Chapter 1540: One Man, One Butterfly



The undead army pushed through the horizon, letting a large group of strangely marked devil pythons to crawl into vision.

Above these writhing pythons, there were still large groups of malevolent dragon headed snake bodied monsters in the skies!!

Snake Dragon!!!

Every snake dragon was at least fifty meters in length. Dominator rank snake dragons were a hundred meters in length, while immortal rank ones were a few hundred or even a thousand meters long!

Eastern Wild Forest Stronghold City was a mere ten kilometers from Chu Mu. Some immortal rank snake dragons were a kilometer in length already. When these snake dragon leaders brought a writhing mass of others over the ground and through the air, the grotesque scene nearly stopped everyone’s breathing!

“Snake….. Snake Dragon Faction!!” The new moon generals that are more well experienced already recognized this army.

Groups of snakes flooded in, covering the skies. The Snake Dragon Faction is famous throughout Zhengming Continent for being cruel and vicious. From the tidal wave of snake dragons, one could already tell how terrifying they were.

The undead army and the snake dragon faction weren’t too far apart. After the undead army was shocked by Chu Mu’s power, the snake dragons quickly merged with them.

A thousand dominator rank snake dragons and twenty thousand emperor rank snake dragons all opened their vile maws to the sound of a command, and spat out colorful breaths towards the Dead Butterflies!

These breaths also had a very powerful poison. After they flew into the air, the fluttering Dead Butterflies all started dissipating in the poison.

The dense Dead Butterfly masses started dropping rapidly after the snake dragons spit their breath forward.

However, the Dead Butterflies weren’t useless; every Dead Butterfly started fluttering their wings straight towards the snake dragons and ghouls!

During flight, countless dead butterflies were killed by the snake dragons and ghouls, becoming feathers that dissipated within the energy.

“Ao!” A yellow dragon opened its mouth arrogantly and swallowed a rather large Dead Butterfly without much regard.

Seeming to feel the taste was good, the snake dragon darted forth and bit another Dead Butterfly.

However, just as it was uncoiling its body, the snake dragon suddenly spasmed and started expanding!


With a blast, the purple black thunder suddenly darted out of this yellow snake dragon’s digestive tract, blasting the yellow snake dragon in two!!

“Beng!!!! Beng!! Beng!!!! Beng!!!!”

Suddenly, all the dead butterflies that flew over started self exploding, creating powerful thunder energy that rolled through the ugly soul pet army!!!

Blood, brain, limbs, bones, wherever dead butterflies exploded, there would be a gory scene. The dead butterfly amounted to millions. If all the dead butterflies flew into the two armies and blew up, these two armies would definitely suffer.

“Don’t let them fly down!!!” Snake Dragon Faction’s Gate Master commanded angrily.

As if a dense shower of snow had fallen, the dead butterflies flew down unstoppably and exploded despite all the techniques from the snake dragons and ghouls.

More and more butterflies flew down from the skies. Watching over from the Eastern Wild Forest Stronghold City, these Dead Butterflies were like comets falling from the skies, leaving behind a radiant trail before it slammed into the ground and burnt up in fiery destruction!!


There were millions of Dead Butterflies diving in…..

The vast majority were killed in mid-air by the snake dragons and ghouls, but there were always a few that would complete their mission, blowing up in furious thunder amongst the enemies!

The brilliant display was filled with a solemn and stirring emotion. Chu Mu looked up at the figures falling like comets.

Every dead butterfly was a clone of Dead Dream. Losing one meant losing a part of its life.

Seeing Dead Dream using such radical methods to kill the enemies, Chu Mu suddenly couldn’t understand Dead Dream anymore.

Pupupupupu~~~ Pupupu~~~~~~~~~

More and more dead butterflies were dying. At the same time, more and more were falling into the enemy forces and exploding in brilliance, bringing down countless ghouls and snake dragons.

Every Dead Butterfly seemed to bring Dead Dream’s incredible obstinance!

Suddenly, Chu Mu realized.

Seeing the groups of Dead Butterflies destroying the enemies, Chu Mu understood why Dead Dream had suddenly become so aggressive.

Dead Dream had been through Nirvana once and reincarnated. But, before it was with Chu Mu, it had already lived over two hundred years on New Moon Land!

No one loved this territory more than it.

Even if its memories were wiped, even if it were to experience Nirvana countless more times, this obstinance will remain in its soul. If anyone dared to intrude or destroy, it was equivalent to touching its bottom line!

