Book 2 Chapter 149 - White Demonic Devil Flames, Spirit Master Chu Mu

Chapter 149: White Demonic Devil Flames, Spirit Master Chu Mu

“As expected, Nightmare Palace’s young princess has already reached the spirit master level!”

Amongst the younger generation, those who could reach it were all well-known figures. However, being able to step into the spirit master level before the age of 20 absolutely made one a world-shocking genius!!

The Great Chu Family was already considered a big faction in the Western Kingdom. Their young generation experts were many. Additionally, numerous of their experts enjoyed a famous reputation in the soul pet realm. However, compared to the Nightmare Palace’s young princess today, all of the young generation experts, aside from their hearts being stunned, were feeling ashamed of themselves!

A true young generation expert had completely surpassed the young age connotation and was capable of stepping into the ranks of experts, where age didn’t matter.

The icy beauty and honorable Princess Jin Rou had an amazing reputation in the soul pet world not only because she relied on the enormous influence of Nightmare Palace, but also because she had powerful strength that surpassed those of the same age.

Seeing the princess’ temperament transformation, Chu Mu was identically extremely surprised. Especially the White Nightmare that was like the princess’ figure. Its aura was imposing and arrogant. It was pretty and flirtatious, but hiddenly evil- like an aloof devil fire queen. Its pale, white eyes looked disdainfully at everything!

“Sealing Spirit Devil Mark Flames!” Princess Jin Rou’s cold voice rang out!

“Nie~~~~~” the White Nightmare princess let out a sharp cry. Its slender white glass-like hands rose up to its head. Two arcs of flames slowly rose up in an orbit. As its palms closed, the white-colored devil flames strangely transformed into a pale white pillar of light that retreated into its two palms.

“Nie~~~~~~~” another sharp devil cry. The White Nightmare princess brought its closed palms down, and it abruptly struck the ground at its feet!

The uneven battlefield was unscathed. Only, looking down from above, one could see thirteen pale white cursed diagrams that outlandishly and quietly extended from Mo Xie’s location.

“Mo Xie, abandon it.” Chu Mu astonishedly looked at the sealing spirit flames approach, and he decisively had Mo Xie abandon the Nine Tail Dragon Obliteration!

Mo Xie’s nine long majestic tails stopped their sweeping, and the bundled Towering Ice Cursed Demon Fox was resolutely thrown away. She then immediately used Nine Tail Confuse!

The nine tails spun around and hid Mo Xie’s body inside. When the nine tails extended out, Mo Xie’s body had already moved twenty meters away...

“Beng!! Beng!! Beng!!!!!”

The sudden white colored devil flames on the ground exploded, and thirteen spirit devil marks strangely flew up from the ground. They agilely danced about and unexpectedly quickly bundled the area that Mo Xie was just in. Practically in the blink of an eye, they transformed into a thirteen spirit devil mark branded devil flame prison in the air!

“Soul Lock!” Princess Jin Rou let out another order.

The White Nightmare princess used its hands to control the thirteen spirit devil marks. After the devil marks had been dodged by Mo Xie’s Nine Tail Confuse, the transformed prison of devil marks surprisingly quickly separated, and like thirteen terrifying water snakes, frighteningly swam through the sky, charging towards Mo Xie!

Seeing the strange technique continue attacking, Chu Mu was shocking in his heart. He remembered that his White Nightmare didn’t have this kind of technique. Moreover, he could be sure that Soul Lock wasn’t something that Mo Xie’s Seal Break could destroy. The moment she was locked by the devil marks, it would be even harder to move.

“Wu wu wu wu~~~~~”

Just at this moment, the Towering Ice Cursed Demon Fox also let out its technique that it hadn’t finished before!

Seven Cursed Ice Foxes!

The cry rang out, and the curse mark on the Towering Ice Cursed Demon Fox’s forehead blossomed with a demonic radiance. Its ice colored slender body unexpectedly began to split, gradually forming seven ice sculptures in the shape of mighty ice foxes!

The ice sculpture fox bodies reached four meters in length, and they stood there indifferently. They were coldly guarding the tip of the mountain peak, giving others a heart-trembling visual shock!

“Wu wu wu wu~~~~~~~”

The fox’s cry sang loudly like a monarch’s command and call. The seven cursed ice foxes arrogantly opened the ice sealed eyes and keenly focused on the quickly dodging the sealing spirit devil mark flames Royal Flamed Nine Tailed Inferno Fox.

Cold air permeated the surroundings, and the tip of the mountain peak was frozen in a layer of thick icy frost. As the Towering Ice Cursed Demon Fox gave its order, the seven monarch defending ice sculptures strode forward and smashed the thick ice crystals on the ground. They swept up a deathly cold air and charged towards Mo Xie!

Seeing this scene, Chu Mu’s face turned even more serious. Following the silent incantation, a white devil flame around Chu Mu’s body identically silently burned!

Even if Mo Xie’s strength was any stronger, she could not simultaneously deal with two great monarchs. In this scenario, Chu Mu could no longer hide his strength!

The seven ice sculpture foxes had the most terrifying strength. With four meter long strides, they were like enormous lion tigers. Any short piece of rock anywhere was shattered by these robust and mighty fox bodies!

Facing the onslaught of two powerful techniques. Mo Xie no longer had any reservations, and she used her quickest speed, running about on the expansive battlefield.

However, the two techniques possessed homing effects, and no matter where Mo Xie ran, the sealing spirit devil mark and seven fox ice sculptures continued to follow close behind!

The sealing spirit devil mark white flames were absolutely quiet, yet full of an unknown terrifying strength!

