Chapter 148: Awaken White Nightmare, Devilishly Alluring Princess!

Chapter 148: Awaken White Nightmare, Devilishly Alluring Princess!

Mo Xie had the absolute speed advantage. An attack under the effects of Illusion, was hard to dodge even by an eighth phase demon commander rank.

But what Chu Mu was surprised was that the little Princess’s Towering Ice Curse Demon Fox actually completely dodged the nigh undodgeable attack. If not for a small flaw in the Bewildering Phantom Ring that made Chu Mu realize that the terrifying demon fox simply wasn’t in place, Mo Xie may have been immediately heavily wounded after her attack!

Mo Xie wouldn’t question Chu Mu’s command for a single instant. Almost the same time that Chu Mu sent a command, Mo Xie’s flame paws lightly tapped the air, and she immediately bounced upwards!

At the same moment that Mo Xie stepped on her royal flames into the skies, a mirror-like massive ice piece suddenly appeared frighteningly!

It scarily covered over fifty meters in range. With a long cry that was hidden within the icy storm, this massive ice mirror instantly shattered. Countless Towering Ice claw marks swiped past the shattered ice mirror, creating thousands of claw marks, leaving nowhere to dodge. Everyone in the stadium couldn’t help but suck in a breath!

Similarly an eighth rank attack, this terrifying technique was beyond instantly killing any commander rank under eighth phase. It could totally kill a crowd of them!

After the terrifying attack appeared, everyone wiped away a little sweat for the Royal Flamed Nine Tail Inferno Fox who had leapt into the air. If she were just a bit slower, the poorly defended Nine Tail Demon Fox would definitely have been instantly shredded to pieces!

Seeing this, Chu Mu also had lingering fears. Princess Jin Rou’s Towering Ice Curse Demon Fox was truly terrifying. Its Bewildering Phantom Ring made it not any slower than Mo Xie, so even if Mo Xie had Violent Blood Pupil, she would still have a hard time getting an advantage!

“Ice Luster, Demon Fox Curse!” The little princess watched the the Royal Flamed Nine Tailed Inferno Fox that leapt into the air, and she calmly sent a command to her soul pet.

Other than the crystal on it differentiating it from the Royal Flame Nine Tail Inferno Fox, the mark on the Towering Ice Curse Demon Fox’s forehead was also completely different.

Though the Towering Ice Curse Demon Fox’s speed couldn’t compete with the Nine Tail Demon Fox’s, its darker demon curse mark meant that its demonic power was much stronger than the Royal Flame Nine Tail Inferno Fox!

Demon technique, Curse!

The curse mark on the Towering Ice Curse Demon Fox’s forehead burst with silver demonic radiance. This special and strange foxprint slowly left the demon fox’s forehead, and it quickly enlarged, becoming a silver foxprint curse!!


Along with a long call from the Towering Ice Curse Demon Fox, the Demon Fox Curse shot out rays of silver lights that surrounded where Mo Xie was, quickly forming a similar Demon Fox Curse above Mo Xie!

Once the silver Demon Fox Curse appeared, it constantly hovered above Mo Xie’s head. Its strange power actually forcefully pushed Mo Xie from the air into the ground. Mo Xie’s body felt as if she were weighed down by half a ton of weights. Her four limbs actually were buried into the ground, and all her speed was completely restricted, unable to be utilized fully!

This’ll be troublesome. Your Royal Flame Nine Tail Inferno Fox has put too much emphasis on her body, ignoring her demonic powers. Once up against such a demonic mental technique, it’ll be a headache.” Old Li had somehow gotten out of the soul capture ring and started spectating. Seeing Mo Xie controlled by the curse, he immediately started worrying for Chu Mu.

Princess Jin Rou had already started smiling lightly. Only after specially looking at Chu Mu did she tell her Towering Ice Curse Demon Fox to cast an ice type technique!

With its ice colored fur flurrying in the gusts of wind, the Towering Ice Curse Demon Fox suddenly had Towering Ice, an ice even stronger than Black Crystal, appear near it. Instantly, the cold wind was like daggers, piercing into even the skins of the people sitting in the high seats!

With such a manner, it was clearly another terrifying eighth rank technique!

Though Mo Xie had mutated into a Royal Flame Nine Tail Inferno Fox, her defense was still only at the seventh rank intermediate stage. If she couldn’t make her nine tails into a Nine Tail Fan, withstanding an eighth rank attack would definitely heavily wound her!

Anyone with the slightest ability could see that this Royal Flame Nine Tail Inferno Fox had a severe defense deficit. Once the Towering Ice Curse Demon Fox’s technique was being channelled, everyone’s hearts were raised up and all their gazes unanimously fell upon Chu Mu.

Under this situation, if Chu Mu didn’t summon another main soul pet, this Royal Flame Nine Tail Inferno Fox would definitely suffer a lethal blow!

Yet, people didn’t see Chu Mu start a summoning incantation, and were instead surprised when they discovered that all Chu Mu did was lift a corner of his mouth!

“Mo Xie, Seal Break!!”

