Chapter 1543: Since He Cannot Live, Then I Can Only Offer Sacrifices For Him

Chu Mu returned Dead Dream which only had a single Dead Butterfly left back into soul pet space, then quickly chanted another incantation.

A reflection appeared in the space. A black Phantom Dream was running in the reflection, as if running from another dimension to this dimension.

Night was slim and charming. After its corpse property was removed by Elder Li, its demon aura became even richer.

The corpse tattoo around its neck did not completely disappear, because that was a lifetime sigil which signified it had once turned into a Departed Spirit.

Perhaps in the near future, those corpse tattoos would crawl all over its body again. However, in these few years, it would be a pure Nomadic Demon!

Night’s opponent was Dan Xie’s Clavicle Blood Ghost!

This Clavicle Blood Ghost had been drifting around Chu Mu. That clavicle tail cautiously swung by its side, constantly finding a chance to take Chu Mu’s throat.

After Night showed up, it immediately sensed this hidden Clavicle Blood Ghost. Dream horns emitted dream ripples. Night became creating dreams, confusing Clavicle Blood Ghost’s sensations.

Meanwhile, Clavicle Blood Ghost’s senses were sharp. It kept changing its positions, using a fighting style as Night. They both belonged to a fatal counterattack type. Before unleashing the real attack, they were starting a stealth, cover and confusion competition!


Chu Mu’s soul pets had already clashed against four Gate Master level experts. Meanwhile, above and below Chu Mu, armies as tiny as grains of sand were also clashing fiercely!

The weakest fighting force in this war already reached Emperor rank. Every Emperor possessed terrifying destructive power. When tens of thousands of Emperors clashed against tens of thousands of Emperors, spatial ripples from the clash between meteor-like energies could be seen. The ripples shook the entire Eastern Wild Forest and cracked the ground!

After the commanders in Eastern Wild Forest Stronghold gave the order.

Various soul pets filled the space between Eastern Wild Forest Stronghold and Rock City Wall.

New Moon Land’s army had defense as priority. They could gradually see the subjugation alliance swarming in from the horizon.

On the stronghold, rows and columns of elemental army swept up an elemental storm!

Flames turned the entire Eastern Wild Forest Stronghold into a raging volcano, constantly spewing magma and volcano ash towards the sky, drawing an arc across the air and raining down onto the 300,000 strong subjugation alliance.

Countless thunderbolts and lightning sparks danced between the volcano ash and magma rain. They sometimes twisted, sometimes fell down straight, sometimes connected into an electrical chain and leaped towards the alliance!

Rocks either shot out from the ground in sharp spikes or fell from the sky as meteors!

The war completely broke out in a bang!

The rain of techniques flew across the sky, energy storms swept waves after waves on the ground!

Within that epic scene, a single soul pet trainer and his soul pets were just a drop of paint in the painting.

However, the vast army and devastating energy rampage were formed up by those tiny paint drops. They held the same objective, and would offer their lives for it!


Mu Qingyi stood on the tall stronghold tower. The raging wind blowing due to energy storms disheveled her hair.

At her side, icy white-colored White Tiger calmly stood there.

Above her head, the golden burning sun-like Crown Phoenix King flapped its wings and levitated.

Mu Qingyi focused on the spot where the battle was most intense. There would always be people getting splattered all over the place. Some of those belonged to the subjugation alliance, while some belonged to New Moon Land.

Chu Mu felt Mu Qingyi suited her role in Divine Sect because she held a righteous heart as well as a merciless attitude towards enemies.

In fact, Mu Qingyi had always felt herself to be a contradicting person. She could feel sadness towards the death of an unrelated person, yet she could feel nothing towards countless corpses.

Perhaps, that was the division between good and evil.

Her good and evil did not take after the macro judgement of the sentire humanity’s survival at Dual Earth Mountain. It was only her own judgement.

In Divine Sect, people constantly told her the obligation, responsibility and mission of Divine Sect. Some even tried to make her assimilate into the macro environment of Divine Sect.

However, after staying in Divine Sect for so many years, the obligation, responsibility and mission in Mu Qingyi’s heart never wavered for a single moment!

Even if Wanxiang Realm no longer belonged to her Mu Family, even if the Mu Family Household only left her alone, she would hold her ground.

Long hair fluttering freely in the energy storm.

Mu Qingyi’s gaze gradually turned sharp. She slowly took out a hairpin and proficiently coiled up her hair, then secured it with the hairpin!

A beautiful face which carried a heroic expression was fully revealed. She was breath-taking, yet solemn and cold!

Crown Phoenix King flew past the stronghold tower. Mu Qingyi jumped onto Crown Phoenix King. Her figure flew through the crisscrossing technique barrages.

Behind her were over a hundred Heavenly Concubine Palace members behind her, all female soul pet trainers.

Most female soul pet trainers on the battlefield were support soul pet trainers. However, the female soul pet trainer team Mu Qingyi led carried a sharp killing intent not any inferior to an army!

The size of a hundred people was similarly insignificant towards the war with a scale of hundreds of thousands. However, when this group of female soul pet trainers and Mu Qingyi carved their way into the most intense battle zone, the war situation showed a significant change. The originally declining battle frontline was slowly coming to a stop.

