Book 2 Chapter 151 - Mountain Top Shaking, Heavenly Flame Rite

Chapter 151: Mountain Top Shaking, Heavenly Flame Rite

A beam of bewitching moonlight with a tint of red fell on the top of the mountain, falling on Chu Mu, and making his black pupils even more demonic.

His pupils’ colors slowly started changing and white demonic devil fire started burning on Chu Mu. This white demonic devil fire was especially grim looking under the moonlight.

“Mo Xie, Moonlight!”


Mo Xie casted Nine Tail Confuse to struggle free of the Towering Ice Curse Demon Fox’s claws, and she swiftly jumped to where Chu Mu was, bathing in moonlight along with Chu Mu!

“White devil, retreat.” Chu Mu immediately told the white devil.

The white devil’s pale white pupils stared at the white nightmare princess and seemed grudging, but it knew that it currently wasn’t match for this white nightmare princess so, letting out a shrill devil cry, it cast Devil Phantom and dodged the white nightmare princess’s frightening white demonic devil fire attacks and returned beside Chu Mu.

“Mo Xie, Heavenly Flame Rite. White devil, convoy for her!” Chu Mu said.

White Nightmare Princess’s white devil fire closely followed, rolling up blow after blow of powerful body and soul burning attacks that blew up beside Chu Mu and his two soul pets!

“Nie!!!!!!!!!” The white devil stood in front of Chu Mu, as if it was Chu Mu’s fire shadow, and after letting out an enraged cry, its long arms drew a line in the air!

A deep white demonic devil fire mark ripped open in the air. This rip continued to expand into a strange, otherworld portal that crazily sucked in all of the white nightmare princess’s techniques.

As the white devil was convoying, Mo Xie’s eyes had already been dyed red and silver under the moonlight, shining a demonic glint!

The effects of Violent Blood Pupil made Mo Xie near the seventh phase. With Moon Essence’s silver armor, it caused Mo Xie to, in one move, go past the sixth phase barrier and enter into the seventh phase fourth stage!

The red demon fire evil flame and crimson blood flames burned powerfully. These flames became scalding heats. Clashing with the white demonic devil fire’s otherworldly coldness, it created an even scarier aura that shrouded this mountain top.

As Mo Xie was conjuring her Heavenly Flame Rite, Chu Mu’s pupils had also become pale white. White demonic devil fire burned deathly silent in Chu Mu’s eyes, emitting a heart shaking other-worldly evil.

“Chong Mei - Heavenly Flame Rite!”

The white demonic devil fire burned crazily around Chu Mu’s body and, with the last heavy note of the incantation, the entire mountain top suddenly fell silent!!

Like the first light of dawn breaking through the clouds, a pale white devil fire pillar suddenly appeared in the night sky, a beam of energy that seemed to have pierced through from another world and fell straight down!!


Mo Xie’s double royal flame Heavenly Flame Rite had already completed. After a long fox call, a crimson and red laced light beam overlapped with the white demonic devil fire and fell down from the tip of the pale white beam!


After a large bang, the battlefield between the white nightmare princess and the Towering Ice Curse Demon Fox had already been shattered into powder, causing the entire mountain top to actually sink a few inches!

The next moment, three majestic fire dragons followed the vertical light beams, whirling with massive and terrifying fire energy in the night sky. Immediately, in the night sky, the fire light was dazzling, and it illuminated even the many battlefield mountaintops nearby!

As a spirit master, Chu Mu’s Heavenly Flame Rite was already at the eighth phase. Under the effects of white demonic devil fire, its effects were even more prominent.

Violent Blood Pupil and moonlight armor caused Mo Xie’s fighting strength to be at its peak. This double royal flame Heavenly Flame Rite was exactly Mo Xie’s strongest Heavenly Flame Rite. When interlaced with Chu Mu’s white demonic devil fire, its power neared the most frightening ninth rank!

Scary technique overlay, almost ninth rank destruction, power able to shake mountains, and skyward heavenly flame dragons- was this really a match between the young generation?!

Along with the violent shaking of the entire mountain, the people’s hearts were even more shaken by the tri-colored flaming scene that filled their field of vision!


At the edge of the battlefield, when this powerful energy spread to the sides, Ye Qingzi swiftly summoned her eighth phase Water Moon to create a Water Screen Shield and protect herself.

Yet, this layer of defense seemed to be so thin under the leaked energy of Chu Mu’s Heavenly Flame Rite. Ye Qingzi had to cast another incantation and add another layer of defense before she was able to barely block off the energy!

The scalding heat and coldness in the soul made the surprised Ye Qingzi incapable of increasing the defense further. She hadn’t thought that Chu Mu had saved such a destructive technique. With such techniques overlaid, as long as he had enough time to cast it, he could instantly kill the majority of same generation main soul pets, and even attempt cross generation battles!

In the center of the energy, the Towering Ice Curse Demon Fox’s body was constantly conjuring towering ice to block the three layers of fire.

Yet, even though the Towering Ice Curse Demon Fox had a seventh level soul armor and a towering ice frost armor, it was still hard pressed to block this nearly ninth rank technique. Its ice colored body was already clearly singed, and its soul defenses were also broken by Chu Mu’s white demonic devil fire, withstanding the burning of its soul!

