Chapter 1458: Wedding (2)

After Liu Binglan changed into an elegant dress, she arrived back at Chu Mu’s waiting room.

At that moment, she saw Mu Qingyi walking out from the room.

“Qingyi,” Liu Binglan called out to her.

Mu Qingyi looked up at Liu Binglan on reflex when she heard her name, but soon realized that her current expression was going to be seen. She hurriedly pretended not to hear anything and quickly left the place.

Liu Binglan watched her back and lightly sighed to herself. She then slowly walked into the room.

When Liu Binglan entered, Chu Mu was still standing in a daze.

“Did you hurt her?” asked Liu Binglan.

“No,” Chu Mu did not say anything at all and on top of that he was even kissed on the corner of his lips.

“Then why do I see something in her eyes?” said Liu Binglan.

Mu Qingyi had left resolutely. Chu Mu remembered that her gaze was determined. However, right after she walked out of the room, she took a deep breath and took off her disguise. That scene was coincidentally witnessed by Liu Binglan.

“She also loves you,” said Liu Binglan.

“Mhm,” Chu Mu nodded and did not say anything further.

Mu Qingyi’s feelings for Chu Mu had always been somewhat vague. She had never told Chu Mu about them, and Chu Mu also naturally did not ask. They had maintained the attitude of remaining silent.

Originally, Chu Mu had thought that it would have stayed like that until the end. However, he had never thought that on the day of his wedding, Mu Qingyi would suddenly come to him and sneak a kiss.

What’s wrong with this woman? She kissed someone else’s groom, then blessed the couple, isn’t she completely messing with my feelings?

“How do you intend to handle this?” asked Liu Binglan.

Chu Mu did not answer. Such a matter did not have a concept of handling it or not in the first place.

“Oh you, I don’t see you flirting with others, and yet why do so many girls love you?” teased Liu Binglan.

“I also don’t know,” Chu Mu scratched his head helplessly. He felt embarrassed when Liu Binglan said that.

“Chat with her if you have the chance,” said Liu Binglan.

“Yeah, one day,” Chu Mu’s wedding had certainly hurt Mu Qingyi’s feelings. However, Chu Mu had put most of his mind on Ye Qingzi right now. This kind of messy feeling would be left for the future.


The auspicious time had finally arrived. The elegant Liu Binglan held Chu Mu’s hand and walked towards the yard that looked just like a purple Immortal realm due to the decorations.

The ground that Chu Mu walked on would be laid with a flower mat. Each step left a footprint on it, indicating the path towards the wedding ceremony.

“Where are they?” Chu Mu did not see Ye Qingzi in the yard and was a little anxious now.

Don’t tell me that there’s another custom?

“The bride has to be the last to appear. It’s time, we will be walking out slowly. Can you hear the cheers from outside?” said Liu Binglan with a smile.

“Yes,” Chu Mu did hear the loud cheering coming from outside rising like a tide.

“Come, one step at a time, do not rush,” reminded Liu Binglan.

During the wedding ceremony, stepping on the flower mat was also an important matter. The steps had to be both soft and slow. It would be like certain roaming dance steps. Liu Binglan knew that Chu Mu had never practised something like that before. So she would be properly teaching him before walking out of the Soul Palace.

Chu Mu had learned it fairly quickly. By the time they had walked out of the Soul Palace, Chu Mu noticed that those silver-armored Holy Guards were now fully armed and were neatly lined up along the Soul Palace stairs!

The silver armor reflected the dazzling light, the Holy Guards were neat and well trained.

When Chu Mu and Liu Binglan walked out, a thousand Holy Guards half knelt simultaneously in perfect harmony. The scene was truly spectacular and majestic!


Holy Guard Chief Zhuo Nong shouted solemnly.

Next, all the Holy Guards began chanting. The soul pets they summoned were all Lin Yin Beasts. Their bodies were also covered by well crafted silver armor, matching the armor that was worn by the Holy Guards!

“Align, march!”

Holy Guard Chief Zhuo Nong firmly made the next order.

All the Holy Guards rode their silver battle beasts and lined up into a long silver dragon. They advanced harmoniously on both sides of Chu Mu and Liu Binglan as they moved towards Wanxiang Platform.

Chu Mu looked straight forward. The road leading towards Wanxiang Platform was straight. He could clearly see a sea of excited people and countless swaying purple string flowers!

The silver dragons slowly moved forward. They maintained their pace to match with Chu Mu. While appearing majestic, there was also a beauty in their uniformity.


The feverish cheers were slowly getting closer and closer. Chu Mu could hear countless people shouting “King Chu!” “King Chu!” “King Chu!”.

They were as feverish as pure blind faith. Worship, respect, love, gratitude, Chu Mu saw the faces and the gazes of all those people.

They all held a bunch of flowers. There were even some girls forming teams and offering flowers as well as their beautiful dances when Chu Mu and his Holy Guard army walked close to them.

Wanxiang City held many festivals, but Chu Mu had never participated in any of them.

Everyone knew that there was a young King in New Moon Land, but they did not really get a chance to see him at all.

