Chapter 1465: The Flood Dragon Person’s Awakening?

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In the afternoon when the sun was bright and beautiful, Chu Mu was resting in the courtyard reading a book, as per usual. 

Mo Xie was looking on with her round and beady eyes as if she could understand the words in the book. She looked like she was reading the book at the same pace as Chu Mu. 

Zhan Ye lay on the side, with half squinted eyes under the rays of the sun. 

Its armor was a black color. No matter how much sunlight there was, the armor was still black. 

On Zhan Ye’s head was a deep blue colored small dragon. Its fat and chubby appearance was adorable. 

This was the small Martial Cloud Dragon. After Chu Mu returned to New Moon Land, he brought both the Martial Cloud Dragon and the Martial Cloud Dragon baby to New Moon Land. 

The Martial Cloud Dragon rather enjoyed Wanxiang City. Chu Mu constructed a dragon cave for the Martial Cloud Dragon at the highest point of Wanxiang Altar. He did it so that the Martial Cloud Dragon could help him protect Wanxiang City, and also so that it could watch over Sealed Tower. 

Sealed Tower was currently the source of xuan energy for the entire Wanxiang City and thus was essentially Wanxiang City’s energy support. With the powerful Martial Cloud Dragon watching over the Sealed Tower, it would be extremely safe. 

The Martial Cloud Dragon baby really liked Mo Xie, because Mo Xie would always give it good things to eat. 

As for the Demon Foxes taken out from Imprint Valley, they were released by Chu Mu into the forests on the outskirts of Wanxiang City. 

Although these Demon Foxes didn’t have very high species ranks, because their old living environment was the special Imprint Valley, their actual fighting strength was stronger than creatures of the same species rank. If young people went to the outskirt forests to train and happened to encounter them, they would have an advantage over their peers if they were able to sign a soul pact with them. 

“Chu Mu, Chu Mu!” 

Outside the courtyard, a person from far away could be heard shouting. 

There were holy guards defending outside the courtyard, so people would not be permitted to enter without notifying him first. 

However, the person coming was someone familiar and the holy guards didn’t block him from entering. 

“Teng Lang, what’s the matter?” Chu Mu looked at the bold Teng Lang. 

“What are you still sitting here for? Do you not know of the huge crisis that occurred?” said Teng Lang, somewhat anxiously. 

“What huge crisis?” asked Chu Mu, confused. 

“Snow City. A huge upheaval appeared in the Snow City area, destroying numerous cities in a night!” said Teng Lang. 

Teng Lang himself had come from Snow City, and had a special connection with the city. Now that a huge crisis had occurred there, he was extremely anxious. 

“Don’t worry, take your time and tell me what happened?” said Chu Mu. 

“I… I don’t know either. That area was sealed off by my father using the army. Many, many people died. It seems to be a disaster, but also seems to be some creature awakening…” said Teng Lang. 

“Senior Elder Teng can’t deal with it?” Chu Mu faintly creased his brows. 

Disasters occurred all year round in New Moon Land. The vast majority of the disasters were dealt with by New Moon Palace sending members to deal with it. They couldn’t have Chu Mu dealing with these things. 

On the one hand, New Moon Land’s strength was steadily increasing so these disasters could no longer pose a threat to New Moon Land. On the other, there was only one of Chu Mu, and he couldn’t attend to every big or little disaster in New Moon Land. 

“If we could deal with it, we wouldn’t have come to you. There seems to be a very strong monster that exited Universe Ice Gates. I’m not sure what kind of monster it is, but it’s capable of controlling all of the icy snow land’s creatures. In fact, it even makes them stronger. The army stationed at Snow City isn’t enough. The ice and snow lands have 70 cities and we’re unable to attend to them all. Qingyi has already brought her subordinates and female disciples there, but Qingyi alone is unable to deal with it.” said Teng Lang.                              

“Universe Ice Gates…” Chu Mu indistinctly felt that something was wrong. 

“Let’s go and look.” Chu Mu said with a bit of unease.. 

Chu Mu had nothing to do now and it wouldn’t take long to get to Snow City.

Promptly, Chu Mu chanted an incantation, recalling Zhan Ye into its soul pet space and summoned Night. 

He jumped onto Night’s back and called over Ye Qingzi. Then, he rode on Night, transforming into a dark meteor. In an instant, it flew out of Wanxiang City towards Snow City. 


The mountains, forests and rivers were rapidly left behind Chu Mu. Night’s current strength was very close to the low class immortal rank. With its current speed, it didn’t even need half a day to make a round trip in New Moon Land. 

They left in the afternoon and before the sun had set, Chu Mu appeared in Snow City. 

The earth around Snow City was covered by white snow. On the shoveled pathways moved many people. There were New Moon Palace army members as well as mercenary teams. They were moving in a hurry. 

Chu Mu flew straight to Snow City, and landed in Snow City Palace. 

After entering Snow City Palace, Chu Mu walked up the long snowy white rug to enter and happened to see a familiar and beautiful figure. 

This person standing in the hall was Mu Qingyi. When he thought of Mu Qingyi’s sudden kiss on his wedding day, for a moment, Chu Mu didn’t know how to face her. 

Mu Qingyi also saw Chu Mu. Her eyes evaded his, and were somewhat panicked. She said: “What are you doing here?” 

“Teng Lang said the situation here was serious.” explained Chu Mu. 

Mu Qingyi had come earlier than Chu Mu and understood more about the situation here. Thus, she told Chu Mu about what happened in the Snow City area. 

