Chapter 153: Insect Calamity, Hibernating Desolation (1)

Chapter 153: Insect Calamity, Hibernating Desolation (1)

Seeing Princess Jin Rou leave, Chu Mu lifted up the corners of his lips, but didn’t say anything. He looked at Ye Qingzi standing not far away, and he slowly walked towards her.

Ye Qingzi had remained standing there, but her eyes currently were not on Chu Mu. Instead, they were fixated on the black layer of cloud growing closer and closer.

“What happened?” Chu Mu walked next to Ye Qingzi and questioningly asked. Then, he shifted his gaze.

Ye Qingzi stuck out her finger and pointed at the advent of darkness from the onslaught of black clouds and asked: “Do you feel the abnormal aura?”

“Abnormal aura?” Chu Mu let out a doubtful expression and promptly moved his gaze to the horizon.

The black clouds originally were at the horizon, but presently they had appeared in this air. These black clouds were very clearly flying over from far away.

These black clouds were extremely strange and previously Chu Mu had felt as if a large group of wing type soul pets were flying here. However, as the black group of clouds approached, Chu Mu gradually revealed a horrified expression!

The black cloud fundamentally wasn’t like wing type soul pets flying in a group. Instead, it was like a large group of insect-like creatures with wings sweeping up a torrential demonic aura that terrifyingly carried everything away as it came!!

When Chu Mu discovered that the sky had changed, the Great Chu Family’s family head Chu Lieming’s gaze had already focused on the horizon. His expression was incomparably grave.

Slowly, even more people discovered this strange phenomenon. Everyone turned behind them and stared up at the curtain of darkness. They looked, eminently shocked, at the large group of bug type, wing type soul pets approaching them!

“This is…” Old Tu’s vision was deep and his face full of wrinkles seemed to have squeezed together as he let out an expression of somewhat disbelief.

“So… so many soul pets…. Such terrifying aura!”

The fiendish demonic wind was like a demonic hand covering the sky that flitted through the vast night sky, slowly extending towards Chu Mountain!

Although the large group of soul pets still had a period of distance before Chu Mountain, witnessing this terrifying scene assault them directly, people were already beginning to tremble in fear!

The black cloud’s area was extremely terrifying. The star and the moonlight had already been engulfed, and everything that had been covered now transformed into a deep darkness. It was as if everything had been destroyed; mountain peaks and mountain ranges, the earth and rivers - once the black cloud swept them up, they were completely nonexistent!

Princess Jin Rou had just walked to the main seats when her steps also stopped. She lifted her head and stared at the terrifying scene slowly becoming distinct. She was also unable to maintain her previous calmness and coolness...

“Princess Jin Rou, please quickly come with me to a safe place!” at this moment, Chu Lieyang opened his mouth. The moment this family head said something, on the spectator’s seats, the grand elders of the Great Chu Family, the family teachers as well as the other members successively let out panicked expressions. Unceasingly, people would summon their soul pets and fly towards the main Chu Mountain peak.

Panicked expression gradually came rang out, causing the battlefield to become noisy and chaotic. All of the Great Chu Family disciples seemed to have predicted something was occurring, and had extremely frightenedly ran to their teacher’s side. Perhaps they would summon their soul pets and begin flying towards the main peak in evacuation at a grand elder or family head’s order.

Possibly because of bad news spreading, this suddenly appearing scattering of the crowd wasn’t in any order. Many members began to care only about themselves, and they flew towards the main mountain peak. Many various uneasing sharp cries also began to ring out.

“Young master, please immediately leave with me.” while the audience was in a state of panic, Old Tu had at some unknown time emerged in front of Chu Mu. He chanted an incantation and summoned a rather large wing type soul pet. Swatting its wings, it appeared in front of Chu Mu.

“Old Tu, what happened?” puzzledly asked Chu Mu.

“I’ll talk about it slowly with young master when we have a chance. Let’s go to a safe place first.’ Old Tu’s face was nervous.

Chu Mu nodded his head and helped the adjacent Ye Qingzi step onto Old Tu’s soul pet before intentionally looking at Chu Xian.

Chu Xian had already been brought away by her teacher. Chu Mu proceeded to follow Old Tu and began to migrate towards the Great Chu Family’s main peak.

The flesh wings spread open, and Old Tu’s soul pet rode on the strength of wind. Shakily rising, it harbored the absolute advantage amongst the chaotic group of flyers. It also used its rapid speed to sweep past multiple spire-like mountains and passed through towering precipices…

“Hu hu hu hu~~~”

The wind whistled in his ears, and Chu Mu turned his head back. He discovered that the terrifying black cloud was growing closer and closer. If he didn’t estimate incorrectly from their flying, there was probably tens of thousands of wing type and bug type soul pets forming a heaven and earth covering atmosphere.

“Everyone - young generation and other members - enter the stone room. Without orders, no one is permitted to come out. Do you understand?!” Just at this moment, the Great Chu Family family head, Chu Lieyang, riding an enormous black flying roc, used his soul remembrance to loudly speak to the scattering people. His voice was extremely strong, and it practically swept through the entire Chu Mountain.

