Chapter 1541


The last Dead Butterfly flew down from the skies, and fell in the two hundred thousand army that welled forth after the ghoul and snake dragon armies!

The three hundred thousand army was the complete force of the alliance. They slowly appeared over the horizon and, like the rising tide, slowly devoured the Eastern Wild Forest!

Ghouls army and snake dragon army were like a river compared to the ocean that is the alliance army!

Dead Dream used its life and immortal rank to kill most of the ghouls and snake dragon army, but this didn’t mean the war was over. The last Dead Butterfly that exploded in front of this massive army wasn’t it overestimating its power, but it was Dead Dream releasing its emotions. As long as there is still a single Dead Butterfly left, it would be sent towards the three hundred thousand army and destroy it!!

With the ground burnt from the thunderous explosion that leaves countless corpses. Snake dragon faction’s stacked corpses covered the grounds, mixing with the bodies of the ghouls.

The burnt smell, blood, and innards all mixed together and permeated through the three hundred thousand army, floating into every soul pet trainer’s nose.

The Dead Butterfly’s death dance was seen by everyone who came slightly late. However, they never would have expected the snake dragon and ghoul army to nearly all die!

Those two factions add up to two thousand dominator rank, fifty thousand emperor ranks, but they all died in front of their eyes!

Three hundred thousand people all ran over from afar, but they couldn’t give the leading armies any protection. They thought these two armies alone could have a destructive effect on New Moon Land’s fort.

Yet, who would have thought that they all died with the Dead Butterflies, leaving a few lone stragglers that are useless in the grand scheme!


“Exchanging a near high class immortal rank soul pet for the snake dragon and ghoul army… there is no one more foolish than them!” Xuan Gate Immortal School’s Gu Xinshui said.

Creating a middle class immortal rank was already incredibly difficult, let alone an organism that was almost high class immortal rank.

In immortal ranks’ eyes, emperor ranks and dominator ranks were nothing different from the weaker monarch and commander ranks. They’re merely things that leaders use to satisfy their desires. If they’re destroyed as long as their power remains, more can be found. After all, there are enough soul pet trainers in this world.

However, a near high class immortal rank soul pet is far more valuable than two thousand dominator ranks and fifty thousand emperor ranks.

He had never seen such a stupid person!

“When had this person become this powerful!!” Lady Huo with her face still recovering from wounds saw Chu Mu stand against the enemy alone and was frightened.

She still remembered back in Imprint Valley when this person was still a normal immortal rank. However, it had only been so long before this person was much stronger than all the Gate Masters, Sect Masters, and people present!

“It’s the Monument Tear, he must have activated its power!” Zeng Long gritted his teeth.

Getting this much power in such a short time, only the power of the monument tear could explain this!

Seeing Chu Mu’s change, the other Fake Monument Tear Individuals was even more jealous. Chu Mu’s power increase was enough for them to risk everything!

“Let’s deal with him together. The rest of you, go kill them!” Zeng Long roared.

It didn’t matter that the entire snake dragon faction was dead as long as they could get the Monument Tear that promised endless power!

Fire Sect Sect Master Lady Huo, Xuan Gate Immortal Sect Gu Xinshui, Snake Dragon Faction’s Zeng Long, Departed Spirit Palace’s Ghost Master Dan Xie, Mu Dynasty’s Mu Tuan, Wind Sect Master Tian Huan…...

These six people gathering on the Eastern Wild Forest were the leaders. They naturally couldn’t let Chu Mu continue his slaughter so they all casted their incantations to fly their soul pets at the forefront of the three hundred thousand army!

The thing that New Moon Land was missing the most were people to fight against these leader rank experts. This was why most people were fearful. With no one to stop these immortal rank experts, these dominator and emperor ranks would die no matter how they struggle.

However, now, the Alliance revealed all their leader experts and flew towards Chu Mu!!


Chu Mu slowly left the rock building and floated into the air.

Seeing the six greedy people flying towards him, Chu Mu simply smiled.

The Monument Tears he had were far more than they thought. Other than the Monument Tear of his own, he also had Ning Maner’s tear, Seven Sin Fox Light Fox’s Monument Tears, and the inheritance tear of the strongest expert of the fourth era!

