Chapter 1470: Opening The Path For Three Thousand Refugees!

Chapter 1470: Opening The Path For Three Thousand Refugees!

The youth and Zhuo Wan looked at their surroundings in complete shock. Thunderous roars of monsters were echoing all around them just a moment ago, yet those monsters had already turned into corpses in such a short time. Just how did the man before them achieve such a feat?

“Mister, did you kill all of them?” asked the youth.

“Yes,” Chu Mu nodded.

The youth became engrossed in his own thoughts. He was already astonished enough when he had personally witnessed a Dominator rank Iceberg monster getting killed right before him, now he was seeing those ferocious Iceberg monsters scattered around as lifeless corpses......

Was that not the sort of power that he truly desired? The power to be able to easily kill those ferocious monsters.

The youth wanted to know just how he could reach the level of the man who stood before him.

Zhuo Wan kept examining Chu Mu closely, because she thought that he looked really familiar. After a while, she tried asking, “Are you Commander?”

Commander? Chu Mu had already forgotten that he had that rank. He took a glance at Zhuo Wan again, his stern face finally revealed a smile, “It’s you.”

“Commander, is it really you?” Zhuo Wan became even more elated from the confirmation.

During the time she was in Snow City, she remembered that a man called Chu Fangchen had once been their army’s commander. Zhuo Wan had also encountered him in the library there. After Snow City had won in the battle against Soul Alliance, she had also had a brief conversation with this talented and handsome youth during the victory banquet.

However, for some reason, he had suddenly disappeared. Then, Zhuo Wan had never seen him again.

Zhuo Wan did not know that Chu Fangchen was Chu Mu, the King of New Moon Land. When Chu Mu had appeared at the rubble, she felt a sense of familiarity from him. However, his demeanor gave off a cold feeling, so Zhuo Wan did not dare to ask him carelessly.

“Shouldn’t you be at Snow City?” asked Chu Mu.

“Sister Zhuo Wan is one of the earliest reinforcements that arrived to our Ice City. In order to save us, she was unable to retreat in time when the monsters started flooding in, hence she also ended up trapped in here along with us,” answered the youth.

Chu Mu knew that Zhuo Wan was a support soul pet trainer. Most support soul pet trainers had a kind heart. This was something that was both respectable and acknowledged.

As they conversed, people continued walking out of the rubble. They were willing to grasp onto this small chance of survival.

Chu Mu took a rough count of the people. There were ten people, twelve including Zhuo Wan and this youth.

“Follow me,” said Chu Mu.

He did not wait there any longer and immediately brought the twelve people on the way towards the inner city.

“Relax, Commander Chu is a very powerful soul pet trainer. He will definitely bring us to the inner city safely,” Zhuo Wan consoled the ten people who followed behind her.

Zhuo Wan did not know any of Chu Mu’s achievements after he left Snow City. She could calm those refugees down by calling him commander.

After walking for a short while, a bright flame suddenly bloomed in the sky. This cluster of flame had dyed that patch of sky crimson and then it gradually faded away.

Chu Mu looked at that cluster of flame and frowned shortly after.

This was the signal that Chu Mu had agreed upon with those Spirit Dominators who were participating in the rescue. It was obvious that a soul pet trainer was trapped in that direction.

Chu Mu instantly changed the direction he was heading towards the source of the signal.

“What’s going on? Aren’t we heading to the inner city?” asked a wounded young soul pet trainer.

Zhuo Wan also looked at Chu Mu in perplexion.

“A Spirit Dominator is trapped there, I’m going to save him now,” explained Chu Mu.

“No way, it’s already difficult for just us to escape, and we still have to save others?” complained the other refugees.

Chu Mu took a glance at Zhuo Wan and spoke, “All of you can follow this direction. There aren’t that many iceberg monsters along the way. There, you can regroup with the other refugees.”

“You aren’t going to protect us?” That young soul pet trainer opened his eyes wide in surprise.

Letting them go by themselves?

That was no different from asking them to straight up commit suicide. They could only take on ten iceberg monsters or so at most. However, there were currently over thousands of those iceberg monsters outside the middle city.

Chu Mu did not answer. After he told Zhuo Wan the route, he immediately disappeared.

Once Chu Mu really left, everyone was dumbfounded. They could not decide whether to advance or just stay still.

“It’s not only the few of us who were trapped, let’s follow his words,” Zhuo Wan did not want the refugees to lose their confidence and immediately led the way.

“Miss, are you sure that you can bring us to the inner city all by yourself?” asked an elderly.

Zhuo Wan nodded without the slightest hesitation, “He was once the strongest person amongst the young generation of our Soul Palace. Even the young master of Soul Palace was no match for him. Young master Teng has already become a high class or peak Dominator now, so he must have grown even stronger.”

There were a few soul pet trainers amongst the refugees, they naturally understood what the concept of a Dominator meant. They also knew just how powerful a young master of Soul Palace was.

