Book 2 Chapter 146 - Insufferably Arrogant, The True Chu Mu

Chapter 146: Insufferably Arrogant, The True Chu Mu

Nightmare Palace’s Princess Jin Rou was personally going to fight!

The entirety of the Great Chu Family was in an uproar. How noble was the Nightmare Palace’s princess’ status? It definitely was not something a tiny Western Kingdom could contend against. It could be said that at this level of battle, it was not something the princess should have been interested in.

Even the Great Chu Family’s family head, Chu Lieming, didn’t expect this Nightmare Palace young princess would go out!

His gaze staring at the slowly walking princess, Chu Mu’s emotions were also slightly moved. Chu Mu could feel Princess’ Jin Rou’s stare. Her participating this time was very clearly to clash with him!

Chu Mu didn’t understand Princess Jin Rou’s strength, but he knew that three years ago, Princess Jin Rou had already raised a fifth phase White Nightmare!

Three years ago and already possessing a fifth phase White Nightmare. Then, right now, how terrifying of a level did that White Nightmare reach? Seeing the veiled princess gradually approach, Chu Mu’s emotions ceaselessly changed.

The white-clothed guard welcomed the princess, and his face revealed a bit of shock. In his opinion, defeating these two opponents whose strength was average wasn’t even harder than dealing with Chu Ke and Chu Dian. Even if the princess wanted to train her soul pets, there wasn’t any need to face these two inferior fellows.

“Princess, do you need me to participate?” asked the white robed guard.

“No need.” indifferently said Princess Jin Rou.

The white clothed guard naturally knew the princess’ strength, so he didn’t try and show of his abilities and recalled his soul pets. He didn’t leave the battlefield, but instead stood off to the side.

Fighting one versus two!

Such a situation was occurring once more. Only, this time, it unexpectedly was Princess Jin Rou fighting one versus two!

The white robed guard’s identity was mysterious, and his strength was powerful. Amongst the entire Western Kingdom, there practically were no opponents. As for the Nightmare Palace’s young princess, her strength was even more so something the tiny Western Kingdom’s apex experts could not compete against. If she wanted to one versus two, fundamentally, no one would call it into question!

“She’s very interested in you?”

Chu Mu bitterly laughed and shook her head. Chu Mu couldn’t think of any other reason for this action of Princess Jin Rou other than to take revenge for last time’s disrespect towards her. Seems like the kidnapping of her indeed angered her.

The battle’s quality had clearly completely changed. Looking at the two sides, the notary momentarily didn’t know what to do, choosing to look questioningly at family master Chu Lieming.

“I angered her. I, by myself, probably am not her match, so why don’t you support me.” Chu Mu said.

Ye Qingzi shook her head. “Before, I said already. If I meet an opponent that is too powerful, I would give up. If it were the previous person, we could still fight. If it’s this Nightmare Palace little princess, then forget about it. At least currently, I don’t want to fight her. You deal with her yourself. Then, I can also see your true strength.”

“......” Chu Mu opened his mouth to try to say something, but was speechless. He could only watch as Ye Qingzi proudly turned around and slowly walked to the side of the battlefield.

Ye Qingzi leaving the battlefield immediately confused everyone. Wouldn’t this make it a single battle between Chu Chen and Princess Jin Rou?!

Princess Jin Rou looked at the cold beauty Ye Qingzi. Ye Qingzi leaving the battlefield was decent for her. At least, Princess Jin Rou was relieved from a lot of pressure.

Princess Jin Rou’s news couldn’t have been that sealed off. She naturally knew that Xia Guanghan had already tried his hand at Chu Mu, yet not long ago she heard insider news that Xia Guanghan had been heavily wounded. So, from the Secret Killer Attendants that came back, Princess Jin Rou knew of the details of Chu Mu defeating Xia Guanghan.

Thus, it proved that Chu Mu’s strength wasn’t as simple as it seemed. Although Princess Jin Rou was certain she could win, she didn’t dare to drop her vigilance. After all, Chu Mu was the only young expert that could cause Xia Guanghan to be in such a difficult situation.

“Summon your soul pets.” Princess Jin Rou said lightly.

Her light veil lifted with the wind, occasionally revealing the side of Princess Jin Rou’s face- a face of perfection with a splash of severity. Clearly, the battle state Princess Jin Rou was another person from her usual self!

Chu Mu’s face grew serious. If it were the white clothed bodyguard before, Chu Mu also wouldn’t have been able to defeat him without summoning his White Nightmare. Now, facing the even stronger Princess Jin Rou, things were even tricky.

Nightmare Palace’s power was spread across the world. As the princess of such a massive faction, even if Princess Jin Rou wasn’t even twenty, her strength was definitely much greater than the Western Kingdom top tier experts. Chu Mu could rarely find any match within the Western Kingdom, and he was able to sweep through those thought to be top tier experts of the young generation, but in the scope of the entire world, Chu Mu, who had only trained his soul pets for five years, was still distant from the world’s top tier young experts…...

“Princess, why should it be like this? The event last time was only compelled by circumstance.” Chu Mu said with his remembrance to Princess Jin Rou.

“It’s only a fair competition, why should Bodyguard Chu be this worried?” Princess Jin Rou smiled easily, not showing any embarrassment or anger towards the kidnapping in the past.

Fair competition?