Just as in Xiangrong City, when facing the flower demon kingdom’s destruction, without anyone understanding, it already pounced forth and used its power to protect Xiangrong City. This obstinance was much like right now!

Chu Mu almost forgot that Dead Dream still had this obstinance.

Turning around to look at all the New Moon Army, Chu Mu understood. Maybe the people who want to defend New Moon Land wasn’t just the people. The countless soul pets here, whether or not they had a soul pact with a human, also couldn’t stand these foreign intruders!!


A light patter came from aside their ears, with Dead Butterflies landing on Chu Mu’s shoulder looking incredibly weak.

Almost all the dead butterflies flew towards the enemy army, yet only it remained on Chu Mu’s shoulder.

Chu Mu turned around and glanced at the little Dead Butterfly, and back at the sky filled with millions of dying Dead Butterflies. Suddenly, his heart was filled with grief but also surged with emotion.

"You really decided? You just finished reincarnating….” Chu Mu glanced at the little Dead Butterfly on his shoulder and said.

Little Dead Dream didn’t reply. It simply laid on Chu Mu’s shoulder, as it watched itself die with small black eyes.

This small Dead Butterfly was Dead Dream, but those millions dying were also Dead Dream.

Its intentions were clear. It was only leaving itself this weak life, while it sent the rest of its life in like comets, leaving the most brilliant dance of death amongst the enemy army!


The Eastern Wild Forest was already silent.

There was still the echoing of the words of the Xiangrong City general.

From the old general’s words, everyone came to know this dazzling dark phoenix’s past and origins, finding out that it was called Dead Dream.

They all knew that the small butterflies leaving blossoms of explosions amongst the enemy were Dead Dream’s lives.

“Will it just disappear now? No longer immortal rank, no longer part of the phoenix species?” Someone asked.

The old general with grey hair said, “Phoenixes are meant to die in Nirvana. This death marks the beginning of a new glory!”

New Moon Land was facing death as well, but couldn’t this mark the beginning of a new glorious era too?

The old general was a blind person, but his words shook the hearts of every defender within Eastern Wild Forest Stronghold!

If a near high class immortal rank supreme phoenix could sacrifice its life and all its cultivation to protect this land, why couldn’t they also give it their all?

One man, one phoenix, they dared faced the alliance of eight alliance army alone. So, why were the near hundred thousand people guarding the Stronghold City scared?

The entire stronghold was silent, yet the raging flames within their blood threatened to light the entire city afire!!

Their bodies no longer trembled from terror but instead shivered with excitement and unbridled anger for the enemy!

“General!!” Luo Yi yelled excited at Chao Lengchuan.

Having lead battles for decades, Luo Yi knew when a troop of people had morale.

Some morales were dead like a swamp. Some were like a coursing river, yet some were like the roars of a tsunami!!

And yet, right now New Moon Land’s renewed morale was like a vast ocean raging with all its might!!

Chao Lengchuan also felt this. The people who stayed behind to defend for whatever reason were currently gathering together a frightening fighting and killing intent that was roaring forth!!

“Chu Mu, you did it again.” Chao Lengchuan glanced at the figure far away and muttered.

Chao Lengchuan was New Moon Land’s leader, but Chu Mu was truly the faith of New Moon land!

He never said anything to his army, yet no one would ever forget that proud and lone figure, nor will they ever forget the declaration he was giving right now using his actions!

“It’s time, let’s fight!!” The main general Yuan Sui commanded.

“Let’s fight!” Chao Lengchuan said to strategist Luo Yi.

“Fight!” Sacred guard general commanded.

If not now, when?

They would make these intruders pay the worst price!!

In an instant, the roars of the people shook the skies!!


Chu Mu felt the rolling waves of killing intent on his back.

Chu Mu didn’t turn around to see because he knew that those that were willing to fight will ultimately end up with him.

He slightly tilted his head to glance at Dead Dream which had nearly used up its entire life and cultivation. In reality, it was no longer Dead Dream. It was just an incredibly feeble Dead Butterfly.

Within this little dead butterfly was a very proud phoenix soul!

It had already been in New Moon Land two hundred years ago…..

But was that really Dead Dream’s earliest form?

Chu Mu remembered that in an ancient text in Xiangrong City, the first black fairy butterfly appeared in an era way back further, and at that time, there was still only one…...

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