Chapter 1447: Seven Sins Fox, Dark Death King!

White Dragon had descended and the white-robed Xiao Xueang also landed in front of Vice Sect Master Du Xian.

The two of them clearly belonged to two completely different factions within the Divine Sect. Xiao Xueang knew about Du Xian’s ambitions, so they were never harmonious with each other.

However, the current matter involved the safety of the entire Divine Sect and Zhengming Main City as a whole. They had to work together to resolve this matter even if they were on poor terms with each other. Otherwise, nobody could guarantee whether that darkness creature would not lay waste to the Divine Sect.

“Do you know what that is?” asked Xiao Xueang after taking a glance at Du Xian.

There was no clue to prove that the destruction of the Imprint Valley was instigated by Du Xian. Du Xian’s official stance in making so many arrangements in the back mountain was in order to prevent powerful creatures from the Imprint Valley from invading into Zhengming Main City. Although many people knew that it was Du Xian’s conspiracy, they could not do anything against it. They could not simply let the Imprint Valley creatures rampage freely in the Divine Mountain and Zhengming Main City just because the Imprint Valley had already collapsed.

“I only caught a glimpse of it,” Du Xian already knew what creature it was, but he did not intend to tell Xiao Xueang, simply to cause trouble for Xiao Xueang.

Aren't you being worshipped by so many people? Let me see just how you handle this creature which can trigger a mini Solar Eclipse!

Xiao Xueang did not make his move right away. The Holy Light Palace had currently imprisoned that darkness creature. The longer it was imprisoned, the weaker it would become.

“The Imprint Valley is the territory of the Seven Sins Fox Light King, yet a creature which can trigger a mini Solar Eclipse has appeared from there.There should only be a few darkness type creatures which have such capability,” At that moment, a purple-robed woman who had come along with Xiao Xueang spoke up.

“Yes, it may be a Dark Devil Lord that had been hiding for an unknown number of years,” Xiao Xueang nodded.

The woman shook her head and corrected, “The Imprint Valley has existed for a long time. The sealed land had caused them to be unable to reproduce non-stop like us. The Dark Devil Lord is a darkness creature that had risen up to the spotlight in the last few millennia. Meanwhile, in actuality there is an even stronger darkness creature before the Dark Devil Lord......”

When the woman reached this point, the earth suddenly started trembling. Everyone could clearly see that the palace that was generated by holy light had begun shaking violently!

Black particles started seeping out of the Imprisonment Palace, and another powerful dark energy swept out again!

The Imprisonment Palace was a nigh unbreakable jail collectively created by two thousand soul pet trainers using Light Gemstones, soul remembrance and their light type soul pets. When the entire Imprisonment Palace shook, this darkness backlash had impacted all of the two thousand soul pet trainers and their light type soul pets.

“Tell them to stop now. This backlash will erode their minds directly!” The woman immediately told Du Xian.

“They can still hold up for a while longer,” replied Vice Sect Master Du Xian.

The palace was not completely destroyed yet. When facing such a powerful creature, the longer the imprisonment and weakening period lasted, the more advantage they would gain later.

“No, tell them to stop right now,” repeated the woman resolutely.

Du Xian hesitated for a moment, but still raised his hand to signal the Punisment Palace soul pet trainers to abandon the Imprisonment Palace.

Certainly, the soul pet trainers had already started feeling uncomfortable. The darkness aura had caused their breathing to become difficult and their minds to become hazy. If they continued suffering the darkness backlash, then they would soon turn into mindless husks.


The palace slowly vanished. Meanwhile, the dark energy rapidly started spreading out. Dense darkness shrouded everything in the surroundings again.

The feeling of falling back into the darkness after witnessing a trace of light was extremely depressing. Many soul pet trainers were severely weakened when this darkness domain shrouded the area once again.

A pair of glowing murderous eyes in the darkness were extremely eye-catching. Without anything restraining it, the surrounding Divine Sect army was like a patch of fragile wheat seedlings in front of it. It could easily reap them if it so wanted.

Fear assaulted everyone once again. Everyone could feel the inextinguishable rage of this darkness creature. The entire army took a step back unconsciously.

Perhaps due to its rage, that darkness creature no longer bothered to hide its body. The outline of its body could roughly be seen within the darkness, as well as a huge tail that coiled around a few mountains!

Its fur was darker than the dark night itself and fluttered freely within the dark wind currents. Its sharp claws landed on top of a mountain, perfectly covering the mountain surface. Its long and robust body stretched over a few mountains. The mountains were easily toppled by a light graze from it!

This was a huge Demon Fox, the overlord of Night Control!

“Dark Death King!” Xiao Xueang finally had a clear view of that creature. Even he who always remained calm could not help but be astonished at the sight!

Demon Fox Dark Death King, it was none other than the Seven Sins Fox Dark King!

Who would have imagined that the darkness creature that had ruled over the darkness and had triggered the mini Solar Eclipse would actually turn out to be the famous Seven Sins Fox! More importantly, this was a Dark Death King which did not carry any Sin Imprint on it!