In the surroundings, there unceasingly were other Great Chu Family soul pet trainers riding their soul pets in the air, anxious. From the expressions on their faces, it seemed that some catastrophic force was about to sweep through the entire Great Chu Family!

Witnessing everyone’s nervous and panicked expressions, Chu Mu was silently startled. He turned around once more to look at the frightening black cloud, and abruptly realized that these black dots were flying extremely quickly towards Chu Mountain!!

“Heavenly Devil Insect attack!!” a cry of alarm that made others uneasy rang out. Immediately after, in the black night between mountain peaks, incomparably sharp bird cries rang out; they seemed even more frightened and terrified in this restless black night!


A strange, miserable shout came from behind a certain mountain peak. Immediately after, Chu Mu could see a group of wasp-like black dots rapidly gather at that point behind the mountain peak. A moment later, the miserable shout disappeared without a trace. The only thing that remained seemed to be those black creatures that were still unsatisfied. They once more flew back behind the mountain peak and locked onto another target!

“That is…” Ye Qingzi opened her small mouth in shock. Her beautiful pupils were full of a bit of fear!

Although the back of the mountain peak not too far away could not be clearly seen by Chu Mu, the surrounding bloody stench pervaded the air, Chu Mu understood what this black gathered group of creatures meant.

“Don’t worry, the Heavenly Devil Insect corps hasn’t actually attacked. With my protection, nothing will happen to you.” Old Tu immediately said to Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi.

Chu Mu nodded his head and swept his gaze over the surroundings. Quickly, Chu Mu discovered a few rapidly moving black spots in the night sky smashing into the extremely quick moving wings.


Abruptly, a gorgeous flame exploded in the sky, and an eighth rank in might strength instantly caused an evident sway to appear in between two mountain peaks!

The fire quickly burned any of the flying creatures, burning their bodies to ashes whereby they crashed from the sky into the unseeable depths of the valley.

As the fire type techniques were released, while flying, various rumbling noises unceasingly echoed around the mountain peak. Many different magnificent techniques erupted between mountain peaks and flickered with various radiances.

“This group of idiots. Don’t tell me that they don’t know that any light will attract those things? Don’t tell me they want the entire Great Chu Family to be destroyed?!” Old Tu was extremely angry and he cursed. Immediately after, he used soul remembrance to form a voice and yell at the surrounding soul pet trainers, not permitting them to use any techniques that would spill light!

“Weng weng weng~~~~~”

The strange noises in the surroundings grew increasingly loud, just like numerous houseflies and mosquitos buzzing next to the ear. However, Chu Mu knew that these things flying and circling in the night weren’t some normal night insect. Instead, they were insect type soul pets sent out from the so called Heavenly Devil Insect Corps!!


A miserable shout eerily rang out from the nearby mountain stream. Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi instantly turned around, and they discovered a creature with six pairs of wings grab a soul pet trainer’s Cyan Bird with its herculean strength. Unexpectedly, it dragged this soul pet trainer from the air into the depths of the mountain stream!

“Ignore it. That is a six winged Heavenly Devil Insect. It’s at least an eighth phase commander. That fellow cannot survive.” Old Tu used a cold voice to speak.

Seeing the six winged creature gradually disappear into the mountain river, Chu Mu’s heart was extremely shocked. One of the branch insect type soul pets that flew over from the Heavenly Devil Insect Corps was unexpectedly an eighth phase commander whose fighting strength was extremely frightening!!

Old Tu’s soul pet flew exceptionally quickly. After descending on Chu Mountain’s main peak, Old Tu immediately brought Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi to take refuge in a rather large stone room with a few young generation members with a bit of status.

The stone room had been constructed at the very rear of the connected residence on Chu Mountain’s main peak. It could be seen that both inside and out had been constructed with extremely durable stone equipment. Even if it was an eighth rank technique in might, it perhaps would be unable to even shake this room.

When Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi walked to the door of the stone room, Princess Jin Rou, Chu Ke, Chu Dian and the others were all standing there. They didn’t immediately enter the stone refuge room; instead, they stood there looking in the distance at the ceaseless miserable shouts in the horizon.

“What on earth happened?” Chu Mu’s gaze fell on a few few Great Chu Family disciples and asked a question.

“Could it be you’ve never heard of this?” said Chu Ke, “This is the most terrifying calamity in Wogu Region. An often erupting late at night Hibernating Valley Calamity!”

Princes Jin Rou evidently did not understand this event as well, and she stood next to Chu Ke, carefully listening to him talk.

Sensing Princess Jin Rou approach, Chu Ke’s attitude immediately changed and he said: “Our Great Chu Family is very close to the Great Broken Sting Valley. When the creatures in Great Broken Sting Valley grow too many, the food inside the valley is no longer enough to satisfy these hungry soul pets. They will then form groups to forage for food. This phenomenon is termed as the “Hibernating Desolation” by our Wogu Region people. It will normally occur once or twice every few years. However, Princess Jin Rou doesn’t need to be worried. Our Great Chu Family was constructed for the purpose of defending against the appearance of “Hibernating Desolation”. As long as we can timely adopt measures, if we hide for a few days, there won’t be any huge repercussions.”


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