Chapter 1534: Disaster, Dark King! (1)

There were not many other factions from Demon Beast Palace participating in this war. It could be seen that not all other factions were as greedy as Snake Dragon Faction.

“Snake Dragon Faction mobilized half of its fighting force this time. This caused their position in Demon Beast Palace to be shaken. If they did not obtain what they wanted in this war, Snake Dragon Faction Eminence Zeng Long will definitely step down,” said that Demon Beast Palace member.

The Demon Beast Palace member called over by Yu Suo was called Jin He. He was the vice faction master of Wing Faction, and seemed rather strong.

After Jin He explained the current situation of Snake Dragon Faction, Yu Suo knew Chu Mu did not really comprehend it. Hence, she continued to explain, “Snake Dragon Faction is not very stable in Demon Beast Palace. They are not one of the strongest factions after all. Furthermore, I have been infiltrating into their faction. Eminence Zeng Long might have sensed his authority getting shaken, so he started to reap resources in any way he could. This time, he mobilized half of Snake Dragon Faction. If he fails, the other factions in Demon Beast Palace will abolish him and the new position holder will be my subordinate.”

“In that case, Snake Dragon Faction is more or less controlled by you?” Chu Mu was a little surprised.

“Yes. Otherwise, Snake Dragon Faction won’t be mobilizing just this many,” said Yu Suo.

It was a good thing to be able to control Snake Dragon Faction.

With Jin He guiding, Chu Mu and Yu Suo slowly walked into the Dominator army camps.

The Dominator army camp occupied the majority of this depression. The Dominators did not live in camps, but wooden houses built by plant soul pets. As expected, Dominators received different treatment.

While walking past Snake Dragon Faction camp, Chu Mu saw a familiar face.

That was a female soul pet trainer. Her waxen face had two snake tattoos. She wore a long cheongsam and had a snake-like figure.

Chu Mu remembered this woman called She, her subordinates called her Madam She.

“What’s the matter, can’t you even infiltrate into that kind of insignificant place? Are you all pigs??” Madam She scolded her subordinates without caring about her image.

The Snake Dragon Faction members getting scolded lowered their heads and did not dare to speak a single word.

When Chu Mu and Yu Suo walked past, that Madam She took a glance at them.

However, her focus was mainly on Yu Suo, the envy and disdain in her gaze was very obvious.

She was a very jealous old woman. Chu Mu made such a conclusion.

Madam She did not pay attention to Chu Mu, Chu Mu simply walked past her.

Chu Mu had been thinking just where he should throw Dark Death King to. Snake Dragon Faction seemed to be a little too lax, there were no other factions nearby.

“Which factions have their camps gathered closely?” Chu Mu asked Jin He.

Jin He took a glance at Yu Suo, and answered after seeing Yu Suo nod, “Mu Family Dynasty and Elemental Clan set their camps close to each other.”

“Bring us there,” said Yu Suo cooperatively as she knew what Chu Mu was planning.

They continued on the long path. As expected, Chu Mu saw a patch of closely lit lightings. There were many elemental soul pets resting nearby.

In this camp, there should be over a few thousand soul pet trainers. Chu Mu was really excited after seeing this.

After entering the camp of Elemental Clan and Mu Family Dynasty, Chu Mu saw another familiar person.

This ‘acquaintance’ was very eye-catching. She had fiery red hair and wore a tight fiery red long robe. Her skin was white and her figure abundant.

She was none other than Fire Sect’s Sect Master Madam Huo!

Madam Huo was currently at the center of the camp. She sat there solemnly, Fire Sect members lined up in rows beneath her. All the members showed respect towards her, many did not even have the courage to raise their heads.

Madam Huo was a Sect Master in Elemental Clan, a person who could do anything in most peoples’ eyes!

Another person sat next to Madam Huo. Chu Mu did not recognize that person, but Yu Suo reminded Chu Mu that he was Mu Family Dynasty’s Mu Tuan.

Mu Tuan was already old, but he did not look any different from a young man. Chu Mu remembered Wanxiang Border’s Mu Family Clan should be a branch faction of Mu Tuan Clan. Strictly speaking, New Moon Land became independent from Mu Tuan’s territory.

At first, Mu Tuan did not really pay attention to New Moon Land’s independence. However, the rapid development of New Moon Land that followed made Mu Tuan completely jealous. He had to take back this treasure no matter what.

Their meeting seemed to be just over. Chu Mu had wanted to hear what they would be discussing, but with one order from Madam Huo, all the soul pet trainers were dismissed. Most of them returned to their wooden houses.

Meanwhile, Madam Huo and Mu Tuan walked towards another direction after everyone left. They were discussing something in low volume while walking.

“Let’s hear what they’re talking about,” Chu Mu was curious if the two of them would be discussing some conspiracy.

