Book 2 Chapter 15 - The Prison Island King That Lost A Soul

Chapter 15: The Prison Island King That Lost A Soul[1.TL Note: So sorry about this mistake guys and thanks for pointing it out. So we’ve been translating 魂师 as Spirit Master because 师 can mean both “master” and “teacher” in Chinese. However, we just realized that there is another rank in COSP that is 魂主, which we also want to mean Spirit Master. So all previous Spirit Masters that appeared in previous chapters will be changed to Spirit Teachers (魂师) because Spirit Masters have yet to actually appear in the story iirc (If there was a spirit lord in one of the previous chapters, please notify us because that’s incorrect). For future reference, rankings are as follows - Spirit Disciple, Spirit Soldier, Spirit Teacher (This is Chu Mu’s level), Spirit Master, Spirit Emperor… (don’t want spoilers for the rest)]

The third soul pet that Tian Ji summoned was still a Blue Nightmare. Different than the previous two Blue Nightmares, the blue fire on this Blue Nightmare’s body was even more profound. Its enormous devil fire aura discharged and the surrounding dry specks of sand were ignited. Within the nearby ten meter radius, everything seemed to be enveloped by this eminently profound blue devil fire!

It was a fifth phase ninth stage Blue Nightmare that was about to enter the sixth phase!

If a soul pet trainer could possess one commander rank soul pet, he or she would be a considered powerful person. Yet Tian Ji simultaneously possessed three Blue Nightmares. Such a terrifying method of raising soul pets caused everyone to be somewhat flabbergasted!

A fifth phase fourth stage, a fifth phase sixth stage, and a fifth phase ninth stage!

Three Blue Nightmares simultaneously appearing on stage. Especially when they lined up next to each other, their auras were exceptionally terrifying. Even those in the audience could feel their ice cold aura.

However, even so, the three enormous auras of the Blue Nightmares still could not cover Mo Xie’s gigantic Demon Fire Evil Flame Aura!!

The devil fire was deep blue, and its remote, cold feeling gave others a chill to the bone.

The demon fire was a bright red color, and its blazing heat gave others a burnt feeling!

The Blue Nightmare’s summon was strange, demonic, and full of a dense cold aura. Nevertheless, when the sixth phase third stage Evil Flame Six Tailed Demon Fox spread open her breathtaking six tails, a noble aura appeared amidst the violently burning Demon Fire Evil Flame. The high class commander rank Blue Nightmare’s devil fire was faintly being suppressed!

After undergoing soul crystal training, Mo Xie had not only surpassed the fifth phase ninth stage boundary, she had miraculously increased another two stages, reaching the sixth phase third stage!!

“A sixth phase third stage Evil Flame Six Tailed Demon Fox! Why didn’t you tell me he had this soul pet!” said the Blue Nightmare Palace Lord to Su Yu. His eyebrows immediately creased.

“Last time… last time it wasn’t this strong…” Su Yu didn’t know how to explain. His face was extremely contorted as he looked at the Evil Flame Six Tailed Demon Fox that was able to use its aura to suppress the fifth phase ninth stage Blue Nightmare.

“Trash!” cursed the Blue Nightmare Palace Lord!

Everyone knew that the Evil Flame Six Tailed Demon Fox was an abnormal warrior rank soul pet. Its fighting strength was not inferior to a commander rank soul pet. This indicated that Chu Mu’s Evil Flame Six Tailed Demon Fox’s fighting strength could be comparable to a sixth phase commander rank soul pet. Most importantly, although the Evil Flamed Six Tailed Demon Fox had a commander rank soul pet’s fighting strength, it could be used by a spirit soldier. This was the most valuable aspect of an Evil Flamed Six Tailed Demon Fox!


Her silver fur fluttering in the violent wind, Mo Xie held her head high and let out a powerful howl. Even in front of three eminently evil Blue Nightmares, there wasn’t the slightest hint of fear!!

“One person alone cannot raise three Blue Nightmares…” coldly laughed Chu Mu.

Nightmares had to devour their host’s soul power to grow. Simultaneously raising three Blue Nightmares was practically impossible. Therefore, Tian Ji’s three Blue Nightmares were not slowly cultivated by himself. Rather, he had to use other methods to provide the Nightmares soul power. In this regard, there would definitely be mistakes when controlling them in battle.

“A sixth phase third stage Evil Flame Six Tailed Demon fox is truly shocking. However, in front of my three nightmares, it’s still slightly lacking. Summon your third soul pet!” Tian Ji’s gaze stared at Chu Mu’s Evil Flamed Six Tailed Demon Fox, as he spoke unperturbed.

The people sitting high above could see that Chu Mu’s Six Tailed Demon Fox would have no problems in dealing with the fifth phase ninth stage Blue Nightmare.

Nevertheless, Chu Mu’s Ice Air Fairy, which had consumed a lot of fighting strength, could not deal with the remaining two Blue Nightmares.

Therefore, in any event, Chu Mu would have to summon a third soul pet in order to contend against Tian Ji.

“Is he not going to summon a third soul pet?” Princess Jin Rou slowly asked.

“I remember that he seemed to have lost a soul.” replied Xia Guanghan.

Xia Guanghan’s tone remained calm and cold; however, his words instantly raised a wave of startled commotion!!

Losing a soul was practically a nightmare to any soul pet trainer. On their future path to become powerful, it would be a huge obstacle!

“Then… then hasn’t he always been in a state where he lacks a soul pet summon?” A trace of astonishment flashed in Princess Jin Rou’s beautiful eyes!

Princess Jin Rou also wasn’t forgetful. She remembered that, three years ago, when she went to the Eternal Ocean, a young man had forsaken the chance at survival that she gave him and instead resolutely chose to survive on Prison Island!

