Chapter 1450: A Hundred Immortal Rank Expert

After the shards of darkness  were shot out, those phalanxes had also suffered from severe casualties.

Those shards of darkness had easily taken away the lives of those Divine Sect members and their soul pets with just a light graze. The Divine Sect members were still unable to set up an effective protection barrier. Without the support of a barrier, they were utterly unable to defend against the effect of Dark Death King’s techniques.

Blood flowed within the Divine Sect back mountain. It should have been a perfect harvest, but it had turned into a massacre due to the appearance of Dark Death King.

In addition to the three thousand soul pet trainers with Curse Demons, almost half of the ten thousand Dominator rank army of Divine Sect was already lost.

The army was extremely feeble before it, especially when there was no barrier in place to protect them. They might have been able to damage Dark Death King to a certain extent after they combined their techniques, but a counterattack from Dark Death King would have made them pay an even heavier price then!

Seeing the army suffering from so much damage, Du Xian’s rage had also deepened further. He took a glance at the flinching Qin Guang and Han Yan, then shouted angrily at them, “What are you spacing out for? Gather the Immortal rank and above members fast!”

“We...... We have already gathered them, but Magistrate Xiao said not to make a move hastily,” replied Han Yan with a submissive tone.

Han Yan was a respected expert in the entire Zhengming City. However, before a battle of such a level, he did not even have the courage to summon his soul pet.

Before the number of Immortal rank members reached a certain amount, the middle class and low class Immortal rank people like them would only end up insta-killed if they participated. Their situation might be even worse than the Divine Sect army.

“Am I the Sect Master or is he? Are they going to watch my Dragon Head Devil Eagle die before they decide to make a move?” roared Du Xian angrily.

Du Xian’s Dragon Head Devil Eagle was clearly being targeted by Dark Death King. If Dark Death King charged again without caring about anything else, then his Dragon Head Devil Eagle would really not be able to be saved anymore. After all, Rage Ghost Lord and White Dragon might not really be able to stop Dark Death King’s attack.

Han Yan knew that Du Xian was already angry and did not dare to hesitate anymore. He immediately issued the order and let all the Immortal rank experts summon their soul pets simultaneously!

The number of Immortal rank members that Han Yan had summoned was one hundred. They were all Master Officials of Divine Sect: Discipline Official, Vice Magistrate, Vice Gate Masters, etc. No matter where they went, they could easily resolve any problem with their strength. They might not even have the need to deal with the problems personally as they had many elite subordinates under them.

This time however, a hundred Immortal rank experts had gathered around Han Yan, yet Han Yan could not feel any confidence. He took a glance at Qin Guang and urged Qin Guang to act alongside him.

Qin Guang was originally Du Xian’s subordinate, so he naturally did not dare to disobey Du Xian.

After Han Yan’s order was issued, those Divine Sect Immortal rank members had snapped back from the astonishment of the battle and they all began chanting.

When did Divine Sect ever have the need to dispatch an army of ten thousand and a hundred Immortal rank experts before?

Once a hundred Immortal rank creatures were summoned and dotted the sky, the intimidating aura they emanated made one unable to look directly at them!

How many people could truly witness a hundred Immortal rank creatures appearing at the same place?

High above in the sky, Xiao Xueang looked down after forcing Dark Death King into an aerial battle and realized that many Immortal rank creatures were appearing beneath them.

He could recognize most of those creatures as they were the core pillars of Divine Sect.

Xiao Xueang had hesitated to let them participate earlier because he was worried that in this battle against Dark Death King, those members might end up suffering from heavy casualties. After all, before Dark Death King, apart from White Dragon, Rage Ghost Lord and Dragon Head Devil Eagle, no other Immortal rank creature could resist the power of even a single attack!

“Be really careful!” reminded Xiao Xueang.

Xiao Xueang really did not want the core pillars of Divine Sect suffering due to any accidents. However, there was no other choice left now. If they could not suppress that Dark Death King, then nobody could estimate just what would happen afterwards.

The hundred Immortal rank creatures did not charge in immediately. They maintained some distance in order to protect Du Xian from getting attacked by Dark Death King again, as well as ensuring Dark Death King’s energy would not harm the Divine Sect army again.

The army had finally completed their combined technique. Six thousand Dominator rank creatures had performed an elemental attack simultaneously when Xiao Xueang’s White Dragon froze Dark Death King in place!

The dazzling light element attack filled the sky. It was difficult to imagine any creature being able to survive from a bombardment by such a terrifying amount of energy. Even the space was shattered and turned into a patch of rampaging chaos!

A huge void had opened up in the sky due to the elemental bombardment. The void was not repaired even after a long time had passed. Meanwhile, Dark Death King was within that void. A dark armor covered its entire body without any gap. Regardless of the elemental bombardment or the tearing and devouring of the chaos, it just quietly stood there like a majestic sky fortress, unflinching regardless of the arrow-like elemental bombardment hitting it squarely!

Be it Rage Ghost Lord or White Dragon, they had to evade the bombardment by the six thousand elemental Dominators in order to avoid getting hurt as collateral from that force. They were unable to defend against such a bombardment with pure defense like Dark Death King!

“What an incredible defensive strength,” On the western mountain, Chu Mu looked at Dark Death King soloing Divine Sect in astonishment.

The world’s strongest merely amounted to just that much. The ten thousand year Immortal Dark Death King showed Chu Mu an entirely different level of strength. Despite facing the most authoritative Divine Sect, it still remained arrogant!

“Don’t forget, it belongs to us,” Evil Good Queen looked delighted. The wisdom, confidence and that natural born seductiveness of hers had allowed her to fully display her queen’s aura in scheming.

Right now, who could have thought that this overwhelmingly powerful Dark Death King that could fight against the entire Divine Sect by itself had been released by Saintess Yu who was worshipped by countless people?

Even the cunning Du Xian could not have imagined when he had executed his plan, that there would be someone behind him quietly waiting for it.

Honestly speaking, Chu Mu somewhat admired this woman’s scheming ability.

With her current strength, she might not have been able to affect leader rank individuals on her own. However, through the countless grudges of the living creatures in the Imprint Valley, she had obtained an enormous amount of evil energy and had successfully used her Flower Soul Formation to manipulate that ten thousand years Immortal Dark Death King which desired liberation.

If she could manipulate Dark Death King properly in future, then just how would those leaders be able to oppose her kingdom?

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