Chapter 1539: Destroying 100 Thousand Ghouls!

Chu Mu lifted his head as he watched the grey mass of cawing crows in the sky that were drawing near. 

“A group of objects with no life force!” Chu Mu’s perception was very high and his experience allowed him to determine that these monsters weren’t soul pets. Instead, they were a mass of offensive energy summoned through death soul aura. 

If he were to attack the energy with a technique, it would have no effect, especially since the number of Plague Devil Crows was so high. 

However, the opposing commander definitely wouldn’t foresee that in terms of numbers, Dead Dream wouldn’t be inferior! 

“Dead Dream, separate!” Chu Mu ordered the Dead Dream. 

The Dead Dream began to lightly beat its wings. With each beat, countless purple and black lightning glossed feathers would fall off its body. Each feather was like a leaf in the wind as they transformed into living Dead Butterflies! 

“Pu pu pu pu pu~~~~~~~”

The Dead Dream’s body suddenly collapsed, and like wasps leaving their hive, the Dead Butterflies began to spread out! 

The Dead Butterflies secreted dust that contained withering energy, causing all of the plants nearby in Eastern Wild Forest to wither. The withering was far stronger than the Plague Devil Crow’s plague corrosion. In an instant, all of the leaves on the trees fell off and their places were taken the Fairy Butterflies of the Dead Dream. 

The first time Chu Mu had seen the Dead Dream wasn’t in Xianrong City, but in Xiangrong City’s southern valley. 

Black colored Fairy Butterflies covered the mountain. They transformed into tree leaves and formed thick treetops that covered everything Chu Mu could see in the mountain range. 

It had taken Chu Mu a long time to return to his senses when he saw that scenery of blackness. 

And now, Dead Dream no longer separated into mere Fairy Butterflies. Instead, these were Dead Butterflies - pets from hell. These Dead Butterflies occupied half of the sky, like clouds. When the sky was unable to fit all of them, the Dead Butterflies would transform into leaves with eyes. From the viewpoint of Eastern Wild Forest Stronghold’s defenders, they formed a magnificent black colored picture! 

A million Dead Butterflies! 

There were at most 100 thousand Plague Devil Crows and when they flew across like black crowds, they instilled shock in others. However, in front of the magnificent and enormous picture of a million Dead Butterflies, these Plague Devil Crows were no more than a group of cawing crows. They emitted no sense of intimidation. 

Chu Mu waved his hand and in an instant, 100 thousand Dead Butterflies gathered around Chu Mu, flying so tightly together they were like a net. 

With a single order, all of the Dead Butterflies rushed to the sky.

The Plague Devil Crows were not living beings and would disappear if they were damaged a certain amount. 

“Pu pu pu pu pu pu pu~~~~~~”

Like muslin and smoke, the Dead Butterflies shot to the sky. The ugly and disgusting Plague Devil Crows were insignificant in front of the elegant and evil Dead Butterflies. When the mass of Dead Butterflies flew past, the Plague Devil Crows were reduced to wisps of black smoke that disappeared in the sky. 

The grey mass of terrifying Plague Devil Crows were instantly rendered negligible! 


In the coalition army’s vanguard, a man wearing a grey cloak and a monstrous bamboo hat raised his head. His body radiated a deathly ill aura. He seemed cold and dangerous. 

The man lifted his head, revealing a sharp face underneath the hat as well as a pair of empty eye sockets that seemed to have bugs crawling out of them!

“Separation into a million…” the man looked at the black shadows that covered the forest in front of him and muttered to himself. 

“Plague Man, can you keep going?” said Ghost Faction Faction Lord Dan Xie. 

The previous terrifying round of thunder had forced the Departed Spirit Palace’s army to stop in its tracks. Immediately after, Departed Spirit Palace dispatched Plague Man to use his 100 thousand Plague Devil Crows to attack. However, these 100 thousand Plague Devil Crows had been obliterated, delivering quite a huge blow to Departed Spirit Palace. 

“The person defending the city is an expert. Use the entire army to crush him,” said Plague Man in a low voice. 

“Hmph, I don’t want to waste too much time. Send the Ghost Lords and Corpse Lords to keep him occupied. The rest of the army continue moving forwards. Let’s see how many people he can stop at once!” Ghost Faction Faction Lord Xie Dan said somewhat impatiently. 

The ghost type and corpse type were always the ones to sweep straight through, leaving everything barren in their path. There was no reason to retreat because the enemy had a single strong soul pet trainer. 

It didn’t matter if he eliminated over ten thousand emperor rank Ghouls, the Ghouls at the very front of their army were meant to be cannon-fodder! 

“Fierce Ghost Army, advance! Don’t leave a single one alive!” Faction Lord Dan Xie gave a firm order. 

“Rotten Corpse Army, eat everything alive in the city!” 

