Book 2 Chapter 150 - Monarch vs. Monarch

Chapter 150: Monarch vs. Monarch

With a long winded devil cry, the White Nightmare’s body suddenly moved forward like a ghost, actually passing straight through the Sealing Spirit Devil Mark Flame!!

The Devil mark was made from pale white devil fire, yet the fire that Chu Mu’s White Nightmare controlled was the even more powerful white demonic devil flames. Once white devil fire entered the Sealing Spirit Devil Mark Flame, the devil marks quickly dimmed.

Losing the devil marks, Mo Xie immediately regained her freedom. The royal flames that were suppressed on her burned again, and her pupils were full of raging battle intent!


The sharp devil cry again transmitted outwards. The White Devil’s two eyes conjured two white devil fire beams and accurately sent them towards the cursed ice foxes!!



The two cursed ice foxes, under this devil fire gaze, immediately shattered into pieces, scattering ice shards everywhere!


On the battlefield, the two monarch rank imperial foxes had perfect speed, perfect strength, and perfect type, making it a fight between ice and fire!

The white devil that mimicked Chu Mu’s body and the white nightmare princess that mimicked Princess Jin Rou both stared into each other’s white pupils, creating a clash between soul devil fires!

“White devil, Dark Demon Assault.” Chu Mu sent a command to white Nightmare.

The white devil’s gaze had long since locked onto the white nightmare princess. Even though the white nightmare princess’s phase was much higher than the white devil, this vile and arrogant fellow didn’t know anything about phase or stage. Its face that mimicked Chu Mu’s split into a devilishly excited laughter, and its body floated forward like a ghost. Claws imbued with white demonic devil fire bizarrely grew out of its arm and ripped towards the white nightmare princess!

The white nightmare princess equally let out a terrible snarling laugh. Facing the white devil who controlled white demonic devil fire, it also extended its claws and casted the same technique!


The two claws didn’t intersect or even touch, but when the energy of Dark Demon Assault touched in midair, terribly white soul devil fire again roiled, and the overflowed energy spread and blasted away the nearby ground. Immediately, many burning holes of white devil fire appeared around the two white nightmares appeared !

How could the clash between eighth rank technique and eighth rank technique end as simply as a few holes? Just as both the White Nightmares retracted their white claws, there suddenly appeared a crack in the center of the battlefield that crazily extended towards each side!

As if the crack started at the top of the mountain, this scary crack made the entire towering mountain quaver a little, and everyone sitting in the spectator seats clearly felt the mountain slightly sinking!

“Mo Xie, Heavenly Flame Rite!” Chu Mu apathetically gave the command!

The seventh rank technique Heavenly Flame Rite casted by Mo Xie could also act with eighth rank power. When a shocking light beam fell, the crack was extended even further. The flame pillar rolled the Towering Ice Curse Demon Fox up!

“Ice Luster, Towering Ice Earth!” Princess Jin Rou gave the cold command.

Under the effects of the towering ice defense and seventh rank soul armor, Mo Xie’s Heavenly Flame Rite couldn’t cause any lethal wounds to the powerful Towering Ice Curse Demon Fox. Once it was sent into the air, the Towering Ice Curse Demon Fox stood proudly in the air, watching the battlefield with its ice cold eyes. Suddenly, it lifted its head and let out a long call!

Towering Ice mist started to permeate the space, making the entire mountain top hazy and unclear!

The temperature fell. Cold wind blew down from above, creating a thick blanket of towering ice crystals wherever it blew past!!

The spread of ice crystals covered over a hundred meters. From the seats overlooking the battlefield, all they saw was a massive and thickly covered ice crystal ground!


Double royal flames started burning, and the fire light on Mo Xie blossomed. Its powerful, high temperature constantly burned the ice cold air trying to freeze her, creating a white steam around her!

“Nie!!!!!!!! Nie!!!!!”


The light beam conjured with one gaze was a seventh rank explosion that could cause the ground to explode. With a little charging, the technique could easily break into the eighth rank, ripping the ground apart and rendering the battlefield scarred beyond recognition. The battle between the two scary white nightmare monarchs caused everyone’s heart to shake!

With the advantage of white demonic devil flames, the white devil had no need to fear the white nightmare many stages above it, heavily clashing with the white nightmare princess’s energy. Though it was sent flying away by the energy, it would still quickly get up and start another vile, white demonic devil fire attack against the white nightmare princess!!

“Nie!!!!!! Nie!!!!!!!!!!!”

The white devil, who completely couldn’t allow any opponent to be stronger than it, got more and more irascible. Connected by heart, Chu Mu could clearly feel some sort of resentment being produced in the White Nightmare’s body that was then swallowed by the white devil itself, slowly transforming into some energy that merged into the white devil’s body!

