Chapter 1455: Ye Qingzi is hidden?

“Chu Mu, what’s wrong?”

Princess Jin Rou floated out of Chu Mu’s ring and asked after seeing him not movinga single step before the palace.

Chu Mu snapped back to reality and looked at the beautiful Princess Jin Rou floating next to him.

Princess Jin Rou had truly great proportions. When she floated next to him lightly, it appeared as if a mermaid was swimming elegantly next to him. By looking at her, he could easily forget some of the troubling matters.

The perplexion in his heart a moment ago gradually disappeared. At least, Chu Mu felt that he had already gained many things, and was not as lonely as his past self.

There were so many people who were caring about him, so many people were supporting him......

“He will be fine,” Princess Jin Rou was able to tell what Chu Mu was thinking about and lightly consoled him.

“Hope so,” Chu Mu recollected his mind and started climbing the stairs.

“Not hope so, his Strange Mane Demon is really strong. He definitely won’t be trapped in the Imprint Valley. He must have found another exit out,” said Princess Jin Rou with a serious expression.

“Yes, I believe so as well,” Chu Mu nodded.

“Then stop making that face. It will be your wedding soon, if you stay like this, then you will scare the bride away,” Princess Jin Rou smiled and her long eyelashes formed a beautiful curve.

The more Chu Mu interacted with her, the more he wanted to interact with her. However, Princess Jin Rou was like a special goddess in Chu Mu’s heart. When she existed physically, Chu Mu was unable to obtain her heart and could only watch her from afar.

Now, she was willing to stay next to him, but he could not touch her anymore. This made Chu Mu want to find the method to resurrect her even more urgently.

“Aren't you unhappy?” asked Chu Mu as he climbed the stairs.

“Asking the obvious,” Princess Jin Rou immediately hardened her expression and pretended to be angry with him.

However, after a while, she gloomily continued, “Actually, I have always felt somewhat guilty.”

“Guilty?” asked Chu Mu in confusion.

“Yes, Ye Qingzi is a really nice person,” Princess Jin Rou said in a low volume, “I believe that you have already tasted how death feels.”

“More or less,” Chu Mu nodded. It was no different from dying when he transformed into his half devil form.

“I was trapped in complete darkness. I could hear the surrounding sounds, but I could not talk myself. I could think, but my thoughts were hazy. It felt like I was locked up inside a dark icy cave for a long time and it was a really scary experience. Whenever I felt scared, I would hug Bing Ying, stroke its fur, and then it would console me using its fox cry......” said Princess Jin Rou.

Chu Mu knew that Bing Ying was the Ice Curse Demon Fox that Princess Jin Rou owned. That Curse Demon Fox had used its life in exchange of the life of its master......

He could tell that Bai Jin Rou clearly loved that Ice Curse Demon Fox the most. It was just like him and Mo Xie, an almost inseparable bond.

Chu Mu could sympathize with the sadness felt over losing a family member.

“When I woke up through the Devil Soul, the first thing I saw was Ye Qingzi hugging an ice fox. Although it was not Bing Ying, I could sense the similar vibe that they gave off. Honestly speaking, I’m really grateful to her, for giving me such a gift when I had woken up. Without that little Immortal Ice Curse Demon Fox, I would not even have been able to accept my spectral state,” said Princess Jin Rou.

It was an Immortal Ice Curse Demon Fox. Chu Mu did not notice that little detail, but Ye Qingzi had remembered it from her anecdote and had given it to her......

Ye Qingzi was a thoughtful woman. When Chu Mu had first encountered her, she had easily seen through his identity and his motive.

Intellectual, elegant, and she was not really talkative, but she always used her actions to convey her feelings.

Chu Mu felt truly fortunate to be able to meet her, and that she did not leave him because of Princess Jin Rou.

“She certainly is the best wife that you can get. Although it feels weird, I still have to congratulate you on your wedding,” Princess Jin Rou smiled again. The smile was pure and simple because she was expressing her heartfelt words.

“Thanks,” Chu Mu knew that this was all because of his greed and his lack of loyalty towards love.

He was really glad to have met two women who would forgive and accept him.


“King is back, King Chu is back!”

On the stairs, Holy Guard Chief Zhuo Nong saw Chu Mu from far away and hurriedly ran down towards him.

There were dozens of holy guards wearing silver armor following behind Zhuo Nong. Those holy guards had all reached the Dominator rank, this had honestly surprised Chu Mu.

The palace holy guards consisted of a thousand members. Their strength should be quite even. If those holy guards wearing the normal uniform already possessed Dominator rank strength, then it meant that the palace now possessed a thousand-men Dominator army!

He had only left for less than two years, and New Moon Land was already able to nurture so many experts. It was really pleasing.

In the past, New Moon Land only had a few people who could reach the Dominator rank. With the current number of holy guards around, there would be no need for him to worry about those forbidden zones and disasters anymore.

