Chapter 1461: New Moon Land’s Hidden Danger

The light from the lamps was dusky, making the vision murky. Wanxiang City at night was abnormally bustling. The sounds of festivity clamored through the entire city. 

Late at night, the city suddenly turned quiet. A bewildering haze covered the long streets. The wind at night blew on the purple petals that filled the street. Occasionally they would be swept into the air before slowly falling to the ground. 

At the side of a water platform where the streets intersected, two men dressed in grey stood there speaking quietly with strange words. 

“What’s it like?” asked one of the men. 

“There are a thousand holy guards. Their average strength is at the dominator rank. New Moon Navy has 3000 people and 900 of them have dominator rank strength. Of the remaining 2000, reportedly many of them are near the dominator rank. Wanxiang City’s guards are 10 thousand and their strength is not inferior to a thousand dominator team. As for the nearby cities and Eastern Wild Forest strongholds, including Windy Rain City, Xiangrong City and Ling City, they all protect Wanxiang City within…” said the man wearing a dark cap and a long trenchcoat. 

“Just tell me how many people I need to annihilate them.” coldly said the man. 

“You must have ten thousand dominators.” said the man wrapped tightly in his clothes. 

“Ok, go back to your place.” said the man. 

The dark capped man nodded his head, turned, and left. 

Not long after he left, a woman with fiery red hair and wearing a fiery red dress walked out. She walked up to the man. 

“An army of ten thousand dominators? Hmph, what faction other than Divine Sect has an army that large.” harrumphed the fiery red woman. 

“New Moon Land’s development speed is somewhat terrifying.” said the man. 

“Indeed, from a nameless wilderness to a powerful independent territory. Adding on its occupation of the northern territory, the resources they will obtain will only grow. I don’t understand why these factions are willing to just watch New Moon Land continuously grow? Or perhaps New Moon Land is being controlled by some big shot behind the scenes.” said the fiery red woman. 

“Madam Huo, we had best take our time before making this decision. New Moon Land seems like a tiny independent territory, but from the information, my attendant found out, New Moon Land is actually like a great figure. However, many other great figures haven’t discovered this.” said the man. 

“Do you have a way?” said Madam Huo. 

“Since they’re able to expand so quickly, they must occupy some gold mine. The development of a faction is tied to resources and territory. What we must do now is tell experts who easily get greedy about how strong New Moon Land is and that New Moon Land possesses ten large treasure-house-like independent spaces. Additionally, we must divulge their current strength. I think that there must be people who are moved by this. It is true that we cannot dispatch a ten thousand dominator rank army, but if a few large factions are to combine their powers, who aside from Hidden Pupil Royalty and Beiming City in Zhengming Continent will be able to survive?” the man cracked a smile. 

Madam Huo was stunned, but quickly understood his intention. 

“I only want the Monument Tear.” said Madam Huo. 

Wars occurred in various regions of Zhengming Continent, but those that could mobilize various large factions to create a ten thousand dominator army would have to be a huge scale campaign. Madam Huo never expected the man in front of her to be so ambitious. 

“We’ll each take what we need. If Madam Huo has no objections to my plan, I would request for Elemental Sect to say a few things. It’ll probably be very easy for you to create a conflict over profits, conflicting views and hatred, right?” said the man. 

“I can only represent Fire Sect. I don’t have much influence over the other sects,” said Madam Huo. 

“No problem. There will always be a way. New Moon Land is genuinely a huge piece of fatty meat. It doesn’t matter if there’s conflict or not, there will always be someone who wants to take a bite out of it. Perhaps there are already people who think this way; only, nobody has shown themselves yet. How about I do the honors for this.” the man curved his lips. 

Madam Huo looked at this somewhat crazy man and maintained her silence. 

Obviously, this man had created this plan sometime ago. However, when had he started targeting New Moon Land? 

Madam Huo couldn’t help but feel worried. Could she have unknowingly fallen into their schemes? 


Late at night when people were quiet, the autumn wind lightly blew against the flower petals, causing them to ripple. Inside this quiet city, they slowly undulated. 

After the festivities, everyone had gone to bed and slept very soundly. 

As for the two people of the wedding, they had already entered the bridal room and were enjoying the night together. 

Chu Mu had been with Ye Qingzi many times, but each time he would always admiringly fondle her. 

The two of them tonight were full of emotions. No matter how tightly they held each other, how long and passionately they kissed, or how much they made love, they wouldn’t tire. Nor would the love in their heart be fully expressed. 

The room was quiet. The only thing that could be heard was the breathing of two people. 

Right now, regardless of how much of a plot was brewing outside or how many enemies were eyeing them like a tiger watching its prey, Chu Mu’s heart was peaceful. 

