Chapter 1467: Ice City, City Lord Bing Li

A thick ghost aura coiled around the blade of the enormous sword!!

“Nong!!!” following a roar, the terrifying enormous sword in the Ghost King’s hands smashed to the ground.

The curved sword was extremely wide, while the area around the sword was filled with ghost aura. As the sword moved down, a crushing force descended right upon the clusters of ice mountain monsters! 


Bloody meat flew through the air. After the curved sword landed, three or four thousand Ice Mountain Monsters were instantly crushed into meat paste. Moreover, the sword aura and ghost aura that proliferated from where the sword landed terrifyingly engulfed the area, obliterating these Ice Mountain Monsters! 

This sword had probably instakilled over ten thousand Ice Mountain Monsters. An empty space appeared in the mass of monsters where the sword had fallen. This empty space was filled with bloody corpses.

The Ghost King’s sword left the soldiers and soul pet trainers defending the city wall dumbfounded. 

There were many experts in Ice City that had reached the dominator rank. However, even their soul pets’ full strength attack which could annihilate a thousand ice mountain monsters would already make people feel like they were invincible. Thus, who would imagine that somebody in this world could annihilate ten thousand enemies with a single sword in this world?! 

“Is this really the Ghost King??” 

“I heard in my travels on the outside that above the dominator rank is the immortal rank. Could this be the immortal rank?!” 

“Yes. If Ice City had one or two of these creatures defending, they would be able to deal with a million of the ice mountain monsters!” 

Just as Ice City’s people were feeling panicked and hopeless, the Ghost King appeared like a god. Its astonishing sword was a hope of survival that everyone could see! 

Chu Mu and Mu Qingyi landed in the inner city. The two of them stood at an elevated location and Mu Qingyi used a metal voice to say: “Who is the city lord? I am Mu Qingyi. I need to understand Ice City’s current situation.” 

“Who is Mu Qingyi?” asked a young general, confused. 

"You don’t know War Goddess Mu Qingyi? I didn’t realize it was her who came!” 

Mu Qingyi’s fame was extremely high in New Moon Land, only second to Chu Mu. In the past few years, the sudden changes that had occurred had something to do with her. Her status amongst the citizens was the extremely revered and adored war goddess. The Heavenly Concubine Palace she had established had also often appeared in cities that were affected by disasters to help alleviate the disaster. 

Mu Qingyi’s arrival now caused those who knew of her to immediately sigh in relief. 

However, they were still afraid. There were over a million Ice Mountain Monsters through the glacier lands. Additionally, there were countless monsters roaming outside the city. Could Mu Qingyi alone help them all repel these monsters? 

Ice City’s City Lord was a woman who looked very young. Her skin was snow-white like an icy snow sculpture. She looked pure and beautiful. 

This young female City Lord quickly flew to the city tower and gave Mu Qingyi a simple bow. 

Mu Qingyi could see that this young female City Lord’s complexion was haggard. Presumably, this disaster had taken a heavy toll on her mind and spirit. 

However, she was still able to preserve the city under this disaster, and Mu Qingyi could also see that around half of the citizens were in the inner city. Clearly, this female City Lord had given her all to protect this city. 

“How many defending army members are in the city?” asked Mu Qingyi. 

“50 thousand members from the army as well as another 50 thousand formed by inner city soul pet trainers. While they may be a bit disorderly in terms of dispatching, but there is no lack of experts among them.” said the female city lord. 

“How many dominator rank experts are there?” asked Mu Qingyi. 

“Including me, there are only 40.” responded the female city lord. 

“40?” Mu Qingyi faintly creased her brows. 

Just now when she flew over with Chu Mu, both of them had sensed that there were many Ice Mountain Monsters of the dominator rank. These dominator rank Ice Mountain Monsters could cause fatal damage to the city’s defense. If they didn’t have corresponding dominator rank members to face them, the city’s defense would quickly be destroyed. 

“We sent an urgent correspondence 20 days ago to Wanxiang City. I estimate that they should have received it half a month ago. We even had someone send it directly to King Chu.” the female City Lord said as she looked at Mu Qingyi. 

The female city lord was called Bing Li and she carried grievances in her heart. 

She had anticipated the outbreak of the disaster and even anticipated that it would be a severe situation. Thus, she sent an urgent request for assistance to Wanxiang City and even had someone personally give it to King Chu, because she felt that probably only King Chu had the strength to resolve this matter in New Moon Land. 

However, it had been a long time since, and not a word back had come. 

Snow City’s army strength was limited and this disaster was at the dynasty rank. Snow City didn’t have enough strength to protect Ice City. 

She was dissatisfied because she had sent the urgent correspondence and even guessed that it would be delivered after the wedding. Why wasn’t it seen as important? 

Even if it was a wedding between the king and queen and King Chu couldn't personally come, why didn’t they send someone to defend this place? Could the king just ignore the lives or death of his own citizens because of his wedding? 

The grievance had been harbored inside Bing Li for many days because she had watched the citizens of her city die day after day. 

