Chapter 1536: One City, One Man (1)

“Let’s go,” Yu Suo forcefully suppressed the anger in her heart and told Chu Mu.

“Since he’s your nemesis, is he also from Heaven Palace?” asked Chu Mu.

“I will tell you slowly in future,” Yu Suo did not seem willing to talk more.

Chu Mu took a last glance at the person standing above the black clouds and memorized his appearance.

What made Chu Mu worry was that if this subjugation alliance was planned by that person, it meant New Moon Land would be facing a soul pet trainer who was on par with Dark Death King.

In that case, Chu Mu had to keep Dark Death King by his side all the time. Otherwise, Chu Mu did not know how else he could fend off the attack from such a powerful individual.

“Rest assured, he doesn’t dare to show up openly,” said Yu Suo as she noticed Chu Mu’s worry.

“Why?” asked Chu Mu.

“Heaven Palace’s rules,” said Yu Suo.

Chu Mu’s doubts increased again. What kind of rules could Heaven Palace have? In what way did this Heaven Palace exist in this world?


After walking out of the chaotic campsite, Chu Mu and Yu Suo threw away the badges and observed the depression from the high ground.

The campsite was still in a mess, especially the Dominator camping area. They were still running around in panic.

However, not long after, the darkness shrouding over the campsite slowly faded away!

The terrifying darkness energy appeared suddenly and disappeared suddenly. The darkness aura sweeping over the depression dispersed, becoming trails of black smoke which were harmless.

After the darkness completely dispersed, everything returned to calmness.

At the center of the campsite, black powder littered everywhere. The powder contained wooden houses, trees, rocks, as well as the corpses of soul pet trainers and their soul pets!

The area at the center was also in a devastating state. Everything there had been grinded into black sand.

The people in the campsite could not confirm whether Dark Death King had really left. They could only watch the flattened campsite center from the distance.

Meanwhile, in the camps further away, many people did not even know what happened. They were looking towards the same direction in confusion.

These confused people did not notice a black-colored dark fox was rapidly scurrying between their feet. It looked so unnoticeable and harmless......

Little dark fox kept running, running out of the depression and jumped onto the high ground, then dove into Yu Suo’s gentle bosom. It calmly and lied down there and half narrowed its eyes, giving off a sleepy yet aloof feeling.

“You only know how to run when you encounter a strong opponent!” said Yu Suo a little dissatisfied.

In her heart, she still hoped Dark Death King to fight that guy for a little. Even if it could not kill him, it could injure him a little.

However, Dark Death King was really too cunning. It simply avoided a fight which would only exhaust its strength. It simply escaped.

Chu Mu also felt a pity. If a battle at Dark Death King’s level could break out above the enemy camps, just how many people from the subjugation alliance would die?

It was really a pity.

“My Tuan’s middle class Immortal rank soul pet has died. Madam Huo also lost a low class Immortal rank soul pet. Both of them had their souls wounded, this will lessen the burden at Immortal rank. There should be around 1000 Dominators and around 10 Immortals crushed by the darkness storm,” said Yu Suo calmly.

“Not bad,” Chu Mu nodded.

They would diminish as much enemy forces as possible. Finishing off 1000 Dominators and around 10 Immortals without any loss was already closing the gap between New Moon Land and the subjugation alliance.

“Xia Zhixian will control the flower demon army for me,” said Yu Suo.

Actually, Yu Suo never expected this war to be salvageable. Although Chu Mu was detestable, he was really reliable at crucial times and could even turn the table around.

“If you win, accompany me to a place,” said Yu Suo while looking at the starry sky as if she was talking to empty air.

Chu Mu turned to look at her. This woman had a natural queen-like aura. Since when did he become her subordinate?

“I’m busy,” Chu Mu calmly rejected.

“You will go.”

Chu Mu ignored her.

The starry sky appeared to be very clear after the darkness aura dispersed. The stars filled the black canvas, they appeared to be within hand’s reach.

On the high ground surrounding the depression, the alluring Yu Suo stood under the starlight and faced the approaching gusts from the depression. Her short skirt and waist length hair fluttered in the night breeze.

At the side, Chu Mu stood upright at the edge of the high ground. His black yet bright eyes focused on the front.

The depression beneath him was brightened up by various lightings. Countless soul pet trainers and soul pets were moving about......

