Chapter 1533: Infiltrating Into Subjugation Alliance Camp

Stronger than Dark King?

Dark Death King could be said to be the strongest creature Chu Mu witnessed. He still clearly remembered it opposing the human leaders above Zhengming Main City all by itself!

To Chu Mu, the strongest in this world would be something like that.

However, Dark Death King smelled an even stronger presence??

Chu Mu could hardly imagine what kind of creature could be stronger than Dark Death King. Could it be an Era’s strongest?

Why would a creature even stronger than Dark Death King appear in Northern Forbidden Region and flattened the entire Nightmare Mountain Range? That was simply too horrifying!

“We should not continue investigating,” said Yu Suo as she watched Chu Mu.

Dark King’s strength could be considered tyrannical. Chu Mu and Yu Suo joining hands might not even be able to take a charged attack from Dark King. If the creature even stronger than Dark King was in Northern Forbidden Region’s Sequence Land, they would be killed in an instant if they encountered.

Yu Suo did not want to risk her precious life.

Chu Mu really wanted to know where that Nightmare Dynasty in Southern Forbidden Region went to.

Chu Mu and those Nightmares in Southern Forbidden Region had a deep friendship. If they were annihilated like that, that would be terrible.

Chu Mu did not dig deep into this. Certainly, recklessly stepping into a domain he could not handle with his strength would only bring risk to his life.

During the returning journey, Yu Suo told Chu Mu, “It’s possibly a Black Nightmare.”

“Yes, the evil aura is very dense,” Chu Mu nodded.

Only Black Nightmare could create such a dense evil aura.

Sequence Land was the territory of Nightmares in the first place. Nightmare race was also a race with a large population in this world other than the five major races.

Chu Mu did not go deeper into Sequence Land, but he knew a Black Nightmare definitely existed inside Sequence Land!

Black Nightmare’s racial rank was very high, even higher than Hades and Yellow Spring. Once a Black Nightmare appeared in Sequence Land, it would definitely be total dominance rank.


Chu Mu returned to Eastern Wild Forest Stronghold while carrying this doubt and astonishment.

It was a pity he could not get any Nightmare army reinforcement from Southern Forbidden Region. He was currently considering how he could make Dark Death King attack.

The entire Zhengming Main City would probably be aware of how powerful Dark Death King was. If it joined in, what could 10,000 Dominators do?

The Discipline Palace’s 10,000 experts had almost half of them annihilated by Dark Death King back then. That was the heaviest loss incurred by Divine Sect over the years.

“It’s strength is still slowly recovering. If you have enough darkness property soul crystals or soul cores, it may be willing to help,” said Yu Suo as she stroked Dark Death King’s soft fur.

“This fellow is even more disobedient than you,” Chu Mu picked up Dark Death King from Yu Suo’s arms.

Dark Death King was always in a listless state, even more sleepy than Mo Xie. When Chu Mu picked it up, it only gave Chu Mu a contempt look, completely uncaring.

Dark Death King could also be considered half of Chu Mu’s soul pet. However, this fellow was really disobedient. Other than lying between Yu Suo’s soft mounds everyday, it did not seem to have done anything else.

“How much darkness energy does it need to be willing to help?” asked Chu Mu.

“Probably a middle class Immortal rank soul crystal,” said Yu Suo.


The Immortal Item used to create a middle class Immortal rank soul pet was only treated as a meal. Who could afford to keep it?

“If I throw it into a place with dense darkness aura, does it count as feeding?” said Chu Mu.

“Should be possible, have you found such a place?” asked Yu Suo.

“Yes, Nightmare Holy Region’s Evil Temple. It should like there.”

Without Southern Forbidden Region’s support, Chu Mu had to think of a way to make Dark Death King help.

Now, Divine Sect and Zhengming Main City should be hunting this ten thousand year Immortal Dark Death King which almost destroyed the city. Chu Mu did not dare to make it fight at the front line. He only wanted this fellow to hide far away and secretly unleash a few techniques. It would be sufficient to deal a heavy blow to the subjugation alliance.

“This place is rather close to the battlefield at Eastern Wild Forest Stronghold. Should we take a look?” suggested Yu Suo.

They would be close to Cloud Realm’s Western Border after crossing this forest. Almost all the opposing forces were camping around there. That area was completely barricaded by watchtowers. New Moon Land’s scouts had no way of obtaining intel.

Yu Suo’s suggestion naturally meant to infiltrate into the enemy’s camp.

