Chapter 154: Insect Calamity, Hibernating Desolation(2)

Chapter 154: Insect Calamity, Hibernating Desolation(2)

“Then how about the citizens of Ao Gu City?” Princess Jin Rou opened her mouth to ask.

“Wo Gu City’s citizens all have their own underground cellars to hide in. If the soul pet trainers protecting the city fail to fight them off, they can still hide in the cellars. There will more or less be losses, but it won’t be anything major. These Heavenly Devil Insects don’t attack structures, but will only swarm at the sight of life, leaving nothing behind after they’re done……” Chu Ke continued.

“In brief, let’s all first enter into the cellars. There are individual rooms in the cellars, so you can select them for yourself. In about three or five days, these beasts will fly away when they can’t find any more food.” Chu Ke displayed a manner befitting a young master.

Chu Mu still stood there, eyeing the denser and denser crowd of wing type soul pets. For some reason, in front of this sky-covering swarm of bug type soul pets, Chu Mu felt an irrepressible mood fluctuation. Maybe this was the feeling of minuteness when faced against a true calamity.

Heavenly Devil Insects flew everywhere. As more and more flying shadows appeared in the Chu Mountains, The Chu Mountains were covered in a roaring sound akin to floods or landslides. The last screams of the soul pet trainers who hadn’t escaped into the cellars in time were silently drowned out…….

Crimson blood smeared across the skies. Just as soul pets who tried to fight released a dazzling technique, their radiance would immediately attract more Heavenly Devil Insects. As they surrounded it, no matter what phase or stage the soul pet was, they would be devoured by these hungry organisms until not even a corpse was left behind.

Many soul pet trainers who got the news late were still flying in the air, trying to escape to. However, as more and more Heavenly Devil Insects followed, the sticky bug juices became like rain, frantically battering their flying soul pets, sticking both soul pets and trainers onto the mountain wall.

As the dense Heavenly Devil Insects flew past, one could clearly see the soul pet and its trainer’s body being ripped apart. When the second wave of Heavenly Devil Insects flew past, the blood and meat actually completely vanished, leaving only white bones stuck to the walls that wavered with the fluttering of the countless insects, shocking the eye!

The front of the black cloud finally neared Chu Mountain. Looking up, it felt like a massive bug type demonic thing was lying in the sky, using two terrifying eyes to look down upon the tiny Chu Mountain. The brutal and bloody aura pressured everyone on Chu Mountain, making even their breathing laboured!!

“Heavens, an Eight Winged Heavenly Devil Insect!” A cry sounded near everyone, and everyone’s eyes immediately followed where the person was pointing.

Two hundred meters away, on the top of a pavilion, an eight winged and gruesome beast had already unknowingly climbed up. Its two arms tightly held the eaves of the pavilion, while its other six arms secreted a sticky and disgusting liquid onto the roof that slid slowly off the roof.

The eight powerful meat wings slowly flapped, yet the beady red eyes that grew on its forehead were locked on the group of youth standing at the entrance of the cellar.

“Ninth rank monarch!! Quick, everyone get inside!” Chu Ke’s face immediately paled, telling everyone to get into the stone cellar panickingly.

The other Chu Clan youths naturally knew the scariness of this organism, so they all hid into the stone cellar, not daring to poke their head out anymore.

“Princess, get into the stone cellar.” The Princess’ guards immediately told the princess. One soul master guard even chanted an incantation to summon his soul pet.

Ninth phase monarch- what a terrifying beast that was! When one was under the gaze of its bug pupils, one could feel its scariness, especially the massive pressure that felt as if they were facing the god of death!!

“Let’s go inside, it has already locked onto us.” Ye Qingzi immediately reminded Chu Mu.

After the elders and clan teachers sent the young here, they flew away into the air to save more Great Chu Family members. At this time, there was no expert near the stone cellar that could match the ninth phase eight winged Heavenly Devil Insect.

Thus, very quickly, all the Chu Clan youth had hid into the massive stone hall. Only Chu Mu still stood at the door, closely eyeing the terrifying ninth phase monarch…...

“Ms. Ye, can you help me with something?” Chu Mu calmly asked Ye Qingzi.

Ye Qingzi blanked and asked questioningly, “What’s wrong?”

“Look to the other side. My sister and a few others are still there, not daring to come over. I need to divert this Eight Winged Heavenly Devil Insect’s attention or else they will definitely be attacked.” Chu Mu’s gaze didn’t waver from beginning to end, still staring at the terrible creature.

Ye Qingzi immediately looked over to the other side. Indeed, just four hundred meters away, a few soul pet trainers riding flying soul pets stayed fearfully under a courtyard, holding their breath as they looked at the ninth phase monarch rank that lingered right outside. One of them was Chu Xian.

Chu Xian and Chu Xi were both brought by their teacher there. Because it was very close to the stone cellar halls already, their teachers had immediately flown away to rescue other Great Chu Family members after putting them down there. Yet, what made the four youth’s blood run cold was that not far from them, a ninth phase eight winged Heavenly Devil Insect had appeared, and there wasn’t any old generation expert nearby that could contend against it!