“Alright. You wait for us here,” Yu Suo nodded and left Jin He behind.

Chu Mu and Yu Suo possessed stealth ability. If they were careful, they should not be detected.

Madam Huo and Mu Tuan reached a wooden house, they entered the house while continuing their conversation.

Just as Chu Mu and Yu Suo were about to tail after them, a patrol team walked towards them from the front. There was even an Immortal rank expert amongst the team, his sensing ability should be rather sharp.

Chu Mu and Yu Suo did not move immediately and waited for the patrol team to laeve.

After a long while, Chu Mu and Yu Suo infiltrated into the wooden house. This wooden house should be the place where those Gate Masters, Eminences and Sect Masters gather and discuss. The two of them made sure to hide their presence well and carefully entered.

There was no door handle outside, the house also did not have any barrier. Chu Mu and Yu Suo rather successfully entered the wooden house.

The wooden house was dark, there was only one candle. Chu Mu and Yu Suo entered from the window, a windscreen blocked the view inside.

Behind the windscreen, the two were still whispering something to each other. Chu Mu could not clearly hear what they were saying.

As Chu Mu and Yu Suo began walking around the windscreen, Chu Mu suddenly noticed something amiss and stretched his head over the windscreen to take a look......

Suddenly, an astonishing scene entered Chu Mu’s view!

The candle light flickered and cast a bewitching shadow on the wooden house wall. Two abundantly round shadows were violently shaking, perhaps due to the flickering candle or the owner of the shadow shaking.

The long robe had been lowered until the waist and revealed a deep and white valley between the crotch. Meanwhile, a man was holding her waist and madly kissing......

Seeing this scene, Chu Mu was stunned.

What’s this situation? These two aren’t discussing the war strategy or military secret late into the night, but coming here to play this?

As the master of one Mu Family Dynasty’s Clan, as Fire Sect’s Sect Master, they would actually lust after each other right after a meeting. Totally outrageous!

As Chu Mu was left speechless, Yu Suo also peeked her head out and looked at the scene beyond the windscreen.

Obviously, she also did not expect those two to be actually this lustful.

Seeing such a dirty scene, Yu Suo felt her eyes getting stained, so she turned around and no longer looked at the scene.

However, she noticed Chu Mu staring at the dirty scene without blinking. She snorted with mental voice, “Nice view?”

“Not bad,” Chu Mu suddenly had a plan.

“Enjoy it yourself, I’m leaving,” said Yu Suo coldly as she felt uncomfortable hearing the moaning.

“Don’t leave,” Chu Mu stopped Yu Suo.

Yu Suo was immediately filled with humiliation. She glared at Chu Mu. He could just enjoy the intercourse of others by himself, why did he have to stop her? Despicable, shameless!

“You pollen should have an aphrodisiac effect, right?” asked Chu Mu.

“No!” Chu Mu stared at Chu Mu angrily. Flower pollen was an elegant item, how could it be compared to those dirty drugs and aphrodisiacs!

“Use your pollen to create an even more intense illusion for them, then leave Dark Death King here,” said Chu Mu.

Yu Suo could still accept this choice of word, but she still grumbled, “You’re so despicable.”


Jin He abided by Yu Suo’s order and quietly waited at the original place.

He was actually quite curious just who was the man standing next to Yu Suo. It seemed that his master was rather submissive towards that man.

Soon, Chu Mu and Yu Suo walked out from a wooden house deep within the wooden house cluster together.

Jin He was a detailed person. He noticed the little black demon fox his master hugged disappeared.

“Let’s leave this place,” said Chu Mu after taking a glance at Jin He.

“Are we leaving now? There’s no need to take a walk in the camps of other factions?” asked Jin He.

“No need, go,” The corners of Chu Mu’s lips curved up.

There would be a nice show starting soon. Chu Mu just had to go far away and watch this show.

Hopefully, Madam Huo and Mu Tuan could completely enrage Dark Death King and make it churn this entire depression campsite up. In that case, New Moon Land no longer had to defend in the stronghold, they could charge out!


Just as Chu Mu and Yu Suo were about to leave, cursed wind suddenly began blowing from that wooden house!

The cursed wind contained a dense darkness aura. It spread out very quickly. All the lightings within the campsite were suppressed and the entire area became pitch-black in an instant!


Suddenly, the sharp scream of a woman rang out from a certain wooden house!

The cursed wind transformed into a raging darkness storm. Many wooden houses instantly became black powder. Within the scattering black powder, a naked woman was thrown into mid-air and fell towards a certain direction within the camp like a broken kite!

Jin He turned around and looked at the woman flying past above him in shock!

I...... Isn’t that Fire Sect’s Sect Master Madam Huo???

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