Chapter 1460: Being Unfair to Ye Qingzi

Bouquets of flowers that filled the sky began to rain down from the air on the heads and shoulders of the countless couples passionately kissing. 

Most of the bouquets had hit the ground by now, and numerous couples had already finished their passionate kisses. They were tightly holding each other like the king and queen were. 

“Who was the one who threw the bouquet so high up. How loathsome. I thought we kissed for the longest period of time.” when Shen Yue opened her eyes, she discovered that the bouquets covering the sky had all fallen, but there were still a few bouquets slowly floating down. 

On the moon lookout, Chu Mu watched the last bouquet that fell and happened to see two familiar figures in the crowd. 

“You recognize them?” Ye Qingzi was intimately cuddled in Chu Mu’s embrace. She spoke with a slightly red face. 

“Xia Yin really is bold.” laughed Chu Mu. 

It seemed that inviting Xia Yin and Lin Mengling had ended up bringing the two of them together.

Before when they were in Imprint Valley, the two of them had seemed very normal, like regular friends. He never expected that they would do as their desires wanted in his territory. One was the pearl of Divine Sect, and the other was the famous Beiming City City Lord. If Zhengming City were to find out these people had passionately kissed in Wanxiang City, it would create a huge commotion. 

Of course, if Lin Mengling knew what Chu Mu was thinking, she would definitely be incredibly mad, because she had been forcibly kissed by Xia Yin. She wanted to throw Xia Yin, that bastard into the Execution Tower!! 

“So next up is to enter the bridal room?” Chu Mu mischievously looked at Ye Qingzi. 

Ye Qingzi today was particularly bewitching. She had already greatly aroused him. 

“Didn’t you think that the wedding procedures were very uninteresting and complicated? Only at the last procedure are you satisfied?” Ye Qingzi did something surprising, and didn’t roll her eyes at Chu Mu. Instead, she just cutely blinked her eyes. 

“It’s pretty good.” 

Customs, etiquette, and formality continued from afternoon until dusk and then until the moon shone. Unknowingly, an entire day passed. There were indeed complications, but this was still a wedding that would be difficult to forget over an entire lifetime. Especially when numerous couples had passionately kissed because of him and Ye Qingzi, the scene had been magnificent and incredible. 

Perhaps there were many other men and women present, besides Xia Yin and Lin Mengling, who hadn’t confessed to the other, and had finally taken the bold step to get together because of this wedding. Wasn’t this very important? 

The bright moon hung in the air as its spotless white glow showered on the moon lookout, making it seem like a beautiful human stage. 

Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi stood on top as they waved their hands at the countless citizens below. They spoke a few words of thanks and best wishes. 

The party after the wedding didn’t belong to Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi because their party occurred in their lover’s nest. The party after the wedding belonged to those who wished Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi well. 

It was a celebration with songs and dance where fine wine and food flowed, while various performances and scattered ceremonies occurred. This was a beautiful evening. Numerous people were very intoxicated and many others passionately enjoyed the night… 


Inside an elegant courtyard came the happy laughter from outside. Men and women, young and old. Tonight was endless festivities. 

Mu Qingyi had symbolically appeared on a few occasions, but had left the nighttime celebration. She was holding a glass of wine, resting against a glossy and artistic stone. She was looking up at the bright and curved moon like she was lost in thought. 

“Why are you drinking alone here? You know that some people like weddings while others don’t. Isn’t this the best validation for you?” a woman’s voice rang out. 

This voice was rather pleasant, but it still disturbed Mu Qingyi’s current mood. Mu Qingyi creased her brows and somewhat languidly looked at the unwelcomed guest. 

As Mu Qingyi looked at her, she also looked back at Mu Qingyi. 

Mu Qingyi today indeed was different than normal. She was lacking her usual single-colored, dignified and serious clothing; instead, her clothing had more of a charming and bewitching nature of a mature woman. Due to the alcohol, the red on her face made her look even more beautiful and moving. 

She also had the figure, curves, and elegance that would make the vast majority of women jealous, as well as an enticing grandeur. 

Mu Guangxue couldn’t understand why Chu Mu had rejected such a beautiful and moving woman. 

“What did you come here for?” Mu Qingyi looked at Mu Guangxue and spoke in not too friendly manner. 

“I’m only here to represent the Mu Tong branch to negotiate a few things with the person in charge of New Moon Land. You are also considered part of our branch, so we’re hoping to go through you to solve these issues.” smiled Mu Guangxue. 

Mu Guangxue was a member of the Mu Family Dynasty who occupied a rather high status. When Mu Qingyi was in Zhengming Main City, she had met her. They couldn’t be considered familiar, nor could they be considered strangers. 

“Find the person you need to find yourself and have a talk with that person. If there’s nothing else, don’t bother me.” indifferently said Mu Qingyi. 

“Do you really not have any unwillingness?” said Mu Guangxue. 

“What unwillingness?” asked Mu Qingyi, confused. 

“I dare say that as long as a person has a brain, he or she will be able to see that you’re acting very strangely today. From what I understand, you have your own enchanting story with King Chu, right?” said Mu Guangxue. 

Mu Qingyi’s eyes instantly turned ice cold. 

