Book 2 Chapter 152 - The Princess Taking Troubles To Heart

Chapter 152: The Princess Taking Troubles To Heart

“Your strength has increased very quickly. I remember that, four years ago, you were still a novice on that deck strenuously cultivating a low level soul technique…” Princess Jin Rou’s pupils stared at Chu Mu and she used a gentle tone to speak to Chu Mu.

“Mhm.” Chu Mu apathetically nodded his head. Four years ago, Chu Mu could only only look up at this princess; four years later, he was finally engaged in a fight with her on the same battlefield. Although it was only a dual control, it already meant that the day he surpassed her wasn’t far away...

“About Mo Xie, I will continue to help you keep your secret. Xia Guanghan has already vanished without a trace, and he will not appear for at least two years. Even if he does appear, I can ensure that you won’t suffer his persecution…” said Princess Jin Rou.

“And then?” Chu Mu believed that this Princess Jin Rou had a pure heart. This could be seen from the emotions revealed in her eyes when she embraced the small ice fox as well as Mo Xie. However, Chu Mu could be sure that with her status as a princess, she had to continue chasing for fame and interests. If she was going to keep his secret, there definitely would be a condition.

“Continue being my bodyguard. I’ll help you participate in the Fight Under the Heavens. If you succeed, your position in Nightmare Palace will be higher than Xia Guanghan’s. As for the matters from that night, I can forget it…” said Princess Jin Rou.

Chu Mu was stunned, not expecting Princess Jin Rou to say these words.

This absolutely beautiful princess’ invitation had to be said was something every young expert yearned for in his dreams. After all, who wouldn’t feel something for this beautiful and strong woman. Moreover, who wouldn’t want to become her bodyguard, accompanying her and roaming the land under the heavens with her.

Practically everyone knew that any young man who was the princess’ bodyguard was trained to become a powerful general, and they would be a competitor who competed in the Fight Under the Heavens. As long as he obtained the princess’ approval, he would definitely become famous; something that no honor obtainable from this tiny Western Kingdom could match.

Moreover, until now, it had always been a young expert sharpening his brain to enter the ranks of the princess’ bodyguards. Then, after layers of competition, the last few would be chosen, and they were experts that came from various kingdoms.

There had only been two young experts that the princess had personally invited. These two people both already had a reputation known far and wide. In the entire soul pet realm, they could be said to be people full of legends.

Presently, Chu Mu happened to have the honor of being the third person Princess Jin Rou invited. This was an approval that could put Chu Mu’s position amongst the ranks of the apex. After all, being able to keep Nightmare Palace’s princess company inevitably meant he was a giant among men!

Chu Mu silently stood there, his gaze somewhat astonished as he looked at the princess. In her eyes, Chu Mu could read a bit of sincerity and appreciation. Simultaneously, there was mixed in complicated feelings for him...

However, what Chu Mu felt wasn’t merely the honor from the princess’ appreciation; there was also a strange emotion. As a pure and noble princess, she was able to disregard the bygone enmity and invite the man who kidnapped her and had scorned her back into her ranks. As to whether this was kindness and forgiveness, or if it was sophistication and shrewdness, it was hard to tell.

Chu Mu’s good feelings for Princess Jin Rou had begun four years ago. Her beauty, melancholy, elegance, and kindness - perhaps this was only the tip of the iceberg that Chu Mu saw of the princess. Or perhaps in these four years she had become even more mature.

Chu Mu also knew that under the scenario of his status being on a completely different level, he could not truly attract this princess’ attention. Neither would he be able to have her show appreciation for him. In order to truly disregard the past, the reason was because his current displayed strength and limitless potential were created by Mo Xie. An even bigger possibility was because of Liu Binglan’s appearance, giving Chu Mu another layer of protection...

“What are you still thinking about? You can tell me. I’ll try my best to satisfy you.” Princess Jin Rou saw that Chu Mu was hesitating, and felt that he was probably tempted. Immediately, she raised a faint smile and spoke to him.

“I don’t like Nightmare Palace that much. There’s only one thing that makes me feel interested…” Chu Mu tidied his emotions and faced Princess Jin Rou as he slowly spoke.

“As long as you are willing to enter my ranks, I will do my best to give this item to you.” Princess Jin Rou didn’t even question what Chu Mu was interested in. Perhaps with her status and position, there was nothing in Nightmare Palace that she couldn’t have.

“You.” said Chu Mu.

“Me?” Princes Jin Rou was slightly stunned.

“Yes.” nodded Chu Mu.

Princess JIn Rou truly never expected Chu Mu to be so direct, and her eyes began to wander.

“I can only say that if you join me and walk step by step towards the pinnacle of authority and power, the probability will be slightly larger.” Princess Jin Rou very reservedly said.

“Then Chu Mu appreciates the Princess’ kindness.” indifferently said Chu Mu.

“You’re not willing?” Princess Jin Rou faintly creased her eyebrows. Her two pupils no longer evaded Chu Mu’s, and were now looking at him.

“Yes, my temperament is that of a lax one. I enjoy freedom.” said Chu Mu.

“Then how was your question earlier of importance?” Princess Jin Rou’s tone became somewhat cold.

“It wasn’t. I was just expressing my love.” said Chu Mu.

