Chapter 1466: Disaster, Monsters Throughout the Glacier

 Mu Qingyi and Chu Mu’s flying speeds were both fast. It didn’t take them long to reach Ice City from Snow City. 

The army was unable to enter Ice City because this area of icy snow land was occupied by ice type creatures. Both the air and sky were difficult to traverse. 

Mu Qingyi currently was at the immortal rank. Furthermore, Ye Wansheng and Prince Chao hadn’t neglected their cultivation either and had entered the immortal rank. 

Chu Mu led the way, but their cultivation hadn’t fallen behind too much. 

Moreover, New Moon Land didn’t lack resources now. As the cornerstones of New Moon Land, if they needed immortal items, New Moon Land would naturally provide it to them first. 

As they flew across the glacier land, they looked down and could see countless creatures moving about on the white land. 

These creatures seemed to be an army under someone’s command. They formed a blockade that delineated their territory and prevented humans from entering! 

The northern side of Snow City had a glacier land and even further north from there was the North Ice Forbidden Region. 

Ice type tribes, empires, and dynasties all existed in this forbidden region. This disaster had definitely mobilized the soul pet army of the North Ice Forbidden Region’s dynasties. Otherwise, with New Moon Land’s current strength, 70 of its cities wouldn’t have instantly fallen. 

On their way, they saw a few cities, and Mu Qingyi wanted to fly down and help them. However, when she considered Ice City’s situation, which was in even more of a crisis, the two of them couldn’t delay. They flew straight to Ice City. 

Ice City was situated at the foot of a glacier mountain range. The glacier mountain range was a bewildering world and was connected with the glacier forbidden region. The glacier mountain range seemed to be the entrance the glacier dynasty used to pour in. Ice City acted as a necessary stronghold. The fact it hadn’t been razed when a dynasty rank disaster broke out was already a miracle. 

“Why are there so many Ice Mountain Monsters!” Mu Qingyi rode on her Ice Tiger and looked down with shock below. 

The white colored land was densely packed with snow white-furred Ice Mountain Monsters. They covered the glacier mountain range, the glacier plains and those with wings even occupied the low altitude levels of the sky. 

These monsters engulfed the endless glacier land. The single city in turmoil, under the besiegement of these ice mountain monsters, seems particularly insignificant. 

It was difficult to imagine that Ice City would be able to survive until now with such a terrifying glacier disaster.     

Mu Qingyi was concerned about the safety of the citizens and she urged the Ice Tiger to immediately land. 

Chu Mu followed closely behind. The ic mountain monstrous birds circling the sky wanted to block Chu Mu and Mu Qingyi, but the Ice Tiger’s roar caused them to scatter in fright. They no longer dared block them. 

After passing through the cloud of gathered ice mountain monstrous birds, Mu Qingyi was able to fully see Ice City. 

Mu Qingyi had come to this city before. She remembered that its buildings were built from ice crystals and even the streets were lined with glossy ice. While walking down the street, it was like entering an ice crystal kingdom. 

However, the refined ice crystal city was now changed beyond recognition. 

Destroyed buildings, vestiges from fighting, and corpses of both humans and soul pets dripping with blood could be found everywhere. 

The outer part of the city and middle part of the city were filled with destruction. The ice mountain monsters with their tusks and claws had passed through the ruin straight towards the city’s final defensive line. They were greedy and savage, like a pack of hungry wolves. They formed groups and there were numerous amounts of them. 

The outer city and middle city no longer existed. By looking at the destruction and rivers of blood, it was possible to imagine had cruel the fight had been! 

Countless city guard bodies were half-buried under the ice while numerous courses had been bitten in half by the glacier monsters. Occasionally it was possible to see a soul pet trainer running out from a destroyed building. However, the tides of ice mountain monsters would eat him up within a few seconds until not even his bones remained… 

In the destroyed middle and outer cities, there were only a few scattered humans hiding int he ruins or in the pile of monsters. They were unable to retreat in time or save those trapped.  

Their eyes were peering out from cracks as they held their breath and surveyed the outside situation. Every time they saw groups of three or four white-colored monsters walk next to them, they would stop breathing, afraid that these monsters would dig them out to eat. 

“I… I just saw two soul pet trainers.” an extremely weak voice came out from the ruins. 

“Were they surrounded?” asked a middle-aged man in panic. 

“Let them hide here. Those monsters are still nearby.” a woman’s voice rang out. 

“They seem to have been surrounded, but also not… Big Sister Zhuo Wan, they flew away…” a weak voice said. 

“Flew away?” the middle-aged man was stunned. He finally realized that these two people were definitely extremely strong soul pet trainers. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to fly through the city filled with monsters. 

“Were you able to clearly see who they were?” hastily asked Zhuo Wan. 