Amongst the chaotic technique crossfire, there was a beautiful figure wrapped in golden burning flame and white frost. Those taking guard on Eastern Wild Forest Stronghold could see her clearly.

She killed her way into the densely packed enemy formations. She streamed through the technique crossfires. She stood in front of armies suffering heavy casualties. Her hair dyed red from the original black. Her silver armor was similarly dyed in blood. Even her beautiful face was full of blood stains.

Overall commander Chao Lengchuan who guarded the stronghold tower stared hard at Mu Qingyi. There were many times where he could not even find her.

Solemn and untouchable when still, ferocious and unstoppable when active!

Right now, Mu Qingyi was like a blood rose who carved out a bloody path!

All of her pride and disdain were hidden in her sharp deadly blood-colored petals. People could only see her steel-like heart when she completely bloomed!


Mu Qingyi’s slaughtering was even more tyrannical than most men. In the places she passed through, flame would burn everything into ash, or ice would freeze everything into sculpture!

Unknowingly, she killed her way into Mu Family Dynasty’s army!

There were probably over half of the army with the same surname as Mu Qingyi, some of the captains and generals might even have blood relations with Mu Qingyi, because Mu Qingyi’s household was a branch household from Mu Tuan’s clan.

In the eyes of others, killing one’s own kin was a traitorous act.

However, as Mu Qingyi continued to kill, the sin accumulated by the number of kins she killed could be described as eternal sin!

Mu Tuan clan would not allow Mu Qingyi to continue this slaughter. A female general riding on an Immortal rank Guang Bird angrily flew towards the ferocious Mu Qingyi.

“You hopeless madwoman! We are both from Mu Family’s same clan, do you know what you are doing?” cursed Mu Guangxue with a furious tone.

Mu Guangxue had a little interaction with Mu Qingyi back in Zhengming Main City. She had tried various methods to persuade Mu Qingyi to detach from New Moon Land.

Mu Qingyi did not listen to her at all. She even killed into their Mu Tuan clan’s army when the war started!

“I know it very well. You are my enemy, I won’t show mercy towards my enemies,” said Mu Qingyi coldly.

Mu Tuan clan was the kin of Mu Qingyi. Mu Qingyi would occasionally help them handle some matters due to this relationship. However, the moment they took the side of subjugation alliance, this so-called kin was no longer a kin, they would only be enemies!

“You...... You don’t deserve to be called Mu. I’m going to personally twist off your head and put it in Mu Family’s Sinner Hall to worship all those you killed!” shouted Mu Guangxue.

Mu Qingyi did not need the so-called Mu Family Dynasty to determine whether she deserved to be called Mu or not. She only had to know she was Wanxiang Realm’s Mu Family.

“Qingyi, stop. It’s still not too late to come to our side. If you continue to be so stubborn, your grandfather will really lose his life,” said Mu Ruanen as he flew to Mu Qingyi.

Seeing Mu Ruanen’s appearance, Mu Qingyi’s cold eyes finally wavered slightly.

Mu Ruanen saw Mu Qingyi showing intention to stop and hurriedly continued, “New Moon Land offended everyone. Its destruction is definite. You are Divine Sect’s Master Official, as well as our Mu Family Dynasty’s member. If you stop now, nobody will blame you. You can save your grandfather’s life as well. Your grandfather requested me to tell you that he wishes for you to live well. Don’t perish along with New Moon Land for some meaningless things......”

Mu Qingyi silently looked at Mu Ruanen. Her eyes did not show any change from what he said, and gradually turned sharp instead, “I didn’t spend much time with him, but I know what kind of person my grandfather is. If you are really my grandfather’s brother, tell me the actual words.”

Mu Ruanen was startled.

Mu Ruanen did tell a lie, because he wanted to save Mu Zuoli who was held captive by Mu Tuan to threaten Mu Qingyi.

However, seeing Mu Qingyi’s stubborn eyes which were similar to her grandfather, Mu Ruanen did not know what lies could be used to persuad Mu Qingyi.

“Tell me the actual words,” said Mu Qingyi.

Mu Ruanen took a glance at the almost lashing out Mu Guangxue.

“Tell me,” repeated Mu Qingyi.

“Do what you judge to be right,” Eventually, Mu Ruanen opened his mouth.

Do what you judge to be right......

After that sentence was spoken, Mu Qingyi’s body trembled slightly.

She clearly remembered that when she was very little, her grandfather, Mu Zuoli, had told her this sentence. Back then, Mu Qingyi did not have any parents, her grandfather’s words were everything to her. Those words planted a deeply-rooted faith in her immature heart.

Do what you judge to be right......

Mu Qingyi had been abiding by those words all the time. The only one thing she did not follow was that feeling hidden deep in her heart which she could not express.

Knowing that this was the last sentence her grandfather told her, no matter how she tried to disguise or steel her will, she could not control hot tears from flowing out of her eyes.


Wiping away the tears, wiping away the blood stains.

Since he cannot live, then I can only offer sacrifices for him......

Using the blood of all these enemies I can see as offerings!


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