Chapter 1544: Blood Rose Amongst Enemy

The battle between middle class Immortal ranks occupied a large space in the entire battlefield.

The horrifying Twelve Demon Face only had seven demon faces left. Every demon face and main vine had burnt marks.

Meanwhile, Mo Xie, which fought against it, was also riddled with wounds. Blood flowed out from the corroding wounds.

Twelve Demon Face’s rank was higher than Mo Xie after all. While Mo Xie severely damaged Twelve Demon Face, it also paid a heavy price.

“Mo Xie, return,” Chu Mu did not let Mo Xie continue fighting.

The wounds it suffered were all toxic. The toxin would constantly exhaust its life force. It would only approach death step by step if it continued fighting.

Furthermore, apart from Twelve Demon Face, Gu Xinshui also summoned other low class Immortal rank soul pets. If Mo Xie was surrounded, its life would be truly in danger.

Mo Xie did not act stubbornly. The toxin on its body indeed made it feel weaker and weaker.

Chu Mu chanted the incantation to keep Mo Xie into its soul pet space, then opened the spatial gate of another soul pet!

Coldness spilled out from this spatial door, the temperature suddenly fell.

Cold glitters drifted down and gathered into Ice Air Fairy’s pure and noble frost body. A frost ring surrounded it and rapidly spread out under Ice Air Fairy’s control. Even the air froze in places the ring passed through!

Absolute Zero!

Twelve Demon Face was still suffering the burns from Mo Xie’s Hades flames, and now it suddenly suffered extreme cold and frost damage!

Gu Xinshui’s expression darkened. His eyes stared hard at this soul pet Chu Mu summoned.

Ice Air Fairy, this was a soul pet which only had a Warrior species rank, yet why was it exuding a middle class Immortal rank aura!?

Furthermore, despite facing various Gate Master level experts, Chu Mu still possessed a middle class Immortal rank soul pet!

Ice Air Fairy’s offensive ability had always been devastating. It chanted one fairy ice incantation after another. The chill madly spread out and swept up the area. Twelve Demon Face and Gu Xinshui’s other soul pets suffered waves after waves of chilling frost attacks!

“Huhuhuhuhu~!” The cold air spread to the battlefield between Little Hidden Dragon and Shadow Flame Beast.

Little Hidden Dragon was much stronger than Shadow Flame Beast. Despite Madam Huo summoning three other low class Immortal rank soul pets to attack Little Hidden Dragon, Little Hidden Dragon still managed to swallow two.

Madam Huo could not take on Little Hidden Dragon by herself, her lover Mu Tuan rode on his Flame Armored Beast to help her.

Little Hidden Dragon faced the most number of enemies. Shadow Flame Beast and Flame Armored Beast were both middle class Immortal rank, there were also five low class Immortal rank soul pets summoned by the two.

Even so, Little Hidden Dragon relied on its powerful properties and unparalleled fighting strength to defeat the soul pets those two summoned.

On the other side, it was the battle between Zhan Ye and Golden Snake Dragon.

Other than Golden Snake Dragon, Zeng Long also summoned four snake dragons of different color and properties. The five snake dragons kept circling around Zhan Ye, constantly leaving wounds on Zhan Ye’s body.

If there was only one Golden Snake Dragon, Zhan Ye would be able to counterattack soon.

However, the other four snake dragons kept pestering Zhan Ye and caused quite a problem to it.

However, Zhan Ye had only used two Broken Limb Rebirth. After the third time, the situation would definitely change!

Chu Mu did not need to pay attention to Night’s battle. Dan Xie was weaker than the others. It would only be a matter of time before she was defeated.

Chu Mu looked down. People were moving in crowds. There were New Moon Palace army and volunteer army, as well as the various factions in the subjugation alliance. The smoke swept up on the battlefield caused Chu Mu unable to distinguish who were allies and who were enemies. Both of them were gradually wearing the same colored attire, blood red!

Suddenly, Chu Mu noticed a slim figure flying up from the chaotic battlefield, towards this middle class Immortal rank battlefield.

The figure approached closer and closer. It was a Seven Colored Phoenix. Chu Mu was also familiar with the person riding on it, she was Mu Qingyi’s subordinate, Guan Guan.

Guan Guan’s strength did not reach Immortal rank. If she rode on her Seven Colored Phoenix and flew here, the shockwaves from the clash between Little Hidden Dragon and Shadow Flame Beast would tear her and her soul pet apart!

Guan Guan did not stop and kept flying towards this battlefield. Chu Mu even saw her getting flung away by energy ripples a few times, yet she continued flying towards here.

