Chapter 1457: Wedding (1)

Chu Mu walked up to her with a warm smile. He simply hugged her wordlessly without caring about the passersby.

“Ah, so that lady was waiting for him. He’s such a jerk, making a lady wait for two whole days,” An elderly who often took a walk around the city gate saw the couple hugging and smiled warmly.

The surrounding people also looked towards them enviously. They did not know that the couple were the King and Queen of New Moon Land, they only looked like a pair of lovers in their eyes.

Chu Mu lowered his head and gently kissed her.

Ye Qingzi did not apply any rogue on her lips. Her pink lips carried traces of redness to it. Soft, fragrant, and moist, a light kiss was like holding a cold dew in summer.

“You must have waited for a long time?” asked Chu Mu.

Ye Qingzi shook her head. Her clear eyes revealed traces of reliance and affection towards Chu Mu.

The two of them had been together for a long time. However, for some reason, the longing that they felt for each other had never really disappeared. Whenever they were separated for even a short time, Chu Mu wanted to see her as soon as possible.

Chu Mu gently combed her disheveled hair and held her hand, “Let’s go. We have plenty of time to create little Chu Mu's or little Qingzi's from now on.”

Ye Qingzi was still immersing herself in the touching moment, but that sentence had ruined the mood. She rolled her eyes and spoke, “Just like my impression of you when we first met. Hmph, full of dirty thoughts!”

“You knew that and yet you fell for it?” Chu Mu grinned.

Seeing Ye Qingzi pouting, Chu Mu knew that he should not go too far here and changed the topic, “Why did you choose to wait for me here?”

“I was thinking to myself, if we had never met in this city and accompanied each other on the journey, then we may have still been strangers and lived our own lives...... Just the thought of it scares me,” Ye Qingzi hugged Chu Mu’s arm tightly as if he might disappear from her sight any moment.

Chu Mu took a quick glance at this city. It was really normal and plain, but it held an important significance to Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi. They had started off from here and had experienced various events during their journey, eventually reaching their wedding ceremony. If not for this city, then they might have still been wandering around alone this summer.

Birch forest, garden, Tianxia City, perhaps those were places that had witnessed their love. However, Ye Qingzi had to be truly grateful to this rural Han Tan City. It was the place that had allowed her to meet Chu Mu.

Chu Mu felt his heart string being tightly pulled from Ye Qingzi’s words.

The fated other half of a person usually appeared unknowingly in their lives. From being strangers to being able to telepathically understand each other. The process of love was really beautiful, but what about the point of their meeting?

They might have missed each other carelessly, and that lonely self would have never known.

Ye Qingzi did not dwell on such pointless worry, so she felt even more gratitude and fortune.

“Let’s go, everyone must be waiting for us,” After a while, Ye Qingzi smiled and safely stored this emotion deep in her heart.

At least they had finally reached a satisfying conclusion, this was the result that they wanted.

“Yeah,” Chu Mu nodded.

Saying so, he suddenly pulled her and hugged Ye Qingzi in a princess carry, “I will carry you there.”

Ye Qingzi revealed a tinge of blush. Many people were watching them at the city gate, but they did not notice them as they were too focused on each other.

However, being loved by someone was always a blissful feeling. Ye Qingzi hugged Chu Mu’s neck firmly and leaned her cheek on his bosom, letting him carry her openly in public eyes.

Chu Mu slowly floated up and suddenly turned into a dark streak of light in an instant. They drew a beautiful arc in the boundless blue sky and quickly disappeared into the horizon.

Many people were watching Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi at the Han Tan City gate. When they saw the couple instantly flying far away, they were even more astonished by the sight and looked towards the horizon somewhat absentmindedly.


The purple string flower decorated city was truly immersed in purple romance. The unique fragrance could be clearly smelled from even a dozen kilometers away from the city.

The Wanxiang City had lost its ancient and solemn appearance after such decorations. It looked more like an elegant lady right now, elegant, beautiful, and charming......

Chu Mu’s speed was very fast. It did not take too much time for them to reach Wanxiang City from Han Tan City.

However, they were not particularly in a rush to return to Wanxiang City, since the wedding ceremony was going to be two days later.

Chu Mu hugged Ye Qingzi and traveled from Han Tan City according to their memories. They trailed the path that they had taken in the past. Every city they had reached, every Bewildering World they had stopped at, every forest they had passed through, every river they had crossed......

As long as it was a place where good memories could be reminisced, they would share a hot and deep kiss.

At an unknown town, at the stone chamber of the Great Chu Family, at the majestic Heaven Boundary Monument, at the west border of Lang He City, at Cai Qiong City with plenty of rocks, at Li Kingdom’s Li City Garden, at Tianxia City’s street......

The more they reminisced, the deeper they loved each other.

Finally, when they had returned to Wanxiang City, they had shared intimate kisses for three days straight. After seeing the city full of purple string flowers blessing their wedding, the emotions that were accumulated over the three days had reached a climax.

Tears of happiness had moistened Ye Qingzi’s eyes. When she left Wanxiang City, the city was still the same as usual. When Chu Mu brought her back, everyone had suddenly begun celebrating for them.

“If you cry so much, then you can’t even put on makeup later. Everyone is waiting for us at the Wanxiang platform,” reminded Chu Mu.