This was the first time Princess Jin Rou had seen someone play down his love interest. It was as if he was casually talking about it. However, Princess Jin Rou also knew that with Chu Mu’s character, he naturally would not use this method to ridicule her.

“Then can I understand right now: liking and possessing are two different things. You only like, and don’t want to have….” Princess Jin Rou’s words were very penetrating, and she easily and calmly revealed the thoughts in Chu Mu’s heart.

Chu Mu nodded his head. Princess Jin Rou stood too high up. Even if she intentionally didn’t repel him a thousand miles away, her words and actions imperceptibly pushed him away. From the beginning until the end, she was protecting her nobility as a princess...

“I understand.” Princess Jin Rou also nodded her head. A bit of change slowly appeared in her two pupils, “Jin Rou is only a woman, and she is not what other people call shrewd and lenient. She can be very narrow minded and petty. Since this is the case, then the matters of kidnapping last time is something we should settle!”

The moment her voice faded, the White Nightmare princess’ devil flames on its body abruptly began burning, transforming into a dense cold aura that assaulted Chu Mu!

As if its soul had been refined, the White Nightmare princess’ aura had insanely increased. Unexpectedly, it had broken through the doorstep of the seventh phase and stepped into the eighth phase in one go. The raging and flying devil flames were like a terrifying devil ghost swaying with a frightening specter, looking down on Chu Mu and his soul pets!

Its aura was ostentatious and arrogant. The White Nightmare princess’ strength had instantaneously stepped into the eighth phase, and it once more caused everyone to quake in fear!!

An eighth phase monarch! An unrivalled, genuine, monarch!

As expected, Princess Jin Rou’s tolerance hadn’t reached a weirdly high level. Last time, Chu Mu kidnapping her had evidently angered her, and she had been continuously suppressing the anger in her heart.

Chu Mu wasn’t afraid of the princess’ eighth phase monarch. Perhaps it could be said that from the very beginning, Chu Mu knew that Princess Jin Rou’s White Nightmare was hiding its strength. After all, four years ago, Princess Jin Rou’s White Nightmare had already reached the fifth phase. Therefore, currently, how could it have only reached the seventh phase?!

“Nie~~~~~~” the white Nightmare let out an extremely unwilling sound, but under Chu Mu’s orders, the White Nightmare had no choice but to blend into Chu Mu’ sbody.

Half Devil!

Facing the eighth phase White Nightmare princess, only in the half devil state could Chu Mu fight against it!

The White Nightmare princess’ aura instantaneously increased and practically engulfed everything. However, what made Princess Jin Rou exceptionally shocked was that Chu Mu’s body identically manifested an eminently violent and demonic strength. This strength unexpectedly was not inferior to her eighth phase monarch White Nightmare!

Liu Binglan had already warned Princess Jin Rou, so Princess Jin Rou knew that Chu Mu’s identity wasn’t simple. Therefore, Princess Jin Rou didn’t actually want to continue fighting with Chu Mu, but to have the White Nightmare princess show its true strength to intimidate Chu Mu and thereby dissolving the hatred from the kidnapping last time.

Only, what made Princess Jin Rou feel very hard to believe was that there unexpectedly was an even stronger and more terrifying strength surging in Chu Mu’s body and soul. She could be sure that if the eighth phase White Nightmare princess launched an attack, the unknown aura hidden inside Chu Mu would fully burst out!

Feeling the shuddering sinister force in Chu Mu’s body, Princess Jin Rou abruptly realized that this probably was the force that Chu Mu had used to truly beat back Xia Guanghan. Promptly, she retreated and ordered the White Nightmare princess to retrain all of the aura on its body and dispel its overbearing attitude!


The white demonic devil flames also retreated from Chu Mu’s body, and withdrew into his body. The White Nightmare’s soul was also recalled into its soul space. The previous flame aura practically disappeared instantaneously...

Chu Mu’s pupils gradually returned to their original black color, showing a bit of a strange demonic nature. He stared at the pupils of Princess Jin Rou flickering with a bit of frenetic expression.

Princess Jin Rou was still in shock. and it wasn’t until Chu Mu’s gaze was cast at her that she slowly returned to her original calmness.

“You…” Princess Jin Rou completely did not expect Chu Mu to have this wild and demonic strength.

Chu Mu didn’t respond, and only raised a demonically charming smile, saying: “I didn’t have an alternative for the kidnapping incident. Princess should relax her attitude…”

“Hmph, lecher.” Princess Jin Rou coldly harrumphed, and her pupils flashed with a somewhat bashful anger.

Originally, Princess Jin Rou wanted to show Chu Mu a few things, but she didn’t expect to nearly miscalculate with Chu Mu. Promptly, she flung her long hair and, carrying a bit of anger, turned and left.

Princess Jin Rou presently had no way of seizing Chu Mu. With Liu Binglan’s existence, even if she wanted to touch Chu Mu, she still had to consider Liu Binglan’s dignity. Moreover, during the fight with Chu Mu, it was clear that he still had an even more powerful force. She still couldn’t make Chu Mu battered and exhausted after defeating him; instead, her invitation was rejected, and it ended in an embarrassment.

Just as Princess Jin Rou herself said, she was only an armored woman. When Chu Mu kidnapped her, he very directly embraced and touched those certain areas. To a clear as ice and clean as jade princess, this was very hard to tolerate. Further adding on the things from today, how could she not take the troubles to heart?


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