish figures swarmed out from this spatial gate crazily!


Whenever a flaming figure flew out, there would be an evil aura sweeping across the surroundings. When a large group of flaming figures flew out, the evil aura already turned into an evil tornado which swept up all the way into the clouds. The turmoil stirred up this entire area!

Flames ignited the earth. Countless devilish figures flew out. They seemed to be a large group of hungry devils coming from another world. They were barbarous and savage!

“Night...... Nightmare......” A general finally recognized these evil creatures.

“Why...... Why are there Nightmares here? There are so many of them!” shouted Lü Fengnan all of a sudden.

The Nightmares kept increasing in number and formed an eye-catching sea of fire. The abundant evil aura spread out and caused the entire Toxic Grass Sect army to stiffen on the spot.

Why would there be Nightmares??

Nobody could answer this question. However, the burning Devil Fire already told those Toxic Grass Sect members that they would be swallowed by this sea of fire if they did not leave!

“Silver...... Silver Nightmare...... A few thousand of them!”

Silver Nightmare meant reaching Dominator rank. How terrifying would the evil presence of a few thousand Silver Nightmare be!

The Silver Nightmares flew in front of the entire Nightmare army. Devil Fire spread out and swept across the land this Toxic Grass Sect army hid in.

Devil Fire was able to penetrate into the earth. Those grass type creatures hidden underground could not endure such high temperature. They began digging deeper into the earth to stay away from the Devil Fire.

Those Silver Nightmares seemed to be quite intelligent. They levitated above the earth and chanted simultaneously!

Space Overturn!

All Silver Nightmares controlled the power of space. It was not really a difficult feat to overturn an entire piece of land!

As the incantation completed, those Toxic Grass Sect soul pet trainers witnessed an astonishing scene!

The entire piece of land gradually rose up and was separating from the ground.

As the space violently twisted, this piece of land actually turned upside down.

The burnt soil, trees, hills and rivers were buried into the ground, while the soil layer, gravel layer and rock layer faced the sky and became the ground surface instead.

Due to this overturn, the grass type army trying to escape the burning flame had their directions reversed. They should have been digging further into the earth, but popped out to the surface instead, exposing themselves in the air.


What welcomed these plant type creatures were the high temperature Devil Fires from those Silver Nightmares!

Intense flame swept the ground. All those plant type creatures were severely burned. Just like a dry wildfire, the spreading and burning speed was astonishing!

The grass type creatures at Dominator rank from the Toxic Grass Sect Lü Fengnan commanded only numbered 1000, while there were around 20,000 Emperor rank.

However, those grass type creatures were merely weak and feeble grass before Nightmares. After the rampaging wildfire, no plant could be seen!

Devil Fire scattered to the surroundings while carrying intense heat.

Lü Fengnan and those generals absentmindedly stood there and watched over 20,000 plant type creatures turn to ash.

The tyranny of Nightmares made these Toxic Grass Sect members lose even the courage to resist.

Those Nightmares were devils!

The devils would burn everything up, not leaving a single survivor.

After burning the grass type army they saw into cinders, they did not seem to be satisfied at all. They started to make sharp devilish cried and charged towards the entire subjugation alliance!


Devilish cries echoed throughout the area. The subjugation alliance turned around and caught sight of the overflowing evil aura as well as the sea of Devil Fire shrouding over half of the sky and swept across half of the land!

Nobody knew where this vast Nightmare army came from. They possessed the brightest and bewitching bodies. They looked like a group of hungry devils. They charged into the human army and wanted to burn this entire human army into cinders.

The Nightmare army which suddenly joined the fray charged in from the north wing. They swarmed over after crushing Toxic Grass Sect’s grass type army. In an instant, the entire subjugation alliance fell into panic. Before the Devil Fire tsunami, even an entire army seemed insignificant and would be swallowed immediately!

Despairing cries started to ring out. The most painful experience was none other than getting burned alive. They even had to suffer the pain of having their souls burned. The despairing cries reached Mu Tuan clan’s army. The generals and soldiers felt crept out by the cries.

“Ignore those, kill them first!” Mu Tuan commanded his army loudly from the sky far away!

Chu Mu and Mu Qingyi were trapped deep within Mu Tuan clan’s army. Killing them was just a matter of time. Mu Tuan would not allow those two to escape.

Hearing Mu Tuan’s furious command, all the generals stared hard at Chu Mu and Mu Qingyi, constantly ordering their subordinates to attack.

“Nie! Nie! Nie!”

Devilish cries came from the distance once again. One could sense these Nightmares seemed to be charging towards Chu Mu’s direction.

“My army is coming,” Chu Mu raised his head and glanced through the gaps within the wing type army. He looked at those rampaging Silver Nightmares and revealed a smile.

This was a plain smile. However, when the face showing this smile split into two, burned in silver and black Devil Fire, this half creepy half snorting smile was instantly filled with absolute arrogance! Seeing that, Mu Qingyi became mesmerized!


Devil Fire traveled along that bewitching face and covered Chu Mu’s entire body, black and silver clearly separated!

Amongst the densely packed subjugation alliance, a bizarre Nightmare figure stood alone. Black and silver Devil Fire separated with his body as border, madly sweeping across the surroundings!

In an instant, all enemies within the range of Devil Fire were turned to black and silver corpse powder, scattering into the air along with the rampaging air currents!

This piece of land would soon turn into a charred land. Charred land was the stage for slaughtering Nightmares loved the most!

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