Chapter 1545: Summoning Nightmare Army!

“Kill her, she’s New Moon Land’s commander! Killing her will net you a hefty reward. Capturing her alive and you will be raised to Immortal rank directly!” Amongst the enemy armies, the mental voice of those captains spread out loudly.

Most of the participants were Emperors and Dominators. Such an individual was insignificant towards the entire army, especially before Immortals. They would only be slaughtered without even putting up any resistance. In such a situation, would they not wish to advance to Immortal and and dominate the lives of others?

Killing her or capturing her alive would allow them to break free from being a cannon fodder and become a true dominator!

Nobody would not become crazy. A war was full of sacrifices and deaths. However, if they grasped the chance, they could soar up amongst all the sacrifices and deaths. And there happened to be a great chance right in front of them.

She only had a weakened White Tiger left, there were so many of them in the surroundings.

With the stimulation of hefty rewards, the armies became more crowded. Even more people swarmed towards Mu Qingyi and her White Tiger in order to obtain such a chance.

This wave had an even large number, and almost all of them were Dominators.

Their soul pets were mostly as tall as canopies, they were greedily looking down on Mu Qingyi and her weakened White Tiger.


White Tiger’s sharp claws swept across and heads fell off from bodies.

Over a hundred beasts surrounding Mu Qingyi lost their heads. Over a hundred pillars of blood sprayed out and scattered into the sky, forming a beautiful blood painting!


Blood kept pouring out, blood droplets rained down from the sky, splattering on Mu Qingyi’s face and body.

She had completely become a bloodied person, her entire body was bright red.

White Tiger was completely exhausted. That claw was its final technique. It could only kill those hundred beasts.

The stiffened corpses of those beasts barely formed a wall and obstructed the rest of the armies. This was the last thing White Tiger could do.

Blood continued to rain down. Mu Qingyi raised her fact and looked at the sky from a tiny gap.

After completely exhausting herself, her mind was gradually clearing up. She looked at the sky from the gap and mumbled to herself.

This much blood should be enough as offerings, right?

After killing so many people, New Moon Land should be safe, right?

Suddenly, Mu Qingyi felt a pair of arms appearing from her back. They were so fast she did not know when they approached her.

The arms were rapidly approaching her. She could not dodge them at all with her current condition, even turning around felt taxing.

Would she be pierced from her back? Would she have her neck twisted? Mu Qingyi did not resist anymore, but that did not mean she was not afraid of death.

Her body tensed up, calmly accepting yet fearing what would come. She felt she still had something she really treasured.

The arms passed by her sides and touched her body.

Her body was very tense. When those arms suddenly wrapped around her waist, she felt she would be severed into two from the waist. That way of dying must be disgusting.

The arms wrapping around her waist was getting tighter and tighter. Mu Qingyi did not struggle, only despairing waiting for her waist to be broken and her organs crushed......

Those arms remained tight, Mu Qingyi shut her eyes and forcefully put up a solemn expression on her bloodied face.

Suddenly, a burning hot chest leaned onto her back.

Mu Qingyi no longer felt the pressure of her waist getting crushed, only the sensation of being hugged tightly from behind......

Mu Qingyi trembled slightly and stiffly turned around.

A handsome face entered her view. That sharp chin, upright nose and familiar eyes.

Mu Qingyi was dumbfounded. She absentmindedly looked at Chu Mu’s face, her tensed body almost went limp in his bosom.

She was truly exhausted. At the same time, she desired such solid arms and chest before her death, allowing her to leave in peace. This was her lingering regret and frustration.

“Qingyi, don’t be like this,” Chu Mu moved his hand and wiped away the blood on Mu Qingyi’s face.

That was a beautiful face with her unique charm and allure. However, after dying in blood, that face looked really heartbroken.

Mu Qingyi’s eyes accumulated too many suppressed emotions. After seeing Chu Mu, her tear glands could no longer hold back and tears poured out from her eyes.

She used crazy slaughtering to vent her feelings, used hatred to cover the pain in her heart. However, when all these stopped and she could lean in the bosom of a person she could truly feel safe with, the outbreak of emotion would instantly crush all of her pride, perseverance and tenacity, turning her into a woman who lost her family and could only cry in someone’s bosom. She cried as feeble and sad as a child would.