After giving two consecutive orders, a rumbling corpse dust and fiendish aura immediately appeared once more on the horizon. 

A boundless sea and waves of ghosts and corpses appeared in the line of view. They flew through the air and charged across land… 

They were all ferocious-looking with sharp claws and cold eyes!  

This time, there were 100 thousand members of the corpse ghost army and they took over all of the land in front of Eastern Wild Forest Stronghold. It was impossible to even see a gap of space between them. 

“How… how can there be so many? Didn’t the intelligence report say that Departed Spirit Palace only dispatched 1500 dominators and 20 thousand emperors? Isn’t… isn’t this above 100 thousand??” Eastern Wild Forest’s commanders were horrified as they watched. 

The corpse ghost army was still a long ways from them, but it felt as if they were right in front. As they watched the throng of malevolent faces, they felt short of breath. 

“Corpse types are able to give rise to many corpse servants. There probably are only 1500 dominators and 20 thousand emperors. The remainder are all vassals summoned or risen by these creatures. Departed spirit creatures are terrifyingly useful in a war. If the war persists, the more amount of deaths there will be. However, a departed spirit army won’t decrease; instead, it will only grow larger.” said Adviser Luo Yi. 

An army of 100 thousand was already the most this area of land could hold. If any technique were to land on the vast expanse of land, at least one corpse would be struck. 

The rotting corpse scent and blood ghost scent were putrid stenches. Chu Mu didn’t often fight with departed spirit creatures and wasn’t particularly used to this smell. 

Without needing Chu Mu’s order, the million Dead Butterflies behind him began to beat their wings. They transformed into a streams of black lighting muslin that covered the sky above the city wall. They resembled an enormous black barrier that protected the exterior of Eastern Wild Forest Stronghold City within. 

“Let me see your strength after undergoing nirvana rebirth,” Chu Mu said to the Dead Dream. 

The moment he finished speaking, the lightning muslin barrier covering the sky slowly opened and like heaven’s curtains, they gradually spread over the surrounding area.

“Zi zi zi zi zi~~~~~~~”

Violent streams of destructive lightning flew around. In between each Dead Butterfly existed alternating streams of lightning that kept increasing with each reverb!

There were a million Dead Butterflies with lightning bouncing in between neighboring Dead Butterflies. Even if the lightning was weak, with a million of them, how powerful would it still be? 

The lightning muslin barrier transformed into an enormous scroll that covered the heaven and earth. As it slowly moved downwards, the lightning power that had been amplified several times became the nightmare of all the corpse ghost creatures!

Once again, flesh and blood flew everywhere or creatures were instantly blown to smoke! 

The corpses and ghosts on the ground were packed so tightly together that there wasn’t an inch of space between them. But when the lightning muslin barrier descended, the area of land instantly grew much more spacious while black corpse smoke was wafting through the air… 

The Departed Spirit Palace's departed spirit army was known to be endless because their corpse type creatures could continuously keep raising the dead. 

Yet, the strength of the dead were not stronger than when they were alive and their defensive strength was not high either. 

Dead Dream was truculent, and an imposing lightning muslin barrier completely wiped through the dead. Not a single one was left! 

Most of those remaining standing were genuine dominator or emperor rank Ghouls. Their defensive strength allowed them to barely survive under the lightning muslin barrier with a huge range.

100 thousand raised dead creatures were instantly eradicated. Without their corpses left, the Ghouls could not summon these canon fodder Ghouls to block attacks for them. 


“This… this lightning dark phoenix’s power is too terrifying!” Plague Man looked with shock at the Ghoul Army which was reduced to ashes. It was a while before he came back to his senses. 

The number of people that could annihilate Departed Spirit Palace’s 100 thousand vassal Ghoul army could be counted with fingers. In fact, he knew the names of the people who could do it. 

But where did this lightning dark phoenix come from? Even if this destructive power didn’t reach the high class immortal rank, it probably wasn’t far off! 

Ghost Faction Faction Lord Dan Xie turned ashen, and she was also shocked. 

When did New Moon Land have such an astonishing expert? 

“Faction Lord, you need to personally attack. We are probably not his opponent,” said Plague Man. 

People who could destroy their departed spirit army’s morale definitely had to be of the gate master rank and above. Such immortal rank experts were capable of dealing a destructive blow to their dominator army and emperor army. 

Dan Xie’s eyes turned cold as she fiercely glared at Chu Mu. 

“Wait until Snake Dragon Faction comes first,” Dan Xie didn’t plan on attacking. 

Ghost Faction Faction Lord Dan Xie had come here with enormous grievances, but she maintained a bit of reason in spite of having suffered a serious blow. 

The man standing on Rock City had strength near the leader rank. Dan Xie going to face him alone was suicide. She didn’t even have confidence she could defeat that lightning dark phoenix, even if she used her full strength. 

Moreover, the man standing alone in the city had only summoned one soul pet so far! 

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