Chu Mu didn’t think so. As the Nightmare Palace’s little princess, she was gifted since birth. Every soul pet of hers was of utmost tier and quality, and had probably gotten the most ideal strengthenings at each stage. Her soul pet fighting strengths were most definitely terrifying.

If it were in the wilderness, relying on the environment and his quick reaction to many uncertain variables, Chu Mu had the confidence of beating the princess, but in such a “fair” competition, the fighting methods that Chu Mu could use was, at best, was very restricted. No matter how arrogant Chu Mu felt, he didn’t think he could beat a soul pet trainer who had a fifth phase White Nightmare three years ago.

“Chu Mu personally thinks that he isn’t match for Princess, and isn’t willing to become the enemy of the Princess either. If Princess could keep Mo Xie’s news a secret, if the princess has any need in the future I, Ch Mu ,would naturally help out……” Chu Mu said with his remembrance.

“You dared to fight head to head in wisdom and strength against the Nightmare Palace 'Cold Faced Executioner' and make him retreat pathetically, so how could a woman like Jin Rou make this Chu Bodyguard so cowardly?” Princess Jin Rou said with interest.“.......” It wasn’t really that Chu Mu didn’t dare to fight Princess Jin Rou. It was just that he didn’t know what attitude the Princess held.

“Okay, since princess would like to scrimmage with Chu Mu, then Chu Mu will gladly accompany you.” Chu Mu said out loud.

“Scrimmage? Meaningless. I remember you said that you were used to slaughter. Since its a battle, then go all out. If you can kill me, only Xia Guanghan would know your secret in the entire world.” Princess Jin Rou said in a strange tone.

“I can control my killing now.” Chu Mu said.

After he said that, Chu Mu slowly read an incantation and summoned his soul pet!

When Chu Mu and Princess Jin Rou stood facing each other, discusison had already started. Anyone with eyes could tell that Chu Mu and Princess Jin Rou were communicating through remembrance.

“That Chu Chen is the Prison Island King, Chu Mu.”

Before, Princess Jin Rou’s identity revealing had already spread to everyone’s ears. In the entire Great Chu Family, other than confusion as to why Chu Mu changed his name and entered the battle, there was also confusion as to why Princess Jin Rou was dueling her own bodyguard!

“Chu Mu, he really is Chu Mu?” Watching the black-clothed and handsome man, Chu Xian’s heart was in turmoil. After Chu Mu defeated Chu Yue, ChuXQian had already started guessing that Chu Mu was the Prison Island King, yet guesses were in the end, still guesses. Now, getting confirmed by the Princess and other people, the shock in her heart was still indescribable.

When the opponent he faced was already a character like the little Princess of Nightmare Palace, other than having a swell of pride and self-pride, Chu Xian also felt lost, as if she were already two worlds apart from this man…....

Double royal flames started burning. The glamorous flames quickly intersected into a pattern, burning a beautiful double crown symbol in front of Chu Mu!

In the mixture of Demon Fire Evil Flame and Blood Flame, a small and delicate Mo Xie walked out proudly, letting out a demonic glint from her silver eyes!

“Mo Xie, lift your Pitiful Appearance.”

Since everyone knew her identity, there was no longer a need to hide it.


With a long call, her imposing voice echoed through the skies of the battlefield!!

Nine globs of double royal flames circled Mo Xie’s body, spiralling supernaturally downwards and congregating at Mo Xie’s four paws. With an even longer cry in the distance, the dual royal flames burned even more flourishingly. The scarlet colored demon fire evil flames and the blood flames practically instantly flew into the clouds- an ostentatious display of fire!

The double royal raging flames flooded her whole body as Mo Xie’s silver fur began to dance. The fire light on her body quickly expanded, and the nine waving tiny furry tails were quickly covered by the double royal flames. Astonishingly, they transformed into nine imposing and majestic long fire dragons that wantonly danced!!

Her long, slender body was full of hard to find terrifying explosive strength. The claws hidden inside her flaming paws were capable of conquering everything, and ripping apart anything. Her spirited yet unusually demonic silver pupils were full of the most devilish charm and of the most strangely demonic strength. The magnificent and spectacular nine tails combined everything of the Royal Flamed Nine Tailed Demon Fox together, and she exhibited the hegemonic aura of the emperor commander that rivaled monarchs!!

The fights between the younger generation were practically all limited to the commander rank. Monarch rank soul pets ostensibly surpassed the range of the young generation. When everyone saw this Royal Flamed Nine Tailed Demon Fox let out its majestic demonic aura, they couldn’t help but feel shocked!

Such a wild mannerism of a soul pet. Its aura was clearly much stronger than the white-clothed guards Blue Nightmare!!

Ye Qingzi wasn’t too far away from the battlefield. Her eyes were closely fixated on Chu Mu’s Royal Flamed Nine Tailed Inferno Fox. In her heart, she was extremely shocked.

Rumors were rumors after all. She merely knew that Chu Mu possessed a Royal Flamed Nine Tailed Inferno Fox that was a perfect commander that could rival a monarch. Yet, personally witnessing this powerful monarch aura, she finally was able to truly feel the powerfulness and majesty of this Royal Flamed Nine Tailed Inferno Fox.

Looking at the black-clothed Chu Mu, Ye Qingzi could be sure that after knowing him for so long, the Chu Mu today was the most true version of himself. Demonically charming, domineering, and insufferably arrogant!!


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