Chapter 1463: Ice City’s Disaster

The northern side of New Moon Land’s Snow City was a glacier land. 

In the glacier was a city, known by Snow City’s people as Ice City. 

Ice City was extremely refined. All of the buildings were built out of ice crystals. When sunlight shone on it, the entire city looked like an ice crystal empire. 

Many people lived in this glacier, and it was a place where ice type soul pet trainers liked. They didn’t need to walk far and would enter the glacier bewildering world. In the glacier, they could find the ice type soul pets they were looking for. 

However, on this day, the people in Ice City didn’t dare go in and train. 

In fact, they didn’t even have the courage to do so, because the glacier in the hundred meters area around Ice City had mysteriously fissured, reaching even Ice City itself. 

Right now, outside the city, numerous soul pets had emerged from their glacier nests and were running aimlessly in all directions. The moment people left the city, it would be easy for them to be killed by these wild creatures.

Moreover, many normal citizens still lived in the city. Most of the strong soul pet trainers didn’t leave, staying in these mysteriously turbulent times to protect the citizens of the city.  


Suddenly, a roar rang out from the extreme ice world. 

The towering glaciers violently shook before suddenly collapsing, smashing into the icy ground. 

The ground fissured apart, creating countless intersecting cracks. Some were as long as ten kilometers while others were as small as water channels. There were numerous and densely packed cracks that covered the ground.  

The cracks appeared on the city’s streets. A few houses were instantly torn apart, revealing deep dark abysses underneath. They frightened the civilians, forcing them to flee far away. 

A few brave soul pet trainers stood on the edge of the cracks, looking down, but were unable to see the bottom! 

“Heavens, what on earth was that cry just now?!” the citizens were palpitating with fear. 

A single roar completely destroyed everything on the glacier land. How strong of an Iceberg Giant Beast was it? 

“Will we all die here? There are wild glacier beasts are on the outside, while we’re trapped inside the city. The city is also continuously fissuring..” a ten or so year old child held onto his father and spoke with fear. 

“Don’t worry, nothing will happen.” This father was a soul pet trainer, but he didn’t have the ability to take the child away from Ice City. 

“No one panic. We’ve already sent an urgent letter to Snow City and Wanxiang City. Very soon there will be someone who saves us.” the city guards patrolled back and forth, both pacifying the citizens as well as patrolling the area to defend against wild creatures from invading the city. 

The citizens were trapped in the city for nearly half a month. Within the half a month, numerous people attempted to exit the ice layer. However, they were unable to send messages out and they were forced back into the city.The situation was extremely distraught. 

Most importantly, Snow City had already sent out a rescue team, but the rescue team was also now trapped in Ice City. They no longer made any rash moments and just waited for further news from Snow City. 

The leader of Snow City’s rescue team was Zhuo Wan - a support soul pet trainer. 

When she arrived here, she thought this was only a normal disaster. But when she saw the completely changed glacier land, her and her teammates finally realized that this wasn’t as simple as a disaster. 

Additionally, every so often they would hear the same roar. 

The roar was like a devil king trapped somewhere that was about to break free. Each time it roared, it threw the glacier land into chaos. The cause of the panic had to be this Glacier Devil King. 

The extreme strength of the Glacier Devil King could be felt. Zhuo Wan knew very clearly that this wasn’t something a normal person could deal with. All she could do now was inform the danger here to Snow City and Wanxiang City and have Wanxiang City send experts and an army forth to save them. Otherwise, it would be difficult for the people in the city to survive. 

“Young Lady Zhuo, the third urgent letter has been sent. One letter was sent to Snow City and two to Wanxiang City. I hope nothing unexpected happened to Qin Ying.” said the vice leader.  

“They’re the strongest of us. If they aren’t able to make their way out, the city will be in danger.” said Zhuo Wan. 

Zhuo Wan had someone send two urgent letters to Wanxiang City. This was just in case. 

However, the people she sent were the strongest of their team. If something happened in Ice City, they wouldn’t know what kind of force they would use to stop it. 


The roars became more frequent. After this roar, the ice beasts outside Ice City became abnormally jumpy. The people patrolling in the air saw the surging avalanche in the distance, their faces changed! 

“They’re attacking!!!” 

This roar was like a sovereign’s order. Instantly, all of the creatures in the glacier world began to madly charge at Ice City. Their terrifying iron feet trampled over everything!! 

“Prepare the defenses. We absolutely cannot let them enter the city!” ordered Zhuo Wan. 


Wanxiang City 

It had already been almost a month since the wedding happened. Chu Mu hadn’t been anywhere during this time, and had spent it next to Ye Qingzi. 

Yesterday evening was a rare occurrence where he wasn’t with her. Instead, he spent it in Ning Maner’s room.