“Uncle Zhuo,” Chu Mu greeted Zhuo Nong with a smile.

The group of silver holy guards behind Zhuo Nong should be his new batch of trainees as they all looked rather young. When they saw Chu Mu coming, all of them immediately became energetic and greeted Chu Mu formally.

“It’s alright, stand up,” Chu Mu told them.

When the holy guards stood up, Chu Mu noticed that they were wearing a flower badge made of purple string flower at their chests. It made the intimidating holy guards look a little more friendly. This combination was rather well thought out.

“It’s King Chu’s wedding after all, so all of us holy guards are wearing this flower badge to congratulate King Chu,” explained Zhuo Nong with a smile.

Chu Mu walked into the palace and followed the path of the front palace. He noticed that regardless of holy guards, officials, maidservants, chiefs, Palace Masters, Elders, all of them wore a purple string flower badge. There were over a thousand people in the Soul Palace, Chu Mu could not see even a single person without the badge.

Soul Palace rarely forced its members to do something. The reason all of them wore the badge was probably the same as most of the citizens. They went to find this flower with a special meaning themselves and wore it of their own volition.

Honestly speaking, Chu Mu was hardly the one who managed New Moon Land. He had been focusing on cultivation and did not really treat himself as the King of New Moon Land.

Seeing the palace, city and its citizens all putting on the blessing of purple string flower, Chu Mu felt touched.

He could marry the woman he loved and receive the blessing of the entire country. What else could he ask for?

“Our King also needs to prepare himself, so you all should not crowd around here any longer. Don’t assume that you can hang around him just because King Chu is usually friendly. Go back to your posts!” Zhou Nong scolded the group of young holy guards tagging behind him.

The young holy guards had a bunch of questions and Chu Mu really was having trouble answering them all.

After arriving at the middle palace, Chu Mu started to see people whom he was familiar with. They were wearing the same flower badge of blessing just like the others......

Normally, Chu Mu would just casually greet them when he returned to the palace. Gradually, those familiar with him had started calling him King Chu instead of his name.

It did not matter if they were not acquaintances, but when Teng Lang kept calling him that, it made him feel really uncomfortable.

“I’m just showing my respect. By the way, what kind of interesting things did you encounter after going to Zhengming Main City? Tell me all about them,” said Teng Lang.

“It’s a long story, I don’t have the time right now,” Chu Mu was well acquainted with Teng Lang, so he simply dismissed Teng Lang without any reservation.

After passing the middle palace, Chu Mu met Princess Wan Ning outside the Holy Library. Then, he encountered Shang Heng and Ting Lan whom he was acquainted with the earliest at the bridge leading to the inner palace. Afterwards, he saw Uncle Chu Tianheng and some Chu family descendants who had come all the way here to congratulate him.

Chu Mu kept stopping to greet people along the way and it was soon dusk. After arriving at his own residence in the inner palace, he just realized that it had been specially decorated and his yard was also trimmed. It looked just like an indoor garden built with flower petals, so beautiful that it made one hesitate to step on it.

The maidservants were still busily putting up decorations to make the entire yard look perfect.

A few madams walked around and were arranging the process required for the wedding ceremony. Those had to be prepared beforehand. From their serious attitude, it seemed as if even an extra step taken by the King and Queen would be their own blunder.

After walking into the garden, Chu Mu heard a familiar laughter.

That laughter was really pleasing to the ears and carried a unique magic which would make one forget all their troubles.

“Ah? Big brother is back!” The owner of the laughter noticed Chu Mu and the smile on her face instantly bloomed even brighter.

Cute and adorable, that soft and fragrant body bumped softly into Chu Mu’s bosom before he could even react.

“You have become more beautiful after a year,” Chu Mu intimately pinched her soft cheeks. Ning Maner had really become a beauty, capturing the hearts of others without even being conscious of it.

“Really?” Ning Maner rarely received praises from Chu Mu and so she felt delighted about it.

“Really not, you’re still a lass,” Chu Mu saw her proud expression and purposely denied it.

“Don’t call me a lass, I’m already twenty,” pouted Ning Maner.

“Where’s your big sister? Is she in the room?” asked Chu Mu.


“Then where is she?”

“Aunt Liu said that I cannot tell you,” answered Ning Maner.

“Why?” Chu Mu was confused. It was his wedding, so why would they hide Ye Qingzi?

“Aunt Liu said that before the wedding, you have to find big sister yourself. She can only marry you after you have found her,” said Ning Maner with a serious expression.

“There’s such a rule? I didn’t know about that,” Chu Mu really wanted to see Ye Qingzi. Everytime he felt down, Ye Qingzi would console him.

“Stupid, it’s a little romance before the wedding. We will see if big brother can really find big sister. If you can’t find her, then the wedding ceremony will be cancelled!” Ning Maner giggled. She was like a little angel as well as a little devil.

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