Chapter 1462: An Urgent Letter

“Was this time because of your father?” probed Ye Qingzi. 

Chu Mu opened his mouth and looked with shock at Ye Qingzi: “Are you a parasite in my stomach?” 

“Watch what you say!” Ye Qingzi fiercely glared at him and explained, “You’ve said yourself that the only reason why you walk this path is because of your father. It was him that mapped out the soul pet blueprint for you and gave you your dedicated love for them. I would imagine his position in your heart is very high and you have a certain belief in him. I would also imagine that only him can make you suddenly lack a sense of direction. 

Chu Mu nodded his head. When he was on Prison Island, he hadn’t forsaken his miserable and lowly life because he knew that if he died on this uninhabited island, his father whom had incomparable hopes in him, would feel hurt and despairing. Indeed, the amount of hope he placed in him could be seen from the expression he had when he learned his son lost his first soul and couldn’t become a soul pet trainer. 

After he left Prison Island, despite the numerous dangers, Chu Mu’s heart had soared because he could imagine the happiness Chu Tianmang would have when he saw that he had become a soul pet trainer again.

From the tiny Gangluo City, to the Jia City fight, to the struggle with Xia Guanghan, to the Great Chu Family, to his adventures outside of Western Kingdom, to Li City, to Tianxia City, to Wanxiang City, to Eastern Wild Forest, to when he left New Moon Land and entered the even more expansive Zhengming Continent, he had passed through numerous cities and territories… 

Chu Mu had continued to move forwards and unknowingly, traveled a long way. He even experienced the life and death of transforming to a devil and awakening from it. But throughout all this, Chu Mu also carried with him the same mentality from when he left Prison Island. He wanted to see his father cry tears of joy. 

However, when he watched his father from behind be buried alive in the collapsing Imprint Valley, Chu Mu felt the very thing he firmly held onto instantly crumbled. 

Chu Mu was no longer a child, but when the thing he firmly believed in from his childhood years disappeared, it was an indescribable feeling. It was like the air he breathed in had frozen his innards. 

It was a truly unbearable feeling. 

Chu Mu found it difficult to say anything to Princess Jinrou or Liu Binglan. Only when he spoke to Ye Qingzi did he suddenly feel warmth inside. 

Chu Mu had hoped that Princess Jinrou was right; that he managed to use his Strange Mane Demon to flee Imprint Valley. 

But what if he didn’t escape? 

Chu Mu was afraid that he couldn’t escape. 

Chu Mu knew that there was no use in worrying. However, this was a person very important to him and most importantly, he had only entered the extremely dangerous spatial windstorm, faced the collapsing Imprint Realm, and met the Navy Chieftain’s threat in order to save him. 

Chu Tianmang was the person who erected Chu Mu’s belief. He was also the family member he most revered and cared about. If he died because he saved him… 

Each time Chu Mu thought of this, he would feel panicked towards the future. This was the same reason why Ye Qingzi said he looked beside himself. 

Fortunately, Chu Mu had another pillar of support. That was Ye Qingzi. Thus, this wedding was very important to him. 

Ye Qingzi didn’t overly console him. Chu Mu was a very steadfast person and he would quickly recover because Chu Mu knew that there were many other people who he cared about beside him. The collapse of Imprint Realm wasn’t the collapse of the world. 

After the wedding, a sense of jubilation still lingered in Wanxiang City. The city was also still pervaded with a flowery fragrance. 

It was early morning when a ray of sunlight shone from the east. It began to softly spread along the straight avenue in Wanxiang City. 

This avenue led straight to the stairs of a palace, while the other end of the avenue led to the plains outside the city before slowly disappeared into the horizon.  

There normally weren’t many visitors. Sparse merchants would ride into Wanxiang City and occasionally a few soul pet trainers would leisurely ride on their soul pets.  

Suddenly, a speeding figure appeared at the end of the path. 

This was Devil Colt. Its legs practically didn’t even touch the ground, and it looked like it was flying on the path. Everywhere it stepped would raise a dust storm! 

It moved very quickly and after it passed through the great city’s entrance, it flew straight for the palace. It finally stopped where the holy guards were stationed. 

A military uniform male jumped off the Devil Colt and walked up to the captain of the holy guards. 

“Please immediately give this to King Chu.” the man said both solemnly and anxiously. 

“We don’t have this authority. We must first send it to the elders or senior elders before passing it to King Chu.” said the holy guard. 

“Then please be fast as possible. Something big is happening. Please ensure the elder or senior elder who looks at it treats it with importance.” said the military uniform man. 

“Ok.” said the holy guard. 

The holy guard made haste and delivered it into the palace. 

There weren’t many people in the elder’s hall. Due to the wedding, most of the elders were treating it like a holiday and were taking a rare rest. They were doing the things they enjoyed. 

“Is there something?” said a guest elder sitting in the elder hall. 

The guest elder position was established later in New Moon Palace. They would be given to powerful experts who were willing to cooperate with New Moon Land but didn’t like being tied down. They had the authority of most elders, but had the freedom to do as they pleased and could come and go. 

The guest elder in the elder’s hall was called Xue Bin. He was a wandering soul pet trainer and was an immortal rank expert. 

“It’s like this. An army member delivered an urgent letter, hoping to give it to King Chu. He said it was something important.” earnestly said the holy guard. 

“Give it to me,” said Xue Bin. 

Elder Xue Bin took the urgent correspondence and carefully looked at it. There was no expression on his face. 

A moment later, he closed the urgent correspondence and said: “Ok, I’ll deliver it to King Chu. That army member can go back at ease. 

“Ok.” the holy guard nodded his head and returned to his post. 

After the holy guard left, Guest Elder Xue Bin coldly harrumphed and said: “It’s a perfect opportunity to make him lose the popular sentiment. I never expected it to arrive so quickly.” 

After speaking, he summoned a palace lord and said: “Give this to King Chu.” 

The palace lord nodded his head. As he was planning on leaving, Guest Elder Xue Bi added: “King Chu was just newlywed and needs time to rest. Everyone needs rest so you can’t have King Chu do everything personally. Do you understand me?” 

The palace lord was very smart. He understood the intentions of the guest elder’s words and earnestly nodded as he said: “Indeed, I’ll present it to King Chu in a few days.” 

“Do as you will,” said Guest Elder Xue Bin. 

At this point, the palace lord should understand what to do. 

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