The young man that had chosen the option of death had ultimately walked out alive. This made Princess Jin Rou rather surprised, but she didn’t know that Chu Mu had lost a soul!

Losing a soul and entering Prison Island to survive made the difficulty level for Chu Mu much higher than everyone else. Moreover, even under these circumstances, he still managed to walk out alive. Even the perpetually calm Princess Jin Rou couldn’t help but admit that it was a miracle!!!

The gaze of the always arrogant and battle-loving Lu Lishan had clearly changed right now. He intentionally glanced at Xia Guanghan before suspiciously verifying: “He really did lose a soul?”

“Yes.” Xia Guanghan nodded his head.

Until now, the Nightmare Prince Adjudicator would always use the most indifferent attitude towards any person or any fight. Yet, currently, the young man with an exceedingly high status in Nightmare Palace had finally been moved!

“If he lost a soul, then isn’t he a piece of trash? What a joke, he surprisingly lost a soul.” After hearing the new, Su Yu’s first reaction was an ineffable satisfaction, because the fellow he detested was a piece of trash that had lost a soul.

However, while Su Yu felt elated, his father’s face had gone black!

“He’s lost a soul, so what qualifications does he have to fight against Tian Ji?! What qualifications does he have to be a Nightmare Prince?!” Su Yu still wasn’t able to determine where the problem laid, and continued to have a contemptuous look.

“Idiot, shut your mouth!” The Blue Nightmare Palace Lord finally couldn’t stand it anymore and cursed at him in rage!

The Blue Nightmare Palace Lord was truly seething with anger. How could he have such an idiotic son that was beyond hope of saving. Bringing him out was simply losing face!

If it was back then, at the beginning, and Chu Mu had lost a soul, then Nightmare Palace wouldn’t found any value in cultivating Chu Mu. To any soul pet trainer, any soul was imperatively important.

However, it was different now. Chu Mu was the Prison Island King!

Three years ago, Chu Mu had already lost a soul. Yet, even under these circumstances, he had survived in the cruel environment of Prison Island for three years. At the age of 18, he had become the new generation of the Prison Island King. As to what implications this had, even those with a small amount of brains would be able to figure it out!!

It was also due to this reason that everyone present, including Princess Jin Rou and Lu Lishan, felt extremely amazed!

An 18 year old Prison Island King was already terrifying. No one further expected this Prison Island King to have also lost a soul! Xia Guanghan’s nonchalant words caused a sensation to surge through everyone’s hearts. Their gazes were eminently shocked as they stared at the black clothed man on the battlefield!

“H… how on earth did he survive?”

It was a long while before someone asked this question. However, in reality, this was a question everyone wanted an answer to!

Having lost a soul, how on earth did he survive?!

“No wonder Senior Xia extols this Chu Mu. This one sentence of Senior Xia has managed to instantaneously reveal a rare talent!” Princess Jin Rou who rarely praised others slowly spoke. At the same time, her beautiful eyes were fixed on the black clothed man with the eyes of a beast!

The corners of Xia Guanghan’s mouth raised up, but he didn’t say anything further.

Often, a person’s strength was determined by who they beat and what soul pet they possessed.

However, there was nothing that could determine one’s strength more than someone who had lost a soul and was still able to become the Prison Island King at the age of 18.

Furthermore, this sort ofpower was absolutely shocking!!

“Then… then this means that he’s always used two soul pets to fight three soul pets. That means right now… doesn’t he also have to use two soul pets to fight three soul pets?!”

Quickly, someone became aware of the current battle situation!

Everyone’s guesses were correct. Chu Mu really could not summon a third soul pet. Moreover, in Chu Mu’s opinion, Mo Xie and the Ice Air Fairy were enough to deal with the three Blue Nightmares!

Using two to fight three. The change in the tides of battle caused everyone seated on the podium to open their eyes wide. Through this fight, they wanted to determine if Xia Guanghan’s words were true.

TIan Ji paid no heed to the ruckus that had been set off in the audience. He continued to feel rather suspicious by Chu Mu’s arrogance.

“If you think that you can use a sixth phase third stage Evil Flame Six Tailed Demon Fox to beat me, you’re gravely mistaken!” shouted Tian Ji coldly. He immediately ordered his three Blue Nightmares to launch a violent offensive!

Chu Mu didn’t say anything else. Instead, he silently chanted an incantation!

As he chanted the incantation, a captivating blood red light slowly discharged from Chu Mu’s body. When Chu Mu finished the incantation, the pillar of blood light abruptly soared into the sky!!

Inside the blood light that was soaring into the sky, a pair of large pupils suddenly opened. The two eyes were like the devil’s eyes- full of eminent indifference- as they overlooked the earth. They unexpectedly made the three Blue Nightmares stop in their tracks!

“Violent Blood Pupil!” Chu Mu’s two distinctive eyes pupils had been dyed red. The pupils in the blood light seemed to be a projection of Chu Mu’s. A kind of savage, ruthless, blood-thirsty and violent mental message passed through the blood pupil into the identically imposing Mo Xie!

A captivating blood light enveloped Mo Xie’s red colored Demon Fire Evil Flame! The already ostentatious evil flame on Mo Xie’s body became even more exuberant, and all of her silver white fur was dyed in a blood red, with a blazing fire and a gorgeous captivating red color. Her slender and powerful body seemed to be fully covered in flames!!

Sixth phase seventh stage!!!

With the addition of Violent Blood Pupil, Mo Xie further exhibited the characteristics of a sixth phase seventh stage Evil Flame Six Tailed Demon Fox. A terrifying Demon Fire Evil Flame caused those seated in the audience to feel a scorching heat and a dense bloody aura!

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