Chapter 1448: Three Leaders Vs Dark Death King (1)

Rage Ghost Lord, the important soul pet that had allowed Tang Ang to become a human leader.

This soul pet was covered all over with a layer of bloody skin. It had a menacing skull and bone wings. It looked rather insignificant after mixing into the Divine Sect army.

Ghost fire burned calmly on Rage Ghost Lord’s body, the pale blue color of the flame exuded the stench of a rotten corpse.

Tang Ang was not a member of the Departed Spirit Palace, but he was famous for his spectral type creature. When he appeared in front of the Divine Sect army, Vice Sect Master Du Xian and Gate Master Han Yan both sighed in relief at the same time.

There were a total of three leader level experts now, this gave both of them greater confidence in taking on that Seven Sins Fox Dark Death King.

Seven Sins Fox Dark Death King was truly enormous, those tall mountains were simply like lumps of hills before it.

It took a step forward and its claw pressed onto the ground. The aura generated was so ferocious that no creature dared to approach it.

Its eyes immediately focused on White Dragon and Rage Ghost Lord. In its eyes, the densely packed army of soul pets were nothing but mere insects. There was no need to really care about them.

What it had to be really wary of were the three creatures which dared to stand tall before it, namely White Dragon, Dragon Head Devil Eagle and Rage Ghost Lord!

White Dragon levitated silently in midair and coiled its body around. One would not be able to see its entire figure in a single glance.

Dragon Head Devil Eagle remained hovering around in the air. Its wide feathered wings kept sprinkling down thin feathers as it glided. Those feathers transformed into eagles. As the eagles kept increasing in number, they followed the flying trail left behind by Dragon Head Devil Eagle, eyeing the Seven Sins Fox Dark Death King on the ground.

Meanwhile, Rage Ghost Lord was similarly huge in size. This specter remained stoic as it stood before Dark Death King.

Dark Death King raised its head slightly. Its eyes were nailed onto White Dragon as it could tell that White Dragon was going to be the greatest threat to it.

However, as if it heard some muttering mixed in the wind, Dark Death King suddenly jerked its head and fixed its eyes on Dragon Head Devil Eagle that was even higher in the sky!

Suddenly, Dark Death King moved. Its robust body leaped high into the air. It simply ignored White Dragon and crazily pounced towards Dragon Head Devil Eagle!

Darkness was Dark Death King’s weapon. The black clouds and the night shade suddenly pressed down heavily due to Dark Death King’s manipulation. It was as if a huge black palm was pressing Dragon Head Devil Eagle towards the ground.

“Yi! Yi!”

The eagles that were formed from Dragon Head Devil Eagle’s feathers started panicking and kept crying desperately.

Looking through the darkness, one could see that those eagles were getting crushed to powder by the black palm. They were constantly changed back into tattered feathers as they fell down along with some black powder.

Dragon Head Devil Eagle immediately became alone once again. Furthermore, Dark Death King rapidly kept charging towards it as if there existed an irreconcilable grudge between them!

Vice Sect Master Du Xian was feeling even more irritated. It was clear that Xiao Xueang’s White Dragon was a more threatening foe, yet Dark Death King just kept aiming at his soul pet. Was it because they had fought once before? However, the result was his Dragon Head Devil Eagle getting slapped away.

Dark Death King was truly ferocious, it simply ignored White Dragon despite White Dragon chasing closely right after it.

Dragon Head Devil Eagle was a wing type creature. It should have an advantage of flight in the sky, but the dense darkness was after all Seven Sins Fox Dark Death King’s domain. In this domain, Dark Death King could move freely to any place with ease. In addition to its demon property, Dark Death King’s speed was even faster than Dragon Head Devil Eagle’s flying speed.

“Vice Sect Master Du, you can’t avoid it forever. If we don’t limit it to this region, then its power will surely destroy the city!” Xiao Xueang rode on his White Dragon and reminded Du Xian with mental voice.

Du Xian’s expression was really bitter. What Xiao Xueang said was reasonable, but his Dragon Head Devil Eagle was easily being swept away by Dark Death King’s tail in an initiative attack. Now it was clear that fox was clearly after his life. If he did not dodge, then he would not be able to endure the attacks from that crazy demonic fox!

Seeing Dark Death King getting closer and closer, Du Xian felt that a black mountain was crashing towards him and he actually began to panic. Ever since he became a leader, he had never experienced such emotions.

“Wu Ao!”

Seven Sins Fox Dark Death King’s cry was in reality more tyrannical than the other Sins Fox. Although it possessed the bloodline of a demon, it was filled with the wildness of a savage beast. It did not really behave like an agile demonic fox, but like an unstoppable black lion!

Seven Sins Fox Dark Death King had the ability to run through the air, it was getting closer and closer to Dragon Head Devil Eagle. Suddenly, a gust of black wind was shot out from Seven Sins Fox Dark King’s mouth. The black wind transformed into a hurricane and obstructed the dodging route of Dragon Head Devil Eagle.

Seeing the black hurricane barricading its surroundings, Du Xian became even more panicked. It would be difficult for him to avoid it now even if he could.

Forced into a corner, Du Xian could only grit his teeth in frustration and order his Dragon Head Devil Eagle to clash head on with Seven Sins Fox Dark Death King!

