Chapter 1451: Soloing Zhengming City (1)

Dark energy rumbled madly in the sky like a black sun. After blocking the elemental bombardment, Dark Death King launched its counterattack.

The black sun fell down from the clouds and kept expanding!

White Dragon created ice along the path of the black sun’s descent in order to stop it. However, even though the glacier had the power to freeze the sky into a thick layer of ice, that black sun was easily able to bore right through the glacier!

The terrifying sun that was falling was getting closer and closer. Before it even touched the ground, the rampaging dark energy had already melted those weaker soul pets into black vapor!

Those hundred Immortal rank Divine Sect members had already unleashed all their defensive techniques to block that incoming black sun. However, traces of dark energy seeped through the defenses and caused a mayhem.

Despairing cries broke out everywhere, the falling speed of the sun had slowed down, but the casualties that were arising from it kept increasing!

“Tell the army to retreat right now!” Xiao Xueang could no longer tolerate the people being wiped out so easily and so he issued an order to retreat loudly.

Even though they were Du Xian’s subordinates and army, they were still members of Divine Sect in the end. There was no reason for them to sacrifice their lives just for Du Xian’s greed and his mistake!

Du Xian also knew that the army would truly end up being wiped out if they stayed any longer and so he also issued the order to retreat. He ordered the Discipline Palace’s members to bring those Divine Sect guards out of this place as fast as possible!

Dark Death King looked down at everyone from high above. It watched the densely packed Divine Sect army scurrying away like ants.

The army did not pose much of a threat to it, it would also not want to waste any effort to kill those unimportant enemies.

It narrowed its eyes and focused its attention on the hundred Immortals.

Right now, those hundred Immortal experts still maintained a safe distance from it. It could sense the threatening power of destruction coming from them.

They were clearly charging up their techniques while it was busy taking on the Divine Sect army.

Dark Death King was not going to give them the chance to finish their incantations. It opened up its gait and charged bravely towards those hundred Immortals who stuck together while riding on top of the black clouds!

White Dragon and Rage Ghost Lord were still opposing Dark Death King openly from the front, but they could not completely stop Dark Death King's rush. After hindering Dark Death King slightly, they could only watch helplessly as it tyrannically stomps onto the spot where those hundred Immortal rank experts were gathered!

Xiao Xueang’s expression was extremely stern. Although Dark Death King had been sealed for a long time and was filled with rampaging emotion, it was still very clever regardless. Other than targeting Du Xian’s Dragon Head Devil Eagle, it did not really clash head on against White Dragon and Rage Ghost Lord.

It was not because Dark Death King was no match against White Dragon and Rage Ghost Lord, but that it knew that it had to finish off the easier enemies first, like the Divine Sect army and those Immortal rank experts for example.

White Dragon and Rage Ghost Lord wanted to stall it to let the army and the Immortal rank experts accumulate their power for an offense. However, when Dark Death King intended to launch an attack on a target, White Dragon and Rage Ghost Lord could not stop it at all!

The group of Immortal rank experts with Han Yan at the lead were still able to remain calm when they saw Dark Death King charging furiously towards them.

They were the core members of Divine Sect after all, their courage and minds were naturally better than the army which mostly consisted of Dominator rank members. Furthermore, they did not think that the cooperation of a hundred Divine Sect Immortal rank experts could not truly oppose that Dark Death King.

“Wu Ao~!”

Dark Death King was extremely fast. It did not unleash any technique and simply charged into the Immortal camp with its huge and robust body.

Dark Death King’s objective this time was to scatter those Immortal rank experts. Then, it would have an easy time slaughtering them!

There were many arrogant people amongst the Immortals. They did not panic at first because there were a hundred Divine Sect core members standing around them.

However, as Dark Death King approached closer and closer to them, as the deadly aura crashed directly on them, they finally realized just how terrifying Dark Death King truly was!

The defense that was deployed by a hundred Immortal rank experts was easily smashed apart. Dark Death King brazenly charged into the Immortal camp without any further hindrance. No matter what size those Immortal rank creatures were, they were easily swept away by the dark energy that Dark Death King unleashed and were scattered around.

“Wu Ao!”

Dark Death King swept its long black tail horizontally at them. The tail slapped away ten Immortal rank soul pets along its path and instantly broke their bones!

Even creatures that were on the level of Dragon Head Devil Eagle had their ribs dented by the tail sweep of Dark Death King. Those low class and pseudo Immortals would surely die on the spot if they got swept too.

In an instant, ten Immortal rank creatures had fallen!


The angry White Dragon hauled its long body along and forcefully threw a huge ice mountain, sending it crashing into the rampaging Dark Death King’s body.

When Dark Death King was hit by the ice mountain, it had finally stopped its pursuit of those Immortal rank soul pets. Its black eyes instantly stared furiously at White Dragon!