At the Gate Master level, everyone more or less had one or two fake Monument Tears that also acted as the false monument tear. These six people were also False Monument Tear Individuals and were clearly going for the tears on his hands.

Want to get it?

Then come and get it!

If you can’t take it, then I’ll take all of yours!!

Just as Old Li said, though Chu Mu wasn’t the true inheritor of the fourth era, who couldn’t guarantee he wasn’t the most suited to be the strongest of this era?

These six Gate Masters gloated alongside Chu Mu.

Above their head, was a cloud of wing type and other flying organisms. Below them were a tidal wave of rocks slamming across the conquest army.

There was a region in the sky that belonged just to the immortal rank experts. There, not a single soul pet dared to pass because the forcefield of middle class immortal ranks were more than enough to rip them to shreds!!

Six Gate Masters weren’t there to just kill the king but were there for Chu Mu’s Monument Tear!!

They believed that the only way Chu Mu could gain such strength in such a short time was the Monument Tear. He very likely would be the inheritor of this era!

As long as he was killed, the Monument Tear would fall into their hands, and even the inheritance!

They were all Gate Masters that couldn’t enter the true Gate Master level. Some had even been stuck in this realm for decades. Yet, their yearning for high class immortal rank and leader rank had never faded. This was the chance of a lifetime!

Zeng Long first cast a spell. This was the soul pet that Chu Mu had seen in Imprint Valley, the Golden Snake Dragon!

The Grotesque markings were like scars that covered the Golden Snake Dragon. Its writhing body covered a large space in the air, slowly yet may pounce at any point!

Not far away stood Dan Xie, the ghost faction master.

Her ghoul army was almost single handedly destroyed by Chu Mu’s Dead Dream. Even if she wasn’t a fake Monument Tear holder, she wouldn’t be able to bear this shame!

The soul pet she was riding was a long bone tailed blood ghost!

Its shriveled arms had countless layers of dried blood. They bobbed up and down, eager to rip open Chu Mu’s chest and pull the heart out.

Dan Xie, Zeng Long aside, there was also a Xuan Gate’s Gu Xinshui and Mu Tuan.

Mu Tuan’s face was still pale. One could tell that the Sacred Light Unicorn’s death caused him to take quite a hit to his soul.

He was currently riding a Red Flame Armored Beast. From its aura, one could tell that it was a middle class immortal rank.

Gu Xinshui currently had no plans to summon his soul pets. He stared tightly at the stupid soul pet trainer that is Chu Mu, his eyes filled with blood!

“Why is my son’s Monument Tear on you!” Gu Xinshui roared at Chu Mu.

Chu Mu didn’t hide the energy any longer. At such a close distance, anyone could tell the amount of Chu Mu’s Monument Tear!

Yet, there was a monument tear within there that was Gu Xisha’s. When Chu Mu walked out of the Imprint Valley, he made him disappear with anger, and thus obtained his Monument Tear.

“Gu Xisha is your son?” Chu Mu suddenly smiled strangely.

“Yes, give your life up!” Gu Xinshui was fuming, wanting to rip Chu Mu to shreds right there!

Chu Mu’s gaze slowly became cold. After he left Imprint Valley, he knew that the Navy General continuously focused on his father because of Gu Xisha’s greed for his father’s Monument Tear.. 

At this moment, the scene of leaving the Imprint Valley entered his mind….

Violent grief-filled Chu Mu’s heart, and quickly turned into unstoppable vicious and irritable anger!

This anger and violence wasn’t released but instead hidden within his cold gaze!


A soul pet covered in feathers passed through the battle and appeared in this battlefield of Gate Masters.

On the feathered organisms was an old man with a beard that caused him to seem slightly haggard.

“I, Yu Fengdi, am getting older and older and haven’t fought in a while but I can still defeat one of these bastards easily!” Yu Bo said proudly beside Chu Mu.

“Other than him, you can pick any of them.” Chu Mu’s eyes were still cold as he pointed to Gu Xinshui!

Gu Xinshui must die, and he had to die by his hands!

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