“It began in the most northern Ice City and continued to Chang Qin City a hundred kilometers away from Snow City. Everywhere from Ice City to Chang Qin City suffered a certain amount of destruction and there are a few tens of thousands of deaths from each city. In total, there are probably a million people who have lost their lives in the disaster.” 

“Additionally, Ice City is an eighth rank kingdom city with nearly a million people inside. Right now, the city is surrounded by monsters and our army is unable to breakthrough. If this persists for another two of three days, the entire city will fall.” said Mu Qingyi. 

Chu Mu was stunned. Ice City was a famous city in New Moon Land. The army strength and soul pet trainer numbers it had weren’t few. All together, there were nearly a million citizens. Yet, such a city was facing a crisis of destruction. 

“Why didn’t anyone tell me about such a huge event?” said Chu Mu. 

This matter concerned an eighth rank realm city and a crisis that affected a huge part of a kingdom. Chu Mu didn’t understand why it took so long for him to find out. If he had immediately been informed, he would be able to resolve the matter in one trip. He wouldn’t have to wait for 70 of so cities, big or small, to descend into the crisis as well.  

“They were blockaded, and it was difficult for them to get news out. Moreover, the explosion of turmoil was extremely fast. Our army wasn’t even able to react in time.” said Senior Elder Teng. 

“Chu Mu, let’s take a trip to Ice City.” Mu Qingyi was worried about the safety of the people there. 

Mu Qingyi had a few Divine Sect members as subordinates. These subordinates had been split up and sent to cities more heavily affected. 

The seven stronger female disciples in her Heavenly Concubine palace were also in charge of those cities. However, she clearly lacked subordinates and needed to rely on New Moon Palace’s support. 

The army’s movement speed would definitely be slow while an immortal rank expert’s mobility was comparatively strong. However, immortal rank experts had things they were in charge of. Thus, it was impossible to summon New Moon Land’s immortal rank experts in one go. 

“Ok.” Chu Mu nodded his head and glanced at Senior Elder Teng, “Senior Elder, have someone send a few experts from Tianxia City and Soul City. Ensure that each city has 200 dominator ranks and 500 emperor ranks stationed there.” 

“King Chu, isn’t such huge large mobilization excessive?” said Senior Elder Teng. 

There were a total of 70 cities affected. Chu Mu’s order was dispatching 1400 dominator rank experts and 35 thousand emperor rank experts!

This was a huge force. Although New Moon Land was small, but it had never mobilized such an army formation at once. 

“This is just to be prepared. Also, I don’t think this matter is quite so simple.” said Chu Mu, seriously. 

“Yes.” Senior Elder Teng also had such a premonition since this matter had arrived suddenly and savagely. 

Seeing that Senior Elder Teng was about to give the order, Chu Mu still felt it wasn’t enough. He retrieved a token from his spatial ring and handed it over to Senior Elder Teng, saying: “Have New Moon Navy send a team over.” 

“New Moon Navy?” Senior Elder Teng was stunned. 

New Moon Navy was New Moon Land’s most valiant group of troops, outside of the King’s Holy Guards.  The average strength of the inner navy members was the middle class dominator rank! 

An army with the average strength at the middle class dominator rank in Zhengming Main City could only be mobilized by a few older big sects.  

Chu Mu had just summoned 1400 dominator ranks and 35 thousand emperor ranks. This was already a huge helping hand. Did he really have to also mobilize New Moon Navy? 

“Yes, their assistance speed will be much faster.” said Chu Mu. 

“This… the navy is settled in Eternal Ocean. Will something happen in Eternal Ocean if we send them over here?” said Senior Elder Teng. 

“No. Eternal Ocean is, after all, under the control of Wupan Navy.” said Chu Mu. 

Senior Elder Teng didn’t say anything further. Since Chu Mu had given the order, he would do as said. Moreover, with New Moon Navy mobilized, the turmoil would probably be pacified very quickly. 

Senior Elder Teng was in charge of this area, so why would he hope to watch these people stuck in a terrible situation? 

After Senior Elder Teng left, Mu Qingyi looked at Chu Mu and asked: “Did you sense something?” 

Chu Mu nodded his head and said: “Do you remember the Ice Palace under the Universe Ice Gates?” 

“I remember.” Mu Qingyi ostensibly also remembered the feverish kiss with Chu Mu in Universe Ice Gates and for a moment, didn’t dare look at Chu Mu’s eyes. 

“There were two paths in the wind cave. One led to the Ice Palace. We didn’t enter the other, but that one leads to a wind palace. I went in once.” said Chu Mu. 

“Is it the place you said has the Ancient Flood Dragon Person?” asked Mu Qingyi. 

“Yes. The icy snow area is very close to the wind palace. Perhaps the Ancient Flood Dragon Person has awakened.” Chu Mu creased his brows as he spoke. 

“Ancient Flood Dragon Person… can we deal with it?” Mu Qingyi said, somewhat worried. 

Chu Mu shook his head. If the Ancient Flood Dragon Person had truly awakened, Chu Mu would probably be helpless against it. 

Given that it was a creature called the Son of Eternal Ocean, its abilities were definitely supreme. The entirety of New Moon Land would descend into its darkest period. 

Chu Mu could only hope that this matter had nothing to do with the Ancient Flood Dragon Person’s awakening. Indeed, his current strength was incapable of fighting the Ancient Flood Dragon Person. 

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