Chapter 1538: Nirvana Rebirth, Dead Dream’s Awakening

“Hu hu hu hu~~~~~~~”

It wasn’t only the powerful aura of countless soul pets that had swept over. There was also a wave of dust that reached the clouds! 

The wave of dust was capable of shaking the rock city. 

When the enormous army arrived under the city, people finally understood how insignificant one person was compared to an army! 

Anyone could stand alone on a city. But when an army arrived at the city, being able to remain calm was a different question...

It was practically impossible to see Chu Mu anymore. The skies were filled with flying soul pets while the forest itself was full of charging soul pets. 

Even though they were ten kilometers away, it felt as if they were right under their eyes. It was so palpitating that the spectators ten kilometers away were trembling as they chanted incantations...


The huge army pressured down on the city, and the forest was a mess.

The closer the army drew, a few impatient techniques flew through the sky and landed nearby the Rock City that Chu Mu was standing on, creating enormous craters around the city.

Various noises whistled by his ear as energy exploded. The impact of the explosion swept past Chu Mu and rustled Chu Mu’s white clothes. 

Yet, even though the aerial army was able to attack him, Chu Mu still hadn’t decided which soul pet to summon. 

Zhan Ye? But, before it reached its strongest point, enemies would easily be able to slip away from it. 

Devil Tree? But it’s rank wasn’t high enough. 



Suddenly, a cry that Chu Mu had not heard for a long time rang out. 

The voice was tender, and somewhat demanding. It was like a newborn child about to break out from its shell. 

“Dead Dream!!” 

Chu Mu was ecstatic. 

Dead Dream had definitely felt Chu Mu’s thoughts, and it impatiently wanted to wake up from its deep sleep! 

This was the Dead Dream’s second nirvana rebirth, and Chu Mu couldn’t wait to see its transformation! 

Chanting an incantation, Chu Mu opened his soul pet space. 

A soul pact imprint with bright purple and black lightning appeared in front of Chu Mu. Two spirited bolts of lightning, carrying a life force of their own, shot out. They drew a tiny lightning and darkness totem around the soul pact imprint. 


At the very center of the imprint, a ball of black-colored energy that resembled flames appeared and leaped about without order. 

Graceful and pure feathers mysteriously began to fly around the totem according to a set orbit. The feathers were elegant, mysterious, and full of poise. 

The number of dark purple feathers kept increasing and the area in which they flew through the air continuously expanded. It formed a revolving dark and lightning diagram formation in front of Chu Mu. 


Suddenly, an astonishing bolt of dark and purple lightning struck down from the distant and cloudless blue sky! 

The bolt of lightning seemed like it was going to cleave apart the ground. The lightning area it created from its explosion covered the air above Eastern Wild Forest, engulfing half the stronghold and half of the charging coalition army!

The lightning was stuck like a stake in the ground, erected above the rocky city, and didn’t disappear for a while. At the very center of the statistic lightning, a demonic phoenix suddenly emerged! 

A deathly withering darkness aura and savage violent lightning energy melded together. The deathly darkness and destructive lightning interwove with one another. The resulting energy instantly spread through the area. It didn’t matter how torrential the charging coalition army’s aura was. The darkness lightning domain never shattered in front of Chu Mu.

The figure in the lightning grew more distinct, as multiple pairs of wings unfurled in the dancing lightning. 

It was a dazzling purple and black color with bolts of lightning rapidly shooting around it. It had noble and pure wings that were filled with sharpness and demonic aura. 

When all of its wings were unfurled, the feathers floating around the diagram rose up and flew into the distant blue sky! 

The feathers were mysteriously ignited with conspicuous sparks as they suddenly transformed into a purple and black colored trident of lightning that cleaved the center of the charging Ghoul Army. 

“Hong long long long!!!!!!!”

In the purple and black lightning, the blood and flesh of Ghouls flew everywhere. Over a hundred Ghouls were instantly reduced to meat paste! 

“Hong long long long!!!!!!!”

“Hong long long long!!!!!”

More feathers flew into the sky and transformed into fatal trident shaped lightning bolts. These bolts imposingly tore apart space as they cleaved through the boundless Ghoul Army. 

It was possible to stomach the sight of the blood and flesh of a hundred of Ghouls go flying. 

However, what about the sight of ten of thousand Ghouls being reduced to meat paste amidst the lightning? 

It was the Departed Spirit Palace’s Ghoul Army that bore the brunt of the attack. These were all emperor rank corpses and evil spirits. Departed spirit world creatures never feared death and in a war, they were always the vanguard of the charging army. This made them an army of walking flesh that was extremely troublesome. 

However, these emperor rank Ghouls had been cleaved into meat paste as they were struck by the numerous bolts of lightning into the sky! They were thoroughly killed off. 

Chu Mu looked up. The intense sounds of thunder in his ear made him feel as if he was going to go deaf soon, while the rapid bolts of lightning in front of him were unpleasant on his eyes!  

It was thus hard to hear the sound of blood and flesh exploding and see the sight of blood and flesh flying. However, Chu Mu could smell a thick aura of destruction, and could feel a tyrannical power that left him in shock! 