Chu Mu’s time of controlling the white devil hadn’t been long. He had only summoned it for battle once, so he didn’t even completely know all of its techniques. Feeling the resentment making the white devil stronger, even Chu Mu himself was very surprised!

Chu Mu’s White Nightmare’s temperament was very strange. It completely didn’t allow any same-species soul pet to be stronger than it. The white nightmare princess had a clear advantage in stage and phase. Though the white demonic devil fire could suppress the white nightmare in aura, in the comparison of power and technique, the white nightmare was still at a disadvantage, and had collected many wounds on its body already.

In front of a powerful enemy, the white devil that wouldn’t allow same species experts to be more powerful than it. Otherwise, it would generate terrible resentment. This resentment would then be eaten by the white devil and morph into its power!

Resentment Gathering!

A terrifying evil ability that could be infinitely cycled and cause its power to become abnormally terrifying!

As long as it was weaker than the opponent, the resentment would continue to appear, meaning that the white devil’s strength would continue to grow!

White demonic devil fire still burned. When the devil cries sounded again, the white devil’s power had actually increased by another 10%. Clashing with the white nightmare princess’s technique again, its white demonic devil fire and pale devil fire interlaced and engulfed everything!

This time, in the clash of devil fires, the white devil was no longer sent flying, only gliding back a small distance. The white devil, who had somewhat caught up in power, gazed at the white nightmare princess, and smiled a sinister and mischievous smile before brazenly pouncing at the white nightmare princess again!

The white nightmare princess hadn’t reached the eighth phase, but it wasn’t far off. The advantage of stage and phase as well as the familiarity of its techniques allowed it to take an absolute advantage. Yet, what made Princess Jin Rou very surprised was, Chu Mu’s abnormally talented White Nightmare could absorb its own resentment to gain fighting strength. If it continued to grow like this, even the white nightmare princess could be defeated!

What was fortunate was, the Resentment Gathering was a slow strength increasing process. As long as the white nightmare princess could suppress the white devil before the white devil could equal the princess in power, it could continue to control the battle.

“Spirit Awakening!” The spell had already been on her lips. Princess Jin Rou’s eyes slowly became distant, as her elegant body had been lifted up into levitation by some mysterious force. Her head of beautiful hair moved without any help of the wind, dancing messily!

Spirit Awakening!

Using a soul pet trainer’s powerful remembrance to stimulate a soul pet’s soul, it could find the most powerful energy within a soul pet’s inner soul. Such a soul technique was especially potent on soul pets with powerful souls, or controlled souls!

The white nightmare was itself the purest of evil souls, so this Spirit Awakening was like a beast type soul pet’s perfect Violent Blood Pupil!

Princess Jin Rou’s White Nightmare had already reached seventh phase high stages. With this Spirit Awakening, the pale white devil fire on the white nightmare princess strangely morphed into white demonic devil fire, and its power reached the peak of seventh rank monarchs!

The seventh phase high stage white nightmare princess could already thwart Chu Mu’s strongest soul pet, the white devil. Under the effects of spirit awakening, the white nightmare princess’s power was even scarier. Even though the white nightmare constantly absorbed resentment and had reached the seventh phase third stage, when both controlled white demonic devil fire, it could no longer compete against the white nightmare princess!


White demonic devil fire blew up beside the white devil’s body, and the white devil was immediately thrown far away by the devil fire wave, falling near the edges of the battlefield.

Seeing the white devil blown away by this one scary white demonic devil fire blow, Chu Mu’s face grew even more grave.

The only technique Chu Mu knew to increase a soul pet’s power was Violent Blood Pupil, yet Violent Blood Pupil only worked on beast type soul pets. Additionally, the spirit soldier technique Adhering Flame would barely do anything for the monarch rank white devil’s current status. Even though Chu Mu had soul power, he didn’t know how to deal with the stronger white nightmare princess!

“Is Chu Mu going to summon a third soul pet?”

In such a hair-raising battle between soul masters and monarchs, many people had already forgotten to comment or discuss anything. Yet, the battle had undergone a clear change. Chu Mu’s White Nightmare was way too inferior in stages to Princess Jin Rou’s white nightmare princess. Furthermore, the white nightmare princess would no longer give the white devil a chance to slowly devour its resentment. Many people wanted to know what Chu Mu would do next to continue the fight.

Aside the battlefield, Ye Qingzi gazed at Chu Mu’s face. She could see that Chu Mu wasn’t the type to easily voice his defeat in battle, so even Ye Qingzi wanted to know what Chu Mu would do to resolve this battle danger and ward off the undefeatable white nightmare princess!


Night slowly came. If one lifted his head, one could see a sky half filled with storm clouds. These storm clouds looked slightly weird, as if innumerous flying soul pets covered the distant skies…...

The cold wind became even more biting and nameless roars and shrill sounds came from afar.

Chu Mu lifted his head, and he gazed at the other half of the night scene, as if waiting for something to come…...


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