Xiao Xueang had naturally heard about the story of Seven Sins Fox before. Vice Sect Master Du Xian was even more knowledgeable about it. He even knew that this Imprint Valley was once the territory of the Seven Sins Fox Light King.

However, it should be the Light King’s territory, so why would a forgiven Seven Sins Fox Dark Death King appear here?


Divine Sect west mountain range. Evil Good Queen hovered quietly in the dark sky. The surrounding flowers bloomed like a layer of mat, decorating the ground.

Chu Mu similarly hovered in the air. The black and white Devil Fire on his body had gradually started dissipating, it seemed that he had used his half devil power not long ago.

“They would never have imagined that a Dark Death King was sealed in this Imprint Valley ten thousand years ago. How about it, won’t this, the archenemy of Light King be more suitable for your soul pet standard?” asked Evil Good Queen as she tilted her head to the side.

“I have Mo Xie already. However, I’m certainly surprised. Dark Death King is actually Seven Sins Fox Dark King. Looks like Dark King amongst Seven Sins Fox has never suffered from the race curse,” Chu Mu replied as he looked at the huge dark demonic fox in the distance.

Chu Mu had never seen a forgiven Light King before, but even with the shackle, the power that was displayed by Light King had astonished him.

Light King’s archenemy was Dark King, especially a Dark King free of any shackles. Its aura was definitely the strongest amongst the creatures that Chu Mu had encountered until now. He could even sense that Dark King was an existence that was on the same level as the Ancient Flood Dragon Person in the Wind Palace based on its horrifying aura!

Chu Mu remembered seeing a Dark Death King in the Wind Palace of the Ancient Flood Dragon Person before. As it was crouching on the ground and petrified at the time, he was unable to recognize its demonic fox physique.

Chu Mu knew that all those who were petrified in the Wind Palace were the subordinates of the Ancient Flood Dragon Person. However, that Dark Death King naturally could not really be compared to this Seven Sins Fox Dark Death King which could trigger a mini Solar Eclipse!

“It’s not that the Seven Sins Fox Dark King did not get cursed, but that they possess the power of curse themselves. They are able to be exempt from this racial shackle to some extent. The other six of Seven Sins Fox were unable to leave much trace behind within this ten thousand years. Instead, Dark Death King has showed up in many places. For example, the Dark Devil Lord, which possesses the currently highest darkness type bloodline, is the offspring between Dark Death King and Evernight Queen,” explained Evil Good Queen.

Chu Mu had heard Old Li mention the Dark Devil Lord’s bloodline before. However, even that geezer did not know that Dark Death King was actually Seven Sins Fox Dark King.

As they continued their conversation, a phantom sped through the dark sky and rapidly approached the Divine Sect back mountain. Its ghostly aura lingered in the sky after it flew past.

Evil Good Queen took a glance at that spectral type creature and spoke, “Divine Sect invited quite a number of experts to take on my new pet this time.”

“Is that Tang Ang?” Chu Mu vaguely saw the silhouette of that person.

“Yes, that Ghost Lord is his main soul pet,” replied Evil Good Queen.

“Are you sure that you can control that Dark Death King?” asked Chu Mu.

After reaching Dark Death King’s level, no force in the world could bind them. Chu Mu even suspected whether the leader level experts that were gathered in the Divine Sect back mountain could really suppress this Dark Death King which was venting the grudge that had accumulated over the course of ten thousand years!

Evil Good Queen shook her head.

She did apply the Flower Soul Sigil on Dark Death King. However, just like how Chu Mu was unable to control her in the past, she also could not control the overwhelmingly powerful Dark Death King despite possessing a soul contract with it. Dark Death King would not be grateful to Evil Good Queen for releasing it.

“That’s why I need these bored leaders to help me discipline it. Only then will my little dark fox listen to me properly. I’m just worried that those leaders might be too weak and cannot help me suppress the arrogance of my new pet, getting trampled into submission by it instead......” Evil Good Queen giggled. Chu Mu could tell that she was in a good mood.

Forming a soul contract with a darkness creature which could manipulate the sun and the moon, despite not being able to tame it for the time being, it was truly equivalent to her strength taking a qualitative leap. There was no way she would not be in a good mood.

Furthermore, a flashy show was about to begin soon. It was rare to be able to witness a battle where many leader level experts cooperated. They were usually acting high and mighty, Evil Good Queen was very arrogant herself. She could not accept other people talking arrogantly to her. So it was now time for her to take some interest from those leaders!

Evil Good Queen could not truly control the powerful Dark Death King, but she could still influence its mind to some extent through the soul contract. After all, Evil Good Queen had used all the evil energy in the entire Imprint Valley as the power source of her Flower Soul Formation.

This influence of the mind could not achieve the effect of an order, but it was easy to make Dark Death King focus its rage on a certain person. For example, letting Dark Death King prioritize the Vice Sect Master Du Xian who acted overly smart.

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