Almost at the same time the Towering Ice Curse Demon Fox was halfway through channeling its technique, Chu Mu suddenly sent a command to Mo Xie!!


Mo Xie proudly lifted her head and an evil moon power suddenly appeared, as the silver moon mark on her forehead exploded in radiance!!

An invisible moon glow appeared. The glamorous moon curve almost perfectly coincided with Mo Xie’s elegant body, which was rampantly releasing demonic aura.


As if a mirror broke, when the moonlights converged, the curse above Mo Xie’s head instantly shattered into pieces, becoming countless mottled shines, slowly disappearing!

“Mo Xie, Instant Assault!”

A more advanced technique than Death Assault - Instant Assault, could instantly increase Mo Xie’s speed by two times!

When Mo Xie ran,  people already could barely capture her movement. With double the speed, she was even closer to real teleportation speed!

Seeing Mo Xie break out of the Towering Ice Curse Demon Fox’s mark, Princess Jin Rou’s eyes flickered with some astonishment. She wanted her soul pet to dodge, but because it was in the middle of channelling a technique, it was too late to make a move already!

Nine Tail Dragon Obliteration!

As she darted past, nine imposing tails immediately curled the Towering Ice Curse Demon Fox high into the air. With the swirling of the tails, immediately, a shattering hurricane rose into the skies!!

The Towering Ice Curse Demon Fox always had Towering Ice shards floating around it. These Towering Ice Shards would quickly adhere onto the demon fox whenever it was attacked and form a thick towering ice armor. So, it could be said that the Towering Ice Curse Demon Fox was perfect even in its defense.

THus, Princess Jin Rou didn’t lose her cool even though Mo Xie used her Nine Tail Dragon Obliteration.

After seeing the Towering Ice constantly creating a defensive effect, Chu Mu couldn’t help but exclaim at the powerfulness of the Towering Ice Curse Demon Fox. It was subject to such a powerful grinding attack, yet it could still withstand it!

Although he was astonished by this soul pet of the little princess, Chu Mu was similarly calm. The Nine Tail Dragon Obliteration was even more powerful than the Royal Flame Claw and could last a very long time. As long as the Towering Ice Curse Demon Fox couldn’t escape, the towering ice armor on its skin would ultimately be destroyed!

An incantation was slowly chanted. This momentary disadvantage of Princess Jin Rou didn’t mean the battle was finished. When the Towering Ice Curse Demon Fox was controlled, Princess Jin Rou had already started channeling her incantation.

Her white and slender hands lightly fell on her chest. When Princess Jin Rou lowered her head to cast her spell, and balls of white devil fire strangely appeared around her body!!

Cold, shivering, white soul devil fire burned especially silent, but in the evening yellows, it seemed abnormally hair-raising!!

Princess Jin Rou’s nobleness and refined grace made nothing able to leave a mark on her heart. It was as if nothing was even able to reveal any emotion from her eyes, giving a feel of a goddess above mortals.

Yet, when this utmost evil white devil fire started burning on her, dying her pupils white, she gave off a completely different feeling!

The curvaceous body wrapped in tight silk clothes, originally pure and holy, had revealed a charming and flirtatious side, with the addition of white evil devil fire, giving off a palpitating visual allure.

Though one couldn’t see her beautiful face, the icy arrogance and demonic charm in her eyes was like a dark saint. With her alluring body, the feeling was completely opposite from original. Cold, apathetic, noble, and a innate superiority as well as despise for all other living beings!

This side of Princess Jin Rou gave everyone a massive visual shock. No one had thought that the Princess would have such a demonic side!

When Princess Jin Rou finished her charm, the white soul devil fire’s massive aura swept outwards.

Immediately, it caused all the souls of the young experts within the Great Chu Family to shiver. No matter who had rampant thoughts for this unique girl, they all felt a great intimidation from her soul remembrance, feeling an indescribable sense of fear instead!

White devil fire burned brighter and brighter, almost completely covering Princess Jin Rou’s body. With a low chant from Princess Jin Rou, the white soul devil fire again invaded, spreading the white soul devil fire to the entire battlefield!

Slowly stepping back, Princess Jin Rou’s body suddenly left the burning white devil fire.

What was most strange was, the burning white devil fire didn’t disappear after Princess Jin Rou left. Instead, it actually forged Princess Jin Rou’s elegant outline, creating a scary burning Princess devil shadow that stood proudly within the calmly wavering white devil fire, as if a senior devil who was in charge of all evil spirits!

Leaving the devil fire, Princess Jin Rou recovered her nobleness and composure, yet the white Devil Fire shadow reflected Princess Jin Rou’s darkest side. Even without a real body, it still felt lithe and enchanting, full of a dark and thick body allure as well as a heart shaking soul dominance!

Monarch Rank White Nightmare!!!

Princess Jin Rou’s monarch rank White Nightmare had finally appeared. This White Nightmare had impressively morphed into the shape of the princess, stepping onto the battlefield with her jade-like feet on white soul devil fire. It caused unprecedented shock to sweep through all the Great Chu Family members’ hearts, shaking even the Great Chu Family family master.


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