Chapter 1456: Han Tan City, The City Of First Encounter

Chu Mu scratched his head helplessly. He never knew that there was such a rule.

Speaking of which, where could Ye Qingzi have run off to? Even though he could travel back and forth this vast New Moon Land easily in a one day, how should he find her without using the ring?

“Dear Maner, can you secretly tell your big brother where she went to hide?” whispered Chu Mu.

“Big brother must abide by the custom!” said Ning Maner with a serious expression.

“No hint at all?” asked Chu Mu.

Chu Mu knew that Ning Maner must be abiding someone’s order and would follow it through.

“It has to be somewhere you two have gone to before,” Ning Maner seemed to have realized something and giggled cunningly.

Chu Mu had a bitter smile on his face. It had become so difficult just to see his bride now......

As his residence was still getting decorated, he was soon chased out of there by Ning Maner. It seemed that there were still some secrets inside.

Chu Mu had no choice but to report to Liu Binglan first.

After reaching the Female Supreme Palace, Chu Mu saw Liu Binglan sitting quietly in the garden and reading a book while relaxing on this rare occasion.

In the recent few years, Liu Binglan had been really busy as the manager of New Moon Land. Chu Mu had rarely seen her having time to relax.

When Liu Binglan stayed quiet, she looked just like a beautiful ice sculpture, carrying a tint of coldness while also being elegant. This aura of hers was rather similar to Chu Tianmang who had changed his name to Heaven Slaughter.

In Chu Mu’s impression, Chu Tianmang was a very cheerful person. Perhaps the heavy burden had gradually sealed off his heart. Coincidentally, the entire family was just like this, all of them appearing to be cold and emotionless.

Chu Mu quietly walked next to Liu Binglan and gently massaged her shoulders.

Liu Binglan knew that it was Chu Mu and tapped his hand softly.

Chu Mu’s hands were a little chilly, she seemed to have been able to sense his internal emotions through those hands.

“What’s wrong?” asked Liu Binglan gently.

Chu Mu shook his head and kept the Imprint Valley incident to himself.

“Qingzi is worried about you,” said Liu Binglan.

“Is she waiting for me somewhere?” asked Chu Mu.

“Yes, go and find her. In the custom, the bride will leave five days before the wedding ceremony. The groom will then have to find her within five days and walk onto the wedding altar with her hand in hand. She has already been waiting for you for two days now,” replied Liu Binglan.

Chu Mu nodded and was just about to leave, but Liu Binglan did not let go of his hand yet. She looked at Chu Mu and wanted to say something, but was not really sure on how to start.

“I tried spreading the news and hope that your father will find out...... Perhaps, when you walk onto the wedding altar with Qingzi, he might be watching you from somewhere,” muttered Liu Binglan.

Regardless of the situation, Chu Mu was still the child between Liu Binglan and Chu Tianmang. Their child had grown up and took in a bride. This was an event that called for celebration. Liu Binglan hoped that Chu Tianmang would show up. She could also tell that Chu Mu wanted him to be around too.

Liu Binglan did not know why Chu Tianmang was so unwilling to show up, but she could vaguely sense that man watching her and Chu Mu from afar.

“Yeah, I got it,” Chu Mu nodded and tapped Liu Binglan’s hand.

In order not to let Liu Binglan see his expression when he was lying and the momentary sadness in his eyes, Chu Mu left the Female Supreme Palace in a hurry.

Perhaps, Chu Tianmang had really been watching over him growing up step by step in the past, but it would be really difficult for him to show up this time.


All living things became active in spring, and their activeness reaches the peak when the season changes to summer.

Flowers of unknown names bloomed all over New Moon Land. Countless flower type soul pets were dancing amongst the flowers.

Chu Mu flew in the sky and kept heading west.

The first place that he reached was Xiang Rong City. This city was surrounded by countless Fairy Butterflies, so beautiful that it looked just like an Immortal Realm.

In regards to the number of visitors, Xiang Rong City’s population flow had even surpassed that of Wanxiang City. Every part of this city was carefully crafted, no woman could resist the beauty of this city. Living here was the same as living in a dream.

Chu Mu landed in Xiang Rong City and hurriedly walked towards the flower garden in the city.

Chu Mu remembered that he had proposed to Ye Qingzi in that garden when the petals were dancing in the air.

During that moment, Ye Qingzi’s breath-taking beauty and her embarrassed smile had made him feel drunk.

They had pledged their marriage in this place, so she might have been waiting for him here. Completing the unfinished proposal here and receiving the blessing in Wanxiang City would truly be an important event to both of them.

After entering the garden, Chu Mu walked into the grove where the two of them had hugged.

Flowers were blooming everywhere in the grove, it was really similar to that day.

Unfortunately, Ye Qingzi was not here.