He closed his eyes and tightly held onto Ye Qingzi. He liked her softness, her glossiness, her gracefulness and even more so her tranquility and ability to understand others. 

After crazy demands, it was quiet tenderness and quiet talking. 

“Did something happen?” Ye Qingzi stretched out her soft hands and likely stroked Chu Mu’s eyebrows. 

“Ya.” Chu Mu originally wanted to shake his head, but ultimately nodded his head. 

Ye Qingzi used her hand to softly scratch his eyebrows and quietly said: “A lot of people say that you never have a change in expression no matter the situation. It’s impossible to tell whether you’re happy, angry, sad, or joyful. But the truth is after getting to know you, they’ll discover that your eyebrows and eyes will easily betray your emotions.” 

“But only you can examine my eyes and eyebrows so closely.” Chu Mu bitterly laughed. Chu Mu didn’t even know this. She could tell things from his eyebrows? 

Speaking of which, Ye Qingzi was always able to tell when he had even the slightest change in his emotions. Perhaps his eyebrows and eyes truly did betray him. 

“Only me?” Ye Qingzi blinked her eyes. 

Chu Mu opened his mouth but ultimately felt that closing his mouth was the best option. 

“What is it? After coming back from Imprint Valley, I felt that you seemed a bit besides yourself, like a child who didn’t feel safe,” said Ye Qingzi. 

“Really?” Chu Mu raised his brows. 

As a man with a male chauvinistic mentality, being called a child who didn’t feel safe was uncomfortable. 

“Yes.” Ye Qingzi said very certainly. 

Ye Qingzi knew that Chu Mu had his tired and exhausted side, but he would only show this side to her. During these times, Chu Mu would tightly hug onto her and then unload vigilance and peacefully sleep. 

However, Ye Qingzi rarely saw Chu Mu’s weak side. 

The tired and exhaustion was due to a long time of fighting, a long time of a stretched mental strenght as well as bitter training. His body and mind needed rest. 

Weakness was because the things he held closely in his heart had been broken and the things he supported in his heart had crumbled… 

Chu Mu had a very steadfast personality and his belief never wavered. Therefore, Ye QIngzi rarely saw his weak side. 

However, this time, Ye Qingzi saw it. 

He was like a child who didn’t feel safe and would huge onto her tightly, afraid of losing her. He grabbed onto her hand, unwilling to let go. He didn’t stop kissing and after the warmth, would make passionate love… 

Ye Qingzi knew that part of this was him being entranced with her appearance, but she didn’t understand why he looked beside himself and lost. 

Ye Qingzi didn’t understand why she was like that. The weakness shouldn’t belong to him. Ye Qingzi was very worried, but also didn’t dare directly ask him. She just stayed by his side. 

Someone like Chu Mu had beliefs like iron, but the moment they shattered, it was difficult to heal. 

Fortunately, the wedding had comforted his heart, and Ye Qingzi felt that he was recovering. This was the only reason why she asked. 

“Why do I feel like I can’t hide anything from you.” bitterly laughed Chu Mu. 

He felt that he had hid things well and that his heart had calmed.  But he ended up revealing everything he meant to hide. Perhaps in front of the person he was closest to, he never actually had intentions of hiding it. Involuntarily, he had exposed his wound because subconsciously believed that Ye Qingzi was a Spirit Master and not only could she heal his body but also his inner wound. 

“You’ve never hidden anything from me. You even told me when you went to find another woman. If you don’t tell me, I’ll just treat it as if I never saw it.” Ye Qingzi unhappily said. 

Chu Mu felt a bit awkward, not knowing what to say. 

When Ye Qingzi saw that Chu Mu wasn’t saying anything, she quietly said: “I don’t blame you. Jinrou was already in a very pitiful state and is afraid of when others see her. Only you can talk with her. Remember in the Battle of the Realm when we entered Immortal City together? I was never able to guess what she was thinking or what she wanted to do. However, I did feel that she wanted to ask for your help; only, when she saw you and I walking together, she ultimately didn’t tell you about the matter regarding her father. She could only go herself to save her father.”  

Even Chu Mu was unable to discover these details because Chu Mu wasn’t as meticulous as Ye QIngzi. 

Thinking about it again, when they were in the Seventh Realm and happened to break through the realm with Princess Jinrou, perhaps she had sensed that someone wanted to harm her. Thus, she had come to ask him for help. However, she didn’t know how to say it because she was with someone she wasn’t familiar with. 

And in the Ninth Realm’s Immortal City, Princess Jinrou had taken the initiative to find Chu Mu, she had told him that she had a map of Immortal City. 

This map probably prepared by her to find where her father was sealed. She had wanted to ask Chu Mu again for help, but unfortunately, she still was unable to say anything. 

During that time, Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi were already together. Thus, Princess Jinrou had no reason to ask for another to help her with such a dangerous task. 

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