Although Chu Mu could look down on an emperor rank army like this with his current strength, he would have great difficulty instantly annihilating an army of over ten thousand with a single technique! 

The land in front of Rock City had been reduced to a scorched earth with craters everywhere. All the plants there had been disintegrated from the destructive lightning. 

On top of the ground lay scorched corpses, making the area look like a corpse pond.  

Just a moment ago, this area had been filled with the black mass of an army. However, in an instant, ten thousand creatures had been annihilated, leaving only behind a pile of true corpses! 

Chu Mu himself even found it hard to believe. Was this the Dead Dream’s strength after undergoing nirvana rebirth? 

The front of the overbearing army was suddenly wiped out. When the forked purple-black lightning that twisted through the sky disappeared, those in the stronghold discovered that the coalition army’s offensive had come to a grinding halt. Nobody dared take a step into the lightning region of death!


Amidst the rumbling of thunder in the battlefield a sound came out- the Dead Dream’s cry, expressing its contempt for the army of ten thousand. 

Arrogant, cold, and evil darkness. Unbridled, destructive, and savage lightning. The Dead Dream’s two forces were fully displayed! 

There was no longer only one man standing in Rock City between Eastern Wild Forest Stronghold and the coalition army. Now, there was an incomparably aggressive lightning and darkness phoenix. It opened its sixteen gorgeous and stunning wings, revealing its beautiful feathers as it coldly and calmly hovered above that man’s head. It looked like it could take on the whole army alone! 

Every person chased the soul pet path, and this scene was one which made the blood of countless soul pet trainers boil. This was incomparable strength! 

In Eastern Wild Forest Stronghold City, the group of commanders were left dumbstruck. 

Chao Lengchuan, Yuan Sui, Mu Qingyi, and Xia Zhixian all recognized this soul pet. It was the Dead Dream Phoenix that once was New Moon Land’s highest species rank soul pet. 

Speaking of which, it had been a long time since they had seen Chu Mu summon it. But this appearance had left them in extreme shock. 

As for the many generals, leaders, and commanders, they had heard of their king, Chu Mu, but had never seen him display his power, were so shocked they didn’t know what to say. 

Even now, many people didn’t think that New Moon Land had a true Gate Master rank expert. The rumored to be powerful King Chu rarely showed himself, so it was unknown how powerful he would be when he did show himself. Did the Gate Master rank experts of the eight large factions amount to just this much? 

“What oppressive strength. What species is that phoenix? Why have I never heard of it before?” asked Adviser Luo Yi.

“They’re attacking again. It seems to be from the skies!” said another military advisor. 

Everyone looked into the distance and discovered that above the ground, destroyed by lightning into corpse holes, was a black mass of something. It was like a huge group of clouds covering the sky. 

“Plague Devil Crows!!” Luo Yi instantly recognized this black mass. 

Plague Devil Crows were a symbol of Zhengming Continent’s northern area. They were a symbol that left people in fear. 

They were a symbol of Departed Spirit Palace’s Plague Man. It was rumored that the many plagues that had broken out in barbarian civilizations and spread to Zhengming Continent were caused by him! 

This fellow’s nickname was “Plague Man”. Nobody knew his real name. 

Chao Lengchuan had spent some time in the northern area and had heard of Plague Man’s infamy numerous times. This was a soul pet trainer that could direct an entire war. His back had been described by some as akin to the god of death that carried a scythe on his back and wore a black cloak. 

“Ga ga ga ga ga ga!!!!!!”

“Ga ga ga ga ga!!!!!”

The ear-piercing noises grew increasingly close. Those in the stronghold needed to use soul remembrance to block out their minds in order to prevent the ear-piercing noise from penetrating in. 

The plague resembled smoke that emerged when lightning a corpse on fire. This smoke was rapidly spreading from the Plague Devil Crows. 

Wherever the Plague Devil Crows flew across, there were no signs of life. Not even an inch of grass would grow there. 

Countless Plague Devil Crows flew across the sky. When Eastern Wild Forest Stronghold’s people learned that all of this was caused by a single person, their faces turned pale.

Could one person really summon such a terrifying wing type army? Such a soul pet trainer would practically be the god of death in a war. Wouldn’t living beings be no more than wheat that he harvested? 

“These Plague Devil Crows are all incarnations of people after Plague Man kills them. They aren’t actual living beings, nor are they departed spirit creatures. Even if you use a group lightning attack, it’s of no use.” Advisor Luo Yi creased his brows. When he was in the northern area, he was most afraid of Plague Man, who controlled the Plague Devil Crows! 

“They seem to be flying to our city. They want to spread plague and disease in our city!’ said Bai Shaoye. 

“Chief Commander, how about we prepare to attack? These Plague Devil Crows cannot enter the stronghold, otherwise our bodies will be infected with plagues and diseases. Once it spreads, the consequences will be unthinkable.” hastily said Adviser Luo Yi. 

Chao Lengchuan shook his head and said: “He also has an army of a million!” 

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