No one would’ve thought that such a strong creature could stealthily appear by the stone cellar. As more and more Heavenly Devil Insects fell on Chu Mountain, if the older generation experts started gathering, they could still make their way out of the heavy siege. Yet, the teens had to hide in the refuge places, or else they would be eaten alive.

“That’s a ninth phase monarch. Any one of your soul pets would be instantly killed. Don’t be rash.” Ye Qingzi also didn’t think such a situation would arise, looking slightly nervously at Chu Mu.

“There’s no time left……” Chu Mu glanced at the Heavenly Devil Insect army that was coming like a black hurricane and his face became even more grave.

“Ok…...I will try my best to protect them during their passage, but you have to be careful.” Ye Qingzi said with her face pale.

Chu Mu gratefully nodded towards Ye Qingzi. Those Great Chu Family youth had hid themselves inside the stone cellar the moment they saw that the ninth phase monarch. How was it possible that they would take any other people in consideration? Chu Mu could only rely on himself to save Chu Xian, Chu Xi, and the others…...

He started an incantation. At this moment, only the extremely speedy Mo Xie could deal with this. But even after summoning Mo Xie, Chu Mu felt his heart quicken. After all, what he was facing was a ninth phase monarch rank that could instantly kill him and Mo Xie!!

“Water Screen Battle Armor!”

“Water Spirit Nectar!”

Ye Qingzi quickly summoned her own Water Moon and added the two statuses onto Chu Mu to raise Chu Mu’s safety levels by a bit.

“Mo Xie.” Chu Mu jumped onto Mo Xie’s back and took in a deep breath to keep himself calm.

“Wuwu~~~~” Mo Xie was similarly nervous, her claws buried deep in the ground but slightly shaking.

Chu Mu wouldn’t let Mo Xie distract the ninth phase monarch by herself, and once danger comes, Chu Mu will still enter half-devil state without hesitation. Even if he couldn’t fight, he would ensure Mo Xie and his safety.

Chu Xian and the others were only four hundred meters away from the stone cellar, and they were all soul pet trainers, so their vision was enough to see Chu Mu. Seeing Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi summoning their soul pets, they immediately understood Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi’s plan, and they revealed extreme gratefulness.

Yet when Chu Xian noticed that Chu Mu suddenly rode his Royal Flame Nine Tail Inferno Fox towards the ninth phase monarch rank, her heart trembled violently!

“Chu Mu, don’t……” Her voice had already shouted, but the black clothed Chu Mu had already disappeared quickly into the night. Chu Xian’s face paled instantly.


Quickly, come over!” Seeing Chu Mu charge out, Ye Qingzi immediately rode her Purple Robed Dram Beast towards Chu Qian and the others!

“Ugh! Ugh!! Ugh!!!!!!”

When Ye Qingzi dashed out, a dozen Heavenly Devil Insects suddenly appeared in the sky, and their red eyes all locked onto Ye Qingzi and her three soul pets.

As if they saw fresh delicacies, this dozen of Heavenly Devil Insects clasped their wings and dove towards Ye Qingzi and the others, bringing waves of bloody air.

Moon, Water Mount!”

Ye Qingzi immediately commanded her eighth phase Water Moon to cast a technique.

The lithe Water Moon started chanting and, with a high call, six water ripples suddenly appeared on the stone bricked ground. When the water ripples sprayed outwards, six surging water pillars suddenly rose, instantly reaching over ten meters in height!!

“Ugh!! Ugh!!!!!”

The fifteen Heavenly Devil Insects were all not low in phase. When the water rose, they each cast their dodging technique, so only two Four Winged Heavenly Devil Insects were hit by the Water Mount and blown into the high skies......

Seeing Ye Qingzi convoying them, Chu Xian, Chu Xi, and the others didn’t dare to hesitate, and immediately rode their fastest soul pets towards the stone cellar.

“Shua!!! Shua!!!!!!”

Two blood colored crescent blades fell from the skies, one left and one right, ripping downwards right against Ye Qingzi’s Purple Robed Dream Beast, leaving two terrifying five meter long marks on the sturdy stone floor.


The devil insect’s incredibly acidic poison was like a storm as it sprayed from the skies. Once it touched a soul pet’s skin, it would immediately corrode it. Even the stone bricks that were resistant against erosion started producing green smoke.

“Yao, Black Crystal Ice Sword Formation!” Ye Qingzi said to her Ice Fire Demon Fairy!

The Ice Fire Demon Fairy’s incantation had already been completed. With this command from Ye Qingzi, it controlled nearly thirty black crystal ice swords to fly aimlessly through the skies!!

“Beng!! Beng!!!!!” With such a dense amount of thirty ice swords, it still only hit two Heavenly Devil Insects, shattering the two in midair.

Though she got rid of four, there were still eleven Heavenly Devil Insects fighting. Even more terrifying was, not far away, over hundreds of grisly Heavenly Devil Insects were flying over. If they didn’t reach the stone cellar in time, they wouldn’t even have a corpse after death!!!


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