Chu Mu naturally could not watch her get shredded by energy ripples. He used Displacement Specter and moved away from this Immortal rank battlefield, then appeared in front of Guan Guan.

“King Chu, King Chu!” Guan Guan saw Chu Mu coming towards her and shouted out excitedly.

“What are you doing?” Chu Mu was not having an easy time facing many Gate Master level enemies.

“Palace Master Mu! She charged deep into Mu Tuan’s army and lost contact with the rest of us. We can’t save her, more and more enemies are gathering towards her,” said Guan Guan anxiously.

“Where is she roughly at?” asked Chu Mu immediately.

“Over there,” Guan Guan pointed to a direction.

Chu Mu looked towards that direction and saw an astonishing scene.

Within the sea of creatures, a tiny figure wrapped in ice and fire charged through the army. The places she passed through would be splattered with blood and corpses!

However, looking down from his height, he could see a few armies securely surrounded her. Her killing speed would not compare to the speed of the enemies closing in on her like a raging tide.

The densely packed wings became a cluster of cloud. Chu Mu only saw that beautiful and bloody figure for a moment before the space above her head was occupied by a large group of black monster birds. Chu Mu could not see her figure again.

Chu Mu was shocked by that scene.

Was that really Mu Qingyi?

Did she not realize even an Immortal would perish if she charged into enemy ranks all by herself?

“King Chu, Mu Tuan clan abducted Old Man Mu and threatened Palace Master Mu before the war. She did not allow us to tell anyone about this matter......” said Guan Guan with a teary face.

Chu Mu took a glance at the tear-stricken Guan Guan, then at Mu Qingyi’s position which was swarming with enemy forces.

Chu Mu flared up in fury before even listening to the end!

Black flame burned all over Chu Mu, turning his body into ask and dispersed by the billowing wind.

Guan Guan was startled and looked at the empty air where Chu Mu was originally at. Then, she seemed to realize something and turned to look towards the enemy army. She noticed a streak of black flame pierced through the layers of enemies like a meteor and crashed towards the center of those armies!

The black flame was evil and tyrannical. Any enemy grazed by the flame would be burned into black powder!

Chu Mu charged through all hindrance and flew to the deepest part of the enemy forces, towards that bloodily beautiful figure.


Golden flame and white ice stacked in layers, wiping out countless enemies.

Standing between the ice and fire, Mu Qingyi’s coiled black hair loosened. Her hair was dyed in so much blood it seemed to be burning red!

From the moment she stepped into enemy formation, the blood red on her body did not cease to bloom. There would be fresh blood dying her attire every single moment.

Green silk-like feathers hovered above Mu Qingyi’s head. Over a thousand large green birds used their wings to create a big wing type restriction and rooted Mu Qingyi to the spot.

This restriction was very powerful. Mu Qingyi’s numbed heart from all the killings finally started beating again after getting restrained.

Standing at the center of the green restriction, countless corpses strewn beneath her feet. Endless armies could be seen from all directions.

Mu Qingyi was already numb.

Her Crown Phoenix King and White Tiger were also exhausted.

However, the enemies could not give her any chance to take a break. Layers after layers of elemental energy blasted towards her from all directions!

Mu Qingyi could not open her eyes from the stinging pain coming from the burning energy. She could only feel her wounded Crown Phoenix King opening its wings to protect her under its wings.

Mu Qingyi shut her eyes tightly. She did not know if her Crown Phoenix King which accompanied her since childhood would still be alive after opening her eyes again.


After the pain subsided, Mu Qingyi opened her eyes.

Crown Phoenix King was still next to her. It did not die, but its beautiful wings were gone.

Seeing the wingless Crown Phoenix King, Mu Qingyi felt an urge to cry.

She chanted the incantation to recall Crown Phoenix King to its soul pet space and jumped onto White Tiger’s back.

White Tiger’s sharp claws tore apart the restriction and charged into the enemy army again.

Mu Qingyi also wanted to leave, but she did not know which direction was New Moon Land. There were only large beasts around her and green monster birds filling up the sky.

She could only pick one direction and carve out a path of blood.

Blood spurted like fountains, rained like a downpour, splashing onto Mu Qingyi’s face.

Mu Qingyi completely lost her mind. She rode on her bloodthirsty White Tiger and dashed past a cluster of black flame. Her eyes still looking at the enemies blocking her way ahead......

That cluster of black flame was Chu Mu. Chu Mu was already standing by her side, but she did not see.

Chu Mu watched the bloodied Mu Qingyi dashing past him absentmindedly. At that instant, he saw her eyes.

Those eyes were bloodshot, they became numb and hollow. It seemed that a certain suppressed feeling deep inside her was also about to break out any moment......

Those eyes pained his heart.

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