This time, Dark Death King had finally pointed its rage towards White Dragon.

“Magistrate Xiao, Zhengming City’s experts have finally arrived. Xuan Gate Immortal School’s Old Sect Master is also amongst them,” At that moment, Tang Ang informed Xiao Xueang of the news.

In consideration of Zhengming Main City’s security, various experts who were living in Zhengming Main City had showed up. He could clearly see a group of people flying towards this place from the sky above the dark city.

The person who was in the front was an elderly. He did not ride on a wing type soul pet, but instead stood atop a wooden vine. That wooden vine was rapidly growing in the air.

Soon, the wooden vine grew all the way to the direction of Divine Sect back mountain. This elderly also appeared in this battlefield very casually.

Next, over a hundred experts from the entire Zhengming City had shown up one after another. Over half of them belonged to some major factions. The remaining half were hidden experts living in this city. When the entire Zhengming Main City was under threat, they naturally had to show up, or their families would also end up in danger.

Xiao Xueang saw the participation of the Old Sect Master from Xuan Gate Immortal School and heaved a sigh of relief. He immediately told all of the Divine Sect Immortal rank members to close in around Old Sect Master Yi.

“Old Sect Master, please protect them,” said Xiao Xueang.

Old Sect Master Yi nodded in reply. By now, all the Immortal rank experts had gathered around him. As long as he remained in the Immortal camp, their safety would be mostly guaranteed.

Recalling the instant death of ten Immortal rank soul pets just a moment ago, the Divine Sect members were naturally more cautious of it now.

The Immortal rank experts had instantly grown from a hundred to over two hundred. This was definitely a terrifying force that could easily destroy anything along its path. When they chanted incantations simultaneously and combined their techniques together, even Dark Death King might not be able to defend against that power.

Dark Death King clearly felt a great threat to itself from that Immortal rank group. It ignored White Dragon which had enraged it once again and immediately charged towards the Immortal rank group!

Layers of barriers were stacked up before Dark Death King. It kept shattering them one by one with its savage charge. The ferociousness behind that charge was truly astonishing!

“Do not panic,” said Old Sect Master Yi calmly.

Next, the Immortal Vine that Old Sect Master Yi stood on began rapidly growing once again. The vines started intertwining in the air and instantly turned into a vine fortress which perfectly protected all the soul pet trainers within!

Dark Death King did not stop at all and charged straight into the vine fortress. Countless vines madly entwined around its body as if they were snakes.

“Wu Ao~!”

Dark Death King cried and the darkness rapidly started spreading out!

The vines that attempted to wrap around Dark Death King withered instantly. The entire vine fortress also started drying up and shrivelling!

Soon, the vine fortress was changed into dried up vine sticks, seemingly about to shatter with just a light touch.

“It’s quite capable,” Old Sect Master Yi did not panic at all and transmitted another order.

More Immortal Vines grew out. They were so dense and looked as if thousands of snakes had stretched out their bodies.

Those vines immediately withered under Dark Death King’s Dark Withering technique. However, they certainly hindered Dark Death King’s charge.

Just as Dark Death King was only a slight distance away from the Immortal rank group, it seemed to have realized something and immediately turned around, dashing away in the opposite direction with even greater speed!

Scorching flame suddenly exploded in the spot that Dark Death King was in. A cauldron made of flames suddenly appeared out of thin air. It burned magnificently in the dark sky and its bright flames lit up the sky and the earth!

Next, streaks of crescent moon-shaped claw flashes, sharp penetrative horn charges and wild soul shadows appeared!

Each attack came from an Immortal rank soul pet. When so many attacks were gathered into a single spot, it was a truly an eye-opening scene!

Dark Death King’s danger sense was incredibly sharp. It sensed that the surrounding Immortal rank creatures had already completed the resonance of their techniques. After sensing the danger, it without any hesitation gave up on its attack.

Dark Death King left a shadow trail behind in the dark night. The two hundred Immortal rank soul pets continuously completed their techniques one after another. The techniques bombarded the trail that was left behind by Dark Death King!

In the sky filled with techniques, Dark Death King swiftly jumped around with high frequency.

Dark Death King had displayed its powerful and wild beast type savagery before, now it was showcasing its astonishing dodging ability. It dashed swiftly through the weak joints between the different techniques. The densely packed techniques from over two hundred Immortal rank creatures were unable to stop it at all!

After the assault from such a large wave of techniques, the entire sky became chaotic. Air currents started flowing messily, the space was twisted, remnant energy overflowed......

Perhaps Dark Death King had bled due to some injuries. However, the attack from over two hundred Immortal rank experts had only caused such little damage to Dark Death King. It was totally unbelievable!

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