Chapter 1446: White Dragon, The Strongest Magistrate

Mu City.

“What’s going on here?” Tang Ang rode on a spectral type creature and quickly flew up into the sky above the city. He looked in the direction of the Divine Sect back mountain.

“I don’t know. I only followed the order to invite Lord Tang over, this is the intention of Vice Sect Master Du,” replied the Discipline member of Divine Sect.

Tang Ang was filled with suspicion. He more or less knew about Du Xian’s plan. However, he did not plan to participate in it. Although this Divine Sect Discipline member did not explain anything to him, he had already guessed that perhaps Du Xian had made a blunder at the Imprint Valley.

The Imprint Valley belonged to the third layer of heaven. There should have been many powerful ancient creatures hidden in there. A tiny blunder could bring forth a terrifying disaster to Zhengming City.

Right now, it was clear that an extremely powerful darkness creature had appeared from the Imprint Valley. Even the sun was being manipulated by the darkness, this was an utterly astonishing situation that nobody had witnessed before over the centuries.


Divine Sect back mountain, three thousand Curse Demon barrier. This was one of the grandest diagram formations that the Divine Sect possessed. It had been many years since it had last been used.

Originally, Divine Sect members had nothing to worry about with this formation in place.

However, for some reason, the three thousand Curse Demon formation looked like a simple net that could break any moment, causing the Divine Sect members to shake with fear and panic.

Suddenly, that creature within the dense darkness started moving.

Its speed was extremely quick. Some people saw countless black shadows leaping around, and streaks of cold claw flashes slid throughout the three thousand Curse Demon barrier!


Countless cracks spread out on the three thousand Curse Demon barrier. Next, intense dark energy started gushing out from the cracks!

The rampaging storm looked just like a tall wave, or a ten thousand beast stampede to be more accurate. The sound was deafening, and the darkness rushed through ferociously. The cracked barrier instantly turned tattered.

Dark wind currents, dark waves and dark rain hit the three thousand Curse Demons who were attempting to maintain the barrier.

The Curse Demons were as weak as seedlings in front of a storm, easily swept up into the sky.

Not a single one of the three thousand Curse Demons was spared. Each gust of the dark demonic wind and the rampaging dark current would sweep up dozens or hundreds of Curse Demons.

In the sky, those Curse Demons were getting dissolved mysteriously!

No blood dripped down at all, no corpse fell, the corrosion of darkness directly wiped them clean from the world!

Silence dominated the entire Divine Sect back mountain. Once the three thousand Curse Demon barrier disappeared, everyone was going to be directly exposed to that horrifying darkness creature. What was even more horrifying was that out of the three thousand Curse Demons, only less than a hundred had survived after that wave of dark energy swept past!

Nearly three thousand Dominator rank demons were killed in an instant. The empty space that opened up after the Curse Demons were wiped out looked utterly terrifying!

This group of Curse Demons played a key role when taking on the Crowned Sun Lord. However, they were too feeble before this darkness creature!

The entire Divine Sect army in the back mountain was frightened. The army’s average strength was at Dominator rank. Only some generals and leaders were at Immortal rank.They realized that they were utterly insignificant before the truly powerful creatures, no matter how many of them there were, this was made clear after experiencing the power of the Crowned Sun Lord.

Right now, an even more powerful creature had appeared before them. The strongest barrier they had was easily torn apart, everyone had lost the most fundamental level of security of their lives!

“Vice Sect Master...... Vice Sect Master!” Qin Guang was so scared that he stuttered his words. Divine Sect’s three thousand Curse Demon barrier had never failed before. They had even managed to take down a high class Immortal rank Crowned Sun Lord. However, who could have imagined that those three thousand Curse Demons would be killed this easily?

Since it could instantly kill three thousand Dominator rank demons, then its strength was definitely enough to wipe out any Immortal rank in this place. It would not be an exaggeration to say that if they could not contain this creature, then the entire Divine Mountain and Zhengming Main City could be flattened by it!

Du Xian gritted his teeth in frustration. He also had never imagined that the three thousand Curse Demon barrier would fail.

Now, Du Xian had no choice but to make a move. If he did not, then a single technique from that darkness creature falling directly into the Divine Sect army would lead to another terrifying disaster!

“Qin Guang, convey my order to everyone, tell them to activate the Divine Formation!” Du Xian knew the severity of this matter and hurriedly passed down the next order.

Qin Guang did not dare to treat this matter lightly either and rushed towards the Divine Mountain.

After ascending into the sky, Qin Guang kept looking back regularly, afraid of getting targeted by that pair of terrifying eyes.

He believed that if that creature wanted to kill him, then just a single technique from it could turn him into ashes!

Vice Sect Master Du Xian was growing anxious. Why hasn’t that Xiao Xueang appeared yet, is he purposely letting my people die?

The people who were responsible for setting up the trap at this back mountain were all Du Xian’s men. If there were too many casualties, then the Divine Sect would be dominated by Xiao Xueang and Sect Master Xiao.

Seeing that the creature about to charge into the army and begin a massacre, Du Xian could no longer sit back anymore. He rode his Dragon Head Devil Eagle to stall it first.