Ye Qingzi had suddenly lost all her courage. A large crowd was gathered on the platform in front of them. Then, a long purple mat was laid out along the sacred wedding altar stairs, reaching the Moon Viewing Platform step by step!

“Yes, yes,” Ye Qingzi immediately held back her tears. It was going to be the most important moment of her life next, she must not let Chu Mu see her tear-stricken state.


After returning to the palace, Ye Qingzi was soon pushed into a room with beautiful decorations by Liu Binglan’s maidservants. They began assisting her to cleanse herself and change into her attire.

Chu Mu was the groom and naturally he also had to do the same.

After he changed, Liu Binglan personally helped Chu Mu with the final touches on his attire.

The groom's attire followed the Xiang Rong City’s custom which was fiery red in color.

The attire did not have various complicated decorations on it. It was neat yet noble. As Chu Mu’s special role as the King was also put into consideration, the groom’s attire had the king’s mantle and coat added on, it was handsome and exuded the majesty of a king. With fiery red as the main color, it completely portray's the manliness of the groom!

“Take a look in the mirror,” said Liu Binglan with a smiling face.

As his mother, this was the first time that she had helped Chu Mu dress up after such a long time.

When Chu Mu was little, Liu Binglan’s maidservants would be the ones looking after him. Even if Liu Binglan intended to help little Chu Mu wear clothes, she would probably have stuffed his head into a sleeve opening.

Later on, Chu Tianmang was in charge of it, so Liu Binglan did not get any chance to do it. After Chu Mu had grown up, it was needless to say. Chu Mu also felt a little awkward when Liu Binglan helped him dress up like this.

However, on this special day, Liu Binglan insisted on helping Chu Mu wear this groom’s attire that she had supervised in tailoring. She had even practised wearing it on her maidservant a few times.

Liu Binglan was very careful when doing it. Her slightly clumsy hands were not as proficient as the maidservants. However, she still helped Chu Mu finish wearing this groom’s attire. Watching the handsome and majestic Chu Mu, Liu Binglan felt very proud.

From the white and chubby infant to a toddler barely able to walk, then to a child who was slightly afraid of her, eventually to a composed youth. And now, he was a king of the new generation......

Looking at Chu Mu’s attire, the scenes of Chu Mu from an infant to a grown man kept flashing constantly in Liu Binglan’s mind. Unknowingly, her eyes had moistened from the joy and emotions she felt throughout the years.

“Mother, why are you also crying?” Chu Mu did not understand Liu Binglan’s emotion and was unsure on how to console her.

Liu Binglan lightly wiped away her tears. Her smile was still very gentle and heartwarming. She was not a cold beauty right now, but only a mother who was watching her son growing up to build a new family of his own.

“I will also go and prepare myself,” Liu Binglan had to appear at the wedding ceremony together with Chu Mu, so she also needed to dress herself properly.

Chu Mu was currently a little distance away from Ye Qingzi, yet his thoughts kept wandering to her side.

The maidservants had gone out. Chu Mu was waiting quietly in the room all by himself.

It was not time yet, Chu Mu had no choice but to wait for a while.

Soon after, the door was gently pushed open.

“Is it time?” Chu Mu was a little excited and immediately stood up.

“Not yet,” A crisp female voice answered.

The woman walked in with light steps and passed through the screen. When she saw Chu Mu in that attire, her gaze clearly showed changes.

“Qingyi, why are you here?” Chu Mu was a little surprised. It was Mu Qingyi who had entered the room.

“You look well,” Mu Qingyi recollected herself and praised him with a smile.

“It’s rare to hear praise from Goddess Mu,” Chu Mu also smiled as he accepted her compliment.

“Qingzi takes a little more time to prepare, so I have come here to take a look,” Mu Qingyi seemed to be finding an excuse.

Mu Qingyi had also dressed herself up for this day. She coiled up her silky black hair, her golden dress revealed her soft skin. Her well proportioned and mature body always made others fantasize about it.

“Are you being treated well in Divine Sect?” asked Chu Mu.

Mu Qingyi’s personality was suited for Divine Sect. She held an upright attitude towards justice and was merciless towards her enemies. Chu Mu believed that she could gain her own standing in Divine Sect in the future.

“I’m fine. I’m in charge of New Moon Land’s border around this region. I would be in Wanxiang City normally if nothing happens,” said Mu Qingyi.

Before Chu Mu could open his mouth, Mu Qingyi seemed to have noticed something and walked closer to him, “There’s a fold on your shoulder, let me help you fix it.”

Chu Mu nodded and remained on the spot. When Mu Qingyi approached him, he could smell a unique body fragrance exuding from her and accidentally caught a glimpse of the scenery inside her collar.

It was unintentional, so he quickly looked away.

His gaze met with Mu Qingyi’s bright eyes which contained traces of gloominess within them.

She was still approaching and Chu Mu could feel her breath on his face.

Suddenly, her lips drew close and lightly kissed on the corner of Chu Mu’s lips.

It felt a little cold and soft at the same time. Chu Mu was dumbfounded for a moment. He did not expect Mu Qingyi to kiss him.

“May happiness bless you two.”

Mu Qingyi’s gaze did not waver at all, she remained determined.

The kiss was also quite simple, there was no further action.

After saying that line, Mu Qingyi turned around and left with a little self mockery on her face, leaving the room with her fragrance and the slightly cold feeling on the corner of Chu Mu’s lips.

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