Chapter 1468: Saving People from a Million Monsters

After the City Lord and the generals left, Mu Qingyi glanced at the stern Chu Mu. She softly asked: “Are you angry?” 

Just now, Chu Mu had been slightly scary. At least to people who had never met Chu Mu before, he only needed to have a slightly imposing tone, and their minds wouldn’t be able to bear it. Indeed, the soul remembrance of a spirit immortal rank was too strong compared to these normal soul pet trainers. 

“No.” Chu Mu shook his head.    

Chu Mu couldn’t be bothered to get mad at them. He was mad at the fact that they thought they were entitled to criticize his and Ye Qingzi’s wedding. 

In Chu Mu’s eyes, even if all of New Moon Land’s people died, as long as this didn’t include the people he cared about, he would still hold a wedding on a river of blood. 

From the beginning, Chu Mu had a clear identity. He was a cultivator. He became the king because other people viewed him as such. He was willing to protect New Moon Land because the people he cared about were willing to protect New Moon Land. 

He never considered himself a savior. In fact, he carried a killing aura even heavier than some evil people. If New Moon Land’s people wanted to view him as a kind king, they were bound to be disappointed. 

“I almost thought you weren’t going to save the people here, even after seeing them in danger.” said Mu Qingyi as she continued, “Speaking of which, even if you don’t think that saving them is your job, don’t say that. You’re the king after all and such words will hurt people.” 

Mu Qingyi knew that a king didn’t need to apologize. 

“I’m a very genuine person, and people should understand my style,” said Chu Mu. 

“You really are a strange person.” Mu Qingyi had a kind heart, but wouldn’t demand Chu Mu to have one too. 

“I’m an eccentric.” corrected Chu Mu.

“Try and save those people trapped in the outer and inner city as best as you can. Consider it as helping me. Didn’t you say that you only care about saving those who you care about? Then am I part of this group of people?” Mu Qingyi glanced at Chu Mu and asked the question in a very serious and proper manner. 

“Sure,” once again, Chu Mu remembered the sudden kiss by Mu Qingyi. His eyes couldn’t help but flicker towards Mu Qingyi’s moist lips. He felt weak in his heart and quickly averted his gaze. 

“Yes means yes, and no means no. Then what is “sure”?” Mu Qingyi didn’t let him get away with that answer. 

Chu Mu was stunned. What was up with Mu Qingyi today? In the past, she would avoid these questions. Why was she being so direct, recently? 

Chu Mu was a married man, and didn’t know how to respond when being questioned by a woman about ambiguous feelings. 

“Oh, oh, they’ve come. I’m going to save people.” Chu Mu decisively changed the topic. 

Mu Qingyi pouted her lips. Both elegantly and coldly she said: “And you said you were a genuine person?” 

Chu Mu acted as if he didn’t hear her, and flew from the city tower to the wide city wall. 

Bing Li brought a total of 30 people, not 40 which she had said. These people looked tired. The defensive fight had probably exhausted much of their strength. 

When these dominator rank experts saw Chu Mu, their exhausted eyes immediately lit up and they respectfully gave a simple bow to him. 

“King Chu, that Ghost King is your soul pet, right?” said a young spirit dominator who looked about the same age as Chu Mu. It was possible to sense the respect and reverence he had towards Chu Mu. 

The Ghost King stood high and mightily. Its aura was able to suppress the ice mountain monsters until they couldn’t move forwards. It was as if a single soul pet was capable of protecting a city. There was nobody who wouldn’t envy such strength. 

“With it here, the city will definitely be safe.” said another spirit dominator. 

“We’re going to battle the Ice Mountain Monster Army. There will be danger. Everyone prepare yourself.” Chu Mu said to the dominator rank experts. 

“With King Chu leading the way, what do we have to be afraid of?!” said the young soul pet trainer that spoke first. 

“That’s right. We’re not afraid. No matter what comes, we won’t be afraid.” the others showed no expression of fear. 

Most people who were able to reach the dominator rank had gone through many tempering experiences of life and death. Perhaps saving people from a monster pack was a method of training to help them breakthrough. 

“City Lord Bing Li, stay here in the city, and help Mu Qingyi defend the city.” Chu Mu glanced at City Lord Bing Li. 

Bing Li wanted to go out and save people because her younger brother was trapped in the middle city. However, since King Chu didn’t want her to go, she obviously wouldn’t leave without his permission. Currently, the inner city was overpopulated and people were feeling uneasy. As the city lord, there were many things she had to do. 

Defending the city and charging into the monster pack to save people were two completely different things. Defending the city required, at least, a barrier, a fortress, a city wall and multiple defensive measures like plants when clashing with ice mountain monsters. Unless the defenses were broken through, the casualties wouldn’t be excessive. 

On the other hand, saving people from groups of monsters was an extremely risky task because every person would be surrounded by countless ice mountain monsters. WIthout absolute strength, it would be impossible to brashly charge in. 