Once Zhuo Wan had said that, the refugees calmed down instantly and followed the direction that Chu Mu had pointed out.

As expected, not many iceberg monsters had shown up along that path. As long as they avoided the monsters, they would not encounter any threatening danger.

The group travelled fairly quickly. After a while, they could see silhouettes of people behind some ruined streets.

Zhuo Wan was a kindhearted person. If she encounters other refugees along the way, then she would definitely extend a helping hand to them. Gradually, the team had increased from twelve people to about twenty people.

Soon, a black figure appeared before them.

Chu Mu was really fast. They did not even notice when Chu Mu had appeared.

Chu Mu escorted them for a section of the journey. There were many iceberg monsters appearing along this stretch of the path. If Chu Mu did not escort them, then they would have surely died there.

Night led the way for them. Its aura enveloped this region and those iceberg monsters avoided it and did not dare to come close.

Those twenty refugees were surprised after they saw such a scene. With such a powerful individual helping them, their chances of survival had become even greater.

Chu Mu led the twenty refugees in order to regroup with the Spirit Dominator who had sent the signal.

That Spirit Dominator was leading a group of fifty refugees. There were even some who could not even treat their wounds properly. The scent of blood had attracted many iceberg monsters to them as they moved and hence they were now surrounded.

Luckily, Chu Mu had arrived in time. Otherwise, those fifty refugees would have ended up dead.

“Isn’t that Li Yue who is fairly famous in our Ice City? So General Li Yue has also come to save us!” said the young soul pet trainer in surprise after he saw that Spirit Dominator.

Li Yue was quite popular in Ice City, thinking that he was one of the top individuals in Ice City!

“Yeah, commander sir, you should have told us that you were General Li Yue’s subordinate. We would not have been so scared along the way then,” said those refugees.

The twenty refugees that Chu Mu had brought regrouped with Li Yue’s fifty refugees. The refugee group was now composed of seventy people. Chu Mu felt that this would greatly increase the difficulty for Li Yue, but there was no other choice left now.

Furthermore, there should still be another Spirit Dominator nearby. He should also have around forty people with him. This would make them a group of hundred in total. The size was too large and it would easily be detected by the iceberg monsters.

“King Chu, we need you to escort us this time,” Li Yue saluted and requested with an embarrassed expression.

Li Yue had thought that he could bring those fifty people back, but had almost ended up letting all of them die. Hence, he felt somewhat guilty.

“I will clear the iceberg monsters ahead. You lead them and follow behind me. Bring along any refugees you see along the way, but do not stop. Send the signal again if you encounter any danger,” Chu Mu instructed Li Yue.

Chu Mu would clear a path for those refugees. Then, Li Yue and the other Spirit Dominator would lead these hundred refugees and follow behind. He could not stay around those refugees all the time. After all, Chu Mu had to care about over thirty Spirit Dominators who were spread out throughout the middle city. Even if he was fast, it would still consume too much of his time if he went back and forth amongst those Spirit Dominators.

Li Yue immediately nodded. With an Immortal rank expert opening the path for them, it would certainly be very safe.

Chu Mu disappeared from the group once again. Li Yue only felt as if his sight had blurred for a moment and he had already lost sight of Chu Mu. Seeing that streak of light, Li Yue also felt somewhat envious.

“General Li Yue, why are you saluting him? Isn’t he your subordinate?” asked the wounded young soul pet trainer.

Li Yue glared at that young soul pet trainer, “Don’t speak such nonsense. I don’t even qualify to be his subordinate! He is the strongest person that I have ever met! He alone is opening up the path for over thirty of us Spirit Dominators in order to rescue the refugees. Without him, we can’t even get through this mess, let alone reaching the inner city!”

The refugees who were brought by Chu Mu were dumbfounded.

Opening the path for over thirty Spirit Dominators all alone, just what kind of concept was that?

One rescue team would generally have about a hundred refugees. Over thirty rescue teams meant that there would be over three thousand refugees. Ice City experts like Li Yue were only escorting the refugees. While he alone was opening up the path for the rescue teams that were spread all over the city. Just how powerful did he have to be in order to achieve that?

Zhuo Wan and the youth had assumed that Chu Mu was only rescuing their little group, but they had never imagined that he was actually managing three thousand refugees all by himself. No wonder the first thing that he told the refugees when he entered the rubble was “Follow me or not is your own choice.”

He did not have time to explain himself and he also did not have to waste time for a group of cowards. If he wasted even one minute in one place, then the refugees in another place might be annihilated.

“Sister Zhuo Wan, does this mean that we have a chance to survive?” asked the youth.

Someone much stronger than General Li Yue had shown up to rescue them. It would not matter how many iceberg monsters were blocking their way now.

“Yes,” Zhuo Wan nodded.

He had changed from an outstanding youth who determined the battle of Snow City to a lord who could now freely move within millions of monsters.

It had been so many years before she knew it. She really wanted to know just what kind of events he had encountered and experienced to allow him to grow to his current state!

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