“Are you blaming others?” Mu Qingyi was able to easily recognize Bing Li’s tone. 

“I don’t dare.” Bing Li lowered her head and didn’t say anything. However, her cold eyes were telling Chu Mu that she had a lot of grievance inside her heart. 

“Yes, but so what?!” a few general behind Bing Li couldn’t help but speak out at this moment. 

These generals’ eyes were bloodshot. It was unknown how many days it had been since they had rested. 

They knew the city lord was unwilling to criticize the lack of organization of these leaders. However, they couldn’t hold back their temper. 

“We sent the urgent correspondence 20 days ago. We didn’t hear a reply at all after delivering it to Wanxiang City. 20 days ago, the glacier was still fissuring and there weren’t this many ice mountain monsters.”

“That’s right, if Wanxiang City had placed importance on this matter earlier and sent experts to come defend, not this many people would have died. Did people get too drunk and disoriented from drinking too much at the wedding and ignore the lives and deaths of us people who live in a faraway place?” a few of the generals spoke up indignantly. 

Bing Li glared at these generals and gestured at them to shut up. 

Even if they had these emotions in their heart, they didn’t need to say it out loud. At least when an expert at the level of Mu Qingyi had personally arrived, they didn’t have the qualifications to say it. 

“He is King Chu. If you have anything you’re dissatisfied with, just tell him.” Mu Qingyi pointed at Chu Mu next to her and calmly spoke. 

City Lord Bing Li and the generals were stunned. They looked with disbelief at Chu Mu who hadn’t said anything. 

They were dissatisfied inside, sad for the people who had died and angry at Wanxiang City’s inaction. However, they never expected that King Chu would personally stand in front of them!  

Chu Mu had come together with Mu Qingyi. He hadn’t said anything because he wanted them to subconsciously think he was Mu Qingyi’s subordinate…. 

“This subordinate deserves to die.” Bing Li and the generals hastily knelt down. 

Their words just now were obviously offending a king. There were things that could be said to his face and behind his back. But these were two completely different things. The words behind his back could be resentful, but if they were said to his face, that would be a disgraceful crime worthy of death! 

“Three things. First, I didn’t receive your urgent correspondence. As for why, I will find out why when I go back.” 

“Second, summon those 40 dominator rank experts.” 

“Third, the status of king wasn’t bestowed by you, nor was it bestowed by me. I’m a very cold-blooded person and only care about the lives and deaths of those I care about. I’ve never asked for anything from your land. Don’t think that protecting you is my duty.” 

Chu Mu’s words were very cold. Even if he wasn’t standing at a tall location, he still had an arrogant and overlooking attitude. 

When these generals heard Chu Mu finish the three things, their faces went pale. Their lips were trembling and didn’t dare say anything. 

Female City Lord Bing Li hastily knelt down and prostrated her body almost fully onto the ground. She pleadingly said: “Apologies, we should not have offended you. Please help save our Ice City’s citizens.” 

City Lord Bing Li knew that this time she had faintly angered the king. She saw that it was taking him a while to respond, but didn’t dare look at his ice-cold eyes. She hastily said: “If you are willing to resolve our city’s crisis, I will be willing to be your servant.” 

The generals behind her were instantly stunned when they heard this. 

Wasn’t City Lord Bing Li effectively gifting herself to this young king? 

“How many survivors remain in the middle and outer cities?” Chu Mu didn’t argue with them. 

Bing Li slightly raised her head and softly said: “They are scattered among the monster pack. We are unable to even defend the inner city right now so we don’t dare send people out to save them.”

“I’ll leave the Ghost King and Devil Tree Battle Soldier in the inner city to help defend. Mu Qingyi will also personally participate in the fight. With the 50 thousand army members and 50 thousand other soul pet trainers working together to defend, the inner city’s safety probably won’t be a problem. I will go and save those survivors in the middle and outer city.” said Chu Mu. 

Bing Li felt a wave of ecstasy when she heard this. 

Her younger brother had fallen into the monster pack, but as the City Lord, she didn’t dare put the lives of the entire city’s citizens in danger. Therefore, she didn’t send anyone out to save him. This was the main reason why she had grievances in her heart. 

She knew that even if help arrived, her little brother would have died amidst the monster pack because nobody dared to save someone from the monsters. 

However, now that King Chu was going to personally save people, with his absolute strength, he would be able to move as he pleased through the monsters. When she thought of the fact that her brother could be saved, her heart was filled with thankfulness and she repeatedly kowtowed in thanks. 

“Call over those 40 dominator ranks.” Chu Mu waved his hand. Having a snow-white and pure woman was a bit inhumane. 

“Yes, Bing Li will go and do that!” Bing Li stood up and hastily sent people to summon those dominator rank experts. 

The generals behind Bing Li didn’t dare say anything. Chu Mu’s aura just now had suppressed them to the point where they almost stopped breathing. This was the first time they felt that someone could be so terrifying just from saying something! 

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