Chapter 1535: Disaster, Dark King! (2)

The dense darkness storm was spreading wider and wider. Many of those camping nearby were commanders within armies. When they sensed a terrifying darkness aura spreading out, they hurriedly flew out from their wooden houses.

“What’s going on?”

“Who neglected their soul pet??”

“What a dense darkness aura, who owns such a powerful darkness soul pet?”

When the darkness storm swept up, noise immediately rang throughout this large campsite. Groups of soul pet trainers got out of their wooden houses and rode their soul pets into the sky.

In a moment, the sky above the campsite became packed with people and soul pets. Many Immortal rank wing type soul pets had enormous physique. After those soul pets rose up into the sky, they almost crushed the entire campsite.

“It’s Madam Huo, Madam Huo was attacked!”

“And Clan Master Mu! Clan Master Mu is trapped by darkness energy, everyone save him!” An Elemental Clan’s old soul pet trainer noticed the situation first and hurriedly gathered a group of people to save Mu Tuan from the darkness storm.

Mu Tuan was not as fortunate as Madam Huo. He summoned his soul pet immediately when he was attacked.

However, something that shocked Mu Tuan happened. His middle class Immortal rank soul pet Holy Light Horned Beast was torn into two by that little black fox with one claw swipe!

Middle class Immortal rank was already at the peak of the pyramid. Mu Tuan had also been ruling his Mu Family Clan with this Holy Light Horned Beast.

However, his soul pet was torn apart by such an insignificant little dark fox. Mu Tuan felt he was having a nightmare, because such illogical things could only happen in a nightmare!

The darkness storm which immediately followed made Mu Tuan painfully realize that this was no dream, as he could clearly sense the deadly threat of darkness!

However, facing the onslaught of such a powerful darkness, he could only be toyed around like a single leaf in a tornado.

Fortunately, that old soul pet trainer immediately gathered all the Immortal rank members and forcefully pulled Mu Tuan out of that darkness storm.

When Mu Tuan was rescued, he was similarly naked. His body was so corroded that he looked like a zombie. His bones were also shattered and his life was only hanging on by a thread.

Mu Tuan’s strength was also at Gate Master level, he was a commander in the subjugation alliance. Nobody could imagine such a middle class Immortal rank expert would end up in this horrible state!

“What monster is that??”

“The darkness storm is still spreading, everyone step back,” shouted that old soul pet trainer.

Be it Immortals or Dominators, facing this terrifying darkness storm which could severely injure a middle Class Immortal, who would dare to approach?

Everyone rode their soul pets and began escaping. The scene looked like a sudden flood disaster broke out and the unprepared people desperately ran for their lives. However, no matter how fast they ran, some would eventually get swallowed by this flood!

The darkness storm was still spreading. Soon, hundreds of Dominators were swallowed.

Some even witnessed several Immortals getting swallowed. The result was similarly turning into black powder like those Dominators!

Chu Mu, Yu Suo and Jin He were also retreating with the others. Dark King would not care about friend or foe when enraged. If they got swept up, they probably would not end up well.

Jin He followed Chu Mu and Yu Suo. Watching the approaching storm and Dominators getting crushed like ants, his heart was in great turmoil!

It was difficult to imagine Dominators and Immortals becoming so insignificant!


Seven Sins Fox Dark King solemnly stood above the rampaging darkness storm and cried out furiously. That rampaging and wild deathly shadow showered onto its body, making people feel as if the death god descended!

Back then, darkness ruled over everything above Zhengming Main City. It fought against the various human leaders all by itself. Ten thousand year Immortal Dark King’s figure was deeply imprinted in the heart of every strong individual.

Now, this terrifying darkness disaster showed up once again, and at the center of the subjugation alliance campsite.

Nobody knew how it appeared, nobody knew why it was enraged. They only knew countless Dominators and Immortals camped in this depression. If they did not escape, they would only be reaped by this darkness disaster!


South of the campsite, Xuan Gate Immortal School’s camp, Gate Master Gu Xinshui, first disciple Lü Fengnan and a young-looking arrogant man flew into the sky.

“What happened?” Gu Xinshui frowned and looked towards the direction where the camps belonging to Elemental Clan and Mu Family Dynasty was at.

They could see densely packed camps from their position. However, the center of the campsite was wrapped by a big cluster of black-colored matter.

