Book 2 Chapter 145 - Face Strong Opponent, Princess Joins the Battle

Chapter 145: Face Strong Opponent, Princess Joins the Battle

There was already a distinct disparity between the soul pets. It was no wonder that this white-clothed bodyguard could still go to battle with such a brash attitude even against Chu Ke, a top five expert within Western Kingdom. In that moment, a commotion started within the crowd!!

Nightmare Palace was still Nightmare Palace. Presumably, it was such an expert that could truly reach for the title of strongest young expert within Western Kingdom.

“Battle, begin!”

With a command, this hair-raising match finally started. On the battlefield, the Bloodsucking Terror Wolf with an absolute speed advantage started running through the vast stadium and right into Chu Ke’s triple soul pet formation without any fear of the consequences!

Chu Ke’s three soul pets obeyed the most mainstream soul pet composition. The combination of beast type, elemental fairy, and support plant type. This could be described as the most conservative yet most mainstream. As long as the difference in power wasn’t great, it usually couldn’t be breached.

Yet, at this moment, the white clothed bodyguard’s Bloodsucking Terror Wolf completely displayed its overwhelming side. Bringing a thick aura of blood, it bypassed Chu Ke’s wood type soul pet’s control and forced Chu Ke to send his Light Rhinoceros up against the Bloodsucking Terror Wolf!

Ethereal blue devil fire silently burned in the middle of the stadium. The seventh phase sixth stage Blue Nightmare had one of the most proud bloodlines. It was like a devil king, standing apathetically there, uninterrupted in its channeling of destructive ghost devil fire!

Ghost devil fire had a soul burning effect close to white soul devil fire. Clearly, this Blue Nightmare had been strengthened to levels very near a normal monarch rank White Nightmare!

The scary ghost devil fire channeling was finally completed. Instantly, an ethereal blue fire light started and quickly became a tidal wave of ghost devil fire that rolled towards Chu Ke’s plant type soul pet!

No temperature, no feeling of burning- it was like a cold surge rolling forward, and it caused one to shiver all over. The flame wave formed by the ghost devil fire was definitely at the eighth rank. Such a degree of attack could definitely instantly kill a vast majority of top tier experts’ soul pets!

Such an imposing attack shocked everyone, causing their eyes to watch dumbstruck as the eighth rank devil fire tide engulfed Chu Ke’s soul pets!

Facing a powerful opponent, Chu Ke bit down hard on his teeth yet started chanting a soul technique incantation to cast Water Screen Battle Armor on his wood type soul pet, who was very afraid of the devil fire.


When the fire wave came, a few pained howls immediately sounded. The eighth level attack was something even the Light Rhinoceros, with its thickly padded defense, couldn’t block!


The perfect combination of speed and power made the Bloodthirsty Terror Wolf the king of the entire battlefield. Adding on the evil and domineering Blue Nightmare, the white clothed bodyguard didn’t even need to use any technique from his third soul pet in this battle. Relying on these two soul pets’ strength, he forced Chu Ke to continuously cast soul techniques!

A soul pet trainer’s soul power was very limited. The casting of any soul technique needed careful planning and pondering, yet this battle hadn’t even reached the third minute before Chu Ke’s soul power was almost spent. Without Chu Ke’s soul techniques’ support, his three soul pets could not possibly block the white clothed bodyguard’s two soul pets’ intensive assault!

Finally, when the battle reached the fifth minute, the signs of Chu Ke’s defeat were clear. In the seventh minute, all three of Chu Ke’s soul pets had been knocked out and had lost their ability to fight!

With only two soul pets left and without casting any soul techniques, he still defeated the top five ranking Chu Ke within ten minutes. The intense shock this battle brought was extreme. Even long after the battle ended, the entire stadium was silent.

Facing the assault of the soul devil fire, Chu Ke’s soul also suffered from burning. He stood slightly shaking on the battlefield, watching the white-clothed man unwillingly and angrily.

As a Western Kingdom top tier expert, Chu Ke had never thought that he would lose, let alone lose when the opponent only summoned two soul pets. Such a humiliation and difference was hard to accept for this experienced and arrogant young expert.

Chu Dian, who was spectating from aside, still hadn’t recovered from his shock. His strength wasn’t as good as Chu Ke. If even Chu Ke had lost, then him fighting would be meaningless too. From the way things turned out in the battle, it was possible that even both of them together couldn’t easily win against the white clothed bodyguard.

Expert, a young expert that truly stood at the top of Western Kingdom! Yet, no one even knew this top tier young expert’s name!

When Princess Jinrou just entered Great Chu Family, almost everyone thought the personal bodyguard was the recently famous Chu Mu, yet when the white-clothed bodyguard said apathetically that they shouldn’t relate him to such a third rate character, everyone was surprised that this white clothed bodyguard wasn’t Chu Mu.

