Chapter 1449: Three Leaders Vs Dark Death King (2)

With Xiao Xueang’s White Dragon as the head, Tang Ang’s Rage Ghost Lord and Du Xian’s Dragon Head Devil Eagle took the two flanks.

Dark Death King ceased its rampaging temper on this rare occasion and faced the three leaders together.

Ten thousand years Immortal. It had been sealed away for way too long. Once it saw the outside world again, it could not hold back the maddening wildness overflowing from its heart.

If had finally broken free from a hellish seal, yet these people surrounded it and tried to restrain it again. In its eyes, anyone who tried to restrain its freedom was an enemy!

Dark Death King’s eyes were chilling and furious. The dense dark grudges that were emitting from its body covered the entire sky!

Suddenly, Dark Death King disappeared. It was so fast that the naked eyes could not catch its movement!

Thick darkness lingered around the three leaders. They used their soul remembrance to sense the surrounding movement cautiously. Dark Death King’s figure was nowhere to be found within the thick darkness, yet it felt as if Dark Death King was hiding anywhere within the pieces of darkness.

A pair of sharp eyes opened within the darkness. The eyes were looking down, they looked down at White Dragon, Rage Ghost Lord and Dragon Head Devil Eagle. They looked down at the entire continent. It was just like a demon lord waking up in the dark night and quietly standing tall above a black continent!

“Wu Ao!”

Suddenly, a fox cry broke the silence of the dark night!

On the ground, those Discipline Palace members were busy completing a long incantation. When that cry rang out, all of them suddenly felt dizzy. Next, groups of soul pet trainers and their soul pets within the phalanxes suddenly fell down and lost consciousness!

A noisy commotion broke out within the army on the ground. The three leaders in the sky covered their ears immediately and used soul remembrance to guard their mental worlds.

However, their mental worlds still ended up experiencing a sharp screech, causing them to lose their sensation and hearing abilities.

“Watch out, it’s going to counterattack!” reminded Xiao Xueang.

Unfortunately, Tang Ang and Du Xian had their hearing affected and could not hear what Xiao Xueang had said. They only saw him riding his majestic White Dragon as it soared up!

White Dragon seemed to have locked onto Dark Death King’s position and immediately began spreading extreme cold wherever it flew!

The cold air began to freeze the space. White Dragon swiftly sped past Dark Death King, instantly freezing the dark clouds into big chunks of glacier!

The glacier was thick and sharp. The darkness was unable to block the glacier’s attack.

Soon, the glacier began to rapidly spread out from the sky above the Divine Sect back mountain. Not long after, even Zhengming Main City’s sky was covered by a huge glacier and it stayed parallel to the ground!

White Dragon flew even faster than before within the glacier. It freely manipulated the glacier that covered the entire sky and kept attacking Dark Death King!

A huge black silhouette could be seen agilely dashing about within the frozen sky. It was extremely fast. Be it the spreading coldness, the icicles falling from above or the ice flakes that were blooming like roses which could pierce anything, none of them was able to touch a strand of its fur.

While it was dashing, a clear black trail could be seen criss crossing between the glacier. When Dark Death King passed through Dragon Head Devil Eagle’s flank, the black trails seemed to have been completed, forming a dark shadow diagram in the glacier sky!

The dark shadow diagram completely enveloped White Dragon, Rage Ghost Lord and Dragon Head Devil Eagle. Countless dark fox silhouettes dashed about everywhere within the diagram, making it seem as if thousands of dark foxes were running around.

Each dark fox silhouette worked as a restraint. Those fox silhouettes were moving around rapidly in a densely packed fashion, eventually forming a huge fox silhouette. The huge fox silhouette was reflected in the sky and it imprisoned the three Immortal rank soul pets within the formation!

Dark Death King was a creature that held grudges. They had tried to imprison it using the Holy Light Palace just a while ago. Then Dark Death King would also let them have a taste of its own imprisonment ability and let them know that darkness was the true epitome in imprisonment!

The dark fox diagram was not over yet with that. It slowly descended from the sky.

This descent was not really fast, but it looked as if a chunk of the black sky was suddenly falling and there was no escape from it!

The dark fox diagram approached closer and closer to the ground.

Chu Mu who was standing on the western mountain only then realized just how big that dark fox diagram truly was. It was comparable to the size of the entire Zhengming Main City!

Even after reaching Immortal rank, Chu Mu had never seen such a large imprisonment technique before. If it fell onto Zhengming City, then was the entire city going to be imprisoned?

Within the fox diagram, White Dragon and Dragon Head Devil Eagle were greatly restricted by the effect of that powerful restraint.

If the Divine Sect army was also imprisoned, then their lives would be completely in that demonic fox’s control!

“Tang Ang, is your Rage Ghost Lord also unable to move?” Xiao Xueang asked Tang Ang using mental voice.