If it were Ye Wansheng or Chao Lengchuan cracking a joke like this, she wouldn’t care since there was a time in Wanxiang City where there were rumors of a vague relationship between her and Chu Mu. 

Most importantly, Mu Qingyi had hinted to Chu Mu before that she was willing to get together with him. Unfortunately, Chu Mu had tactfully declined, obviously because of Ye Qingzi. 

However, if this matter was coming from someone who didn’t know her well, that was something completely different. Especially on Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi’s wedding night! 

This Mu Guangxue had researched everything about her! 

“What would I be unwilling about?” Mu Qingyi remained calm and retracted her cold intent. 

Right now, she really wasn’t in a mood to involve herself in a scheme with this woman. 

“It’s very rare for a person with your character to find someone they like; yet you have to watch as he marries another woman. There are things you need to fight for and not just sit there and wait,” said Mu Guangxue. 

"You seem to have a lot of experience?” coldly said Mu Qingyi. She didn’t deny or admit her feelings. 

“I can help you,” said Mu Guangxue. 

Mu Qingyi looked at Mu Guangxue and for a while didn’t say anything. 

“How can you help?” finally, Mu Qingyi was the one to speak. 

“You are a quiet and reserved person, but the moment your heart is stirred, it will be difficult to free yourself. Have you not considered the fact that the next half of your life will be spent alone in an ice cold palace? No matter how great your achievements are or how many feats you achieve, there will be no one to share them with? The only thing you can do is drink like you are right now where you want to cry but can’t?” said Mu Guangxue. 

Mu Qingyi went silent again. 

She remembered back then when Chu Mu had rejected her, she hadn’t placed much attention on it, but after coming into contact with him more, she began to slowly feel increasingly depressed. 

When the people around her talked about her relationship with Chu Mu, they were all teasing her and some were even serious about it. However, only Mu Qingyi knew that, aside from their passionate kiss in Universe Ice Gates where they couldn’t hold back, they had remained like friends. Chu Mu wouldn’t cross that boundary, and the noble and virtuous Mu Qingyi wasn’t willing to become the lover in an already committed relationship. 

However, in reality, wasn’t Mu Guangxue right? 

Mu Qingyi hoped that she would be able to meet someone she liked even more and eventually be able to forget. She also believed that by not seeing Chu Mu for these past years, she would slowly be able to forget these feelings that originally didn’t exist. 

However, why was it so hard to bear when he officially got married! 

When Mu Guangxue saw that Mu Qingyi’s expression had gotten gloomy, she knew she was right on the mark. 

“You probably know that there are rivals in relationships. There are many times when you view the other as a rival and manage to either eliminate or push them out of the picture that you’re able to obtain what you want.” continued Mu Guangxue.  

“I don’t know how to do it.” Mu Qingyi shook her head. 

“I said that I could help you.” continued Mu Guangxue. 

“How?” asked Mu Qingyi for a second time.

“You just need to remember that I can help you. As for how, we’ll take things slowly. If you had acted earlier, things wouldn’t be as they are now. If you want to be the queen, you need to take your time.” said Mu Guangxue. 

“I don’t want to be the queen,” said Mu Qingyi. 

“Then you want to give up?” 

Mu Qingyi remained silent. 

“That doesn’t matter. Just do as I say. If you put in a bit of effort, you’ll be able to obtain what you want.” consoled Mu Guangxue, “Have a good think about it, whether you want to put your all into a fight for your feelings, or whether you want to live in eternal regret…” 

After speaking, Mu Guangxue turned around and left. She felt that Mu Qingyi had remembered her words, meaning that her goal had been accomplished. She couldn’t be overly hasty since Mu Qingyi wasn’t a stupid person. 

As she watched Mu Guangxue leave, Mu Qingyi slowly descended into deep thought. While she was in deep thought, her eyes lacked the bewilderment she just had. Instead, her eyes were filled with suspicion and coldness. 


“Junior martial sister, you’re looking for me?” Xu Daofeng ran in reeking of alcohol. 

He looked somewhat enchantedly and absent-mindedly at Mu Qingyi. Mu Qingyi today was indeed particularly beautiful. She would make people’s eyes light up. 

“Yes, help me look into Mu Guangxue’s most recent movements.” Mu Qingyi’s expression was serious as she spoke. 

“For what reason?” asked Xu Daofeng, confused. 

“I’m guessing she wants to harm Ye Qingzi. I’m not sure if there’s someone behind her instructing her.” Mu Qingyi’s eyes flashed with sharpness and intelligence! 

“Eh? Really?! Who has the guts to do that!” Xu Daofeng was stunned and sobered up, “Ok, I’ll send a few underlings to investigate. Should I inform Chu Mu now?” 

“Let’s deal with it ourselves. We’ll wait for more precise information before we speak to him. This is just my guess.” said Mu Qingyi. 

“Oh…” Xu Daofeng nodded his head. He took a glance at Mu Qingyi’s expression and softly asked: “Qingyi, are you ok? Everyone was worried about you just now.” 

“What?” Mu Qingyi didn’t initially understand the meaning of his words. A while later she finally understood that Xu Daofeng was consoling her. 

She calmly said: “I’m fine.” 

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