Chu Mu took a glance at Dark Death King which slept on his other shoulder and thought that maybe he should just throw this fellow into the subjugation alliance camp.

Yu Suo seemed to have seen through Chu Mu’s intention and her pink lips curved up, “Maybe it will work.”


The two of them changed the direction of their flight and headed straight towards the Cloud Realm depression where the subjugation alliance set up their camps at.

Before even entering the camp area, Yu Suo and Chu Mu already noticed many soul pet trainers patrolling in the sky and on land.

Flying further inside, they saw scattered forces camping in some smaller depressions. These forces seemed to be minor factions which wanted to follow the flow and reap some side benefits.

New Moon Land could simply ignore such minor factions if it was only a single one. However, when a large number of them gathered, it would also cause a significant problem to New Moon Land.

Chu Mu and Yu Suo waited until night time before crossing through the camp of these minor factions and entered the large depression where the main subjugation alliance camped.

When Chu Mu stood on high ground and looked forward, the depression in front was filled with light, as if it was a night city.

Countless camps, lanterns and temporary sentries could be seen. Rows of soul pet patrols flew past in the sky. Land patrol troops would also pass through the paths between camps. There would occasionally be a large team heading towards a certain direction. They would be assigned or hidden in some place.

Taking a glance at the scene, the end line of the camp could not be seem. Ant-like people and dotted lighting spread out in this depression, creating a large land painting. It was magnificent and boisterous!

If such an army swarmed into New Moon Land, New Moon Land would definitely be flattened!

Chu Mu’s currently strength was already superior to many Gate Master rank people. There were many individuals in human territory who reached this level, but only the real Gate Master rank people held the authority to order such a large army. They could fulfil their desires as they liked in human territory!

Seeing such a spectacle, Chu Mu spaced out for a long time.


“Here, wear this,” Yu Suo left for a while and returned to Chu Mu. She handed over an item similar to a badge.

“What’s this?” asked Chu Mu as he looked at the badge.

“With this, we can openly walk around,” Yu Suo wore the badge at her chest level. The diagram on the badge seemed to be from Demon Beast Palace.

Chu Mu was thinking about how to infiltrate into such a heavily guarded camp. In the end, the badge Yu Suo gave him made him realize he was gradually becoming lazy to use his head after becoming stronger......

Entering openly would surely be better than hiding from those patrols, even though he was confident of his stealth ability.

Yu Suo changed into a normal attire and changed her hair color to the common black color. Then, she used the high collars to partially hide her cheeks.

Meanwhile, Chu Mu did not really need to change his clothes. He had always appeared to be common. Furthermore, not many people in Zhengming Continent recognized him, so he also did not need to disguise his appearance. Nobody would recognize him even if he walked in openly.

The outermost area was occupied by Emperor rank armies. These camps were set up orderly and formed regular square camps. There would be a path leading straight to the inner camp area at the center. They looked like well-planned square cities from afar.

Chu Mu and Yu Suo followed this long path, there were also a few strolling soul pet trainers along the path.

Within the army, those wearing uniforms were mostly soldiers, while those wearing normal clothes were usually commanders or some outstanding soul pet trainers.

They encountered a few patrol teams. Each time those patrol teams riding on beasts saw Chu Mu and Yu Suo, they would stop for a moment. However, after seeing the badges, they would greet and leave.

There would occasionally be groups of soul pet trainers that did not look like soldiers walking past them. They casually strolled past Chu Mu and Yu Suo and would examine the two of them. They could occasionally hear those people praising Yu Suo’s appearance and proportions.

This woman was really attractive even if she wore normal clothes.

“If every camp holds a thousand, we have walked past a hundred camps. The Emperor rank army we have seen numbered over 10,000,” whispered Yu Suo.

Chu Mu looked to the front and noticed they had not walked past half of the camps yet. This meant there would be over 20,000 Emperors in the enemy army.

“Someone is approaching us,” Chu Mu sensed something and turned his gaze towards the approaching soul pet trainer.

That person sorde on a Dark Red Blood Beast. He seemed to be from Demon Beast Palace based on the badge he wore.

However, he should not be from Snake Dragon Faction.

“My subordinate, he’s coming to guide us,” said Yu Suo.

That soul pet trainer arrived before Yu Suo. He took a glance at Chu Mu confusedly and then lowered his head to greet Yu Suo.

This soul pet trainer felt strange because most of the time, anyone walking together with master would have to be half a step behind her to represent loyalty.

However, he saw this man standing right next to master, this contradicted with his knowledge of master.

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