“Give me a little more time,” said Tang Ang in a serious tone.

Spectral type creatures possessed some immunity against imprisonment techniques. In addition to that, spectral type belonged to the same branch as dark type. Tang Ang’s Rage Ghost Lord had the highest chance of breaking free from the imprisonment amongst them.

In the past, Tang Ang had never treated any imprisonment technique seriously. After all, even Divine Sect’s light type imprisonment could not trap his Rage Ghost Lord. However, that Dark Death King’s strength was truly beyond tyrannical. His Rage Ghost Lord was also trapped in that group imprisonment technique and could not struggle free in a short time.

“Hurry up,” Du Xian was worried about the army guards and Discipline Palace members that he had put plenty of effort into raising. Seeing many phalanxes unable to do anything against the falling imprisonment, he was getting very anxious.

Tang Ang did not answer. At that moment, Rage Ghost Lord’s bone wings suddenly vibrated lightly.

Next, Rage Ghost Lord seemed to have grasped a weak point in the imprisonment. Its claw then tore a big gap in the dark fox diagram and it escaped smoothly from that gap.

Up above the black clouds, Dark Death King stood there solemnly. Its gaze looked a little surprised as it did not truly expect that ugly old ghost lord to be able to break free from its imprisonment.

After all, during its era, no creature could have broken free from its imprisonment!

The era was changing, there would always be even more stronger creatures appearing. There would also be some creatures that possessed specialized or unique techniques. As one could see clearly, that Rage Ghost Lord possessed an extremely high resistance against imprisonment, binding or sealing type techniques. Otherwise, it would not be able to escape the imprisonment even faster than White Dragon at its rank.

“Tang Ang’s Rage Ghost Lord is certainly a little troublesome,” In the southern mountain, Evil Good Queen frowned after she saw Rage Ghost Lord escaping.

“Soon, more and more experts will show up. Can it kill Du Xian’s Dragon Head Devil Eagle?” asked Chu Mu.

“I don’t know. That geezer is really too cowardly. He always hid behind Xiao Xueang,” said Evil Good Queen.

As she spoke, she closed her eyes again and transmitted her will to Dark Death King.

Dark Death King wanted to get rid of Rage Ghost Lord as Rage Ghost Lord was able to escape from its imprisonment. It really disliked such a creature existing in the world.

However, when that will was transmitted, its rage-filled eyes turned to Dragon Head Devil Eagle once again.

Dragon Head Devil Eagle was currently imprisoned. There was clearly no way it could dodge any attack.

“Wu Ao~!”

Dark Death King cried and stepped down from the black clouds, charging straight towards Dragon Head Devil Eagle.

At that moment, Rage Ghost Lord approached directly from the front and tore at Dark Death King with its long bloody claws.

Dark Death King did not try to dodge, as if killing Dragon Head Devil Eagle was its sole purpose. It simply ignored Rage Ghost Lord’s attacks and accelerated further!


The claws that ignored defense tore open Dark Death King’s flank. A long bloody cut was extremely eye-catching on its black body.

However, the wounded Dark Death King did not show any reaction and simply passed through Rage Ghost Lord. Then, it stomped down heavily towards Dragon Head Devil Eagle which was pinned onto the ground!


The ground was shattered by Dark Death King’s stomp. The shards of darkness became tiny meteors and scattered in all directions. They drilled through the ground, pierced through the mountains or shot through the sky!

The immense force was directed towards Dragon Head Devil Eagle. Dragon Head Devil Eagle was unable to move after it was imprisoned and could only let the shards of darkness helplessly pierce through it!

Bloody holes opened up everywhere on its body. Each shard dug deep into its skin. Blood was flowing out profusely and the scarce feathers were scattered around.

After Dragon Head Devil Eagle suffered that hit, it was riddled with wounds.

If not for Rage Ghost Lord coming down from the sky and intercepting the maddened Dark Death King in time, then Dragon Head Devil Eagle would probably not have survived.

“Vice Sect Master, are you alright?” Xiao Xueang’s White Dragon finally broke free from that powerful imprisonment and immediately flew next to Dragon Head Devil Eagle.

Dragon Head Devil Eagle was still imprisoned by the darkness. After suffering a heavy wound, it was unable to break free anymore. Du Xian could not even recall it into his soul pet space and could only watch his soul pet bleed helplessly.

“I’m still fine,” replied Du Xian with difficulty.

He took a glance at that crazy Dark Death King and was really furious.

This damned demonic fox, White Dragon is clearly stronger, so why doesn’t it fight White Dragon and continue going after my Dragon Head Devil Eagle? What grudge does it have against me?

Du Xian obviously would not know that Dark Death King was currently being influenced by Chu Mu’s rage to some extent. Dark Death King might not hold a grudge against Du Xian personally, but Chu Mu did hold a deep grudge against him!

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