This was also why Chu Mu only chose the dominator rank experts for this. 

Under the city wall, thirty four dominator rank experts followed Chu Mu into the chaotic middle city. 

The middle city was nearly reduced to ruins. Occasionally, a few buildings would teeter as Ice Mountain Monsters would climb on them. 

In the sky, countless Ice Mountain Birds circled around, letting out unpleasant shouts that were ear-piercing and sharp. 

“Let’s split up and move. Each of you choose a certain number of people to save according to your strength. Once you reach your limit, it doesn’t matter how many people are trapped in the same place, you must return to the inner city and send those people back to a safe place first.” Chu Mu instructed everyone. 

Saving people was harder than killing people, because after every dominator rank expert saved someone, they would have to take these people who weren’t that strong through the ruined middle city where Ice Mountain Monsters roamed. They would have to avoid the huge wave of ice mountain monsters attempting to attack the inner city and return to the inner city themselves. 

The people who weren’t strong would ultimately be a burden and may accidentally drag the dominator experts down. Therefore, among the 40 dominator experts, it was imaginable that there were some people who didn’t dare attempt such a dangerous task. 

“The moment any of you are surrounded, immediately send a signal to me. I will get there as soon as possible.” Chu Mu continued to speak. 

Everyone nodded their heads. With a powerful immortal rank expert like Chu Mu acting as a safeguard, they would have more confidence going to save these people. 

The 30 dominator rank experts split up and moved. They rode on their soul pet trainers and nimbly sped through the ruined city. Using their perception, they searched for the survivors hiding.    

There were many corpses in the middle city. The remnants of the streets and houses were filled with flowing blood on the icy ground. It dyed the white-colored icy city into a gaudy red color. 

Many of the ice mountain monsters roaming the middle city were using their noses to continuously smell the area. They were ostensibly aware that this enormous city was hiding many humans. In their eyes, these humans were but mere puny and tasty rabbits. They only needed to find them and they would have a tasty meal. 

Every once in a while, from some corner of the city, miserable cries would ring out.  

Obviously, some person who wasn’t hiding well enough was discovered and had become prey for these Ice Mountain Monsters. 

Every time the other people hiding in the ruins heard the miserable cries, they would feel their hairs rise because they didn’t know when such a tragedy would befall upon them. 

They knew that they would die, but they didn’t have the courage to end their own lives. Yet, who was willing to have their precious body ripped apart by the monsters’ claws and then bitten into… 

“Big Sister Zhuo Wan, I saw the man riding the black Dream Beast again.” said the weak young man with excitement. 

“He’s definitely an expert sent from Wanxiang City to help!” Zhuo Wan’s eyes lit up and she felt much more relieved. 

“What does it matter if help comes. They will only be able to protect the inner city. Us people will definitely die. Nobody will come save us. Even if an elemental army comes from Wanxiang City, they may use their elemental destruction to destroy the enemies as fast as possible; some of that may land on us and eradicate us along with the monsters.” said a trapped middle-aged man. 

After the middle-aged man finished speaking, the young man’s eyes dimmed. He looked at the adjacent wounded and exhausted Zhuo Wan as he softly said: “Big Sister Zhuo Wan, is that right?” 

Zhuo Wan remained silent. She couldn’t refute this possibility. 

Sending more people to save these scattered citizens would only lead to more deaths. Unless the ice mountain monsters retreated first, even if help came, a single explosion capable of hitting them would annihilate them along with these ice mountain monsters. 

The young man saw that Zhuo Wan wasn’t saying anything and was able to guess as much. For a while, he stopped peering outside. 

He gloomily sat against the wall that was full of ashe. He looked at the many wounded people next to him. For a moment, the destroyed cave of people were silent. 

“I wonder who the man riding on the black Dream Beast is. He’s able to ride through the million Ice Mountain Monsters as he pleases.” muttered the young man. 

“Riding in between the monster pack?” Zhuo Wan was stunned. 

“Not riding in between. He’s simply walking in the air. For some reason, no matter the Ice Mountain Monster on the ground or Ice Mountain Bird in the sky, none of them dare approach him.” said the young man. 

“Hmph, how is that possible? There are a million Ice Mountain Monsters and even their spit is able to drown people to death. How can they not attack the person you’re speaking of?” said the middle-aged man. 

But it’s the truth! Those monsters don’t dare attack him! I saw him pass right through!” the young man was unhappy. 

He had personally witnessed it. Could he have been wrong?! 

“How can such a powerful person exist in this world? You’re definitely hallucinating.” said the middle-aged man. 

“If you don’t believe me, you can go look. If I tricked you, I’ll go out right now and feed myself to these monsters!” said the young man somewhat angrily. 

This middle-aged man was always so pessimistic, making everyone feel as if there was no hope of surviving. Obviously, this young man was unhappy. 

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