Fresh blood continued to rain down. Chu Mu just helped Mu Qingyi wipe away the blood on her face, yet her face was dyed red again. The blood stains mixed with her sorrowful tears and trickled down her cheeks.

“Don’t let loose of your life like that, she doesn’t belong to you alone. If you just die like this, it’s the same as stabbing the heart of all those who cared about you. This feeling will be far more painful than the moment you get killed, and far longer,” said Chu Mu slowly as he lowered his head to look at Mu Qingyi.

The deceased would only feel the pain at the moment of death, and then enter an eternal slumber. The others had to first experience this nightmare, then experience the sadness. Every time they recalled this memory, they would experience the sadness again. This was a long lasting pain.

Any person, regardless of how insignificant, should not belittle his or her own life. This would only satisfy the enemy and hurt those who truly cared about him or her.

Chu Mu was not good at pointing out the principles, he only wanted to tell Mu Qingyi that while she could feel sadness and pain for her deceased grandfather, then even more people would have to feel such sadness and pain if she died. At least, he would be one of them.

“Sorry......” Mu Qingyi hugged Chu Mu’s shoulders tightly.

Seeing Mu Qingyi like that, Chu Mu also felt bad. Not long ago, he similarly experienced this craziness after losing his family.

“It’s fine, you need to vent it out. However, the next time you want to be willful, you better be at my side,” Chu Mu tapped her back.

“I’m not a troublemaker,” said Mu Qingyi.

Chu Mu thought about it and nodded.

Mu Qingyi was certainly not a troublemaker. She was independent, strong-willed and tenacious. She could make others feel relieved. She would only experience such willfulness and craziness once.

“Not a troublemaker? The problem is we are in a big trouble now. The entire subjugation alliance seemed to know I have come here to rescue you,” said Chu Mu as he raised his brows.

“Ah? Then what should we do?” Mu Qingyi panickedly looked around.

Those hundred stiffened corpses had already collapsed. Mu Qingyi saw the heads and bodies of those fallen corpses, it was a menacing sight!

Not only that, the armies in the sky which should have been deployed to other regions of the battlefield suddenly changed their tactic and gathered towards them.

When Mu Qingyi charged into the enemy formation, only Mu Tuan’s army focused on her.

Now, Mu Qingyi felt the entire subjugation alliance, regardless of which faction, seemed to be swarming towards Chu Mu and her!

Chu Mu was New Moon Land’s king, he was also the symbolic belief of this war. He was currently an individual who could truly affect the entire war. If Chu Mu died, this war would be over quickly.

The subjugation alliance generals and commanders saw Chu Mu entering their army formations. They would never allow Chu Mu to escape!

Seeing more and more armies gathering towards Chu Mu and her, Mu Qingyi completely blamed herself.

She should not have been so impulsive and charge into the enemy armies, nor should she drag Chu Mu into this dire situation.

All of Chu Mu’s soul pets were still fighting against the various Gate Masters, there was no soul pet he could summon. With just his half devil transformation ability, he would be exhausted by the endless armies sooner or later.

“I will send the signal to Chao Lengchuan and let him send a troop to rescue you. You have to make your way towards the direction Chao Lengchuan is coming. They should not be able to stop you,” said Mu Qingyi.

Saying so, Mu Qingyi was about to overexert herself to chant an incantation.

Chu Mu used his hand to cover her mouth directly, “Stop ruining yourself.”

“But...... But you will also die. We must get reinforcement,” said Mu Qingyi after pushing Chu Mu’s hand away.

“Reinforcement? We do have it, but there’s no need to make Chao Lengchuan come here,” said Chu Mu.

Mu Qingyi looked at Chu Mu confusedly, unable to comprehend Chu Mu’s words.

Chu Mu revealed a smile and slowly lifted up his left hand.

A cluster of black Devil Fire quietly burned. Once it burned to the point of overflowing from Chu Mu’s palm, Chu Mu threw this cluster of black Devil Fire into the sky!

The black Devil Fire shot out in a straight and beautiful trail, turning any creature in its path into black powder.

The black Devil Fire reached high into the sky, then exploded magnificently, blooming into a bewitching black fire lotus!

Seeing this black flame signal exploding in the sky, Mu Qingyi suddenly realized something!

Chu Mu was about to summon that Nightmare army!

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