Spreading its wings wide, Dragon Head Devil Eagle suddenly accelerated. Its body turned into a flat triangular sword that could sever space itself and slashed towards Seven Sins Fox Dark Death King’s head!

Seven Sins Dark Death King did not slow down either. It did not raise its claw, nor did it chant any incantation. It simply ran forward wildly. As it ran, one could clearly see that the dark air was getting pushed forward by it, the pushed air turned into a revolving shield with a curved surface in front of it!

Demonic fox’s claws were their sharpest weapon. However, this Dark Death King seemed to not even bother using its claws to attack, and intended to directly charge straight ahead like a horned beast!


The surroundings trembled heavily. Xiao Xueang saw Seven Sins Dark Death King charging straight ahead right after ascending into the sky. Du Xian’s Dragon Head Devil Eagle was toppled over with ease. Xiao Xueang could even hear a horrifying bone crushing sound coming from Dragon Head Devil Eagle’s body.

Dragon Head Devil Eagle got knocked back far away and it almost crashed directly into the ground. When it stabilized itself, its wing were slightly slanted, clearly from the clash just now.

In the second clash, Dragon Head Devil Eagle was injured yet again. This greatly shook the confidence of the Divine Sect members.

Even the Vice Sect Master whom they usually worshipped and respected like a god was no match against that darkness creature. They themselves would be even more insignificant before it!

Dark Death King was extremely angry towards Dragon Head Devil Eagle and seemed to be unwilling to stop at all until it thoroughly killed that Dragon Head Devil Eagle. Xiao Xueang’s White Dragon attacked Seven Sins Fox Dark Death King a few times, yet Seven Sins Fox Dark Death King simply ignored him. After it shook off White Dragon, it would gather the surrounding dark energy to crash into the wounded Dragon Head Devil Eagle again!

Dragon Head Devil Eagle saw Seven Sins Fox Dark Death King charging towards it once again and desperately flapped its wings despite its injury, trying its best to avoid that crazy nemesis!


Darkness element rumbled in the sea of dark clouds. No matter where Dragon Head Devil Eagle flew towards, the path would be completely swallowed by the dark rumbling clouds!

The dark rumbling clouds contained terrifying dark corrosion effect. It was not as sharp as claws, but it could easily penetrate the enemy’s defense. It did not pack much of an impact, but it could easily destroy the enemy’s organs!

The corrosive clouds floated past it. One could clearly see Dragon Head Devil Eagle’s feathers rapidly blackening from coming into contact.

After reaching Dragon Head Devil Eagle’s level, its feathers possessed even greater defensive power than some armored creatures. However, before the rumbling dark clouds, these high class Immortal rank feathers were no different from the common soft feathers found everywhere, they were easily corroded.

Dragon Head Devil Eagle’s feathers were similar to Dead Dream’s feathers and they could transform into eagles. At the same time, they were also Dragon Head Devil Eagle’s life force. The only difference was that Dragon Head Devil Eagle could not separate its body directly like Dead Dream does.

When its feathers were corroded, it was equivalent to its life force being corroded along with it. Furthermore, Dark Death King’s rumbling dark clouds corrosion was very fast. If Dragon Head Devil Eagle could not escape from the range of this technique, then it would soon change from a majestic Dragon Head Devil Eagle into a Dragon Head Vulcan.

“Magistrate Xiao, help me!” shouted Du Xian clearly panicking.

White Dragon flipped its body and crossed right through the rumbling dark clouds.

Soon, White Dragon arrived in front of Du Xian. It connected its head and tail after going around Dragon Head Devil Eagle and became a beautiful white dragon ring.

After the dragon ring took shape, an even bigger Soul Shadow descended from the sky and turned into a white Soul Shadow defense!


White Dragon howled. The rumbling dark clouds within the dragon ring were vaporized instantly.

The sea of black clouds in the sky flowed rapidly like sea currents. However, only the area that was within the dragon ring was clear and did not suffer from any corrosion.

After being protected by White Dragon, Du Xian finally heaved a sigh of relief.

He took a look at his Dragon Head Devil Eagle and realized that over half of its feathers had fallen already. Bald skin had even started appearing in various parts!

After so many years, when had his Dragon Head Devil Eagle been humiliated so much?

“How is it, Vice Sect Master Du?” asked Xiao Xueang plainly after taking a glance Du Xian.

“I’m saved, thank you for helping me in time, Magistrate Xiao,” replied Du Xian.

Du Xian disliked Xiao Xueang, but he had to admit that Xiao Xueang was truly unparalleled in the entire Divine Sect. While he was unable to do anything against Dark Death King, Xiao Xueang still seemed to be very confident.

“It’s really strong,” stated Xiao Xueang with a stern expression as he intently watched that demonic fox in the darkness.

“Yes,” Du Xian could not say much more. After all, this disaster was caused by him. If he was unable to handle this matter properly and it results in the entire Zhengming Main City suffering heavy losses, then it would greatly tarnish his reputation too.

Du Xian could treat the citizens of Zhengming Main City as not humans, but as he was still a Vice Sect Master of Divine Sect, he had the obligation to protect them!

Xiao Xueang looked at Rage Ghost Lord flying up from below and spoke, “Tang Ang’s spectral type creature should have a more advantageous position in this battle. The three of us will join hands to suppress it. Tell the Discipline Palace to continue preparations for the formation.”

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