“No, but they seem to be a man and woman. The man is riding on a black colored Dream Beast while the woman is riding on a White Tiger. They’re flying in the direction of the inner city.” said the weak young man. 

Zhuo Wan was silent. Those two people were definitely strong and were here to help. 

However, why were there only two? 

There were over a million monsters occupying the city. Even if they were strong, they wouldn’t be able to delay the destruction of the inner city. Moreover, the people dispersed through the ruins of the inner and outer city could only hide here and wait to die. 

If a dominator rank or above monster were to walk past here, their perception abilities would be able to detect the aura of a human; that would spell their death as the monsters would eat them alive. 

“Ai, Zhuo Wan, why are you so foolish. It would have been better if you and the team retreated to the inner city. It’s better than being trapped here with us old and weak people.” said an old woman as she sighed. 

Zhuo Wan didn’t say anything. She was a support soul pet trainer and was normally in charge of healing and army logistics. 

When the monsters invaded, Zhuo Wan could have left, but she couldn’t bear to watch the old men and children be crushed by the monsters. 

Many, many people had died in this period of time. Of the rescue team she brought, there currently only remained her and a few dominator rank experts. The others had lost their lives defending the outer and middle city.l 

“Will we die here?” asked the weak young man. 

He was someone who had just stepped onto the soul pet path not long ago. His family was made up of soul pet trainers and their strength was in the middle of the pack in Ice City. However, they were unable to escape the misfortune of the monster invasion. 

The young man had watched the Ice Mountain Monsters kill them while he was hiding in the ruins. In that moment, he had yearned for boundless strength to kill these cruel monsters and save the people who had shouted for their lives before ultimately being dragged off. 

However, he had failed to do so. He couldn’t even beat a single ice mountain monsters let alone over a million monsters. 

“Someone will come save us.” Zhuo Wan rubbed the young man’s head and earnestly said, “There’s still a long way for you to walk on your cultivation path. You will enjoy the happiness from your strength rising one step at a time as you slowly become an expert.” 

“Ok.” the young man repeatedly nodded his head. 


Chu Mu and Mu Qingyi flew into the inner city. 

Mu Qingyi was in a terrible state of mind. She could sense that many people were trapped in the middle and outer city. 

She wanted to save them, but when she saw the inner city fort which was almost about to be engulfed by monsters, she had no choice but to temporarily forget about saving them. She had to first help defend the inner city. The moment the inner city was broken through, more people would die. 

“Don’t worry, they will be fine.” Chu Mu patted Mu Qingyi’s shoulder as he consoled her. 

“Ya.” Mu Qingyi nodded her head. 

Chu Mu had the strength to obliterate a large area. However, he couldn’t just release this strength in the middle and outer city because there were many survivors scattered there. He had to save them all first before he could use a large range technique to kill the monsters. 

Currently, the priority job was to help the inner city repel the surging monsters outside the defensive fort. 

“Devil Tree Battle Soldier!” 

Chu Mu chanted an incantation and flew to the fort as he summoned the Devil Tree Battle Soldier. 

The fort was composed of a city wall, sentry mounds, elemental towers, an ice barrier, and a plant barrier. Once he summoned the Devil Tree Battle Soldier, he immediately ordered it to add a layer of roots onto the entire fort. 

The plant barrier was about to be ripped apart, but once the Devil Tree Battle Soldier added its plant barrier, it immediately filled in the ripped open spaces and repelled the monsters once again. 

The city wall was protecting the inner city. Several tens of thousands of soul pet trainers stood orderly on the city wall. There were also many people in the sentry mounds and elemental towers. Altogether, there were about 100 thousand people. However, by looking at their equipment and their soul pets, their strength was very uneven. 

There were many ice type monsters that advanced wave upon wave. The first wave had 100 thousand alone, not including the ice mountain birds soaring in the sky. 

“Ghost King!” 

Chu Mu chanted an incarnation, summoning the absolute defense Ghost King! 

The Ghost King’s body was incomparably tall and sturdy. Standing outside the inner city’s wall, it resembled an enormous mountain barrier that repelled all of the ice mountain monsters. 

“Heavens, what is that?!” 

A mountain had abruptly stood up. The stunning scene was witnessed by all of Ice City’s city guards. The enormous curved sword in its hands was even more imposing and tyrannical. With a single swing of its sword, how many ice mountain monsters would it be able to annihilate? 

“It’s a Ghost King! I’ve seen this creature before, but why is this Ghost King so huge?!” 

Inside Ice City, everyone was alarmed because the number of monsters was several times the number of soul pet trainers. The monsters were also stronger. 

However, for some reason, with this mountain-like Ghost King standing in front of them, everyone felt much more steadfast! 

This was the aura of an immortal rank Giant species! 

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