The white nightmare princess folded her arms and silently stood beside Princess Jin Rou. White demonic devil fire blossomed from beneath it, and it became a lotus-like devil fire defense, protecting Princess Jin Rou and itself within it!

The near eighth rank white nightmare princess’s defense and resistance to flames was pretty surprising, and with Princess Jin Rou’s own defensive soul techniques, this near ninth rank Heavenly Flame Rite didn’t really cause any real damage to her!

Princess Jin Rou had the best seventh level soul armor on her. Under these many layers of protection, the near ninth rank energy only made her body feel a little warm.

Yet, facing such a majestic technique, Princess Jin Rou’s pupils were similarly full of surprise. Chu Mu’s power had already completely surpassed her previous estimation!


The mountain didn’t calm its shaking for a long time. The crack that broke the mountain top had already extended dozens of meters downwards. From afar, it looked like this mountain had been split open by a massive axe, causing one to quake in fear!

After some time, the mountain’s shaking finally stopped. The entire battlefield had disappeared, leaving only a vague outline that suggested it was originally a soul pet battlefield. This made everyone’s heart roil without rest!

This battle happened completely unexpectedly, yet the battle process was even more heart shaking. Almost since the fated battle between the Royal Flame Nine Tail Inferno Fox and the Towering Ice Curse Demon Fox, the tides in their hearts hadn’t calmed.

Perfect soul pet vs perfect soul pet. White nightmare Chu Mu vs White nightmare princess. This competition between spirit masters had far surpassed the range of the young generation. The unprecedented shock made everyone forget to comment or debate, leaving them only able to follow the action with their gazes instead.

And at the end, with Chu Mu’s almost ninth rank Heavenly Flame Rite which pushed the entire battle to its climax, even after the battle had entered a rest period for some time, the stadium was still silent save the rumbling echoes throughout…...


The lotus defense fire lily slowly retracted, and Princess Jin Rou reappeared slowly with her white nightmare princess.

Her face veil slightly fluttering, her beautiful eyes had some apathy. Princess Jin Rou didn’t make her white nightmare princess continue attack, but instead slowly walked to the Towering Ice Curse Demon Fox lying not far from her.

A soul technique incantation slowly started, and clear spring water formed ribbons that intelligently wrapped around the Towering Ice Curse Demon Fox, removing the burning fire on both its body and soul and started to heal it.


The Towering Ice Curse Demon Fox let out a murmur. When it received healing from the princess, it slowly shrunk back into a small and exquisite little ice fox, and it jumped into Princess Jin Rou’s embrace as if it was a hurt child.

Princess Jin Rou hugged this little ice fox and looked towards Chu Mu, slowly taking steps towards him…...

The white nightmare princess was like a devil shadow protector. Her hands held white demonic devil fire as it followed apathetically and proudly.

“Jie Jie~~~~”

Seeing Princess Jin Rou and the white nightmare princess walk over, the white devil opened its mouth with a strange sinister smile.

The double royal flames on Mo Xie also slowly dimmed, and her body quickly shrunk into the Pitiful Appearance of a little nine tail. She jumped onto Chu Mu’s shoulder, and directed her silver eyes to the approaching Princess Jin Rou.

Chu Mu stood in place, and saw the princess walk over slowly, but he didn’t know what the princess wanted, so he simply stood there watching her.

As to why Princess Jin Rou stopped the battle, Chu Mu actually could guess the reason.

Princess JIn Rou’s Towering Ice Curse Demon Fox had already been wounded by his Heavenly Flame Rite. If she didn’t use a healing technique, its fighting strength would fall drastically.

Under this situation, as long as Chu Mu told Mo Xie to occupy the white nightmare princess with her superior speed and give the white devil time to absorb resentment, Chu Mu would gain the upper hand in the battle between two monarchs.

Yet, if Princess Jin Rou wanted to change this situation, she either had to cast a stronger soul technique or summon a third main soul pet.

Princess Jin Rou would obviously summon a third main soul pet. Yet, the moment the third main soul pet appeared meant that Chu Mu wasn’t far from defeat because Chu Mu didn’t really have any soul pet that could truly contest her third soul pet.

Chu Mu’s highest staged Night Thunder Dream Beast was only at the seventh phase first stage. Though it was strengthened, its fighting strength definitely couldn’t match Princess Jin Rou’s third soul pet. Defeat was only a matter of time.

Additionally, since Chu Mu lost a soul, even if his Night Thunder Dream Beast could fight with Princess Jin Rou’s third soul pet, when Princess Jin Rou summoned her fourth soul pet, Chu Mu could still only fight with three.

Chu Mu was destined to lose this match, and Chu Mu already had that mental preparation.

If they had to continue to fight, Chu Mu could only enter half devil state.

But, even if he surrendered, Chu Mu wouldn’t use his half devil state again. One, this wasn’t a battle of life and death. Two, Chu Mu’s soul was still in an abnormal state. If he used the half devil state again, who knew what stranger phenomenon will happen? This posed a great risk to his life.


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