Don’t misunderstand. Chu Mu was merely cultivating in her room. 

Ning Maner’s strength was slowly growing with her age. She had gathered a lot of immortal charm aura during the time Chu Mu was in Imprint Valley and used it to strengthen the Dead Dream, allowing it to enter another Nirvana Rebirth. 

When such a huge amount of immortal charm aura poured into the Dead Dream, Chu Mu began to slowly guide it around, allowing the Dead Dream to transform the immortal charm aura into its own strength. 

This took an entire night before the Dead Dream absorbed all of the immortal charm aura. Its body turned into a purple black lightning that jumped around in Chu Mu’s soul pet space. 

“Big brother, why did the little Dead Dream transform into a ball of lightning energy?  

Ning Maner expended a lot of mental energy to help Chu Mu’s soul pet advance a rank. If it was only helping the Dead Dream rise from the perfect dominator to the immortal rank, this wouldn’t be too difficult. What was difficult was helping the Dead Dream undergo a Nirvana Rebirth which was similar to a species mutation. 

“This is probably the original physical form of the Phoenix species. It returns to its original form before being reconstructed,” said Chu Mu. 

“Oh, then will it become first phase first stage again once it’s reborn?” said Ning Maner. 

“Probably not this time.” 

Chu Mu also wasn’t sure of the Dead Dream’s state this time. He could only slowly wait for it to consume all of the energy. This probably wouldn’t take that long. 

“Take a rest. It’s been exhausting.” Chu Mu stroked Ning Maner’s pale cheeks and spoke with care. 

“Ok.” Ning Maner nodded her head and revealed a beautiful smile as she said: “Big brother didn’t go back last night. Big sister must be jealous.” 

“What’s good about eating vinegar from a little girl like you?” said Chu Mu.

“I’m not a little girl! If you call me a little girl again, I’ll tell big sister that you didn’t spend last night cultivating; instead, you kept getting into my bed and holding me as you slept.” Ning Maner was unhappy. 

As she spoke, she pushed her chest forward, intentionally showing off her female assets.

Ning Maner was indeed very bewitching right now, whether it was her beautiful fairy-like face, her jade-like white skin or her exquisite and delicate figure. 

“I’m cultivating!” Chu Mu’s face went black. What did this girl want? Why did she want to ruin his innocence? 

“Hmph, let’s see who big sister believes.” threatened Ning Maner. 

Chu Mu was speechless. Was this girl going to make it so he couldn’t fight back?

“Do you still dare to call me little girl?” Ning Maner saw Chu Mu’s expression and her smile became even more resplendent. 

“Ok, you win.” Chu Mu came to a compromise. 

Ning Maner smiled again. She seemed to think of something even more interesting as her eyes flashed with a joking glimmer. 

She grabbed Chu Mu’s arm and pulled next to Chu Mu. A warm fragrance came from her as she softly said: “If big brother doesn’t call me little girl, how about in the future when you want to hold me as you sleep, I will tell big sister that you’re cultivating here.” 

When Chu Mu heard this, his shameless face went red and he hastily fled Ning Maner’s room. 

Ning Maner watched Chu Mu flee, and laughed until she couldn’t sit straight. She looked both beautiful and charming.  

So it turned out her big brother, normally unmoved by force or words, was afraid of this. Now that she had a hold of his weakness, Ning Maner felt that the sunlight today was particularly bright and beautiful. She even felt less sleepy and tired. 


Ning Maner’s room was located in Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi’s residence. Chu Mu passed through a wooden corridor to his own room. 

Ye Qingzi had just gotten up and looked rather indolent. 

Ye Qingzi didn’t like maids waiting upon her and making her presentable. There was no one else in the room. 

Perhaps it was because Ning Maner was successful in her seduction just now, but when Chu Mu saw Ye Qingzi sit on the dressing table and softly comb her hair, he focused on her slender and shapely figure, and was instantly overcome with lust. 

“Don’t! It’s light out already!” Ye Qingzi felt Chu Mu get up to mischief behind her and her face instantly went red. 

“No, it’s not.” Chu Mu glanced outside the window and his black pupils faintly flashed. 

For some reason, the bright sunlight began to slowly retreat and the residence gradually descended into darkness. 

Because Chu Mu possessed the other type and dark type power, he only needed to think about making the residence lack sunlight compared to other places and he could easily do it. 

“Bastard!” Ye Qingzi flirtatiously rolled her eyes at Chu Mu. She knew that the loss of sunlight was because of Chu Mu and she said: “Close the window first.” 

Ye Qingzi was a reserved person and there were some things that she would only show in a completely safe room. This beauty and charm could only be appreciated by Chu Mu, alone. 

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