Chu Mu remembered that after he had Mo Xie, the first enemy he faced was a Servant rank Bramble Demon. Meanwhile, everything he could see with his eyes would be his enemies now!

This would be another war, a war larger than ever!



After winter, the snow began to melt, spring would be arriving soon.

Unfortunately, this spring would not be a season where all living things regained vitality. It would no longer be a vibrant spring, because the war would be starting in this season.

No war would be without blood and sacrifice. War meant death. As the war prolonged, the grudge spirit would constantly loom over the heart of everyone, expanding the hatred non-stop. What followed next would be even crueler slaughtering and endless killings.

Humans had always claimed to be civilized creatures. However, in which era had humans ceased such barbaristic infighting?

There was no right or wrong in a war, only victory or defeat.

As a soul pet trainer, Chu Mu always upheld his cultivation path, unwilling to stop or give up.

He did not like war, but he gradually gained the habit of being even more merciless than war machine through endless killing.

From the survival in that tiny Nightmare Island by squeezing in the gap between powerful creatures and desperately struggling to controlling the power to exterminate the enemy with just a glance and holding the authority to judge the lives of billions of people in the entire New Moon Land......

Standing above the tower in the stronghold, the billowing wind carried a thick wartime flavor. This was the mixture of sweat from various beasts running, aura exuded from elemental soul pets, as well as the rough breathings from countless creatures. All of those gathered into wind and blew past the vast Eastern Wild Forest, all the way to Eastern Wild Forest Stronghold.

Even though there was still one day’s journey to reach the stronghold, this flavor was already carried by the wind to the stronghold. Chu Mu could smell it clearly, a thick flavor of war.

Behind him was the territory of New Moon Land.

Chu Mu might not hold any special feelings towards this land, because he had always felt he was a selfish person.

However, there were people he had to protect with his all in this land. Family, friends, lovers.

Those people standing on the stronghold wall came from all over New Moon Land. The reason they stood there might be the same as Chu Mu. What Chu Mu had to defend was far more than all of them added up.

Because he was the king of this territory!

He shouldered many heavy responsibilities unknowingly and without preparations. He planned his career as a free soul pet trainer who could travel around the world and hear about legends of soul pets. He would be able to keep fighting all over the world to strengthen himself and his soul pets. He did not know since when the heavy responsibility of New Moon Land was put onto his shoulders. Perhaps, this started during the Tianxia City event.

However, when the enemy suddenly became the subjugation alliance from the eight strongest factions in the entire human territory, when Chu Mu truly stood on the position of a defender, this suffocating pressure blew onto him like the billowing wind.

Certainly, through his friendship with other races, this war became not so one-sided. He also dwindled the enemy forces through Dark King’s rampage. However, New Moon Land was still in a disadvantage.

Once they lost, they would lose many things.

Ning Family Dynasty was after Ning Maner, there was no doubt to that.

Elemental Clan wanted to rob away Soul Palace’s Holy Region. This was no different from robbing Liu Binglan’s soul.

Princess Jinrou’s Devil Soul clan, Nightmare’s Nightmare Holy Region, Chao Lengchuan’s Soul Palace, Bai Yu’s Nightmare Palace, Pang Yue’s Soul Pet Palace, Mu Qingyi’s Wanxiang Realm, New Moon Palace built by everyone, Wanxiang City, Xiang Rong City, Snow City, Tianxia City where the citizens lived......

Many soul pet trainers who recently joined New Moon Land finally ended their wandering lifestyle and obtained a place they belonged to. Yet they would become refugees again if they lost the war.

Many unsuccessful people obtained pride and glory as New Moon Land rapidly developed, but they would lose everything again if they lost the war.

Many powerful individuals who preferred freedom found the path to fulfil their dreams in New Moon Land and were working hard to achieve them. Yet they would perish if they lost the war.

They originally did not belong to New Moon Land, yet they were willing to stay and defend.

Turning around, Chu Mu saw many unfamiliar but determined faces.

At this moment, he recalled a sentence Old Li once said: Every person had something they were willing to use their lives to protect.

Long ago, Chu Mu only wanted his own life, it seemed he would have obtained everything if he could survive.

However, as he thought over carefully now, the things he was willing to use his life to protect increased. It was no longer a single thing or a single person.

This was the responsibility of a man.

If facing a powerful enemy alone required courage, then would facing the entire world of enemies required only courage?

Only responsibility could make a man stand before the swarming enemies fearlessly......

Not taking a single step back!

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