Chapter 1454: Purple Wanxiang City

New Moon Land, Wanxiang City.

The season had changed and flowers were blooming in Wanxiang City.

This city was not really filled with pollen and Fairy Butterflies like Xiangrong City, but it was also well decorated with plants and gave off a refreshing feeling to people.

Recently, special purple string flowers were hung in all the places within the city. They were arranged neatly along the shops and the streets, appearing just like rows of stylish girls wearing purple clothes when the wind blew......

Purple string flowers were also called the wedding flowers by the residents of Wanxiang City. Usually, they would hang the purple string flower in front of their gate when there was a wedding. It was a commonly seen event here.

However, they had never imagined they could witness the mesmerizing scene when the purple string flowers decorated the entire city.

When visitors entered this city and saw those purple string flowers, they would ask with curiosity if there was a special event going on in New Moon Land. Why was the entire city being decorated like an elegant lady?

Then, the residents would inform the visitors with a warm smile, “It will be our King’s wedding ceremony in a few days, the entire city will be celebrating it.”

Purple string flowers were not the requirements given out from the palace, but the residents had decorated the city voluntarily. Otherwise, there was no way they could have found so many purple string flowers.

“This is a king who is truly loved by his citizens,” The visitors would exclaim as such after hearing the story.

“Of course. You must not be able to imagine that our New Moon Land was a sealed up world not that long ago. We had such a large population and yet so little land. This place was filled with disasters, the surrounding forbidden realms are places that us normal people would never have dared to step foot in. However, look at us now, we normal citizens who don’t like fighting can now live peacefully in any city we want. Ambitious youths have easily surpassed their parents and have grown much stronger. Those disasters that troubled us in the past will not affect us anymore...... These are all the achievements of our king,” explained an elderly joyfully.

The elderly had clearly witnessed the change of New Moon Land. He had the absolute right to voice his opinion. After all, New Moon Land had existed for thousands of years. From a barbarian land to the current third rank territory, and able to match some of the border cities, such a New Moon Land was something that people in the past would not have dared to imagine.

Furthermore, New Moon Land was not as calm as how it looked now. Every few years, Eternal Ocean, Southern Forbidden Region, Northern Barren Territory and Eastern Wild Forest would be prone to trigger disasters. Chu Mu had encountered three such disasters during his trip from the Western Kingdom to Wanxiang City. The scale of the disasters was also really vast and had easily killed over tens of thousands of people.

Other than the disasters, there was another terrifying killer: plague!

No race could escape the reaper known as plague. They arrived quietly, took away lives quietly and then left a complete mess behind.

Disaster and plague had frequently visited New Moon Land. Many people had died in them. In addition to the spontaneous wars and conflicts, New Moon Land in the past was really an undeveloped place compared to the entire human domain.

However, ever since Chu Mu became the king and made New Moon Land an independent territory, the terrifying disasters, the plagues and the wars were all suppressed. There had been no large scale casualties from then on.

This elderly was over a hundred years old. He had watched New Moon Land’s change and felt nothing but respect for this young king!

“Since he’s such an incredible king, the woman he will be marrying must also be really beautiful and talented!” asked the visitors.

“Naturally. She’s so beautiful that she looks just like a celestial maiden coming down from the Moon Palace. Also, she’s a great Immortal Teacher!” answered the elderly’s grandson.

“Immortal Teacher?” The visitors looked surprised.

The position of Immortal Teachers was really important in both the continents. They were even more important than an Immortal rank expert. The visitors had heard about New Moon Land rapidly developing, but they did not expect that New Moon Land also had an Immortal Teacher, a woman who was about to be wed to the King at that too.

“Stay for a few days, the wedding ceremony is going to be really boisterous,” suggested the elderly after taking another glance at the visitors.

“Of course,” The visitors nodded.

The elderly held his grandson’s hand and walked away. After walking a little distance away, that elderly suddenly turned around and closely watched the back of those visitors, “Strange, why does the young man in the middle who had never spoken look familiar?”

Those few visitors leisurely walked along the street decorated with purple string flowers.

After walking a little distance, a woman wearing a veil who had a pair of beautiful eyes looked at the youth in the center and asked curiously, “Chu Mu, didn’t you say that you are an irresponsible king? Why does everyone seem to really respect you?”

“I don’t know either. Perhaps the palace advocated it like that. I had only been focused on cultivation and my mother was the one who managed most of the things,” replied Chu Mu.

“Hehe, that’s interesting. The elderly and child did not recognize you,” said another young man.