Now that the handsomely dressed Chu Mu had appeared in front of them, all of them were extremely excited. If the Holy Guard army did not open the path ahead, then Chu Mu might not even have been able to reach Wanxiang Platform.

The flower mat extended all the way to the wedding altar on the platform. The area around the wedding platform was an empty space. The ground was also covered in purple string flower petals. Perhaps, no woman would be able to resist if a man held her hands and walked towards that purple sea of flowers.

Chu Mu reached the foot of the wedding altar stairs under the guidance of Liu Binglan.

The Holy Guards spread out to the surroundings in an orderly manner. Their Lin Yin Beasts did not make any mistake or step onto any of the flower petals.

When Chu Mu stopped there, the cheers suddenly became even louder. That overwhelming passion was crashing towards him like a wave.

No matter how emotionless a person was, such a scene could easily affect even that person.

“Look at the sky,” Liu Binglan told Chu Mu.

Chu Mu raised his head and saw the elegant and pure white birds flying through Wanxiang City’s sky.

Those were Immortal Ming Birds. They danced beautifully in the sky like elegant ladies.

A thousand Immortal Ming Birds flew past in the sky above the crowd. The beautiful curve had caused countless girls to scream out feverishly.

It was truly a breath-taking flight. All of that was done in order to emphasize the arrival of the woman wearing a holy blue bride dress!

During the flight of those Immortal Ming Birds, countless tiny life forms like petals were slowly drifting down from the sky.

They were Fairy Butterflies.

Graceful, light, and agile, those Fairy Butterflies were all purple in color, representing the color of love from the purple string flowers. They flew around in the air and formed into a huge moving flower, gradually descending while holding up a woman wearing a holy blue bride dress on top of themselves......

Holy blue color represented purity and nobility. The beautiful bride dress had robbed the thoughts of everyone present. Meanwhile, the woman who was wearing this bride dress looked just like a deity descending into the mortal realm, sacred and beautiful!

Back in Xiang Rong City, Chu Mu had witnessed Ye Qingzi dressing up properly. There were many brides appearing along with her back then.

However, be it the brides who were competing for beauty or for descending like a deity, she remained peerless in beauty.

The purple Fairy Butterflies were naturally the work of Ning Maner. Only she could make those little creatures which preferred freedom to perform such a role.

Chu Mu had to admit, getting accompanied by those Fairy Butterflies added some more points of femininity and nobleness to Ye Qingzi.

When she slowly descended in front of him, when the Fairy Butterflies scattered, when she slightly raised the corners of her lips and smiled towards him, he became completely mesmerized by her.

Liu Binglan pushed Chu Mu a little to wake him up. Chu Mu also smiled in return, his smile was honest.

Liu Binglan held Chu Mu’s right hand and Ye Qingzi’s left hand.

“Follow my steps,” Liu Binglan told the two of them.

“Chu Mu, look forward, don’t keep staring at Qingzi,” Liu Binglan glared at Chu Mu.

“Oh, oh,” Chu Mu nodded.

Ye Qingzi smiled, the mesmerized Chu Mu was also rather cute.

As a senior, as well as a mother to both of them, she was the best wedding witness for them.

With her bringing Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi up the wedding altar, it meant that the parents had officially acknowledged the relationship between this pair of newlyweds.

After walking up the wedding altar, Liu Binglan took a step back and gracefully pulled the hands of the two of them close to each other's, then put Ye Qingzi’s hand in Chu Mu’s.

Liu Binglan smiled, “You two will walk this last part yourselves.”

There was still the Moon Viewing Platform left above the wedding altar.

Moon represented reproduction, it represented love. Walking up to the Moon Viewing Altar would be the most important moment of the wedding ceremony. The final stairs could only be finished by the two of them alone.

Chu Mu raised his head and noticed that there were no stairs leading to the Moon Viewing Platform which was floating in the sky, so he asked, “Do I carry Qingzi and fly up there?”

“Don’t be so crude,” Liu Binglan rolled her eyes.

“Hehe,” Chu Mu laughed awkwardly.

Everything had to be graceful and slow during the process of the wedding ceremony.

“I have already paved the path for you two,” said Liu Binglan.

She began chanting and summoned Star Sky Dust Spirit.

Star Sky Dust Spirit pointed forward and countless tiny stars started paving out a path like cobblestones. They became a beautiful road of stars between the wedding altar and the Moon Viewing Platform.

Chu Mu held Ye Qingzi’s hand and followed the steps as Liu Binglan had taught him. They slowly stepped onto the special stairs.

One step, two steps, three steps. At every step, Chu Mu would take a quick glance at Ye Qingzi. Ye Qingzi’s cheeks were like snow and jade. A tint of blush would gradually spread out when she felt shy, adding some tempting allure to the sacredness.

“Keep going,” pouted Ye Qingzi.

This evil man is just tantalizing now. The Moon Viewing Platform is right in front of him, yet he just stops there.

Chu Mu had stopped because he was mesmerized by her. The pouting Ye Qingzi was even more alluring than normal.

Countless people were watching from beneath the wedding altar. However, Chu Mu just stopped there without caring about the customs at all. He looked at his bride with a feverish gaze.

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