The seven, cursed ice foxes were irascible and coarse, freezing over the mountain peak!

Mo Xie’s speed had already reached the limit, but under the attack of these two techniques, she was still followed closely behind and slowly, she had nowhere left to dodge!


Nine tails swept past and one of of the ice foxes was fiercely shattered into ice dregs by Mo Xie!

Illusion Royal Flame Claw!

Using Flame Dance to flank around, Mo Xie’s figure quickly transformed into four, and the royal flamed claw accurately ripped past four other cursed ice foxes!

The claw mark expanded in the air, and the incomparably mighty five ice foxes were fully transformed into shattered ice crystals. Moreover, as the quick and violent royal flames burned them, every piece of thick ice crystal was transformed into white air that drifted in the air!

Seven ice foxes. A total of five of them had been shattered. However, the other two were hard for Mo Xie to defend against. Once the Royal Flame Claw fell to the ground, the two cursed ice foxes caught up. Their ice claws violently descended, and even though Mo Xie had used Nine Tail Fan, her body was still knocked flying by the terrifying strength.

Mo Xie shook off the ice dregs on her body and stood up from the gorge. She was about to use her speed when the strange sealing spirit devil marks quietly appeared. Like water snakes, they coiled around Mo Xie’s four limbs, rapidly binding her body!

“Wu wu wu!!!!!”

The sealing spirit devil flames caused large injuries towards the soul, and the four devil marks binded around her body, while the other nine transformed into worldly devil chains that criss-crossed around Mo Xie’s surroundings, forming a terrifying devil flame prison!

“Hu hu hu hu~~~~”

The nine devil marks were burning in a pale white devil flame. Suddenly, the raging white flames ascended and began to violently burn Mo Xie’s soul!

A painful shout rang out. The sixth level soul armor as well as Mo Xie’s own defense could prevent her body from burning, but couldn’t prevent the white colored devil flames from wildly ravaging her soul!

“Under this scenario, could it be that Chu Mu still isn’t going to summon his second main pet?”

Seeing Chu Mu’s Royal Flamed Nine Tailed Demon Fox being controlled by the White Nightmare princess, everyone’s hearts rose a bit. This monarch rank technique was something none of the Great Chu Family’s young generation expert’s soul pets could resist!

Presently, everyone’s eyes had fallen on Chu Mu.

Everyone knew that Chu Mu’s strongest soul pet was his mutated Royal Flamed Nine Tailed Inferno Fox. If his strongest soul pet was restricted, how would Chu Mu still have the ability to fight against Princess Jin Rou?!


Flames silently burned on the body of black clothes, but it only made the devil flame color seem even more pale white.

Those two eyes had already, at some unknown time, been ignited with white colored devil flames like a cold and detached ruler looking down at the creatures on the battlefield.

The white demonic devil flames grew increasingly violent. Finally, they practically engulfed Chu Mu’s body, enveloping him inside this soul devil flame!

An even more serene and cold devil flame began to sweep forth, unexpectedly covering the White Nightmare princess’ cold aura and rendering the cold shivering of the soul to be even more thorough!

“This… this is…”

“Chu Mu has unexpectedly also reached the spirit master level!!”

“It’s said that he lost a soul, and previously he was able to summon three soul pets…”

Seeing this spectacle, everyone let out shocked expressions, because the devil flame burning on Chu Mu’s body happened to be the White Nightmare’s devil flame. Moreover, it was the even more evil and terrifying than the pale spirit devil flame, white demonic devil flame!

It was shocking that Princess Jin Rou was able to reach the spirit master level, but that could be considered to be expected. After all, she represented the people at the pinnacle of the pyramid of Nightmare Palace.

Chu Mu was merely a young generation expert who had, in the recent year, abruptly risen in the Western Kingdom. There was still a definite distance before reaching the pinnacle of the peak level, and no one expected Chu Mu to unexpectedly have reached the spirit master level.

What made it even harder to believe was that the White Nightmare’s grandeur with which he summoned wasn’t the least bit inferior to the princess’ emperor species White Nightmare!

The entire Great Chu Family was in an uproar once more. This was a fight between the young generation, yet they had already reached the powerful spirit master level. Moreover, it had transformed from a commander fight into a monarch ranked contest!

At the edge of the battlefield, Ye Qingzi’s pupils gazed at Chu Mu. When in Sin Source Mountain Range, she had guessed that Chu Mu had very likely reached the spirit master level. Yet, right now, after seeing him use his full strength, she still felt rather shocked.  This was especially true with the awakening of the White Nightmare with white demonic devil flames as its enormous aura engulfed the field!


Slowly stepping back, Chu Mu’s White Nightmare also emulated Chu Mu’s figure. It was like a white colored devil ghost that stepped on terrifying white demonic devil flames as it haughtily stood on the mountain peak battlefield - its eyes apathetic and arrogant!!

“White demonic devil flames, seventh phase White Nightmare!” seeing Chu Mu’s White Nightmare so domineeringly appear on the battlefield, Princess Jin Rou’s eyebrows faintly creased.

Princess Jin Rou had previously already guessed that Chu Mu had entered the spirit master realm, and she also knew he controlled a White Nightmare. Yet, she never expected his White Nightmare to have reached the seventh phase. What made her extremely surprised was that his White Nightmare didn’t possess pale white devil flames, but an even higher spirit devil flame crystallization - white demonic devil flames!


In front of the same species, Chu Mu’s White Nightmare was like a incomparably vile hegemon that didn’t allow for any Nightmare to be stronger than it, even if it was an identically ranked Nightmare!!


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