Chu Mu shook his head sadly and continued looking for her according to his memory of her.

The second place that Chu Mu stopped at was the birch forest outside Soul City.

In this birch forest, Chu Mu had taken off her mask. The Monument Tear had recovered her appearance and resurrected his soul. That feeling did not die down even now.

Chu Mu knew that this birch forest must be the place which left the deepest impression for Ye Qingzi. She must be waiting for him here.

Unfortunately, Chu Mu still did not see Ye Qingzi. Birch trees shook gently in the wind, and the clear river splashed around gently. Chu Mu stood quietly at the side and recalled the kiss that they shared which made them forget about all worldly troubles. Her moist lips, and her soft tongue carried a faint fragrance. He could not forget the taste of that kiss even now......

First, it was cold and salty with tears, then it gradually became warm and moist, finally becoming smoldering hot, burning, feverish even and unable to part!

“Not here either?” Chu Mu looked at the empty forest and felt a little down.

Chu Mu thought that it would be either of the two places, but he was wrong both times.

Chu Mu kept flying west and Tianxia City had entered his view unknowingly.

This ancient city had left Chu Mu with many memories. Those scenes quickly flashed through his mind.

Chu Mu trailed along Tianxia City all the way to the West Street.

Following his memory, he eventually reached an aisle.

The aisle was a little on the dark side. Chu Mu clearly remembered the time when Ye Qingzi was leaning on the wall helplessly in tears.

That was the first time that Chu Mu had seen the cold and rational Ye Qingzi revealing such a feeble side of herself. Her helpless appearance had broken his heart. At that moment, Chu Mu finally knew that Ye Qingzi had taken up such a important place in his heart!

From their first encounter in Han Tan City to the Great Chu Family, then leaving the city and finally reaching Tianxia City after crossing almost half of New Moon Land. During the course of the entire journey, Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi had remained as companions.

The reserved Ye Qingzi did not become intimate with Chu Mu at all. Chu Mu also did not express his love for Ye Qingzi. Plain and peaceful, she would occasionally appear in his mind and also rapidly fade away.

Chu Mu had always remembered the breath-taking beauty of Princess Jin Rou. However, Princess Jin Rou’s breath-taking beauty had gradually become blurry in his mind and was slowly getting replaced by Ye Qingzi’s figure......

Chu Mu also did not clearly know at which point in time he had begun to love her. There was no clear turning point. What he had was only the journey that they had taken together and the bits of sensitive yet poorly worded caring.

It was also those casual exchanges and occasional eye contact which had slowly melted Chu Mu’s heart.


Chu Mu stood in that aisle idly. The dim light made his cold appearance almost melt into the shadow.

Unfortunately, she was not here either.

The three places that he had gone to were the most memorable places between them. If she was not in these three places,then  where could she have gone?

Chu Mu felt lost and guilty for a moment.

Ye Qingzi had always been so understanding to him. On many occasions, Chu Mu did not even need to say anything and she could still understand him.

However, what about him?

Did he really understand Ye Qingzi? He was not even able to deduce where she was waiting for him.

As he continued west, he had finally reached Han Tan City which was at the western border.

There had been a severe disaster in the west. Chu Mu was unsure if the Han Tan City where they had encountered for the first time was still there.

After crossing the mountains, Chu Mu saw a lonely city sitting at the foot of a mountain.

Fortunately, the city was still there. If it disappeared, then there would be one less witness to their encounter.

Chu Mu felt relieved inside. He walked to the city gate and remembered that she was standing expressionlessly next to her brother, Ye Wansheng, when they had first met each other. Ye Wansheng was quarelling with a woman on the street, while she simply ignored it as his younger sister.

She had a pair of beautiful legs, that was Chu Mu’s first impression of her. Even now, Chu Mu was never tired of her seductive legs.

From this city onwards, Chu Mu was no longer alone on his cultivaion journey.

If he was injured, she would treat him. If he was lonely, she would chat with him. And all those things that had happened afterwards had made Chu Mu realize that he could not leave her.

When he was tired, he did not want to do anything other than simply hugging her. He would smell the familiar fragrance from her body and then fall asleep.

Right now, Chu Mu really wanted to just hug her. After walking out of the Imprint Valley, he had become strangely tired. He could feel that his faith was getting swallowed into the Imprint Valley along with that man’s figure.

Chu Mu was also like a child sometimes and needed his woman to comfort him. Only by hugging her softly could he fall asleep peacefully.

This also showed that he deeply loved her.


This time, Chu Mu finally smiled.

There was a woman with wonderful proportions standing alone at the city gate and waiting for someone.

A gentle breeze blew and made her hair flutter softly. Her beautiful face became even more charming as the strands of her hair stroked her cheeks......

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