The visitor in the middle was none other than Chu Mu who had rushed back from Zhengming City.

Not only had Chu Mu returned, Xia Yin who wanted to travel and Lin Mengling who wanted to take a stroll had also followed him.

It had been one month since the Dark Death King incident. Chu Mu knew that his identity would be exposed to certain people after he entered the Imprint Valley, so he had to immediately strengthen his New Moon Land by gaining some strong allies.

Xia Yin and Lin Mengling were the best allies that he could get. Xia Yin was the City Lord of Beiming City, an outstanding city amongst the independent cities. Yu Suo had also told Chu Mu that Beiming City was a powerful and unique existence. The clan hidden behind Beiming City was just slightly inferior to Hidden Pupil Royalty. They would definitely be a powerful ally.

It was needless to say anything about Lin Mengling. She was the cherished daughter of Divine Sect’s Great Sect Master. Her position was even higher than the crowned princesses of the Mu Family Dynasty and the Ning Family Dynasty. Lin Mengling was very interested in isolated spaces. After knowing that many isolated spaces existed in New Moon Land, she wanted to pay a visit.

Since this important guest wanted to visit, then Chu Mu also had no reason to stop her. He was also able to gain some popularity for his New Moon Land through her.

Lin Mengling and Xia Yin wanted to take a look around Wanxiang City, so Chu Mu did not directly fly into the city this time. He guided them properly through the front gate as the host and was treated as a visitor by that elderly.

In fact, Lin Mengling and Xia Yin were really visitors.

Following them were Xu Daofeng and a Magistrate official sent by Xiao Xueang to protect Lin Mengling. That Magistrate official was not really talkative. Chu Mu had not heard him say a single word so far, but he could tell that the Magistrate official was strong.

“Chu Mu, what about the mention that you promised?” Xu Daofeng was still concerned about that matter.

“I will ask the people to arrange it for you, just pick one you like at that time,” said Chu Mu.

Xu Daofeng sensed a vibrant aura after he entered the city. It was a nurturing aura and could certainly allow the soul pet to complete self evolution to some extent. A residence here would mean a long term stay. By accumulating over time, it would certainly show obvious effects on the soul pets. Xu Daofeng was already familiar with the people in New Moon Land, so he would not be reserved.

“Let’s go to the palace first,” Chu Mu guided them along the main street.

This main street was the street that Chu Mu had taken when he had made his way into Wanxiang City and stepped over countless corpses along the street. Back then, it was completely dyed in blood. Now, it was beautifully decorated with purple string flowers...... Many years had passed by unknowingly.

“No, there will be this meeting and that greeting once we reach the palace. I want to take a stroll in the city,” Lin Mengling immediately refused.

“Chu Mu, we are also not tired yet. I’m rather interested after just arriving in this city. If you are in a hurry to meet your bride, then you can go back first,” said Xia Yin with a smile.

Chu Mu took the offer and nodded, “Alright, then I will send people to guide you there later.”

After separating from the visitors, Chu Mu walked along the main street.

The street was bustling and prosperous. However nobody noticed a unique existence like Chu Mu. He appeared to be simply strolling on the surface, but his body would move a long distance with each step. After a few steps, Chu Mu had arrived at the stairs of a majestic silver palace.

Even though he had left for less than two years, he still felt as if he had taken a long journey. As he walked, he recalled the scene which had given him insomnia these past few days.

It was complete chaos, the sky fell and the earth broke apart. That tenacious back and the complicated gaze at the end.

Chu Mu raised his head and looked at the majestic silver palace, not taking a step forward for a long time.

From the West Kingdom all the way east, he had reached Tianxia City. He had opened up a bloody path in Wanxiang City and became the new king of New Moon Land. After that, Chu Mu had continued walking east and had never stopped.

Somebody had told him that east was the direction of advancement. Chu Mu had always been advancing. Not only did he want to become stronger, but he also still firmly believed that the person who had told him those words was also walking towards the east. As long as he kept heading east, he would eventually meet him.

Chu Mu saw him. However, before Chu Mu could say anything, he was swallowed up by the merciless spatial storm. At that moment, Chu Mu’s mind and faith had completely collapsed like the Imprint Valley.

Some people would forget over time.

However, after so many years, Chu Mu had never forgotten the words he said.

Chu Mu always believed that his figure was still imprinted in his head and was never blurred. However, why was Chu Mu unable to recognize him when he stood before Chu Mu with his face masked?

Monument Tear Individual......

So he was also a Monument Tear Individual.

Chu Mu’s heart was gradually losing calmness, and he felt strangely tired.

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