Dragon Head Devil Eagle chirped to provoke it. Its powerful wings slid close to the ground and turned into a deathly blade, dancing rapidly within the darkness.

That darkness creature noticed the interference of Dragon Head Devil Eagle. A merciless pair of eyes filled with evil power gazed at Dragon Head Devil Eagle cruelly.


A dark dragon zoomed out. No matter how flurry the Dragon Head Devil Eagle’s technique was, that dark dragon accurately whipped at Dragon Head Devil Eagle’s body. Dragon Head Devil Eagle’s death blade did not touch the opponent’s body and it was instead countered by that dark dragon!

Dragon Head Devil Eagle tumbled for a long distance before it was able to fix its stance. A large number of its dragon feathers were scattered everywhere along the way. This strike had clearly broken through Dragon Head Devil Eagle’s defenses!

Dragon Head Devil Eagle was a high class Immortal rank creature, it was a near invincible existence in the entire Zhengming Main City. People hardly had a chance to see the Dragon Head Devil Eagle truly attacking. Usually, just a chirp from it was enough to make the enemy kneel in submission.

One would not really know the true strength of Vice Sect Master Du Xian’s Dragon Head Devil Eagle without staying in Divine Sect for a long time. However, before that Imprint Valley darkness creature, the Dragon Head Devil Eagle was completely suppressed. The difference in strength could be easily seen from the first clash itself!

Of course, it was not like Dragon Head Devil Eagle did not gain anything from that short clash. At least now Du Xian knew what creature it was that could control the sun!

“Vice Sect Master, the Light Seal Formation is ready,” The Master Official of Discipline Palace immediately reported using mental voice.

“Trap it!” ordered Du Xian.

The moment the order was transmitted, holy light suddenly shone brightly within the Divine Sect army that was deployed in different positions. Beams of golden light pillars shot towards the sky into the darkness.

Countless blinking sigils and seals flashed brightly in between the light pillars. They were like light fairies as they danced around that darkness creature!

Light Imprisonment. This was a technique that most light type creatures could use. When thousands of light type creatures used Light Imprisonment simultaneously, the majestic light pillars, the lingering imprisonment sigils, the binding light rays and the various diagrams created a stunning Light Imprisonment Palace!

Golden light rays stood erect within the Imprisonment Palace in the darkness, shrouding everything above the head of that darkness creature!

The Imprisonment Palace descended, it looked as if a heavenly palace was slamming down from the sky and decisively sealing the evil of the world!

Holy light radiated brilliantly. The entire Zhengming Main City finally regained some brightness. Even the devoured sun was gradually peeling off the layer of shadow that covered it.

When facing darkness creatures, using light was the clearly the most effective option. Seeing the humongous Light Seal Formation finally suppressing that evil creature, the entire Divine Sect army and those leaders heaved a sigh of relief.

If the enemy that even their Vice Sect Master, who was the strongest person present, could not handle, were to charge straight into their army, then just how many people could have survived?

“White Dragon!”

Someone exclaimed and everyone looked up simultaneously. They suddenly realized that a fully grown white dragon swam past them and had majestically appeared in the sky!

The White Dragon was covered in scales, its long and robust body gave off a savage feeling.

On the ground, the Snake Dragon Faction's Eminence Zeng Long also raised his head and stared intently at that tyrannical White Dragon in utter shock.

White Dragon looked just like a snake dragon, but it was definitely not the same. It did not possess the allure and the feebleness of a snake dragon, it only possessed true unparalleled tyranny. Compared to that White Dragon, Zeng Long’s golden snake dragon was clearly way too insignificant!

“Magistrate Xiao is here!”

“Magistrate Xiao!”

Someone from the Divine Sect army suddenly called out Magistrate Xiao’s name.

This was a form of glory, only one person enjoyed such respect within the entire Divine Sect. Be it from the faction of Du Xian or the other Vice Sect Masters, there was only one Magistrate in the eyes of the Divine Sect members, it was none other than Xiao Xueang!

Young, powerful, righteous, merciless, this was indeed a heroic character of Divine Sect!

The appearance of White Dragon had acted as a confidence booster to the collapsing Divine Sect army. Everyone knew that if Xiao Xueang made a move, then there would be no enemy that could not be defeated by him. Be it the Darkness Sect’s infamous Holy Ghost, or Yellow Sky Beast, the roof of the world, they were all eventually defeated by the strongest Magistrate of Divine Sect!

Du Xian raised his head and looked at White Dragon that was drawing a wild curve in the sky, then he looked at his subordinates who were now worshipping that Magistrate over him, and some other emotions started manifesting within his heart.

Those people were his subordinates, they should clearly be worshiping him above anyone else. However, once Xiao Xueang appeared, those people seemed to have completely forgotten who the Vice Sect Master here was.

This feeling caused Du Xian to feel extremely annoyed. He had yet to age, he had not yet been disqualified by this era!

“One day, all of you will bow before me!” Du Xian looked at Xiao Xueang, with grudge and rage mixed within his eyes!

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