“There’s still a team, right? I’m not in the mood to wait until the day after tomorrow, let those two onto the stage so I can get rid of them together.” The white clothed bodyguard didn’t even spare Chu Ke any extra looks and said insolently to the people in the crowd.

From where Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi sat, they could clearly feel that the white clothed bodyguard was glaring at where they were, completed with an imperative tone!

The Great Chu Family’s family master Chu Lieming seemed like he was normally. With an indifferent gaze, he said, “Nightmare Palace indeed is full of prodigies, and also never following rules. Since you’ve already beaten our strongest young expert Chu Ke, then there is no point in the other match.

“Chu family master, from what I see, the other team’s two contestants are also very powerful. If they join forces, even my personal bodyguard may not be their match.” Princess Jin Rou said.

“There’s no need for that. The expert Princess brought clearly can’t find many opponents within the Western Kingdom anymore.” Family master Chu Lieming said.

“Family master, since it is a fair contest, why do you take things into your own hands? They want to fight.” Old Tu slowly opened his mouth to say.

“Oh?” Chu Lieming raised an eyebrow, showing a slightly shocked expression.

Princess Jinrou looked at Chu Mu who sat not far away, and then specially looked at Ye Qingzi. The corners of her mouth lifted, revealing a mysterious smile.

Learning that Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi had to fight, almost everyone’s gazes immediately congregated on them, watching astonished at the calm and composed duo!

The Princess’s white clothed bodyguard’s power was evident already. Even Chu Ke wasn’t his match. How could these two still have courage or the qualifications to fight this expert who couldn’t even find a match within all of Western Kingdom?!

“Chu Mu……” Sitting next to Chu Mu, Chu Xian immediately showed her worry. In reality, after Chu Mu defeated Chu Yue, Chu Xian felt like she almost knew nothing about Chu Mu. Now that he wanted to fight an expert that easily defeated Chu Ke, she inevitably felt a pang of worry as well as felt at lost as to who Chu Mu really was.

“Don’t worry, without a challenge, there can’t be growth.” Chu Mu knew Chu Xian’s emotions and said to her using his remembrance.

Seeing Chu Mu walk onto the stage under everyone’s gazes, watching his firm and persistent back image, Chu Xian suddenly felt as if she were in two worlds from Chu Mu. The battlefield Chu Mu stepped into now was a height that she didn’t even dare to hope for in her life. The only connection she had to him was simply a sentence of meaningless worry and care…...


The stadium had become a mess due to Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi accepting the fight. Maybe no one would’ve thought the Great Chu Family competition would evolve into a battle between two teams that were barely from Great Chu Family. Yet, Chu Ke and Chu Dian, who were originally supposed to win, had become but side characters, standing aside with grudging resentment and regret.

“You two can go up together, in case you make the fight feel flavorless.” The white clothed guard looked over Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi and said lightly.

Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi glanced at each other. In reality, when Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi decided to battle, they hadn’t planned on fighting alone anyways.

Chu Mu’s three soul pets, other than Mo Xie, could not possibly fight against this extremely powerful opponent. If Ye Qingzi didn’t fight, Chu Mu would naturally not fight as well.

“Then, both sides summon soul pets……” The notary didn’t really understand the situation either. Seeing the two sides enter the battlefield, he opened his mouth and announced.

“Wait……” Suddenly, a woman’s voice spread through remembrance!

Everyone looked back, all confused as they looked at the Princess’s personal maid.

Yet, just as everyone was confused, the little Princess that all the young people felt was mysterious yet felt a yearning for calmly stood from her position and, with the help of her maid, slowly untied her wind breaker!

A beautiful and moving body immediately appeared. Even without showing a single piece of skin, through the silk clothes, one could still feel the smoothness and fullness of the Princess’s skin. The elegant curves under the luxurious and spacious clothing caused one’s imagination to run wild!

This Princes Jin Rou had a body that any man could hardly resist. One look could charm a person. Yet, her high up and royal quality made one not dare to think any overly profane thoughts.

“Princess, this is……” The Chu Family master was also surprised, not understanding why Princess Jinrou had suddenly taken off her wind breaker, as if she was entering battle.

“Chu family master, it isn’t that Jin Tou is intentionally belittling Chu Clan experts, but under my banner, there truly isn’t two young experts……” the Chu Family master said with a slight smile.

Chu family master Chu Lieming was even more confused, so he said, “Don’t you still have a King of Prison Island - Chu Mu by your side?”

“Chu Mu is indeed my personal bodyguard, but he is on stage already.”

“Yet, the other contestant on my team will be me……”

The Princess lightly finished her sentence and, under the shocked and surprised gazes of everyone, took steps forwards into the battlefield like a gorgeous little cloud…...


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