That black matter seemed like black clouds descended from the sky, completely shrouding in that patch of campsite.

What was more terrifying was that the shrouded area was still expanding. All the wooden houses it enveloped would become powder. Those ant-like soul pet trainers were desperately running away.

“This darkness aura......” Gu Xinshui’s expression turned dark.


At that moment, that cry which announced the destruction of everything rang out. Above the merciless darkness storm, a fully black demon fox stood solemnly. Its pair of black pupils looked down on everything above the land like the sinful stars hanging in the galaxy, watching everything perish!

“Dark...... Dark Death King!” Lü Fengnan’s face paled from fear. He stuttered out these words with trembling lips.

Nobody could forget the terror of Dark Death King in Zhengming Main City’s battle. Lü Fengnan was in Zhengming Main City back then and witnessed the astonishing battle after Dark Death King destroyed Divine Sect’s back mountain!

“Why did Dark Death King show up here? Lü Fengnan, hurry...... tell all disciples to retreat from this depression!” said Gu Xinshui after realizing what was happening.

With Dark Death King’s destructive power, this entire depression would be cleaned up if it really started slaughtering!

“Mister Yu, what should we do?” Gu Xinshui was filled with worry.

The initiator of this subjugation alliance was this arrogant young man. Gu Xinshui heard from Royalty’s Family Master Gu that he was a person even leader rank people had to show respect to.

Gu Xinshui did not know where this young Mister Yu came from, but since he could make eight major factions join forces to invade New Moon Land, it was sufficient to prove that he was a terrifying person.

“Just who......” The arrogant young man stared at Dark Death King and appeared to be in deep thought.

This Mister Yu appeared to be very calm. Even though there were constantly people getting swallowed by darkness, those were unimportant livestocks in his eyes.

“Mister Yu, please think of a way. You don’t know how terrifying Dark Death King was, back then......” said Gu Xinshui.

Mister Yu waved his hand and said, “I will lure it away, all of you retreat to the safe area.”

“Lure it away?” Lü Fengnan looked at the man who seemed to be similar in age and could not hold back a comment, “Even Magistrate Xiao cannot handle this Dark Death King.”

Mister Yu swept a glance at Lü Fengnan as if mocking his ignorance and curved up the corners of his lips.

He did not reply and did not even chant any summoning incantation. He directly flew towards that area shrouded in darkness!

His flying speed was very fast. Lü Fengnan and Gu Xinshui could only see a blurry shadow and that Mister Yu had completely disappeared from their view.

Gu Xinshui immediately extended his observation with soul remembrance, only to see that Mister Yu standing above the black clouds and facing Dark Death King fearlessly!

The darkness storm was getting denser and denser. Gu Xinshui’s vision was gradually swallowed by darkness. He could no longer see anything, but the astonishment on his face remained!

This Mister Yu is going to face Dark Death King alone! Then just how strong is he??



Within the chaotic campsite, Chu Mu and Yu Suo calmly retreated.

Suddenly, Yu Suo stopped. She stood amongst the escaping crowd and focused on the black clouds in the sky.

Chu Mu saw Yu Suo stopping and asked while returning to her side, “What’s wrong?”

“Look,” said Yu Suo as she pointed towards the center of the black clouds.

Chu Mu looked into that direction and immediately noticed a person standing within the rumbling black clouds!

“Who is he?” Chu Mu was shocked. He never thought there would be someone capable of facing Dark Death King in this camp!

“He should be the mastermind who initiated this subjugation,” said Yu Suo.

Chu Mu looked at Yu Suo. He could sense an insuppressible anger and grudge in Yu Suo’s heart!

Normally, Yu Suo would lose her temper due to Chu Mu. However, Chu Mu rarely saw her show such insuppressible anger due to other matters.

“Do you know him?” asked Chu Mu.

“Not just know,” Yu Suo gritted her teeth and spoke with a killing intent-filled voice, “Apart from you, he is the person I hate the most in this world.”

“......” Chu Mu felt rather uncomfortable hearing this sentence.

Never mind, Chu Mu decided to let go of this matter since she met her nemesis.

“This guy is really strong. If we didn’t let Dark Death King mess up this place, we still don’t know such a person is hiding,” Chu Mu thought as he watched the sky.

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